This Year’s Fall Front Porch — DONE!

Following our trip to the pumpkin patch the Friday before last — and a we-didn’t-mean-to-get-this-many mums run — I set up our fall porch for the year earlier this week! Fall has been in the air for about a week now, but I think in the coming days, temps are going to head back to the 90s. Regardless, I was ready to decorate the front porch for fall and have no regrets. 😉

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Decorating the Front Porch for Fall

Honestly, my original vision of different orange tones (and sticking exclusively to oranges in general) shifted in the moment. Dave called from Costco and said they had no large orange mums, but did have small ones. So, I asked for red large and both red and orange small. Then he said they did have large orange… so I asked him to get those, also. Then he realized the “red” small mums were actually purple so I swung into Walmart and grabbed some small red ones I could see from the street. When Dave got home, I saw that most of the “orange” actually appeared more yellow. The result is a harvest rainbow and a few more mums than I had planned (haha). Here’s the result…

How to Decorate the Front Porch for Fall

Sources: Sumac Wreath

Fall Front Porch Steps Decor with Orange and Red

With the sun and several mums not being under shelter, I’ve been giving the water in the morning daily… six huge pitchers worth! And since I first set them up and grabbed a few shots, they’ve continued to pop and open up more. If you’re an email subscriber, I’ll send an email in a few days with they’re updated appearance.

Fall Front Porch Steps Decorated with Pumpkins and Mums

I probably could have benefited from mixing in a couple strands of sumac garland (HERE) — intertwined with the pumpkins and mums — from the same collection as my wreath (HERE). I will probably add some battery twinkle lights, as I have in the past, still. You can find the ones I use on Amazon HERE; they come in a two-pack.

Fall Front Porch Steps Decor

Because I decorated the front porch for fall early, I have zero expectations for the mums and pumpkins to last til Thanksgiving — at least the unsheltered ones, bearing the brunt of the heat. But, as things get crispy/mushy, I’ll just adjust and move them upwards and inwards — toward the front door and the railings.

Orange and Red Pumpkins and Mums -- Fall Front Porch Decor

You can see a full summer to fall transition in my Instagram reel here…


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After using the same wreath the past few years, I branched out with a new wreath in varying shades of orange (HERE) — here were other favorite wreaths I’ve seen so far this season…

16 Best Fall Wreaths

Sources: 1. Yellow Mum Wreath | 2. Oak Leaf Wreath | 3. Sumac Wreath | 4. Peony/Berry Wreath | 5. Autumn Berry Wreath  | 6. Magnolia Wreath | 7. Pomegranate/Pine Cone Wreath | 8. Apple/Foliage Wreath | 9. Fall Leaves Wreath | 10. Oak Leaves Wreath | 11. Fall Foliage/Berry Wreath | 12. Oak Leaf Wreath | 13. Gold Oak Wreath | 14. Sangria Cosmos/Yellow Roses Wreath | 15. Red Autumn Leaf Wreath | 16. Eucalyptus Wreath

I’ve used variations of the same formula, year after year. Here’s a few looks of how I’ve decorated the front porch for fall from past seasons…

Ideas to Decorate the Front Porch for Fall

But this year’s been the most mum-heavy, for sure.

Ideas to Decorate the Front Porch for Fall

Sources: Sumac Wreath

Stay tuned for more fall projects, holiday decor, and seasonal transitions to come!

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  1. 9.18.22
    Sharon said:

    Just lovely, as always! I’d love to see a shot at night (I see the lights near your gutters) after you add the twinkle lights.

    • 9.19.22

      Sharon, Thank you so much for your sweet support and kind note! In case I’m not able to get a shot of the twinkle lights this year, here’s a link to the post where they are featured. They truly do add a bit of fall magic!

  2. 9.18.22
    Carol-Dee said:

    Kelly, you have the best front porch! I especially love the beveled glass in the panes of your front door. Thank you for continuing to provide me with your great ideas and inspiration. Love your blog and your mini model!

    • 9.19.22

      Hi Carol-Dee, Thank you so much for taking the time to visit and for your kind note. It feels so good to have the front porch dressed for fall. Now, if those cooler temps will just cooperate and return to us.

  3. 9.18.22
    Sandy said:

    Beautiful! Love this year’s porch the best!!! With our temps here in GA going back into the 90’s I am bringing my mums back into the A/C. They are taking over the guest bathtub until this week is over. I HATE SUMMER! Also, learned if you wash/dry/spray your pumpkins with clear polyurethane they last until Thanksgiving here in the N GA mountains. Happy Fall 🙂

    • 9.19.22

      Hi Sandy, Thank you so much! We were definitely teased early with perfect fall weather and cooler temps, until now. I love your ideas of bringing your mums inside and preserving your pumpkins. Happy fall to you and fingers crossed that the cooler weather will return to us soon.