Five Times to Go White

Whether you are a lover of calming neutral tones or vibrant, colorful hues, sometimes, white just makes sense. My house may evolve and change over time and I may get bored with colors and styles. But, there are certain areas where I have committed to white that have saved me time in planning, money, and have proved to be investments which transcend the lives of the latest trends. Some say it’s “safe”, I say it’s smart. Admittedly, I am drawn to a clean palette so I use this color more prevalently, but today, I am sharing five times to go white which can be adapted by even the most colorful home.

Step One- Gallery Wall


Pitchers are one of my top decorating staples and below, I am sharing just a few ways in which you can find them used all throughout my home. I collect them in all different sizes, from the large statement vessels to their smaller creamer kin, but one thing 95 percent of them have in common? The majority are white. Even more than clear vases, I love the contrast of the white next to any of the (constantly changing) floral arrangements they are holding. If your flowers are on rotation like mine, you can invest in one good pitcher/vase and be set. Here is a limelight/coral rose combo…

Coral Orange Roses with Limelight Hydrangeas in Blue Dining Room with Crystal Chandelier

…and then a week later, the same white pitcher holds a brighter variety. This big boy has seen his share of blooms; nothing is off limits. The flowers make the statement, the pitcher is the faithful blank canvas.

White Pitcher with Multicolor Roses

Another idea for those who never met a pitcher they didn’t love? In lieu of utensil holders, I use two pitchers on my counter to hold some of my kitchen staples.

White Pitchers in Kitchen with Utensils

I rotate most of them throughout the house; you can find this smaller guy in about four different rooms each week.

Master Bed with Flowers- Pottery Barn Lorraine Uphostered Headboard Bed and Hadley Ruched Duvet

My Chic Nest Greek Key Ottoman in Sitting Room




Resist the urge to go for the cute floral pattern and instead, stick with basic white dinnerware. It’s totally timeless and will last you through every season. If you have unlimited storage and unlimited funds, by all means, go for both! Stock up on every pattern you can find! (I totally would!) But, for those of us for whom that just isn’t practical, stick to a basic, clean set. My everyday plates are these with a simple beaded edge, only slightly embellished. It is much easier to switch out (and store) napkins, bread plates, and table runners to achieve a varied look; with a basic white set of dishes, you are set for any table setting. This girl’s napkin game has recently grown out of control!  Shopping them from World Market is my favorite because they always have so many fun patterns and designs.

White Beaded Dinnerware with Colorful Napkin and Silver Napkin Ring

Oh- and the napkins I used on my Fourth of July table? They sold out pretty quickly, but have restocked. At $9.99/set of four, now is definitely time to grab them in anticipation of next year 😉 You can find those HERE.

Fourth of July Napkin



An advantage of white serving pieces is that when you aren’t using them for their intended purpose, they can double as decor throughout your home. My breakfast buffet is filled with some of my favorites, but my collection spans across other book cases, shelves, and rooms. 😉 This obsession hobby collection was inspired by my mom and when she comes for visits, she usually has a new piece or two to add to my arsenal. In addition to the advantage of having the same tone serving pieces for display purposes, I recently talked about why I love them for styling food tables (HERE). Sticking to a uniform aesthetic lends itself well to a cohesive, seamless, and well thought-out display for your guests. This adorable porcelain soup tureen from Pottery Barn is the latest addition to my collection.

Pottery Barn Soup Tureen

Can you spot him below?

Buffet with White Serving Pieces and Cake Stands

White Serveware in cabinet




Do you have a lot of windows to outfit in your home? Do you want the same treatments throughout your house? Or, maybe you struggle with the right color/pattern for your curtains? And, if you want to use the same curtains everywhere, how do you decide on a color that will flow from room to room? Answer to all of the above: go with white. I go into depth on why I chose these budget-friendly curtains (that look way nicer than their price) HERE. They look like linen, come in multiple sizes, and have loops on the back which give them this lovely pleated appearance. *The look fab with clips, too* Instead of fighting the crowds in person, I have saved myself the trip and ordered my last few online HERE. Amazon Prime members, you can score them for free two-day shipping.

White Ikea Ritva Curtains in Elegant Blue Dining Room



I firmly believe that part of the reason hotel beds are so comfy is the white, crisp bed linens. Stocking up on bleach and Oxyclean to keep them from getting dingy is my go-to method, but I get it- some have a hard time biting the bullet on expensive, white linen duvets that may get stained. If you don’t spring for the entirely white bed 😉 at a minimum, I love the crispness of clean, white sheets. No coordinating here, just a clean, relaxing hotel vibe. I don’t think I have ever shared my favorite sheets (and I don’t know why because they really are some of my most favorite things we own).

The quality of these 100% Egyptian Cotton, 800 thread count sheets has been incredible. No signs of the first hole, they aren’t too heavy or too light, and they keep getting softer and more dreamy. The regular price on these is $200 for a king set, but you can get them on sale right now for $119. Best investment ever. They also come in extra deep pockets HERE.

White Sheets in Guest Bedroom with Tufted Headboard


While the five areas I listed all have their reasons on why white can be preferable, a good rule of thumb is if you are just starting your collection, can only have one of something, need a clean backdrop/canvas, or are looking for the most versatility, stick to this classic choice. Are there other times you insist on using white? I would love to hear about it!

You can get more information on the rooms and sources featured in this post by choosing one of the following:

Dining Room | Breakfast Nook | Kitchen | Master Bedroom | White Guest Bedroom | Formal Living Room


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Five Times to Go White in Your Home Decor
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  1. 8.2.16
    Gail Simeone said:

    keep it coming , love all your ideas

    • 8.2.16

      Gail, thank you so much for stopping by and for taking the time to leave some encouragement! Have a wonderful day!

  2. 8.2.16

    Beautiful examples and a great reminder that white is so classic!

    • 8.2.16

      Shelley, thank you! I am so glad you agree!

  3. 8.2.16
    Heldy said:

    Love this post! I am all about a neutral backdrop and I agree that there is nothing like sleeping in crisp white sheets!

    • 8.2.16

      Heldy, thank you so much for stopping by! And right? Especially when they are freshly laundered!

  4. 8.2.16
    Jenny said:

    I’m a huge fan of white decor and have recently painted lots of our walls white. It makes everything feel so fresh and modern 🙂 I wish we would have got white bedding rather than patterned ones but next time I will remember!

    • 8.2.16

      Jenny, I have gone with pattern before and always end up kicking myself eventually haha. There is absolutely always next time!

  5. 8.2.16

    These are such great tips Kelley! My son just got engaged and I was talking with my future DIL about this very subject! Since she’s picking pieces to register for! I’m going to send her your post to read! All your pics are just so gorgeous too! Take care! Kathy

    • 8.3.16

      Kathy! So good to hear from you!! That is awesome advice. Another place where I was glad I went classic and neutral was the china I registered for. I mixed two patterns (bread and dinner plates from one collection and salad plates from a different, yet coordinating collection) and am SO glad I did 😉 Congratulations to your expanding family!

  6. 8.3.16
    Summer said:

    I couldn’t agree more! This is all lovely!!! ???

    • 8.3.16

      Summer, I know you love your whites! Thank you!

  7. 8.4.16
    Gina said:

    Kelly, I couldn’t agree more on each of your 5 choices, but white dishes are an absolute must! I love your beaded edge…I think just that little bit of texture keeps them interesting. Beautiful!

    • 8.4.16

      Gina, yay! I am so glad you agree. Right after college, I went for red and orange bowls… I still have them and I still regret it! haha

  8. 8.4.16
    Gretchen Thomas said:

    What a great post and ideas! Your white is so smart and timeless! I love how the white does the walking and the color does the talking. You have developed the perfect canvas to paint.

  9. 8.6.16
    Tonia said:

    Beautiful ideas! I can’t wait to re-do my bedroom. I am buying pieces of white items at a time, then I can’t wait to spend a day putting the whole look together. I enjoy following you!

    • 8.7.16

      Oh, how fun! That is the way to do it. Thank you so much for stopping by!

  10. 8.11.16
    Bree said:

    Such a great post, Kelley!! Thanks for sharing your amazing tips with us as always 🙂

    • 8.12.16

      Bree, thank YOU! Have a wonderful Friday, friend! xoxo

  11. 8.19.16
    Jennifer said:

    Love this Kelley! I absolutely agree with all of your choice for white, especially sheets. We don’t have a single sheet or pillow case in anything but bright, crisp white. xoxo

    • 8.19.16

      Jen, thank you! Yes- one set of quality white sheets beats a closet full of bleh 😉

  12. 10.22.16
    Helen said:

    What is, and where can I get, the pitcher with the dots on it?! I collect pitchers and am very selective with those I get. It matches my dishes I have had for years which are similar to yours. Love your look!

  13. 9.19.17
    Ivory said:

    Fabulous job, love them all. Thanks for sharing

  14. 5.26.18
    Julie said:

    Hey Kelly, I love all the floors in your pics, Im a southern girl by heart and love the wood /wood look floors , I need to do about 1700 sq ft on a budget, any suggestions that you eould do personnaly?

    • 6.4.18

      Hi, Julie! Depending on your lifestyle (and where they will be ((ex: basement, main floor, etc.)) ) can help you determine what is the best fit. Mine are engineered hardwoods and have been great. Laminate has come a long way, too. And of course, there are even wood tiles, now. Different finishes and woods are all over the place in terms of $$; I would start pulling what you like and get several installation quotes. Depending on installation costs, you may have more $$ to use on the actual flooring than you think (or vice versa). Wishing you the best of luck!