14 Months After the Broken Coffee Table, We Have a Living Room Reveal!

Last summer, I started working on a living room makeover. Well, scratch that. It actually wasn’t a makeover as much as it was a re-furnishing. The spiral started as 2017 came to a close and a two-person jumbo Jenga game ended in a busted mirror-top coffee table. We had already started considering new sofas in the next couple years since our large sectional took up a ton of space in our narrow room so instead of replacing the glass/coffee table, I worked to conceal it (and pretend it wasn’t there) for about eight months before finally making the first move and choosing new sofas (you can see the whole decision process and details on that HERE). The goal: make better use of the space while dressing it up just a smidge without losing comfort. Unlike a lot of the projects I take on and share here, where I try to present a concise plan and reveal a month or two later, the living room has been more of an evolution. I watched for pieces to go on sale and then after they were delivered, would determine my next move — a little bit at a time. You’ve probably seen our family room transition throughout several posts but I’m finally in a space, after Christmas, where I’m ready to share all the changes that have taken place over the past six months.

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Had we gone full-makeover mode, I would have painted (which can’t be done without painting the full guts of the bulk of the house); I’m also still on the hunt for catwalk light fixtures and a replacement for the overhead fan. These are expenses I’m working up to 😉 That being said, I love seeing how far this space has come in terms of being relaxed and comfortable enough to Netflix and chill, but is tailored enough to be the center of the house. Because the center of our house is a two story living room, it looks a lot more spacious than it really is. Envision a ceiling at the top of the TV and you can imagine how cramped things were with a giant sectional. Here’s the living room in 2016-2017ish…

family room makeover with tall stone fireplace

… and here’s the living room today.

sofa layout and furniture configuration for narrow living room with tv over fireplace

And even though we didn’t paint or do much in terms of wall detail, check out how much of an improvement this added column and large-scale art makes…

Living room furniture layout ideas for narrow family room

You can see more on the wall detail and column in the kitchen makeover reveal HERE. Even though there’s still almost just as much sitting room, eliminating the chaise portion; the large, curved sectional connector section; power console; going with more narrow units; and using a longer, more narrow coffee table works so much better in this rectangular living space.

Relaxed and casual but elegant living room with furniture layout

I also love being able to have a side table and lamp within the room now — not just on the periphery. Since sharing this reclaimed, spindle-legged side table the first time, I found it for a fraction of the price HERE.

side table between living room sofas

classic, neutral transitional living room makeover

We’re still in a winter transition but things will be brightening up in here even more in about a month. THIS brass party tub found an immediate and unintentional home on my hearth a couple months ago – I didn’t know then that when I purchased it for entertaining that it would become one of my favorite, versatile home accessories. It’s been holding firestarter and kindling all season long.

Eclectic living room decor

I initially tried to skimp on the coffee table; I went with a look-alike that was a little less money but after waiting for two months, I was beyond disappointed with how it looked. It ended up costing me more money to send it back and incur a re-stocking fee than if I had just gone with the coffee table I really wanted from the start. When my reclaimed replacement arrived, I was so much happier; and while I don’t know if you can tell from the photos, THIS is one heavy piece.

how to style a rectangle coffee table with books

Living room decor and design ideas

I used to hate looking across the living room into the breakfast nook; the furniture looked too big, the walls looked spansive compared to the smaller-scale items. Now, the spaces have come together in a way that I don’t know if I would have been able to blend had I not been semi-working on them at the same time.

Open concept living room with blue and white decor


how to put pillows on a sofa

This mirror took months to come in… and then it was discontinued :/ While a different shape, I did find a rectangular rattan mirror with brass rim HERE.

How to style a living room console table

I love the sweet little forest watercolor/sketch (HERE) so much that I’m considering ordering a large-sized print for the nursery…

Living room art ideas

neutral and cream living room

living room side table styling

Since we brought the sofas in, I’ve had a lot of people wanting reviews. To date, here’s the best way I can describe them- we started off with objectives when we were choosing the sofas (as listed in THIS POST). We wanted something that was nice and would be with us for several years, but wasn’t too nice and modestly priced. We had no interest in investing in “forever” sofas. We ordered them on sale in a performance fabric (Ivory Crypton which has saved us!) and got a fantastic deal. They require some breaking in but I love lounging on them. Since there’s just two of us, we probably use them a little more lightly than some families. So, do we like them? YES! They totally checked all our boxes. Will the cushions sag eventually? I have no idea. Are they right for your family? I’d recommend testing them in-store.

Favorite living room furniture

Classic, pretty living room with white sofas and tall stacked stone fireplace

In addition to the nursery (see the plan HERE), I am actually getting ready to start another room makeover project that I’ll be sharing next week. Oh, and the powder room? I have plans to pick that up again, too! I don’t know if this qualifies as “nesting” or “crazy” but if you aren’t already, be sure to subscribe to my emails at the bottom of this post so you won’t miss any of the upcoming projects!


blue black and white pillow combo1. Black & White Ticking Stripe | 2. Indigo Velvet | 3. Cream Velvet Pleated

Paint: Versatile Gray by Sherwin Williams | Flooring: Nottaway Hickory in Weathered Saddle

Furniture: Buchanan Sofas (Loveseat & Grand in Ivory Crypton Performance Fabric) | Coffee Table | Tanner Console Table | Reclaimed Wooden Spindle Side Table | Black Cane Side Table (SIMILAR)- no longer available | Rug | Leather Ottoman Stool Thatcher Wing Back Chairs Garden Stool |

Art/Walls: Square Whitewashed Wooden Carving | Oversized, Matted Black Framed Abstract | Blue Floral in Brass Frame on Console | Forest Drawing on Console | Large Rattan MirrorQuatrefoil Mirrors Between Windows | Gold Foil Texas & Georgia State Art Prints |

Lighting: Bronze Floor Task Lamp | White Table Lamp on Long Console | Cream Lamp on Black Cane Side Table | Fan: Progressive Lighting

Accessories: Brass Party Bucket on Hearth | Soft Cream Tassel Throw | Snake Plant | Rattan Tray | Monkeys- Vintage | Blue & White Ginger Jars (SIMILAR) | Terracotta Vase | Blanket Basket | White Lidded Urn | Volcano Candle | Alarm Clock

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  1. 2.2.19
    Carolyn said:

    Gorgeous room. Also love your barstools. Where are they from?

  2. 2.2.19
    Shannon said:

    Kelley, Had so much fun following your transformation this past year. Your Insta’s are always entertaining too! OK Love it all but I am wondering about the green containers on the black piece in the background. I am a green person and they look very interesting. Tell me about them please.
    And congrats in order too on your future adoption.

    • 2.2.19

      Shannon, thank you! I actually collected most of them throughout a few trips to AtHome! Decanters, jars, and jugs of several sizes 😉

  3. 2.2.19
    Nancy Schipper said:

    Gorgeous room! I’ve just recently discovered you and love your style. I have had a disastrous experience with an Arhaus leather square ottoman. Happily it’s gone. I have been eyeing the PB parquet coffee table. I just saw the weight as I was going to go on a road trip with a girlfriend to pick it up an hour away. Think this will be a trip for my husband and son. Is it hard to move if you need to vacuum?

  4. 2.2.19
    charmaine clarke said:

    Looks so effortless. Absolutely gorgeous!

  5. 2.2.19
    Robin said:

    Beautiful! How do the sofas hold up (stain wise) with your cute doggies? My dog is a sofa dog (!) so wondering how the fabric is. Thanks

    • 2.18.19

      Robin, I have tried to keep blankets on them, day to day. THe fabric has been great but I have had to spot clean the light fabric.

  6. 2.2.19
    Deborah said:

    Love the makeover! Especially the large scale art & column. My living room is the same color scheme. I don’t see a link for the throw pillows. Are they still available?

    • 2.18.19

      Deborah, thank you! And yes- they are linked at the bottom of the post, along with all the sources for the room.

  7. 2.2.19
    Penny said:

    Kelley, I love how this room has evolved! It just keeps getting better! The fact is, unless your working with a huge budget, most of us decorate the same way. I keep looking at the round mirror in your kitchen. I’m considering it above a bedroom dresser in my home. Did you use the 36” size?

  8. 2.3.19
    Nancy said:

    Just discovered you recently and love your style and decor. Love the transformation ! I have been eyeing that PB coffee table for awhile. Was planning a road trip with a girlfriend to pick it up an hour away and checked the weight – 160 pounds!! Looks like a job for my husband and son. Is it easy enough to move to vacuum underneath?

    • 2.18.19

      I don’t vacuum under it too often and when I do, between the slats 😉 It is def. heavy! I don’t believe they are available in store though, like most of their furniture.

  9. 2.10.19
    Angela said:

    Beauitful home cant find what color paint did u used in ur fireplace livingroom?.

  10. 2.14.19
    Rhonda said:

    Love your rooom. What is the wall color?

    • 2.18.19

      Versatile Gray- but, I am looking to paint at some point 😉 It can read a little purple sometimes.

  11. 4.9.19
    Drew said:

    My LR looks almost identical and we are trying to furnish it now. Would love to know the dimensions of your room if you wouldn’t mind sharing. How far it is from the window wall to the back of the sofa which faces the windows? Thanks!

  12. 5.8.19
    Cindy bellini said:

    Hi, really love your style and thank you for sharing it! I do have a question- the “new living room look”- it appears like you changed the wall paint color. Is the before and after the same wall paint? The after pictures of the wall look much brighter and lighter. Thank you, Cindy

    • 5.15.19

      Hey, Cindy! It’s on the list but I actually haven’t yet. It does look a little lighter/different tone with the sofas (and maybe lighting/different editing) 😉

  13. 5.20.19
    Lisa Fen said:

    Absolutely gorgeous! We’ve redone our kitchen and like you we found we need to paint everything bc it all connects! I am leaning towards SW Perfect Beige in Kitchen and Versatile gray everywhere else (kitchen connects to Family Room, upstairs Hall , Foyer and back staircase. Our color consult also suggested SW Softer Tan for family room but I’m thinking staying in the same color family is best bc it all connects. Do you no longer like Versatile Gray?

  14. 7.6.19
    keirsten mahaz said:

    What color paint is on the walls? It is perfect!

    • 8.13.19

      Kiersten, it is Versatile Gray but it appears darker in rooms with less lighting; it’s on our “list” to change out sometime 😉

  15. 8.28.19
    Liz said:

    Your room turned out amazing! Did you need to seal the surface of the coffee table? I love the look of the reclaimed wood, but I’m worried about it staining if someone spills.

    • 11.20.19

      Liz, thank you! I didn’t but it is definitely porous. We have no stains or rings but if we set a glass on it, we use a coaster. It helps having a tray on there, too!

  16. 10.17.19
    Jessica said:

    How gorgeous! We are buying a similar style house. What are the dimensions of your living area? I’m trying to look at couches and would like to use yours as a comparison if ours is similar. Thanks!

  17. 1.22.20
    Barbara Hochstein said:

    Can you share what fabric you chose for the Wingback Thatcher chairs? It is a great complement to the couch and hate to be a copy cat – but thinking of same couch in the same fabric. Going shopping this weekend because the sale ends on Sunday!

    • 3.11.20

      I’m so sorry this is such a late response but just in case, it is Linen Blend Oatmeal. I DO wish we had done a performance fabric for them like we did the sofas…

  18. 7.15.20
    Jennifer said:

    Ok, so I just have to ask, what do you call the lovely little blue, white and gold trinket usually on display in this room (currently on the side table between the wingback chairs)? I drool over it in every post and have never seen anything like it before!

    • 7.17.20

      You have a keen eye! It’s a china hair receiver that was passed along to me by my grandmother. It was originally owned by my great great grandmother. Hair receivers were used for keeping precious locks of hair back in the day. (Mine is empty though.) It is one of my dearest items and I will be passing it along to Eliza one day. Thank you for asking!

  19. 5.14.21
    Erica said:

    My husband and I have just recently bought our forever home and I stumbled on your site in my quest to decorate. Your aesthetic is truly beautiful! Thank you for sharing! May I ask what size rug you used here?

    • 5.17.21

      Hi Erica, Congratulations on your new home! I appreciate your kind note and thank you for taking the time to stop by. I believe the rug size we had was 8 x 10′. Here’s a link if you should need to have access to it.


  20. 3.14.22
    Marianne said:

    I love the fireplace! Do you know what stone it is and where to get it?

    • 3.15.22

      Hi Marianne, Thank you for taking the time to stop by! We chose the stone when the house was built and I’m sorry I don’t know the color. We have recently gone with a whiter and brighter look. Here’s a link to what the fireplace looks like now.