Four Potential Powder Room Design Ideas

You know how I said I’ve been itching to jump into a new project? I’m still not 100% on what I’m going to take on just yet but at the top(ish) of my list is our downstairs powder room, just off the kitchen. It’s bare, basic, and boring and aside from switching out the mirror when I first moved in (which Mama Nan deemed as a bit “gaudy” after a night of wine on the porch), I haven’t touched it. It has a pedestal sink with the tiniest bowl – a standard sized soap barely fits. There’s no room for storage, the ceilings are tall, and the window is too narrow for anything but custom shades. Because I’m dying to dig into my more creative parts, this little half bath may just become the front runner for my next transformation. To see how “excited” I could get to take it on, I pulled together four potential powder room design ideas. You probably won’t see any super loud prints from me but I am looking forward to branching out a bit and making this powder room a bit more “fun”.

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The Goals for These Powder Room Design Ideas

It may be small but this half bath is our primary downstairs bathroom. It’s what we (and all of our guests) use most often – just typing that out makes me sad that I have yet to touch it haha. Here’s what I’m looking for:

  • Functional
  • Looks like it still belongs in our home
  • Heavy on pattern
  • Modern femininity – I always remember my grandmother’s powder bath. It was feminine with blush tones and ambient light and while it was more traditional than the direction I’m going, I loved that space and want to bring some of that sweetness into my own.

I will also add that because it’s small, it can handle a little more personality. Even though we visit the space often, we aren’t hanging out in it. I am willing to use pattern and color in here that I wouldn’t consider for other rooms.

Because I’m tight on storage now, I thought I definitely wanted a vanity. I wanted a light toned, reclaimed wood-look (cane as a bonus) but, apparently, that doesn’t exist. Well, at least in the small dimensions I need. My tiny powder room can only handle a 24″ vanity… do y’all know how hard that is to find? I came across this one (from the same collection of the bed I want for another guest bedroom) and just my lucky, the smallest width is 36″.

Washed Wood Cane Bathroom Vanity with Marble Top

Sausalito Vanity

If your space can handle the size (or larger- they have a double vanity option), this could be gorgeous! There are tons of white and gray vanity options but we’ll talk about that more in a bit 😉 After spending hours and hours online, I finally assembled a few powder room designs that I love. The final may follow one of these to a “T”, or it may use a few elements from all.

See the completed Powder Room Reveal HERE.

1. Charcoal & White Floral Powder Room with Brass Accents

For each of my four design ideas, I first selected wallpaper I loved and based my inspiration boards off the pattern. I don’t do a lot of wallpaper but in this half bath, I WANT WALLPAPER! I have some brass throughout my house but when it comes to utilitarian/fixtures, I have always been more of a chrome girl. This is the only design I decided to use a warm, brushed brass – but you guys – I think it is gorgeous against the muted tones here. I also went with another pedestal sink – just a larger one. I still like the look of pedestal sinks but they have to have more space to set things – at least hold a bottle of soap. What I really like about this design is there’s a little bit of everything- feminine and masculine touches, traditional mixed with modern… all my favorites. And how darling are the toilet paper holder and towel ring?!

Small Half Bath Powder Room Design Idea with Black and White Floral Wallpaper and Brass Accents

Scroll & Tap to Shop

1. Brass Sconce | 2. Wallpaper | 3. Brass Faucet | 4. Pedestal Sink | 5. Mirror | 6. Towel Ring | 7. Toilet Paper Holder | 8. Basket | 9. Bath Mat | 10. Woven Shades in St. Lucia

2. Gray & White Abstract Powder Room with Chrome Accents

While the first design I envisioned floor to ceiling wallpaper, the next three I would consider a wall detail – like board and batten – maybe 3/4 of the way up. I think it would be hard to get tired of this neutral design – even with the floral print. And, I think even if you aren’t a fan of florals, this large-scale abstract can appeal to everyone. Because my ceilings are so tall but my window is not, I’m thinking of doing an outside mount for my shades to give the window some height.

Gray and White Half Bath Design Ideas

Scroll & Tap to Shop

1. Sconce | 2. Wallpaper | 3. Mirror | 4. Faucet | 5. Woven Shades in St. Kitts | 6. Vanity | 7. Towel Ring | 8. Bath Mat

3. Blue & White Floral Powder Room with Natural Accents

The color punch of the blue and white floral would probably be the most difficult (and expensive) to pull off without being too “offensive” but in the world of powder rooms, this is what I love. It’s a little more brave and with the board and batten, I don’t think the color would be too overwhelming. And, because I haven’t found a wood-toned vanity I like, I love the idea of bringing it in in other ways – like the bamboo mirror.

Powder Room Design Ideas with Small Vanity and Blue Floral Wallpaper

Scroll & Tap to Shop

1. Mirror | 2. Wallpaper | 3. Faucet | 4. Woven Shades in Bali Pecan | 5. Vanity | 6. Towel Ring | 7. Sconces | 8. Bath Mat

4. Patterned Powder Room with Natural Accents

Even though this design has color in the wallpaper, in my book, it may as well be considered a neutral. I think it could be a perfect compromise of everything – a little understated boldness. Also, I currently have an over-the-mirror sconce and while I would prefer two sconces framing the mirror, I don’t know that I have the space to pull it off- that decision will be dependent on an electrician and mirror width 😉

Small Half Bath Powder Room Design Inspiration with Pedestal Sink

Scroll & Tap to Shop

1. Sconces | 2. Wallpaper | 3. Mirror | 4. Pedestal Sink | 5. Faucet | 6. Woven Shades in Bali White | 7. Basket | 8. Bath Mat

Ok, so here’s where I need your help. Do you have a favorite? Don’t care for any of them? Like certain elements? Weigh in below in the comment section and help a sista out! And, if you don’t already, subscribe to my emails at the bottom of the post to catch my powder room updates and my projects to come!

See the completed Powder Room Reveal HERE.

Check Out A Few Favorite Room Transformations Here

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  1. 5.15.18

    I love the blue and white with natural accents.

    • 5.15.18

      Lauren, I do too- I don’t know how much of that Schumacher wallpaper I would need but I wouldn’t be able to afford to cover much! Haha

    • 5.16.18
      Katja Hugo said:

      Kelly, I love the Patterned with natural accents. Looks absolutely stunning!!!

      • 5.16.18

        Katja, thank you so much for commenting! It is gonna be a tough call…

    • 5.16.18
      Susan said:

      I like number 4

    • 5.16.18
      Amanda said:

      LOve them all, especially #3 and #4.

  2. 5.15.18
    Jean ann said:

    Love the blue, but thinking since this is a very small space, can see wallpaper no. 2 without batten.

  3. 5.15.18
    Kelley Jacobs said:

    Kelley, the Charcoal & White with Brass accents gets my vote! Absolutely gorgeous!

    • 5.15.18

      Kelley, that may be my favorite too- thank you!

      • 5.16.18
        April M said:

        That’s my favorite too! So pretty!

        • 2.22.23
          Cathy Davlin said:

          Love #1, the charcoal & brass. Doing something similar- question, would a brass mirror be too much?

          • 2.24.23

            Hi Cathy, Thank you for taking the time to stop by! I think a brass mirror would work just fine. Have fun designing your new space!

  4. 5.15.18
    Ivette said:

    Hi! Great design inspirations… my favorite is option 2, it’s stylish, looks crisp and modern yet warm and cozy

    • 5.15.18

      Ivette, I think that one “feels” the most natural to me! Thank you for weighing in!

  5. 5.15.18
    Becky said:

    I like option number 1withbthe warm brass. Maybe don’t he white board and batten below and then the wall paper above. Can’t wait to see the finished product!

    • 5.15.18

      Becky, thank you!! I am liking that warm brass too xo

  6. 5.15.18
    Tammy said:

    #3 is my most favorite, then #4 is a close second favorite!!!! Can’t wait to see which you choose!! ??

  7. 5.15.18
    Becky said:

    I like option number 1 withthe warm brass. Maybe do the white board and batten below and then the wall paper above. Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  8. 5.15.18
    Wanda said:

    I like #2, but with #1’s wallpaper.

    • 5.15.18

      Wanda, I really like that wallpaper from 1 too! Thank you for weighing in!

      • 12.14.20
        Tammy said:

        Do you know where we can get that wallpaper?

        • 12.21.20

          Hi Tammy, All of the wallpaper shown is linked in the post. Please let me know if there is a specific one you are seeking and I will be happy to provide additional direction.

  9. 5.15.18
    Deborah Ocasio said:

    I like #1, love the gold! And #4, that wallpaper!!!

    • 5.15.18

      Deborah, I think I may just have to do that brass regardless of which “master design” I go with!

  10. 5.15.18
    Deb said:

    I love #4… although they are all lovely!

  11. 5.15.18
    Anne said:

    Blue & white. Classic

    • 5.15.18

      Anne, thank you! I do like that it brings in my fav color combo…

  12. 5.15.18
    Laurie said:

    Love the first one the most! Gorgeous and feminine.

    • 5.15.18

      Laurie, thank you for weighing in!! That may be mine, too 😉

  13. 5.15.18
    Lisa T. said:

    The 4th option—the natural/greenish vibe—gets my vote. In fact, since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery ?, I believe we may mimic that design!

    • 5.15.18

      Lisa, if you can take any inspiration/ideas from any of my posts to implement in your own home, that is amazing! That’s what fuels me. Thank you! Xo

  14. 5.15.18
    Be said:

    I like them all of course. However before I even saw the third idea, you said blue and white, I thought that’s you. It’s beautiful. Love your ideas! Good luck finding the vanity.

    • 5.15.18

      Be, thank you! I DO love my blue and white!

  15. 5.15.18
    Chrissy said:

    LOVE the first one!!!!! Like the others but definitely think the first flows with the rest of your lovely, soothing home:)

    • 5.15.18

      Chrissy, thank you so so much for your vote!

  16. 5.15.18
    Vicki said:

    Blue and white- but they are all gorgeous!

    • 5.16.18

      Vicki, thank you! You know I love blue and white!

  17. 5.15.18
    Karla said:

    I love #4 the most! What does your powder room look like now?

    • 5.16.18

      Karla, thanks for weighing in! It is small with a narrow window- I’ll definitely be sharing when/before I take it on!

  18. 5.15.18
    Trudy Chambers said:

    Hi Kelley, Number 2 is my fav, followed by number 1. Can’t wait to see it all pulled together!

    • 5.16.18

      Trudy, thank you! And thank you for visiting with me!

  19. 5.15.18
    Holly said:

    I just finished remodeling my master bathroom, and I used the the same grey floral wallpaper you show in the first option. I love it! It is even more beautiful in person than the pictures show! And I love how you are mixing it withe warm brass. So I would definitely vote for that option!

    • 5.16.18

      Holly, I would LOVE to see it! I am so glad to hear the wallpaper is beautiful in person.

      • 5.16.18
        Holly said:

        I don’t know how to send you a pic, but if you want to email me where I can send it, I will email you a pic! I tried to copy and paste it here, but that didn’t work. I love your style and all of your blogs!!

  20. 5.15.18
    Bridget said:

    I’m a sucker for blue and white and bamboo has always been a fav of mine. It has the punch that it sounds like you are looking for. You could put the wallpaper just on the top half or third of the walls (with some moulding of course!) and have the bottom semi-gloss white. I do love one and two also, both are lovely. It’s too bad about the Sausilito vanity, it is stunning.

    • 5.16.18

      Bridget, I would do wall treatments for most of them going up pretty high, with just wallpaper at the top 😉 And on the Sausalito- I KNOW! UGH! :/

  21. 5.16.18
    Debbie hartney said:

    Well, you always make great design decisions so whatever you choose will look amazing. My pick is #3 but I’m not crazy about the mirror. Love the wall paper and vanity and it seems to go with the rest of your home nicely. Can’t wait to see the final.

    • 5.16.18

      Debbie, thank you! Some elements are definitely interchangeable; once I get started, I may decide to pull some from the other designs.

  22. 5.16.18
    Sandra said:

    I love all of them Kelley! But number 1 is my choice!

    • 5.16.18

      Sandra, thank you! Seeing that brass against the charcoal does make me happy…

  23. 5.16.18
    Elizabeth Thompson said:

    I love option 2 and think it would look really fresh and up to date.
    All good possibilities, you have excellent ideas and I love following you.. I live in England in the U.K. so it is really interesting to see the different ideas and products available to you in the USA.
    Look forward to seeing your final choice.

    • 5.16.18

      Elizabeth, thank you! And how fun- England is on my bucket list 😉

  24. 5.16.18
    Katie said:

    My vote is number 1! You have an excellent eye for style. Loved all the choices, but 1 stood out the most. So fun! Good luck

    • 5.16.18

      Katie, thank you! I’m leaning towards it, I think 😉

  25. 5.16.18
    Nicola Bremner said:

    Well….I am in love with both no. 2 & no. 4
    I think that if I wanted to change some of the decor in the near future, they would be the easiest to alter or add to without having to slash out (excuse the pun) the cash to much!
    Can’t wait to see which you choose, as we all know it will be gorgeous!

    • 5.16.18

      Nicola, you are so right! And thank you for weighing in!

  26. 5.16.18
    Karen said:

    Ooh… I love everything about #3. The wallpaper, the marble vanity, the bamboo mirror and those acrylic sconces!

    • 5.16.18

      Karen, I love those sconces, (and of course the blue and white) too. Thank you so much for visiting with me! xoxo

  27. 5.16.18
    Carol Heartfelt Whimsies said:

    All four are absolutely gorgeous! Number 2 looks like it would fit right in with the rest of your home. Neutral and classic with a hint of modern. That wallpaper is just amazing!! You surely can’t go wrong with any of them.

  28. 5.16.18
    Sharon said:


    When I saw the first option (1. Charcoal and white with brass accents), my heart skipped a beat. So classic, yet so fresh. Boldly feminine. A powder room that would make me smile every time I opened the door. But then. Option 3. Blue and white with those rich woodtone accents??!! My heart not only skipped, it flipped. Always in style, fresh and confident. It looks like you. I think you’d be happy with any of them, but those two are begging to be a part of your home.

  29. 5.16.18
    Celeste said:

    Kelley- I pick #4…the patterned, natural look. To me, it has the right vibe with your house and I wouldef do sconees on either side of the mirror if you have room because that’s provides the best lightin for your face, Overhead lighting causes shadows. Whichever way you go, I’m cetain will turn out fabulous. Can’t wait to see the results if you decide on redoing the powder room.

  30. 5.16.18
    Mary said:

    I love the brass accents in the first option but as soon as I saw the the blue and white option I thought “that’s the one!”. I really feel like that the most “you” and would beautifully with the rest of your home.

  31. 5.16.18
    Kathy Prince said:

    Kelly I love # 2 and 3. I’m a chrome girl. Small space and just love the clean look. I know whatever you choose will look great! Can’t wait to see.

  32. 5.16.18
    Vanessa said:

    #2 Grey and white abstract floral, with the sink from #1. We have that sink in our guest bathroom and I LOVE it!

  33. 5.16.18
    Codie said:

    Love love LOVE number 4!!!!

  34. 5.16.18
    Lori said:

    Definitely number 4. The wallpaper (and everything) is gorgeous!

  35. 5.16.18
    Kristin said:

    1 and 3 are my favorites!
    I think the uniqueness of the paper and towel holders are what makes me swoon the most, they are just so special!
    I love the classic design of 3, you can’t go wrong with blue and white, and the bamboo mirror is giving me all the heart eyes. Either way, you can’t go wrong – looking forward to seeing which you choose!

  36. 5.16.18
    Lori said:

    Number 1 all the way! Beautiful. The wallpaper and those brass accents are a show stopper.

  37. 5.16.18
    Danielle Stanley said:


    Number 4 feels feminine, yet fresh! I love it.

    I stumbled across your blog recently and also just purchased my first home. I’m so grateful for your fun and fabulous posts! I’ve always had a thrill for decorating (got it from my mama :)) but now that I own my own home I’m truly falling in love with design. Keep the fun stuff comin’… I’m a big fan!

    Danielle Stanley

  38. 5.16.18
    Bethany said:

    I love the blue with natural accents. I think gray will look dated before too long. Blues are so timeless. Also it gives you the storage you want. Happy styling!~ Bethany

  39. 5.16.18
    Mary said:

    I love #1. I also like the wallpaper from option #2 and think that would be another good choice for wallpaper in option #1. Take a look at Studio McGee’s post for yesterday on their website. They show a bathroom with grey & white wallpaper with brass accents and it looks fabulous !

  40. 5.16.18
    Kim said:

    Number 4! It will just give it a pop of color while still being neutral:)

  41. 5.16.18
    Olivia said:

    I like choices 3 & 4 but that’s a really tough call! Any of the 4 would be nice though.

  42. 5.16.18
    Gretchen Thomas (Nan) said:

    A. I love them all.
    B. Especially the blue and bamboo.
    C. You have such a great memory on little comments I may make. Ha!
    D. You mentioned Bebe as an inspiration…have you thought of going blush?

  43. 5.16.18
    Tamisha said:

    #3 and 4 get my vote, Kelley!!! I know whatever you do will be gorgeous! Can’t wait!

  44. 5.16.18
    Nicole said:

    I love number 4, it has a traditional appeal while still being feminine and so much fun with that pop of color and the wood tone frame warms it up beautifully. I think. using one of the 24 inch vanities in design 4 would also be lovely.

  45. 5.17.18

    I just love the warm brass and grey & white wallpaper in #1 the most. But the blue paper in #3 is a stunner as well! This is going to be a tough call! Good luck!

  46. 5.17.18
    Krystina said:

    Love all of these options! If your heart is set on modern feminity, then I believe #1 and 2 fit the bill, in that order. Can’t wait to see what you decide! ?

  47. 5.17.18
    Trina Garvin said:

    First off thank you for posting this as I also have a half bath that I haven’t done much with since we moved in two years ago and these are seriously gorgeous!!! Two and four are probably my favorites but one is so warm, a little modern but so pretty!! and I love the fact you would consider that instead of chrome. I have chrome all through my home and wouldn’t have thought to do brass but I love it too!! Gonna be hard. Thank you for the inspiration!! I screenshotted all of these for future ideas!!?

  48. 5.17.18
    TammyI88 said:

    I love # 4. It’s so fresh & classic & I feel that it will be the most timeless! The brass accents in #1 are nice but I think it’s just a trend. I do love ever that you have chosen. You can’t go wrong with any of them., but my vote is definitely #4! Best wishes!

  49. 5.17.18
    Krystal said:

    I love them all!!!! My favorite is #4 because that wallpaper!!!! It’s adds a little color, but not too much!! Now, you’ve got me wanting to redo mine!!

  50. 5.17.18
    Edie said:

    Love #3 and #4 is a close second!

  51. 5.18.18
    Mae Harrigan said:

    You make the most gorgeous design boards. Love all your choices and can’t wait to see what you choose. Cant go wrong with any of the 4.

  52. 5.19.18
    Kelley Kolpitcke said:

    Hi Kelley,

    I hope I am not too late to weigh in. I was distracted and obsessed with the Royal Wedding!

    First of all, I love everything. Great boards!

    However, I do not prefer pedestal sinks. I had one in our powder bath for 10 years. I eventually installed a cabinet above the toilet because there are just “times” when you need to conceal items, even in a powder bath.

    It’s a tossup between 2 and 3. The only thing I do not prefer about 3 is the mirror. I love the blue and white floral wallpaper! I love the blue rug. The mirror feels too light and airy; the bamboo creating the pattern. Something different as a mirror and I would be sold! I also look at any piece and ask myself if it would be a challenge to clean. I would not want to dust all of the ridges on the bamboo mirror.

    So blue yes! Just change out the mirror and that is my vote!!! Love all of it, really!

    Happy weekend!

    Kelley from Boise

  53. 5.21.18
    April Monie said:

    Love your blog. My vote is the first design. What program do you use to put these design pics together?

    • 5.21.18

      April, thank you! I am old school- I do it manually and use PowerPoint 😉

  54. 5.28.18
    Kelsey said:

    #4 is my favoritefo

  55. 8.9.18
    Deborah said:

    #4 is my favorite!

  56. 9.14.20
    Kelly said:

    Hi Kelly-

    This may be a long shot, but I stumbled across your board on Pinterest and I adore the wallpaper on #4- the patterned powder room with natural accents. It’s the perfect style I’ve been searching for. But for some reason I’m not able to access the link. Could you please share the name or manufacturer? Thank you so much!

  57. 3.8.22
    Linda clements said:

    I have a water closet that I want to paper. It is very small. Just has a toilet. How many walls should I cover with paper or should I do all four walls? Im looking at white background with black floral pattern. I can us grey also. What should I do?