18 Gorgeous Fall Wreaths for 2023 (Plus, Wreaths That Work for Winter, Too!)

There’s still some time to accomplish all we wanted this summer, but our sights are already set on fall. In previous years, while there’s been excitement for new seasons (especially fall!), I’ve always had a (primarily self-imposed) pressure to accomplish a laundry list of to-dos before feeling “ready”. This past year has made progress in changing that and I stepped away from seasonal overhauls in a big way. When something that brings joy starts to feel daunting, it’s time to reevaluate and that’s what I did. Even though fall is soclose, I still don’t know what that means for our home, which is unusual. I’ve been enjoying doing things on smaller scale so that will likely translate to the coming season, too. I don’t see a lot of changes happening inside and will likely keep my fall focus to the front porch, but even then, I don’t know if I’ll end up with one pumpkin or 30 (literally, haha) until I’m “there”. But, regardless of how hard or light I go on the fall season, getting our porch welcome set with a fall front door wreath — the easiest decor change-up without the effort — is the only thing I know we’ll be doing. Also, after wading through seasonal decor and questioning a lot of past purchases, a lot of my favorite wreaths (that were investments) that I continue to use regularly/annually continue to prove to be solid purchases. So today, I’m sharing my annual post of favorite fall wreaths for the front door for 2023!

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Fall Front Porch in Previous Recent Years

I loved last year’s fall porch. LOVED it. But, it was a lot. It had a heavy focus on mums which was the result of indecisiveness and mislabeled plants, but I loved the eclectic result. (You can see what the porch looked like after all the blooms popped and were in full force HERE.) Last year’s wreath was a red/orange sumac wreath from West Elm and it’s really unique — it’s actually on clearance right now for under $50 HERE. It has varying shades of orange which is especially nice if you like a variety of pumpkin tones. You can see last year’s full fall porch details HERE.

Fall Front Porch Steps Decor with Orange and Red Pumpkins and Mums

Faux Sumac Wreath (on clearance for under $50!)

The year before, I had decided to keep my still-thriving ferns in place on either side of the door and I used what may be my favorite fall wreath of all time. I’ve actually used that wreath for a lot of fall seasons and while that exact one isn’t available anymore, the shop has a similar, beautiful, apple version available HERE. They also have a similar wreath with tiny orange berries this year HERE that I love! They all come in multiple dimensions but I typically go for the 26″ version.

16 Favorite Fall Porch Front Door Wreaths

Wreath (similar)

THIS is the wreath shop I’ve purchased several wreaths from and they’re all fantastic quality, MTO, and are always in pristine condition at the end of each season.

The year before, I used it with all orange mums and pumpkins… can you spy a tiny Eliza in the window? 😉

Wreath (similar)

The below fall porch will always hold a special place — I loved the result and the twinkle lights but it’s also been one of my most popular Pinterest posts. I always love a simple oak leaf wreath, too!

Fall front porch decor ideas and inspiration

If you’ve been a KN reader for awhile, you’ve likely already seen it, but if not, here’s what it looked like at night. The strands of twinkle lights come in sets of two — each strand at 20′ length — with remote controls with timers, dimmers, and 8 different light options and four color options. Mine are the warm white but there’s also multi-color, orange, and white. You can find them all on Amazon with free shipping HERE. I loved the twinkle lights because it emphasizes and seems to bring out some of the magic that we start feeling towards the end of the year.

Easy, magical fall front porch decor

For this year… well… we’ll have to wait and see. Stay tuned! 😉 Now, let’s talk about the best fall wreaths for the front door that I’ve found this year!


As of today’s publishing, each of the below wreaths are still available, but with a lot of them being MTO (or limited seasonal supply), they tend to run out of stock fairly early in the season. I gravitate toward leaves, berries, and nature (less large floral) and even with my specific taste, there are some really pretty fall front door wreaths this year! Let’s get to it! Each wreath is linked below the graphic.

18 Favorite Fall Wreaths for the Front Door (Right Now!)

Sources: 1. | 2. | 3. | 4. | 5. | 6. | 7. | 8. | 9.

Make sure to read the notes; while most are totally faux, some of the wreaths are made from fresh-dried materials and may not be appropriate for the outdoors, depending on the weather where you live, if your front door is covered, etc. These require a space that is a little more protected — on a covered porch or inside. Also, many of these wreaths come in multiple size options — be sure to measure your door so you don’t go too small. My optimum size for my front door is around 26″.

THIS golden oak and maple leaf wreath (with acorns, berries, and mini pumpkins) (Number 1) actually lights up! This would have been AMAZING for that fall aesthetic above when I wove twinkle lights into leaf garlands down the stairs, around the mums and pumpkins. The wreath actually has a coordinating light-up garland on the listing, too, HERE.

Best Fall Wreaths for the Front Door for 2023

Light Up Leaf Wreath (& Garland)

I am in love with THIS harvest apple wreath (Number 2) with berries, cinnamon sticks, and a variety of foraged leaves. The up-close details are absolutely stunning and the green-meets-color-changing-leaves aesthetic is fabulous.

18+ Best Fall Wreaths for the Front Door for 2023

Harvest Apple Wreath

Speaking of fabulous colors, the unexpected cranberry and deep purple tones of THIS berry and pampas grass wreath with green leaves (Number 3) is so unique and while it’s a stunner for fall, it would also be fitting for winter!

Beautiful Fall Front Door Wreaths for 2023

Berry & Pampas Wreath

Also unique, if you shy away from warm fall tones and wreaths in general, THIS bleached-white/neutral oak leaf wreath (Number 4) is so different. I’ve never seen anything like it.

THESE wreaths, chockfull of mini berries (Number 5) come in both yellow/golden and an orange options. At 32″ in diameter, it’s a larger wreath (which I’m a big fan of!) and the statement-making color punch, combined with the simplicity of the single-element composition makes this a timeless choice for years to come.

Mini-Berry Wreaths

Also with mini berries, Number 7 is from my favorite wreath shop and incorporates sprigs of mini berries while keeping the focus on the leaves.

Number 6 is the wreath I shared above that is from the same shop as (and incredibly similar to) my favorite wreath in the photos at the top of the post. It comes in four different size options, depending on your preference for a fall wreath for the front door.

Number 8 also comes from the same shop, comes in multiple size options, but instead, the leaves are a bit more green. Extra awesome, while the pears make a gorgeous contrast, you can actually choose between pears, peaches, lemons, apples, or oranges! These can be used across most seasons.


Speaking of wreaths fit for any season, if you find yourself wanting to simplify your efforts/physical things, I’m a big proponent of extending the use of items beyond a single season, when possible. Just as I shared wreaths that transcend seasons in the spring (you can check out those wreaths HERE), below, I’m also sharing wreaths that can be used for fall and winter — and many year-round! Each wreath is linked below the graphic.

18 Favorite Fall Wreaths for the Front Door That Can Also Be Used for Winter

Sources: 1. | 2. | 3. | 4. | 5. | 6. | 7. | 8. | 9.

Without a doubt, I think magnolia wreaths (like Number 1) are the most timeless, classic wreaths that are not only perfect for fall and winter, but can be displayed during any season. If I had only one wreath, it would be a magnolia wreath. Also, due to it’s evergreen simplicity, it would be simple to mix in a few extra embellishments (like red berry sprigs or pine/cedar) during the Christmas season.

Best Fall & Winter Wreaths for 2023

Magnolia Wreath

THIS pinecone wreath (Number 2) is rustic, modern, and can stand on its own — or, can take a big red bow during Christmas. Pinecones are absolutely fit for fall, Christmas, and then beyond the holidays through the rest of winter. It has a lot of great reviews, too!

Best Fall & Winter Front Door Wreaths

Pinecone Wreath

Number 9 has a little bit of a more whimsical, less structured shape with more pinecone color variances going on. It truly is an original wreath and feels like it belongs on a cabin in the autumn woods or snow!

Number 3, Number 4, Number 5, Number 6, and Number 8 all use eucalyptus and evergreens, making them wreaths fit for fall and winter, but also great year-round wreaths.

Number 3 has a bunch of different eucalyptus mixes and comes in two size options.

I love the magnolia leaf stand-outs in Number 4 (which comes in five sizes) and I also adore the fabulous, heavy use of seeded eucalyptus in Number 5 (which also comes in five sizes)! Its a toss-up between those two of which one is my fave…

Best Fall Wreaths for the Front door for 2023

Mixed Eucalyptus Wreath


What if you have multiple wreaths you love? What if you don’t have the best place to hang a wreath on your front door? What do you do with wreaths from seasons past? There are plenty of alternative places to hang these pretty seasonal statements.

  • Over your mantel
  • Back door
  • Inside of front door
  • Interior door
  • On a large mirror (i.e. dining room, leaning mirror, etc.)
  • On a kitchen hood
  • Propped/layered on a shelf/console table
  • Hung in a picture window
fall wreath in dining room and other wreath ideas

Table Lamps | Hobnail Goblets

Are you in the market for a new fall wreath for the front door this year? Do you have a standard you use year after year? Do you try to coordinate your fall wreath with your fall plants and pumpkins? Are you starting to think about the next season yet??

To see other upcoming seasonal updates for the rest of the year (note: if you haven’t guessed, this year will look different than years’ past!), be sure to subscribe to my emails at the bottom of this post!

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