Master Bedroom Update

Neutral and White Pottery Barn Tufted Lorraine Bed

One thing I regret most is despite being told “you can’t do it all at once” and “take your time”, my Type A personality went into overdrive and I tried to furnish as much of our home prior to the house even being finished. I planned it all in my head, scaling and coordinating pieces I had never seen in person for a home which was not even built. While fortunately, much of it worked out, there are some spaces that I wasn’t thrilled with. The tough part is that while we still have some rooms which haven’t been touched, I have been dying to redo spaces which could be considered “finished”, but to me, they aren’t. I resent those pieces that I thought were a good idea. So, this weekend while planning what area to tackle next, I decided I would work on getting the master suite “right”. I love our bedroom. I love our bed. As a matter of fact, our bed and bedding were our biggest investment. What I do not like is that outside of the square footage that holds the bed, we have a sitting room which hasn’t been tackled, a leaning mirror that isn’t the right color and isn’t quite tall enough, and a rug that I knew wasn’t large enough when I purchased it months before we moved in. But, the part of our bedroom that bugged me the most was the scale of the lamps and mirrors next to our king sized bed.

Capiz Shell Chevron Mirror

I LOVE the capiz shell chevron mirrors. I think the little glass side lamps are cute. But, in a large room next to a large bed, the scale of them has bothered me since I first set them up. So, while taking back a couple of picture frames this weekend, I stumbled upon a mirror… and then there were two. And then, I headed to the lamp section of HomeGoods and put a large, obnoxiously sparkly pair in my cart. Oh what a happy day it was!

Lamp and mirror beside bed

You can catch a peek of my full bed, pre-large lamps and mirrors HERE. Not only did the scale of my new pieces make my heart happy, but it brightened up the space. I am determined to find a new home for my previous bedside mirrors…

Neutal White Pottery Barn Lorraine Bed and Hadley Ruched Duvet

Our nightstands match our previous canopy bed, now in one of our guest rooms. Eventually, I will switch these out for something lighter (but not before I update our rug 😉 ).

Pottery Barn Tall Lorraine Tufted Bed with white bedding

I also picked up a mirrored star for my sunburst gallery wall in the downstairs sitting room. Obviously, my plans changed; its home is now above our bed.

Pottery Barn Lorraine Tufted Bed and White Bedding

I love mixing pillow textures and if I spy something beaded, I usually have to bring it home with me.

Neutral Beaded Bedding and Pillows

Through that door on the left is one of my favorite spaces in our home and a place I haven’t yet shared – our screened porch. I am hoping to get it a little more “settled” before this summer.

Pottery Barn Tall Lorraine Tufted Bed and white bedding

Mirrored lamp on bedside table

Neutral Beaded Pattern Pillows on tufted bed

The tufted mirrored ottomans at the foot of the bed are also favorites in this room. Until I stumbled upon them, I thought I was looking for a single bench. I almost went with THIS ONE from World Market, and I actually do still want to find a place for it somewhere in our home.

White Tufted Ottoman Benches with Mirrored Legs in front of Bed

I love switching up the styling on the tray I keep at the foot of the bed. If you missed it, I recently posted a quick DIY on how to change up your tray bottom for a fresh look. You can check that out HERE.

Tray Styling at Foot of Bed

I am thrilled with the impact this simple update made. If you are moving or are redecorating a space, I hope this shared experience will help prevent you from making the same mistake I did. Remember: 1. don’t try to fully furnish your home before you are actually in it, and 2. Scale is important!

Pottery Barn Lorraine Tufted Bed with white Hadley Ruched Duvet

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Paint: Versatile Gray by Sherwin Williams

Paint Versatile Gray Sherwin Williams

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  1. 2.9.16
    Tana said:

    Okay – so I have to be totally honest. I DID NOT NOTICE that your lamps/mirror were off scale, but now that you said that AND I went back to see what the heck you were talking about… I totally see what you mean! Love the update.

    • 2.9.16

      Tana, thank you! The further away, the more obvious. Not horrible, but I love the new larger ones 😉

    • 5.5.18
      Lori said:

      Hi Tana. I love the way you’ve decorated everything. I do have a question though. I fell in love with this tufted bed. I found it on pottery barn. But I’m having trouble to know exactly which color this is. Can you please let me know what exact color it is. I’m looking forward to purchasing. Thank you ?

      • 5.5.18
        Lori said:

        Kelley sorry mixed up the names.

      • 5.8.18

        Hi, Lori! It is Twill Parchment 😉

  2. 2.9.16
    Kelly Hale said:

    Love it! And can’t wait until you change up the end tables. What were you thinking you’d do? Do you think mirrored nightstands are too much?

    • 2.9.16

      Kelly, thank you so much for visiting! I was thinking mirrored until I found my mirrors which don’t have a frame so it would literally be a mirror on a mirror. My dresser is an interesting finish so I will have to coordinate with that in mind also… wanting to go lighter but haven’t totally decided just yet. I will be sure to post back when I do!

  3. 2.9.16
    Liza said:

    Your master was absolutely beautiful before, but now it is flawless!!! The larger lamps and mirrors bring it to perfection!

    • 2.9.16

      Liza, oh my goodness, thank you! I am thrilled with the update- such a little thing makes such a big difference!

  4. 2.9.16
    Sue said:

    So pretty! Love the new mirrors and lamps with you bed! I think a home created over time is lovely but like you, I like to plan everything out ahead of time, lol. I know I had paint colors all picked out for my new home and when I got there, they just didn’t work; the lighting was so different.

    • 2.9.16

      Yes, Sue! I can’t help myself and usually end up paying for it later haha When will we learn??

  5. 2.9.16
    Tamara said:

    Such an elegant, sophisticated and serene space! I’m in love with your new details and those lamps are perfection!!!

    • 2.9.16

      Tam, thank you!! And thanks for being my consult! haha

  6. 2.9.16
    Mary Irby said:

    Beautiful Kelley!! You are point on.

    • 2.9.16

      Mary, thank you so much for your support and for visiting! I am definitely liking the switch.

  7. 2.9.16
    Gretchen Thomas said:

    Oh my…I loved it before, but your new changes are perfect! You are right, you MUST find a place for your previous mirrors and lamps. They are darling.

    • 2.9.16

      Nan, I am so glad you approve! I am so determined in finding them a home, I haven’t even put them in a closet 😉

  8. 2.9.16
    Allene said:

    The colors look great and the mirrors are now the perfect size. My bedroom is the exact same design setup, with a high bed, side tables, mirrors and lamps. I have been trying to decide if the mirrors’ top should be above or below the bed, how did you decide where to hang them?

    • 2.10.16

      Thank you! I did it more in relation to the height of the lamps. I think depending on that, you can go even or below, but unless your mirrors are really tall, I wouldn’t go above.

  9. 2.11.16
    Donna Nestler said:

    I LOVE your neutrals !!!! I have similar bedding !!! Love all your décor , you do such a great job , everything looks so classy!!

    • 2.11.16

      Donna, thank you so much! Don’t you love having plush bedding? Thank you so much for stopping by!

  10. 2.11.16
    Joni King said:

    Stunning, beautiful and so cozy looking! You are teaching me a lot about what you can mix together. Another great and creative room by Kelley Nan! Thanks for sharing!

    Hugs, Joni

    • 2.12.16

      Joni, you are so wonderful- thank you for being such a support!

  11. 2.11.16
    Amy said:

    Love your room. Do you know the exact color of fabric your bed is?

    • 2.12.16

      Thank you! Yes, it is in the Twill, Parchment.

  12. 2.11.16

    Your bedroom is Beautiful! I’m thinking about purchasing that same bed from pottery barn! Can you tell me what fabric is on yours? And is it a king or queen bed?

    • 2.12.16

      Thank you! I love it- it is a king in Twill, Parchment.

  13. 2.15.16
    Maureen said:

    I love how soothing this room is! We are doing some painting and looking for a soft white trim color. Is your trim a Sherwin Williams color as well?

    • 2.15.16

      Maureen, thank you! It is and I know it is a pure white, but I cannot remember the name of it. So sorry!

  14. 3.4.16
    Ruba Saah said:

    I have recently found your IG account and am TOTALLY in AWE of your style! You truly have an amazing talent! You are so blessed! And I am blessed I found you… husband may not think so =) If you dont mind me asking, what trim/ceiling colors do you typically use, or does it depend on the room color? You Rock!!

    • 3.4.16

      Oh my goodness, thank you so much, Ruba! So very kind of you to say and it means so much for you to stop by. Our trim color is almost a pure white but the exact color escapes me. We actually have our ceilings painted the same color as our walls 😉

  15. 3.10.16
    Kristen said:

    Hi l love love love this look! Is the quilt color from pottery barn ivory or white? Thanks!!

    • 3.10.16

      Thank you so much! This one is actually “Natural” 😉

  16. 3.10.16
    Trudy Chambers said:

    Love your bedroom, can you share where your benches at the end of the bed cone from? Thank you.

    • 3.11.16

      Hi, Trudy- thank you for stopping by! They were from HomeGoods.

  17. 3.17.16

    I know i’ve told you before Kelley… but i am soooooo in love with your home… I absolutely love your style and can i just say that you’re lucky in live in Australia otherwise i’d be popping over all the time just to drool over your home lol..

  18. 3.22.16
    Brooklyn Garcia said:

    Can you please tell me where the silver scallop throw pillows are from. Thanks!

    • 3.22.16

      Hi, Brooklyn! I believe it was from HomeGoods a few years ago.

  19. 3.22.16
    Susan said:

    Hi Kelley! I love love love your bedroom! Your taste is fabulous and your are so kind and giving to your readers. Can you kindly share where the sheets are from and pillow cases? Thank you so so much !

    • 3.22.16

      Susan, you are so sweet! Thank you; I purchased them from Macy’s 😉

  20. 3.29.16
    Jaclyn C said:

    Hi! I recently found your website and I’m in love! Do you have a dresser in your bedroom as well? If so, are you able to share a photo or describe it? Thanks!

  21. 4.18.16
    Taylor said:

    Love love love your decor! Where did you get your headboard? I’ve been looking for something like this for a while!

    • 4.18.16

      Hi, Taylor! Thank you so much for visiting! It is Pottery Barn; I have the direct affiliate link in the “Shop the Post” widget at the bottom of the blog for the exact bed 😉

  22. 10.10.16
    Denise said:

    Hi I’m a new subscriber. I love the new updates to your master bedroom. I have been struggling with finding lamps for our night tables. Anyway, great job.

    • 10.10.16

      Denise, thank you! My favorite place for lamps is HomeGoods.

  23. 12.27.16
    Kelly said:

    This room is gorgeous! I have the bed in order! What curtains do you have up? And do you have a picture?

  24. 1.15.17
    Ashley said:

    I loovvvee your style! What paint did you use in your master?

    • 1.16.17

      Thank you! Versatile Gray by Sherwin Willaims 😉

  25. 2.7.17
    amanda said:

    hi! what is the specific name of the color/fabric of the bed? It is from Pottery Barn, right? do you think it is a good height?? Contemplating buying the one from Pottery Barn (the Lorraine- 69inches) or another I found online which is 59 inches.
    Thank you 🙂

    • 2.14.17

      Hi, Amanda- it is the Twill Parchment. And yes it is the Lorriaine 😉

  26. 5.8.17
    Debbie Hartney said:

    Love the changes in your master bedroom.. the mirrors and lamps couldn’t be more perfect…. you are fabulous! I’m in owe of your home.
    I started following you and some of your fellow bloggers a few months ago. I have to say I’m always so impressed with your finds and love your taste. I always look forward to your blog updates. Thank you for working so hard on helping your followers learn about decorating and design.
    Debbie in Arizona

  27. 10.24.17
    Trisha said:


    I’m about to purchase this bed from Pottery Barn and was thinking of going with the Washed Linen Cotton/ Ivory, but I love how yours looks in these pictures. Is the color pretty light… like an ivory or cream color cause on their website it looks a lot darker then it does in your pictures. Wondering if I should go with the same color as yours. Look forward to hearing from you.


    • 10.26.17

      Hi, Trisha! If it is in direct light, it will be lighter. But when my room gets shadowy, it gets more khaki. If you want a lighter color, I would definitely go with something lighter 😉

  28. 4.13.18
    Missy said:

    Where did you get the quilted coverlet and the ruched duvet and what color are they?

  29. 6.26.20
    Denise said:

    I absolutely love the bedroom, can you tell me where you got your bedspread from?

  30. 10.16.21
    Joyce said:

    Love it all…what color paint did you use on your walls?

    • 10.18.21

      Hi Joyce, Thank you for taking the time to stop by. The paint color is Simply White by Benjamin Moore.

  31. 2.12.24
    Cara Staples said:

    Love the bed!!! I have been looking everywhere for 6 moths. Please tell me where you bought it. Enjoy your inspiration!!!!!