A Porch Makeover and a Relaxing Date Night on the Deck

You know how I’ve been talking about whipping my outdoor spaces into shape? Actually, I think I’ve been talking about it… if not, I’ve been talking to myself about it quite often haha. This past Saturday was marked by a long awaited porch makeover and a relaxing date night on the deck. Made up of a covered porch and open deck area, we finally tackled the main outdoor living space (and saw Beauty and the Beast 😉 ). I’ll be sharing the latter next week (the open deck part – not the Beauty and the Beast part haha), but to give you an idea of the project, here’s what had to happen. Last summer, we had a dining table under the covered porch and lounge chairs on the open deck. I have wanted to traded in the loungers for a sectional-style seating area for a while and it seemed with the (possibly) harsh elements of the Georgia summers, a sectional would need to go under the covered porch to extend its lifespan. We purchased one a couple months ago, ditched the loungers, and moved the table. It was super bare- a few basic pieces with no defined space between the two sections. I don’t have a true “before” to show how desperate this space was but I did manage to pull an image from last year’s Bloggers’ Progressive Dinner to give you an idea of the covered porch layout. This is when it was dressed its absolute best ;).

While I won’t deny, this space was used a ton, it was cramped, and wasted the other half of the deck. For the last couple of months, I have been anticipating when I would be able to finish the spaces. I routinely start spring with World Market as the first place I seek inspiration and source outdoor decor – a practice I learned from my mom years ago. Her outdoor spaces are more vibrant but World Market has always been able to accommodate both of our styles, and super affordably. This year, I partnered with them and within an hour of browsing, searching, and loading my virtual cart, I had assembled my porch. We had an interesting pollen experience, a misbehaving blower, a wet-dry vac that saved the day, and an entire afternoon of planting and assembling the space. The result – I could (and literally, may) sleep out here.

Note: All sources are linked and listed at the bottom of this post. Post contains some affiliate links.

Outdoor living space on covered porch

I wanted to stay true to myself, which doesn’t involve a ton of bright colors, so similarly to my spring home tour (HERE), I decided on blue and white to compliment my neutral pieces. When I was placing my order, I can’t even remember which came first – the wall medallions? The chair? The rug? The pillows? Speaking of pillows, I had no idea that World Market carried Sunbrella pillows. Like my furniture cushions, I always look for Sunbrella when I can for fade resistance and quality.

Outdoor curtains on back porch - bue and white outdoor living

After standing on the porch railing to hang curtains for too long (my job), planting, hanging art, and cleaning, we took advantage of our little nook right then. When I say we “live” out here during warm weather season, we really live out here. We don’t have a mounted TV but Dave did get one specifically for this space, that lives in a closet when its not in use. Outdoor dinner and movie date nights at home are our absolute favorite.

Outdoor living area with blue and white pillows

There weren’t any movies Saturday night but, there was sangria, appetizers, and a guitar ;). (If you were wondering, Dave is the super talented one. I just sit and smile, haha)

Outdoor living and romantic ottoman tablescape with snacks

Date on the back porch with sangria and appetizers

My deck entertaining essentials are 1. a good selection of trays (pictured); and 2. acrylic drinkware. I love these bordeaux glasses because they don’t look plastic. My fridge and pantry essentials – jalepeño Palmetto Cheese, fruit, and bread/crackers. With these, you will always be ready to feed guests who stop by and have a light, summer meal.

Blue and White outdoor decor on sectional

For our dates on the porch, I love using a tray as a tabletop and keeping it simple without the fuss.  Cleanup at the end of the night is so much easier, having a “tabletop” that can be carried inside.

Apps on the porch for date night with navy and white decor

Carafe on the porch with sangria

Date night on the porch with snacks

Date night setup on the porch

Here’s a peek of the other side of the deck 😉

Food ideas for date night at home

World Market woven gray chair on the porch with blue and white pillow

Before and After porch reveal in blue and white

Variety of floor pots and urn in outdoor living space

Guitar on the porch for outdoor living

I’ll be hoping to fit in another date night just like this, this coming weekend. What are your outdoor living essentials? Next week, I’ll be sharing the other side of this space and the following week, I’ll be sharing the never-before-seen screened porch off of our bedroom.

Twinkle lights on the back porch- cozy outdoor living

twinkle lights on deck above outdoor living space with sectional

Rug | Gray Woven Chair | Striped Sunbrella Pillows | Striped Sunbrella Lumbar PillowWhite Sunbrella PillowsNavy Sunbrella Pillow | Navy Sunbrella Lumbar Pillow | White Metal Drum Stool | White Side Table | Wall Medallions | Glass Hurricane | Acrylic Wine Glasses | Small Bowl | White Tray | Thai Teracotta Floor Vase | Floral Napkins | Gray Spinwash Salad Plates | Carafe | Ivory ThrowWhite Caleb Lantern | Sectional: Costco | Planter (size: trough) |  Outdoor Curtains (108″ in white) | Curtain Tension Rods 

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  1. 4.5.17

    LOVE how your space looks Kelley! I’m especially smitten by that sectional and chair – such great pieces. I think I’d be living in this space 24/7 this spring!

    • 4.5.17

      Kris, thank you! We are so happy to be spring-ready!

      • 6.21.17
        Julie said:

        Where did you get the sectional?

  2. 4.5.17

    Oh Kelley this turned out so good, I really like how cozy it is,a great place for cocktails with friends.

    • 4.5.17

      Jen, thank you! When are y’all coming over? 😉

  3. 4.5.17

    beautiful and cozy!! Wonderful job. I cannot wait to get back home and get started on mine!

    • 4.5.17

      Marion, thank you!! Aren’t outdoor spaces so fun to decorate??

  4. 4.5.17
    Ingrid Bohannon said:

    Kelley, this looks so beautiful and inviting. All your hard work paid off big time! Seeing your deck takes me back to my Georgia days, but I sure as heck don’t miss that pollen, lol!!! Fantastic job, and Happy Spring to you!

    • 4.5.17

      Ingrid, thank you! And I TOTALLY understand. 3 days later and we already have a nice yellow coat again! haha

  5. 4.5.17
    Susan Carr said:

    Kelly, this looks beautiful! So glad you embraced the blue and white outside and know you guys will be spending all of your time out here (when you can)! I’m sure the fur kids will make themselves at home here as well if they haven’t already! Love you!

    • 4.5.17

      Susan, thank you!! EVERYONE should see your outdoor space- it is spectacular. xoxo love you!

  6. 4.5.17
    Sarah said:

    This is SO gorgeous! The sectional is perfect here. And I seriously ordered those exact same pillows. #greatminds

    • 4.5.17

      Sarah, I giggled when I saw! But what a deal on sunbrella!!

  7. 4.5.17
    Sharon said:

    Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful and relaxing makeover space, Kelley! You’ve inspired me — again!

    • 4.5.17

      Sharon, thank YOU for taking the time to stop by! I hope you have so much fun prepping your outdoor space this year!

  8. 4.5.17
    Tamara said:

    This looks fabulous and it’s getting me so excited to get our patio ready!! Now if the snow would just melt already! I especially love all the blues!! Gorgeous!

    • 4.5.17

      I can’t believe you still have snow! So excited for you and your outdoor space; it will be magnificent!

  9. 4.5.17
    Bree said:

    Kelley this is unbelievably gorgeous and I know you and Dave will enjoy the heck out of this space this spring & summer!! I love all of your selections and really love, love that chair!!! 🙂 Xoxo

    • 4.5.17

      Bree, thank you so much! I didn’t know if the chair would be comfortable but it totally is- woo!

  10. 4.5.17
    Haneen said:

    Kelley, this space looks AWESOME! So inviting and festive, and I’ve been eyeing that woven chair! Fab!

    • 4.11.17

      Haneen, thank you!! And I love it- sturdy but comfortable 😉

  11. 4.5.17
    Gretchen Thomas said:

    Gosh…This looks great! I can’t wait to see in person. I absolutely love every detail!

    • 4.11.17

      Nan, thank you!! Such a “Nan” place to relax 😉

  12. 4.5.17
    Tammy said:

    Kelley, this is just so beautiful! Love it!! I need the sangria recipe please!!! ?

    • 4.11.17

      Tammy, I need to post it! So many questions on that!

  13. 4.5.17
    Rebecca Shepeard said:

    Gorgeous Kelley! You’ve outdone yourself per usual! Can’t wait to see it in person and enjoy some wine in those comfy seats!!

    • 4.11.17

      Becca, so excited for y’all to come hang with us out here!!

  14. 4.5.17
    Randi said:

    I love the transformation kelley! You did a really beautiful job!!! xo

    • 4.11.17

      Randi, thank you! Wanna talk about transformations? How bout that iconic kitchen!?

  15. 4.5.17
    Pat F. said:

    I love shopping at World Market…They have it all…Love the blue and white, so cool and inviting…Wonderful lightening,, so romantic… Looks like a great place for entertaining..

    • 4.11.17

      Pat, I agree! Definitely a go-to for outdoor 😉

  16. 4.6.17
    Melinda said:

    Would you share your sangria recipe? Thanks!

    • 4.11.17

      Melinda, I need to post it soon; I had a bunch of questions on that!

  17. 4.6.17
    Megan said:

    This space looks amazing and so inviting! I may have missed this, but can you tell me where the sofa is from? I love the colors of it and the color of the cushions!

    • 4.11.17

      Hi, Megan! It was a Costco find! 😉

      • 5.17.17
        Kally said:

        Was this an instore find or online? I’ve been stalking our local Costco and their selection is awful compared to what I’m seeing others find!

        • 5.24.17

          Hi, Kally! It was an in-store find a few months ago. They are funny about carrying stock of just a few things and then phasing them out. Keep watching!

  18. 4.11.17

    This looks fabulous Kel!!! You must want to sit out here 24/7! The woven chair is my dream chair and the new sectional looks so cozy and perfect for entertaining! Phenomenal job!

  19. 4.16.17
    Ivory said:

    Wow, I am in love. Very beautiful!

  20. 5.11.17
    Tara said:

    This is such a beautiful makeover. Would you mind posting the brand of the sectional?

    • 5.11.17

      Hi, Tara! I am unsure but we got it from Costco 😉

  21. 6.1.17
    Bev said:

    I love this space . We’re did you get the single medallion on the first photo ( before the remodel ) ?

    • 6.1.17

      Bev, thank you! It was a HomeGoods find 😉

  22. 6.19.17
    Kala said:

    Where did you get your dining table? I actually have the same sectional it is nice

  23. 6.28.17
    Lauren Alphin said:

    Kelley, I always turn to your posts for inspiration. You design the most beautiful spaces. I’m currently working on my back porch and was hoping you could share your back porch measurements with me. It looks like your area is like mine, which is a little more narrow but longer. Also, where did you get that outdoor dining table? I love it!

    • 7.4.17

      Lauren, I don’t have measurements on hand – would have to check- but yes, it is more long than wide. The table was a Costco find a couple of years ago!

  24. 8.19.17
    hannah said:

    where can i find these string lights??? i am in market for some and i like how bright yours are.

    • 8.23.17

      Hannah, thank you! You can find a lot online BUT, my favorites are these which are COSTCO. They have them every year and a lot of times, they will run them for $10 off. I’m not sure if they still have them but if not, they will be back!

  25. 4.3.18
    Kat said:

    Hi! Beautiful porch. Thanks for the inspiration =) Can you tell me the size of the rug you got?

  26. 4.9.18
    Debbie said:

    Love your style Kelleynan, we would love to see the deck, where did you get the deck furniture? thanks.

  27. 1.30.19
    Kelly Gavette said:

    Hi Kelley 🙂

    Love your porch design! How did you get your string of lights to hang on the ceiling? Did you use hooks or something else?
    Kelly Gavette

  28. 4.8.20
    Gina said:

    How many strands of lights did you use for your porch?

    • 4.8.20

      Hi Gina,
      We used one strand of lights. It really goes a long way! xoxo

  29. 4.14.20
    Kelly said:

    Hi! Just ran across your post and was curious how the rug has held up. Does it get wet?

    • 4.16.20

      Hi Kelly, this rug held up really well. It got wet often and we even pressure washed it. Hope this helps! xoxo

  30. 7.10.20
    Jay said:

    wow this is so useful! I saved this to my favourites so I can keep going back to it to improve my home!l

  31. 5.9.21
    Bridget said:

    Hi- Can you please tell me the color name of your cushions? Is it listed on your Costco purchase information? It is sunbrella?

    • 5.10.21

      Hi Bridget, Thank you for visiting! I am sorry but I don’t know the exact name of the cushion color. They are sunbrella and have held up beautifully for years, even in the elements.