Decorating with Sheepskin and Cowhide

When my mom comes in town to visit, one of our her favorite places to visit is Costco. She doesn’t have a store local to where she lives, so whenever we go together, we cruise the aisles, two carts deep, overflowing our buggies with all the random, fun things the warehouse is carrying for the month. This past weekend during her visit, to my delight and of all the random goodness to find, they had a big bin filled with sheepskins. There were literal happy dances taking place in the middle of the store.

My love affair with sheepskins started last year when I found one for the heart to cozy up the living room for fall (you can check out my fall home tour HERE). And then, it of course transitioned into winter (you can check out my Christmas home tour HERE).


Then, when all the Christmas decor was packed up and put away, I couldn’t part with the fur. In fact, I moved it into the sitting room and went out and purchased another small skin for my bedroom.

Summer Bed with Pottery Barn Lorraine Tufted Bed and Mirrored Benches

Its perfect to layer on top of stools, chairs, or ottomans, but I have been wanting to add a larger one as a rug in the little sitting area of our master retreat. It is far from finished but Costco must have known that it was time for me to add a little more to this space because I didn’t have to think twice about bringing this baby home.

Sheepskin Rug in Bedroom Neutral Decor

This precious carved, wooden table is a few generations old and this love seat (kin to the curved antique sofa in my formal living room) has been reupholstered, re-sprung, re-cushioned (basically re-everything) over its lifespan. Stay tuned for changes coming to this space soon 😉

Sitting Room with Sheepskin Fur Rug and Vintage Table

Fur Sheepskin Rug with Table and Love Seat in Bedroom

So now that I have three sheepskins, I have my eyes set on adopting a cowhide to add to one of our rooms. I haven’t decided where just yet, but today, I have rounded up some of my favorite inspiration for hides and skins and ways to incorporate them into a variety of rooms.

Note: if you are in the market, Nordstrom has these beautiful cowhides (HERE) and sheepskins (HERE) on MAJOR sale! The Anniversary Sale ends on August 7 so be sure to get ’em quickly 😉

Are you a little color/pattern shy? Jennifer at Dimples and Tangles is an expert in creating a bold look with traditional elements. And, being brave enough to let the leopards and cows play together totally pays off here! And, in addition to the cowhide she uses in her living area, be sure to check out some of the others she uses throughout her home.

Dimples and Tangles Cowhide

via Dimples and Tangles

Something I love about sheepskin is that it is a way to use a neutral, solid color without being “boring”. All that texture can translate to elegance or even a little funk depending on where you use it. Randi of Randi Garrett Design has a sheepskin in her romantic master retreat that has basically become famous on Instagram. Between the plush bedding and the sumptuous rug, these layers couldn’t be more cozy.


via Randi Garrett Design

I can’t get enough of this look in Kris of Driven by Decor‘s office. She layers her hide on top of a textured rug which is a great way to keep a bit of traditionalism to this cool choice. Also, if you are worried about the scale of the animal hide you are considering, layering it on top of a large rug is a good way to make it appear larger. Inspired by this room, I am most leaning toward using a cowhide in my upcoming office makeover, but Kris, I promise if I do to give you credit! 😉

Driven by Decor Office with Hide

via Driven by Decor

I admire the incredible transitional style of Bree at Z Design at Home and the hide she chose for her kitchen perfectly marries those traditional and modern elements. Also, I kind of just want to crawl underneath her cutie tulip table and lay there. If you have a space with the question of “do I use a circular rug or a rectangular rug?”, an interesting shaped animal hide can take out the guess work.

ZDesign Kitchen with Hide

via Z Design at Home

I was recently asked if you can mix gray and brown. I immediately replied “yes!” as I have done so throughout my own home and am drawn to rooms with those tones used together. This unexpected bit of fun in Jenni of Dear Lillie‘s den makes for the most awesome incorporation of pattern to ground out this gorgeous room design.

Dear Lillie Den with Hide

via Dear Lillie

Are you convinced yet? You don’t have to have a western/lodge style home to bring some animal to your space. If you are looking for that special something to cozy up or bring a little “fun” to  your room, try one of these easy options for a big statement.

You can shop some of these favorites in all different sizes by clicking on the image.

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Decorating with Sheepskin and Cowhide Collage in Neutrals

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  1. 7.28.16

    Such a fun post Kelley! Thanks for sharing my room. I am sure a fan of both types of rugs! So glad you had so much fun with your mom! xo

    • 7.28.16

      Randi, I’m glad you enjoyed! Sheepskin and cowhide for everyone! xoxo *7 days*

  2. 7.28.16
    Bree said:

    Oh my word, Kelley! What a great post and thank you so much for featuring my kitchen alongside all of these other talented women and their gorgeous homes!!! And thanks again as always for sharing your insight with us…you are amazing my friend:))

    • 7.28.16

      Bree, the post would not have been complete without your hide! Thank YOU for all the inspiration you continue to bring. xoxo

  3. 7.28.16
    Natasha Kalita Design said:


    Great post! I too have a love affair with sheepskin rugs! I have 2, and I use both of them as throws. The big one on our seen-better-days cream leather sofa, and the smaller on a wing chair in my office. They both create an instant feel of luxury, warmth and sumptuousness.
    I love the look of a cowhide layered on top of a sisal rug- but I find they are just a tad too realistic looking for my animal-loving heart, regardless of being faux? I just know that every time I look at it I’ll just see a cow on my floor!
    Looovvve Randi’s luscious bedroom! I originally had my large sheepskin in the same spot as her, but I freaked out whenever anyone walked on it! I wonder if she leaves it down all the time, do you in your sitting room? I guess it would depend on how much traffic it would get and this area of our bedroom gets alot.
    Anyhoo, take care!
    Natasha Kalita Design

    • 7.28.16

      Natasha, yes! I want more for some of my chairs. Make that ALL of my chairs! haha. I totally understand 😉 Randi’s sheepskin is a dream! She leaves hers down all the time as do I; the one in my sitting room does not get much traffic 😉

  4. 7.28.16
    Tamara said:

    Great post Kel! I love how everyone has incorporated them into their spaces! Fabulous!

    • 7.28.16

      Tam, thank you! I think you need a hide 😉

  5. 7.29.16
    Jennifer said:

    Great post Kelley! I love seeing pieces in multiple places in your home!

    • 7.30.16

      Jen, thank you! Yep, these things are always moving around 😉

  6. 7.29.16

    What a beautiful post! I have a few cheapie sheepskin “rugs”, but yours look so luxurious I think I need one of those in my life! Thanks so much for including my cowhide rug. I own two… would it be weird if I’d still like to have another? 🙂 Love them! Enjoy your weekend!

    • 7.30.16

      Jennifer, not at all! I couldn’t decide which of yours to use; you have them both in the PERFECT spots!

  7. 8.1.16
    Jaynez said:

    Not being critical because I think your rooms are lovely, but I just can’t use any kind of animal skins in my house. I just picture the animal being alive and can’t support an industry that kills an animal for human ego (not quite the right word, but I’m sure you get my gist). I could do faux, but just not the real thing. I never forget the Twighlight episode (many years ago) where a man was sitting in his den surrounded by the heads of big game animals he has killed over the years. They all came back to life and devoured him!

    • 8.1.16

      Hi, Jaynez. I absolutely understand. There are some lovely alternatives, also. One thing I do like is that unlike furs which are farmed specifically for their fur, the majority of skins are manufactured as animal byproduct that is already produced for food. I so appreciate you stopping by and know that there are many others who share your sentiment.

  8. 8.5.16

    I love the look of sheepskin rugs and the warmth that they provide, especially on cold winter mornings. I would love to have one by my bed to step on to every morning. I like how you point out that it is a great way to use a neutral without sacrificing texture or style. My only question is how hard are they to keep clean? Thanks for all this inspiration!

    • 8.5.16

      Hi, April: I totally agree! I keep mine in low traffic areas and they have not been difficult to maintain. Thank you so much for visiting!

  9. 8.11.16
    Aimée said:

    Wow, these designs are so chic! I didn’t think you could make a cowhide look so elegant. I’ll be honest, I thought it would look trashy and ugly. I am pleasantly surprised and I think I am going to try it in my home. Thanks a bunch!

    • 8.11.16

      Aimee, I love the look too! Crazy how many different designs you can use them in!

  10. 8.25.16
    Barb Cushman said:

    Hi Kelly
    Were did you get your pillows that are on your sofa.
    Love them
    Thanks for your time
    Love your work