Guest Bedroom Reveal: The White Room

Guest Bedroom White Retreat

I have eluded to the fact that while we have officially been in our home for one year, there are still rooms in our house I have not yet shown. I would venture to say that I still consider every room an ongoing “work in progress”, but some rooms, we have not only completely ignored but have turned them into an easy access junk room storage space. Before we built, we wanted five bedrooms – a master, an office, two guest bedrooms, and a potential future children’s room. Of those, our bedroom (HERE) isn’t quite finished, but I am happy with its direction. The downstairs guest bedroom (HERE) (“reserved” for our most frequent visitor, my mom) is where most of our previous master bedroom furniture went. There are some things I will ultimately change, but in the meantime, I like it overall. My office still claims the title as “The Land of Misfit Toys”, but I am determined to tackle it later in the year. I outfitted the upstairs guest bedroom with affordable basics, pretty much just providing a place for people to “crash”, but with it resembling a college dorm room, I keep that door shut 😉 Lastly, there is the room that would potentially be a children’s room. Upon moving in, it became the “just stick it in there to get it out of the way” room, and then while I was away one week, my husband moved everything downstairs to the basement except for an elliptical and a pair of dumbbells and it became the “workout room”. (haha)

We have a large family with very few living locally, so plenty of guest space is key for us. If you caught my announcement last week (HERE), you know that I finally transitioned our sad little room after finally getting motivated to give my guests a room they deserve. When I talked to my husband about making over the “dorm room”, he quickly rallied behind leaving that room alone for now, but transforming the “workout room” into a guest retreat for more guest space. Ultimately, he won.

When you stay at a hotel/resort that is light and bright with a heaping pile of plush white bedding, it makes you feel like you are on vacation. That is what I wanted for this guest room. A relaxing retreat – not too stuffy, not too girly… just a place where guests would feel comfortable and welcome. I didn’t grab a photo of what this room looked like when it was filled, but you can catch a glimpse of Phase II below- our home gym (haha). The first order of business was to lighten this room up with paint; we went for Sherwin Williams’ color of the year: Alabaster. What you may not be able to tell from these photos is that the ceilings are vaulted and HIGH. Because we were going lighter (and silly me, without primer), it took over three gallons to get this bad boy fully covered. I always say I am never painting again, but this time, I really mean it. Please remind me of that next time I get a big idea 😉 The day the bed arrived, it felt like things were really going to start moving along and from there, the process went quickly.

White Guest Bedroom Transformation GIF

Here she is! She hasn’t welcomed a guest just yet, but she is ready and waiting. My husband has asked on more than one occasion if we can have a sleepover in here; I will take that as his official stamp of approval.

Guest Bedroom with White Everything

When I was creating this room, I thought about everything that I would want in a guest room. Comfortable bedding and places to sit are key, but something that is often overlooked is a full length mirror. I am always grateful for a place to stay but depending on where you are, it can be uncomfortable to go to the master bedroom to ask for permission to use a mirror. I used one that was formerly in our bedroom and painted it a light gray. This little tip is so simple and will be much appreciated.

Guest Bedroom Entry with Full Length Mirror

I haven’t mastered the art of thrifting just yet, but I did manage to find these books at a little antique shop in Fairhope, Alabama while visiting my mom. I had plans to put them in my formal living room but decided that this is the space they were meant to be.

Brass and Mirror Tray in Guest Bedroom

White Guest Bedrom with Gallery Wall Behind Bed

Gray and White Linen in Guest Bedroom

Like most of my friends, I am all about the brass/white combo right now so I was thrilled to find this mirrored brass tray. Shiny enough to be feminine, structured enough to be handsome.

Guest Bedroom Retreat Necessities

Instead of keeping extra blankets and throws hidden away in the closet, consider keeping them on hand for your guests in a basket. Soft layers in the room helps create a warm feeling in a white room. I wanted to go for plush; not stark.

Guest Bedroom Sitting Area

You don’t have to have a big chair; even using a more slender side chair to add seating a guest room can be a welcomed addition. If you have an old parson chair in your attic/basement, a slouchy slip cover can do the trick.

Full Length Mirror in Guest Bedroom

Guest Bedroom with White Bedding and Bench at foot of bed

Tray Vignette in Guest Bedroom

If you are thinking about creating a white room or a super neutral space, keep in mind that you don’t have to match all of your whites, beiges, and grays. I have a whole slew of tones happening in here but they all come together in the big picture. If you are mixing several tones, you can try to create a more intentional and uniform look by getting close throughout various elements. For instance: my headboard coordinates with the diamond outline of the rug.

White Guest Bedroom Retreat

I used my faithful linen copy-cat curtains for this room and I love how romantic and retreat-like they make this space. I wrote an entire post on these curtains which you can find HERE.

White Pottery Barn Guest Bedroom

One place to forego the imitations though is the bedding. Once we invested in quality bedding for our own bed, I vowed I would never skimp again on this one simple luxury. For this bedding, I used:

Pottery Barn white bedding in Guest Bedroom

Pottery Barn Bedding with Gray tufted headboard and linen pillows

I was able to create this gallery wall for around $60. I have been wanting to incorporate botanical prints in my home and these ferns were perfect. I found a free download at The Painted Hive, edited them to be a little more of a muted tone, and sent them to Staples to be printed on regular, thin copy paper. These frames were on sale at Michaels, but you can find similar frames, perfect for a gallery wall HERE. Stay tuned, I have a post lined up to share my easy, fool-proof method to hang an even, straight gallery row of art.

Fern Print Gallery Wall in Guest Bedroom

For the night stands, I used a pair of basic black side tables which were previously in our living room. I painted them the same color gray as the leaning mirror, and then ordered these corner bracket embellishments and literally just hot glued them on to give a little pizzazz. Another detail which I outfitted the nightstands with was a little guest catch-all. I found these rectangular serving dishes at HomeGoods, but I bet you could find something in your cupboard you don’t use on a regular basis which would also work. Teacup saucers would be adorable. Lastly, I used wrapping paper I had on hand as tone on tone, patterned book covers.

Guest Bedroom Gray Nightstand

White Guest Bedroom Collage

White Bedroom with Patterned Rug

Later this year, I will be taking on the guest room which shares the Jack and Jill bathroom to this room. I’m already making plans, determining what will stay and what will go… what will be painted, and what can stay as-is.

Neutral and White Guest Bedroom



Paint: Alabaster by Sherwin Williams | Lamps: HomeGoods | Bench: HomeGoods | Mirror: DIY Project | Night Stands: DIY Project

*Affiliate links used. Where exact product is not/no longer available, a similar substitute has been provided*

Pottery Barn White Guest Bedroom Reveal

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  1. 5.17.16
    Mary sndrews said:

    Lovely! Thank you for the inspiration. I’m going to redecorate our guest room like this but we have a little bathroom off our guest room that’s yellow. Do you think that would look ok?

    Thank you again!

    Mary andrews

    • 5.17.16

      Mary, thank you so much for stopping by! With a neutral room like this, you could do an adjoining room with pretty much any color. Since this is very “soft” and traditional, if it were mine, I would want the yellow to be very pale and soft also. Good luck with your makeover!!

      • 5.17.16
        Mary sndrews said:

        Thank you so much honey!

      • 5.24.16
        Mary Andrews said:

        Hi again!

        I previously mentioned the adjoining bathroom has some pale yellow tile around the tub, so would you paint the bathroom walls pale yellow or Alabaster? Then I’d just cover the tub area with a pretty shower curtain? Just wondered your thoughts!

        Thank you,

        Mary Andrews

    • 5.24.17
      Kathy S. said:

      this room is such an inspiration for me. My bed is a dark wood sleigh bed & I cannot paint it but I will be adding all of the light colored neutrals, i.e. the curtains, area rug and bedside tables. Your decor style has me so motivated to decorate my home! thanks so much for sharing and posting.
      Austin, TX

      • 5.24.17

        Kathy, thank you for sharing – I love that idea! I am so happy to have a room with a bit of a contrast in the wooden bed. I hope it turns out just how you want!

  2. 5.17.16
    Kathy Beltran said:

    Absolutely exquisite Kelley! You are such an inspiration! I really need to get rid of my “decor graveyard ” and make it into a beautiful guest room like this!

    • 5.17.16

      Thank you so much, Kathy! Decor graveyard! bahaha! I set up racks in the basement for my “inventory” and got rid of things I will never use again at a yard sale this past weekend 😉

  3. 5.17.16

    What a gorgeous retreat! Can me and Aiden come be a guest?? If he spits up in the bed they can be bleached right? hahahaha

    • 5.17.16

      Haha, Lindsay! I would love that!! And absolutely 😉

  4. 5.17.16
    Tana said:

    Can’t wait to come visit and have such a lovely, relaxing place to stay! (Yes, I did just invite myself, haha). I really like how you used the botanical printables and made the wall art – inexpensively. Well done!

    • 5.17.16

      Tana, thank you! I cannot WAIT for you to come visit! Seriously though, we must plan this.

  5. 5.17.16
    Tamara said:

    Absolutely perfect and I cannot wait to see it in person and flop on that bed haha! You are a master at layering those gorgeous textures Kelley – every corner of this space looks perfect! Fabulously done!

    • 5.17.16

      Tam, I cannot wait for you to stay here! You have no idea! And, I’m excited for your reveal- up soon!!

  6. 5.17.16
    Gretchen Thomas said:

    Maybe I can stay upstairs on my next visit? Ha! You have incorporated so many thoughtful touches in this perfect space. I know any guest will be so honored and comfortable!

    • 5.17.16

      Nan, thank you! You can stay wherever you like, but as soon as we get some spaces settled, I am going to want to go back to your room so we can outfit it just how you like. xoxoxo

  7. 5.18.16
    Randi said:

    Kelley you are amazing! This room is perfection! So proud of you my friend! Xoxo

    • 5.18.16

      Randi, thank you so much! Please come stay in it!

  8. 5.19.16
    Jennifer said:

    I am pretty much obsessed with this room! You did an amazing job designing and styling it Kelley! It looks beautiful! xoxo

  9. 5.20.16
    Karla said:

    I just finished reading about your new reveal and it’s very pretty and you are resourceful. I too love Pottery Barn bedding. I look forward to the next guest bedrooms reveal.

  10. 5.22.16

    I love this room so much – I just can’t stop staring at it! I think the rug pulls the room together so beautifully! So much inspiration in here!

    • 5.22.16

      Shelley, thank you so much! I love this rug too, especially because we have carpet in here. It does a nice job of breaking it up a bit 😉

  11. 5.28.16
    Tara Johnson said:

    Hi Kelley,

    I love your style! I have been looking for plain end tables like you used for a while – would you happen to remember where those came from?
    Thanks so much!

    • 5.29.16

      Hi, Tara. Thank you so much for visiting! I have had them since my college apartment days a long time ago (they were plain and black), but can’t remember when I found them for the life of me. Pier 1 and Target may be a good place for something light, simple, and plain.

  12. 7.15.16
    Joan said:

    Your ideas are just the inspiration I needed. I love a bedroom that is cozy comfortable, and a place you can go to feel safe. Yours is perfect

    • 7.15.16

      Wow, Joan- thank you for your kind words and for stopping by!

  13. 7.19.16
    Kristine said:

    Too funny. I was just looking through your IG feed and admiring your lovely photos when I decided I needed to see more. So, I clicked over to your site and started scrolling through when I came to this room and recognised the prints straight away! So pretty. Thanks for linking back to me.
    If you ever share again via IG I would dearly appreciate a little shout out.

  14. 8.24.16
    Sarah Montague said:

    Hi there,

    Just wondering what size Rug this is?

    Thanks 🙂

    • 8.24.16

      Hi, Sarah! This is just a 5×8 (this is a queen bed) 😉 You can absolutely go bigger but I wouldn’t go any smaller.

      • 11.17.16
        Melanie said:

        Hi Kelly, Beautiful room!! I am considering purchasing the same rug. Do you think it is substantial and soft enough to be on a hard surface floor. We have just removed carpet and replaced with luxury vinyl plank. Thanks!

        • 11.20.16

          Melanie, it absolutely is. Out of all my rugs, this one seems to be one of the most, if not the most best quality. And, while it is structured and tightly woven, is not hard or scratchy.

  15. 9.4.16
    Lauren said:

    I just received this same bed and was wondering if you used a box spring or low profile box spring to make it taller. I feel like it is so short but yours looks normal height.

    • 9.6.16

      Actually, this bed doesn’t require a box spring so I just have a memory foam mattress on there 😉

  16. 11.30.16
    Tracy said:

    I’ve been considering linen duvet cover but wonder about wrinkling? Linen is so bad for that!

    • 12.2.16

      Hi, Tracy! Mine always have a light wrinkling- but the linen-type of wrinkle if that makes sense. Kind of the look you get wish washed linen but this is by far my favorite duvet in our home. So cozy and looks so nice!

  17. 6.7.17
    Brery said:

    How were you able to edit them to be a little more of a muted tone? Is it easy to do? Thank you!!


    • 6.9.17

      Hi! I think I did it in PicMonkey; it was super easy 😉

  18. 7.10.17
    Annie said:

    Hi Kelley, I love love love that rug! Unfortunately, PB doesn’t sell it anymore. Could you tell me the name of it on its tag? I’m hoping to be able to find it somewhere else 🙂

  19. 5.5.19
    Kelly Victor said:

    Hi Kelley
    I love love this room and am trying to recreate something really similar for my guest bedroom, based on your wonderful inspiration. I was hoping for some advice. What lighting would you suggest for a room like this? I currently have a central light with a plain ceiling rose (traditional English style) but am not sure what lighting put up? Would love your help. Kelly

    • 5.15.19

      A pretty pendant or even a chandelier! I ended up putting in a lantern style pendant before transitioning to a nursery 😉

  20. 10.20.16

    Jen, thank you! You are killing it! Hopefully I will have more than that to share next week but right now, it’s looking a bit doubtful haha

  21. 2.16.17
    Pm said:

    Love the room Kelley! Where is the wall mirror from?

  22. 2.16.17

    Thank you! It was actually an old mirror I had and painted.

  23. 4.19.17
    Allie said:

    Beautiful room! I loved it so much I’m registered for the same duvet and shams. What duvet insert and 18″ pillow insert do you recommend? Thanks!