Living Room (Mini) Makeover Reveal, Plus, It’s Dressed for Fall!

Today’s post is a two-for-one combo — not only am I sharing some fall decorating in the living room, but I’m also sharing the updated mini-makeover for the first time on the blog! I’ve shared a few peeks on Instagram after our full paint job while we were on vacation in May but I’ve been slowly working through a few other updates over the past few months. I kept putting it off until we were further along and once the onset of fall hit and I revamped the seasonal vibe (from not intentionally decorated to actual decor for the season), I was pumped to finally take the time to grab some shots of our transitioned living room. Read on for all the permanent changes and seasonal additions!

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Living Room Mini Makeover Before and After

After we updated our living room a few years ago — mainly a few furnishings — I still had several items on my “one day” wish list. This latest mini makeover isn’t an undoing or re-doing of anything we did when I shared the living room reveal HERE — it’s only an extension. I’m still incredibly happy with all we did a couple years ago (so I’m gonna give myself a pat on the back for the decisions I made back then 😉 ) but there were more hefty (read: costly) projects that we didn’t get into at that point. While all the additional changes I had in mind were aesthetic, they were mostly projects I planned to outsource. As much as I love our two story living room — the center point of our home that’s open to just about every space in the house — anything that’s done tends to be a major undertaking. You can’t just paint the walls. Because everything is connected, when you paint the walls, you have to paint the walls of the room, but they also extend into the entry, up the stairs, along the top hallway/catwalk, etc. The same goes for the ceiling. And the trim and molding.

Before I get to far along in explanation, let’s go ahead and take a look at what the living room looked like this time last year…

Before Living Room Makeover

Sources:  Rug (8 x 10′) | Wooden Wall Art | Sofa | Coffee Table | Coffee Table Bowl | Leather X Bench | Green Linen Pillow | Teddy Bear Pillow | Teddy Bear Throw | Large White Urns on Built In | Map ArtBrass Party Tub on Hearth | Large Vase on Hearth | Sherpa Child’s Chair

Changing the paint from greige to white alone brightened up our house so much! When we walked in from vacation a few months ago, I joked it was almost blinding, but it truly was so crazy how much more light it reflects. It also initially felt really stark compared to some of the light pastels and rug we had on display. As I continued to make updates, I made an effort to bring a little warmth back in the space. Here’s a full list of notable updates we’ve made over the past few months.

Living Room Updates

  • Painted walls, ceiling, doors, cabinets, and molding in Sherwin Williams Alabaster (walls formerly a warm greige — Versatile Gray by Sherwin Williams and trim and cabinets were Creamy by Sherwin Williams)
  • Painted fireplace — stopped at the primer stage
  • Replaced ceiling fan with THIS large two-tier light fixture
  • Switched the rug to THIS favorite wool & jute rug in “natural” to warm up the space
  • Removed the mirrors between the two rows of windows
  • Updated the cabinet knobs on the built-ins from standard brushed nickel knobs that came with the house to THESE black round knobs (comes in seven finishes HERE)
  • Painted and finished the conversation room — the far room pictured in the background (see the full reveal HERE)
  • Of course, some of the decor and accessories have been switched, too 😉

White Living Room with Fall Decor Ideas

Sources:  Rug (8 x 10′) | Sofa | Coffee Table | Coffee Table Bowl | Leather X Bench | Bronze Linen Pillow | Green Linen Pillow | Large White Urn on Built In | Large Vase on Hearth | Faux Magnolia Branches

Let’s get into some of the details!

Obviously, the paint was the biggest change. I love the color — one of my go-to’s, Sherwin Williams Alabaster, although I wasn’t thrilled with the job itself. I only mention this because I always get questions about sheens. The painter was instructed matte for the walls with satin for the molding, built-ins, etc. I also like semi-gloss ;). Well, the entire room… everything… was painted the same sheen. Matte. I think it looks fine and don’t think anyone would notice unless we pointed it out but after having to have it done while we were out of town for the week, I didn’t want to face another inconvenience to have it corrected. We’ll see how everything holds up in the long run.

The fireplace is actually whiter than I had intended, too, but I like the result. The painter actually face-timed me while we were away after he had applied primer to the stone and I liked it just like that – as is. I have no other details on the primer haha.

White Living Room Design and Decorating Inspiration

Sources: Chandelier | Rug (8 x 10′) | Wooden Wall Art | Sofa | Coffee Table | Coffee Table BowlCoffee Table Tray | Bronze Linen Pillow | Green Linen Pillow | Tasseled Cream Throw | Map ArtBrass Party Tub on Hearth | Large Vase on Hearth | Faux Magnolia Branches

Even if you aren’t going down the road of a makeover, changing cabinet knobs is such a quick, easy improvement. As much as I’ve done this on pieces in my home, I can’t believe I’d never changed the brushed nickel knobs that were previously on our built-ins. I opted for THESE round matte black knobs and had them replaced within two minutes. It carries some of the contrasting decor on the shelves and extends that black detail down the cabinet a bit, which makes a bigger difference than I’d assumed.

White Living Room Decor with Built In Shelf Decor Ideas

Something I’ve talked about and mentioned here for literally years was changing out our fan and switching to some sort of statement light fixture. I put it off and put it off, assuming an electrician would have to bring a crew, bring in scaffolding, etc. Well, when the electricians came to work on the bathroom and other full room remodels, I added this installation to their list. First of all, a team of two guys were able to get the fan down and this fixture unboxed and up within an hour. Second of all, no scaffolding was involved. They had some sort of crazy a-frame ladder with extension and switched it with ease. I had no idea how uncomplicated it would be for a team who knew what they were doing! The Darlana two-tiered ring chandelier comes in three sizes and finish options — mine is the “large” in “aged iron” and can be found HERE. It’s from the exact same collection and the exact finish as my small entry lantern.

White Living Room Design and Decor Ideas

Sources: Chandelier | Rug (8 x 10′) | Wooden Wall Art | Sofa | Wingback Chair | Teddy Bear Throw | Large White VaseCoffee Table | Coffee Table Tray | Coffee Table Bowl (similar)| Leather X Bench | Bronze Linen Pillow | Green Linen Pillow | Teddy Bear Throw | Map ArtBrass Party Tub on Hearth

If you caught it on the middle right — yes, that is Eliza’s play kitchen that’s been in the living room since Christmas. I can’t wait for her playroom to happen! 😉

I hunted for the “perfect” living room rug for months before conceding and declaring it “ok” to order a second rug of a rug I already had. I love the wool and jute rug we have in the dining room — it isn’t scratchy, has held up incredibly well, and doesn’t “break the bank” in terms of quality large rugs. I’m so glad I ordered it for the living room, too. There are three color options and I have the “natural” color in both spaces — you can see it in the dining room HERE and you can check out the listing and other colors available HERE.

Favorite Jute Rug in the Living Room

Sources: Rug (8 x 10′) | Coffee Table | Wooden Bowl | Wood Bead Garland

These updates weren’t difficult, it was just the commitment and cost. But, heading into our seventh fall living in this house, it was time for this part of the evolution and I’m so glad we finally accomplished some of those wishlist items this summer!

Fall Living Room Decor Details

Now, let’s talk a little about some of the seasonal-specific details.

If you’ve been around during the cooler months in previous years, you know how I feel about magnolia stems. While I’ve always displayed live limbs, I thought it was time to finally invest in some faux magnolia stems that I could reset as a permanent fixture time and time again. I moved the large white vessel and traded it for my favorite huge stoneware vase. I’ve been on a big “organic” elements kick for the past couple of years but I’m especially loving those hints and finishes in this white room that I’m attempting to warm. I have seven magnolia stems (HERE) in this vase for a full effect — it could easily take more or less 😉

I went for an earth-toned color scheme for fall with greens and browns and with these stems tie it all together with the best of both.

Fall Decorating in the Living Room -- Easy Pretty Ideas

Sources: Cement Urn | Faux Magnolia Branches

We’re planning our annual pumpkin farm trek for later this week but I still managed to get my hands on a few pumpkins for the inside of the house in the meantime 😉

Easy Fall Fireplace Decor Ideas with Magnolia Branches and White Pumpkins

Because our tv is over our mantel, it’s even more important to me to have simple, but intentional statement decor on the hearth. I usually make minimal shifts and keep the items large scale in nature.

Living Room Decorating Ideas for Fall

I shared our fall entry this past week (HERE) but didn’t share what’s going on on the opposite wall, beside the door. This is where I moved the former white vase that was previously on the hearth and coupled it with some faux maple stems I’ve had for a few years.

Simple Pretty Fall Entry Decor

Sources: Mirror | Large White Vase | Chest

Scroll & Tap to Shop Fav Faux Fall Leaf Stems

Because my walls are white and my sofas are ivory, I wanted to use warm, fall-ready colors in my pillows to — you guessed it — “warm things up” 😉 haha. I went with a combo of some of my favorite, tried and true throw pillows that continue to be some of my go-tos, all throughout the year, all throughout my house. THESE linen pillows come in two sizes — mine are the 24″ version — and I have it in several colors. They are a bit of an investment but like I said, they are among my favorites and I rarely ever put any of them in storage; I just tend to shift them to another room. I even went ahead and ordered the “Redwood” color for the holiday season. The color pictured here, currently in my living room is “Bronze” and you can find them HERE, available currently in 15 shades. I also have that “Sage” green textured pillow in multiple colors — mine is the 20″ and you can find it HERE. The small lumbar is a favorite from Tonic Living but unfortunately, is discontinued. You can find a similar one in their shop HERE.

Fall Pillow Color Combo Idea with Neutrals

Sources: Bronze Linen Pillow | Green Linen Pillow | Windowpane Check Pillow- no longer available (SIMILAR)

As a side note, I’ve been sharing THIS tissue box cover on repeat over on Instagram. We now have tissue boxes all over the house and I went a little crazy, getting one pretty rattan cover in this color (pictured) HERE, and five in this whitewashed color HERE.

The Amazon Tissue Box I have All Over My House

I think it’s been upwards of three years now that I’ve been using THIS brass beverage tub to hold some fireside wood, and I have no plans to make any changes any time soon 😉 While I have been keeping it out year-round, fall and winter are my favorite seasons to have it on display.

White Living Room Decorating Ideas for Fall

I also made a simple lamp shade switch recently. My mom purchased a new lamp that fell victim to her cat, but the shade was still in perfect condition. I put that — along with the wooden finial — on the table lamp in the sitting area for a fresh new look.

Sitting Room Decor Ideas in the Living Room

Fall Living Room Ideas with Greens and Neutrals

Another favorite I love so much I’ve collected it in multiple colors is this tobacco hued teddy throw. It’s a couch cuddlin’ favorite and big enough for everyone to crawl underneath. It’s also large enough to drape at the foot of a bed without it looking short or awkward.

Cozy Fall Living Room Decorating Ideas

Styling a Sitting Area in the Living Room for Fall

I kept my fall decor simple and understated. I kept my green plants out, along with my favorite coffee table books, but made a few minor additions here and there. Eliza loves playing with the pumpkins and arranging them so having them in a bowl, low and accessible, is an easy choice.

White Living Room with Neutral Fall Decor

Coffee Table Bowl (similar) | Wood Bead Garland | Rattan Tray | Coffee Table

Coffee Table Styling and Decor Ideas

Sources: Coffee Table | Woven Tray | Coasters | Cut Flower Garden Book | Color Me Floral Book

And here’s how the entire living room looks, all pulled together, all updated, and all ready for fall.

White Living Room Design and Home Decorating Ideas with Tall Two Story Ceilings

Sources: Chandelier | Rug (8 x 10′) | Wooden Wall Art | Sofa | Wingback Chair | Coffee Table | Coffee Table TrayLeather X Bench | Bronze Linen Pillow | Green Linen Pillow | Teddy Bear Throw | Side Table | Floor Lamp | Woven Storage HamperMap ArtBrass Party Tub on Hearth | Large Vase on Hearth | Faux Magnolia Branches

Fall Living Room Decor Ideas with Neutrals and Greens

Our home continues to be an evolution and I’m so happy to finally share some sort of transformation since we’ve had so many rooms and projects in limbo! To catch more makeover reveals, transformations, and all things holiday (we are right around the corner!), be sure to subscribe to my emails at the bottom of the post. Here’s to a healthy, happy fall, y’all. xoxo

Living Room Sources

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  1. 9.21.21
    Haneen said:

    Beautiful, Kelley! Love the new light!

    • 9.21.21

      Haneen, Thanks so much for taking the time to visit. Love ya, girl! xoxo

  2. 9.21.21
    Sarah said:

    I love your reveals! The chandelier looks amazing. We have 20′ ft ceilings so I can relate to the flow of the space when we had to paint. Unfortunately my husband said we need to keep our ceiling fan…for now.

    • 9.21.21

      Hi Sarah, So did mine…ha ha ha! Thanks so much for your kind note and visit.

  3. 9.21.21
    Paola said:

    Everything is beautiful Kelley.. I would love to have my house living room make over with some pf your ideas

    • 9.22.21

      Paola, Thank you so much for taking the time to visit. The power of paint is so good. I am so glad to know you enjoyed this post!

  4. 9.21.21
    Laurie said:

    Looks just like Pottery Barn. Love the chandelier!

    • 9.22.21

      Hi Laurie, Thank you for taking the time to visit. I love to mix my decor touches from different sources. The switch from ceiling fan to chandelier was a very welcome change for us!

  5. 9.22.21
    Karen Noppe said:

    What paint, sheen and color did you use on the fireplace? My is similar before and I really love the flow with the new simple white. Looks great!!

    • 9.22.21

      Hi Karen, We intended to paint the fireplace the same color and sheen as the walls (Alabaster/Flat). But we decided to stop with the primer as we preferred the more whitewashed look. Thank you for taking the time to visit!

      • 9.23.21
        Karen Noppe said:

        Kelley, what primer did you use for the fireplace?

        • 9.23.21

          Karen, Our painter used his own choice of primer, so I am sorry but don’t know.

  6. 9.23.21
    Allison said:

    It looks amazing! May I ask what fabric your couches are?

  7. 10.4.21
    Stacey Maloney said:

    I’m sorry if I missed this elsewhere! Can you please tell me if your living room railings are painted Tricorn Black and is it semi gloss? Thank you so much! They look amazing!

    • 10.4.21

      Hi Stacey, Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by! The stair railings are actually wrought iron and are not painted.

  8. 1.25.22
    Janet said:

    Hi Kelley! I just “discovered” you yesterday and love your decorating style! I love your warm neutral palette and how you have touches of color each season. I am wondering, how comfortable did you think the Cameron sofa was when you “tested” it at the PB store? How about your Buchanan sofas, now that you have had a bit of time to use them? I am considering buying the Cameron in 86″ as I have a very small home, downsized in 2016, and an even smaller living room area, so the Cameron with its more shallow depth is perfect for my space. Also, I am 5’2″ tall so I think the shallow seat will be ideal. I really appreciate all the links you provide for your items in your rooms. Thank you and much peace to you and your family in 2022!

    • 1.25.22

      Hi Janet, I am so glad you found me and appreciate your kind note. I liked the Cameron, but as mentioned, Dave preferred the more “cushy” feel of the Buchanan. It has held up well and we still love it. But like you, my mom wanted a more shallow depth and she recently purchased the Cameron. Like you, she recently downsized. She opted to go with the reversible chaise sectional to have some additional relaxing room. The beauty of that is that the chaise/ottoman configuration is reversible. Here’s the link for hers.

      An additional option is the York, which we added to our conversation room. It’s a sturdier “seat” than the Buchanan and we love it! Here’s a link for that, in case you want to know more. It does have a deeper seat than the Cameron.

      I hope this helps and wish you the best in finding the sofa that is perfect for you.