Life without an Overhead Bedroom Fan- the Consensus

I’ve been married for almost six years and to date, one of the biggest struggles we have faced revolved around a bedroom fan. Ok, I’m totally kidding, you guys! (Kind of 😉 ).  Here’s the story- we have always been “fan people”. 1. We live in Georgia; 2. We like the sound; 3. Airflow is a must while we sleep. Long before our master bedroom makeover, I had my heart set on ditching our too-traditional, standard, brown fan. What I really wanted was a statement light fixture to take its place – that idea immediately (and continuously – because, let’s be honest, I’m nothing if not persistent 😉 ) received a hard “no” from Dave. So, I detoured my research and started looking for fixtures that were overhead fans, but just on the more attractive end of the spectrum (they do exist, y’all!). Even so, I couldn’t shake the vision I had for our bedroom – our retreat that I was getting ready to invest so much time and work into (see the full makeover HERE). So, after months and months of talking about it, I finally came up with a logical compromise. It must be noted – I wanted all the benefits of a fan, too! But, we are big believers in A/C (so it isn’t like we would be suffering from heat) and we have a sound machine. The obstacle I really needed to focus on was the airflow. I had seen sleek, compact, bladeless Dyson fans and had read tons of reviews about how awesome they were. I even asked many of you on Instagram about your experience and the resounding consensus was “expensive but so worth it”. My deal with Dave was that I would get him a nice, effective Dyson fan to replace the overhead and if he still couldn’t get on board, we would go back to an overhead fan. I surprised Dave with it one day, we started our experiment, and he hung the chandelier. And, that’s where we left off. Since then, I have had several messages and emails wanting to know- did we regret it? Love it? So after now being sans-overhead fan for a little over half a year, I’m going to share an update – something I promised from the very beginning.

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White bedding with blue and white pillows for master bedroom ideas with a tufted headboard

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1. Striped Pillows | 2. Indigo Print Pillow | 3. Indigo Velvet Pillow (similar)

Just to give you a reminder (or in case you are new here), this is the “before” 😉 A sloppy “before” but still a “before” haha-

And here’s how our master bedroom looks today…


Neutral master bedroom design ideas with gray tufted headboard and brass chandelier

I love it. And I know you already know that haha. But, one thing I pride myself on is preaching and practicing that you can have form and function. And, you should never sacrifice functionality for looks alone. My “battle” with Dave was never about making us suffer. It was about trying to make him see that we could have both if we found an alternative solution and the right compromise (and hoping I was correct). Thank goodness my negotiation skills weren’t wasted; the verdict- we are 100% fine without an overhead fan.

After hearing from so many of you, I’m now convinced that next to money, overhead fans may be one of the most common disagreements between couples haha. No light fixture is worth a marriage but if this has been a point of contention, we are proof that an effective standalone fan can totally work. I love it because I get to have my effective little fan alongside my pretty, statement light fixture. Dave is more indifferent because a “statement light fixture” doesn’t mean that much to him. But, “indifferent” is a huge win in my book – the point is, he doesn’t miss the overhead fan.

I went right for the “big guns” because I wanted to get it “as right as possible” the first time to prove my point haha. I have the Dyson Pure Hot Cool Air Purifier – it’s a three in one with air purifier, heater, and fan. It tilts, oscillates, has 10 fan settings, and even has an option for a narrow or wide air stream. At lower settings, it’s quiet; at higher settings, it’s  louder – much louder than a ceiling fan. No, you don’t feel the exact same overhead airflow but we haven’t missed it; we set ours on the dresser directly across from the bed. I didn’t know how much I would love or notice having an air purifier but I can actually tell a difference when I wake up in the morning. This winter, I used the heater function almost every day; I may like it even more than the fan. You can adjust the temperature up to 99 degrees, with the same options as the fan. The newer models are wi-fi enabled; while it does come with a remote control, ours doesn’t have that capability. We don’t use it often but it also has a sleep timer if you want to set the fan to turn off automatically.

Dyson bladeless air purifier fan in the bedroom with chandelier instead of overhead fan

I also knew ahead of time that if we were to replace our overhead fan, I didn’t want to switch it for another clunky, unattractive oscillator that would be an eye sore. This small tower can be moved and tucked away easily.

Bedroom fan storage ideas

One caveat is that you can’t have this short tower across the room to feel maximum airflow. There are larger Dyson towers that are less expensive and without the heat/air purifying features; those may provide further longevity. For our space, it works well. And, that heater can heat our entire room really nicely. If you are a Costco member, they occasionally run specials on the older versions of the Cool/Hot Air Purifier but you can see all the Dyson options HERE.

Dyson fan instead of overhead bedroom fan

If you are thinking of making a move; it’s the perfect time to test it out now that summer is basically here. Try a fan and leave your overhead off before bringing out the tools. My guess, you won’t even miss it 😉 The Lopez household has officially been converted- bring on the overhead light fixtures (I’m looking at you, living room fan!)


Bed | Nightstands | Dresser- Restoration Hardware (no longer available) Bench | White Linen Duvet Cover & Euro Shams| Belgian Flax Linen Linen Quilt (in Flagstone) | King Linen Shams (in Flagstone) | Black & Cream Striped Pillows | Indigo Pattern Pillows | Indigo Velvet Pillows (similar700 Thread Count Sheets | Leaning Floor Mirror- HomeGoods | Chandelier | Bedside Lamps | Chunky Cream Wool Rug (8×10) | Catch-all China Dish | Oversized Double Handle Basket- HomeGoods (Similar) | Hamper- HomeGoods (Similar) | Oversized Chair (no longer available- SIMILAR) | Ottoman (no longer available- SIMILAR) | Side Table in Sitting Nook | White Table Lamp (set of 2)Garden StoolBird Art Print 1 | Bird Art Print 2 | Moulding | Woven Shades (Bali White; Cordless) | Brass & Mirror Tray on Ottoman | White Pillows in Chairs: HomeGoods | Linen Throw | Black Volcano CandleGray Rug in Sitting Nook (5×7) | Sheepskin- Costco | Floor Lamp | Moulding | Paint: Simply White by Benjamin Moore

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  1. 5.19.18
    Jenny said:

    Hi Kelley! Your bedroom is dreamy. I also have the dyson fan and love it! How many of each pillow do you have on your bed and what sizes? Do you have a queen or king bed? I love the look! Looking for some pillow guidance for my king bed.


    • 5.21.18

      Hi, Jenny! I have 3 euros (26 or 28″), and in right now, 5 throw pillows (20-22″). There are a ton of diagrams for options but this is my go-to!

  2. 5.19.18
    Debbie said:

    I think is a matter os personal taste/space! Yours looks good! In the before pic, I actually have that cute table on fuzzy rug … wondered what the history of it is! Want to sell it? Thanks!

    • 5.21.18

      Hi, Debbie! You are so right. And thank you for noticing! That is a special little table I inherited and still haven’t found a place for. Even when it was “resting” in the bedroom, it wasn’t its permanent spot. It’s on my list to find a home for it in our house 😉

  3. 5.19.18
    Bridget said:

    Thanks for the review, I now know what I’m getting my hubby for a Father’s Day present!

  4. 5.20.18
    Cecilia from GA said:

    Kelley, I have never heard of the Dyson fan. I love my Dyson cordless vacuum so I will certainly try the fan. It is inconspicuous enough to use in my bedrooms and I hope will be powerful enough for the patio. Thanks for your honest opinion. I just returned from London on Wednesday and the excitement over the upcoming wedding was impressive. I love your house, it has a touch of English design which is so classy and comfortable.

  5. 5.20.18
    Kelley Kolpitcke said:

    I love this post! I have a new 2 bedroom apartment. It’s gorgeous and modern. I also have twins…17! They share the master which is HUGE and has a ceiling fan. In a year+, it will be converted to my office/den space. In the meantime, I have the smaller bedroom, about the size of your “blue” guestroom. It does not have a fan…at all! I am approaching summer and I need airflow. Plus I have an 85-pound dog that thinks he is a human blanket. I want all the features that you mentioned, especially the air purifier! You have convinced me it is worth the price. I am excited to get the remote too…because walking 5 feet is exhausting! Ha!
    Love you!
    Kelley from Boise

  6. 5.20.18
    Tonia said:

    Because of you, I too got rid of the master bedroom ceiling fan. Me and husband don’t miss it at all! Beatbox decision I ever made and I bedroom is more beautiful because it. Now, I need to remove the fan from the family room.

  7. 5.20.18
    Tonia said:

    *best decision I ever made and the bedroom…

  8. 5.21.18
    Diane Kennedy said:

    Thanks so much Nan for this article as I have been debating this question for quite sometime !!!! Can’t wait to get my new chandelier for over my bed……..have had it picked out for quite a while now !!!

  9. 5.21.18
    Mandy said:

    Hi Kelley! What are your favorite neutral Sherwin Williams colors…I am looking for a great white, light gray, medium gray, and soft greige that will go with either warm/cool furniture. I went to a SW store and got a bunch of paint chips, but I am so overwhelmed!! My husband and I are building a new home and our builder is requiring us to choose all this stuff at our first design meeting later this week and it’s so hard! Also, we are hoping to buy mostly new furniture since the majority of our stuff is old or hand-me-down stuff from my parents. Any tips??!

    • 5.22.18

      Hi, Mandy! I have a few paint posts on the blog (just search “paint”) but I have never put together a list of favorites…

    • 5.22.18

      cont. Congratulations on your new home! I would get samples and test if you can and see what they actually look like. Don’t rush. If you get in there with only camping chairs, take your time. you will be SO glad you did!

  10. 6.4.19
    Hayley said:

    Love this article! I am moving and the house is a cape so we are not able to have ceiling fans, which was making me panic, but this article is giving me hope!

  11. 10.30.19
    Ali said:

    Thank you so much for giving me “permission” to nix the fan and a great alternative should I find I need more airflow. I love the look of your bedroom and am hoping to achieve something similar in our florida home. Now I can order that light fixture.YAY!

    • 11.5.19

      Haha omg one of the oldest debates EVER! We still have a little one for sound and airflow in the south but don’t miss the overhead!

  12. 10.31.23
    Kayla Rueffer said:

    Hey Kelley, one thank you for the post, I am struggling with this situation currently in keeping my master bedroom fan and putting my favorite chandelier somewhere else…( in the bedroom?) under the fan, or (what would look best, of course) replacing the fan all together… I’m 28 and just purchased my first home and while I have no arguments from a man, at least at this point in my life, I do have arguments from my bank account on staying within budget especially with current interest rates! I guess my main question is how horrible is it to wire in a chandelier and mount under an existing ceiling fan??

    • 11.1.23

      Hi Kayla, Thank you for taking the time to stop by and reaching out to me. You would need to either keep the ceiling fan or switch to the chandelier. You would not be able to do both in the same room. Congratulations on your new home!