The Guest Bedroom Design Plan: Mama Nan’s Room is Getting a Makeover!

When we first moved into our home, we prioritized our master bedroom. Two guest bedrooms started with semi-clean slates with intentional interim fixes, and the guest bedroom we “reserved” for Mama Nan was filled with all our previous master bedroom furnishings. But, our former master bedroom was much larger than the french doored space most would have probably used as an office/playroom — the small, awkward layout definitely comes with its challenges and limitations. Over the past four years, we’ve tackled my office, master bedroom, blue and white guest bedroom, and the white guest bedroom which is now transitioning to a nursery, but Mama Nan’s room (the most frequented guest bedroom in the house) hasn’t been touched. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a sweet little guest bedroom but in terms of functionality, well, it doesn’t have much. After waiting and waiting for the “right time”, a Pottery Barn bed sale finally prompted me to get the ball rolling.  Mama Nan’s retreat is finally in the beginning stages of a makeover and today, I’m sharing the classic guest bedroom design plan.

See the final guest bedroom makeover reveal HERE.

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I actually like the bed I have in this room. It’s classic and has served us well, but when you’re dealing with a space this small, it almost feels like it’s taking up every bit of breathing room. It’s a queen sized bed and while the new one I ordered is the same size, it doesn’t take up all that vertical space. As is, it literally feels like you’re shimmying around a huge box and that you might smash your face with one wrong move. Here’s where we started…

before guest bedroom makeover


The bed I mentioned that went on crazy sale? It’s THIS ONE that I scored for $550 off (as of today, it’s STILL on sale). And, it arrives this week- hallelujah! I want to make better use of the space overall. All those other little extras that the other guest bedrooms have were never incorporated in here with lack of space. I want the room to have a classic feel, lots of natural elements, remind me of my mom, and be comfortable. Here’s the plan…

Beautiful blue and white guest bedroom with natural, classic decor in a transitional design.1. Framed Bird Art Prints // 2. Bed // 3. Lantern Pendant // 4. Linen Curtains // 5. Curtain Rod // 6. Curtain Rings // 7. Belgian Linen Diamond Quilt // 8. Belgian Linen Duvet Cover // 9. Washed Velvet Pillow Cover (in Midnight Blue) // 10. Ikat Lumbar Pillow // 11. USB Lamp // 12. Asparagus Fern Stem // 13. Ceramic Vase // 14. Rug // 15. Nightstand 


While I usually start big and work my way down to linens and accessories, I went a little backwards on this project, focusing on the priorities. We have so many balls in the air between other rooms that this will probably evolve and come together more gradually, like the living room (see the reveal HERE).  I wanted to go ahead and get the bedding in so regardless of the stage of the room, Mama Nan would still be able to be visit and relax. Y’all know my love for THIS linen quilt and THIS linen duvet cover (see a full post on this “power couple” HERE) ; well, it seemed only fitting that my favorite person should have my favorite bedding ;). By the way, I’ve officially outfitted all my bedrooms in Pottery Barn bedding now. As my go-to and something I believe in investing in, I still have (and use) my oldest linen pieces that keep on lasting for years and years and only seem to get softer with each wash. Making a bedding switch and taking down some of the heavy, more cluttered wall decor alone made a huge difference. Here’s our new starting(ish) point.

Guest bedroom canopy bed with blue and white classic bedding

If you’ve been contemplating, it’s all on sale right now but 100%, if there were one piece I were to go for, it would be the Belgian Flax Linen Diamond Quilt HERE.

white vase with greenery and asparagus ferns

One of the challenges that quickly turned into one of my favorite room features was determining how to make the room private with one wall that’s a window and a perpendicular wall that is made up of glass, french doors. I installed curtain rods to span the length of the room as soon as we moved in, and hung privacy curtains. It works brilliantly but I don’t think I’ve ever shared because the curtains are cheap – and it shows haha. My plan is to install THESE linen curtains, in the double-width, blackout lining option, with THESE rings.

French doors leading to a blue and white guest bedroom

THESE bird prints totally steered the direction of the room and resulted in me springing for THESE 24″ Gunmetal Belgian Linen throw pillow covers, THIS large ikat embroidered pillow, stuffed with my favorite inserts that I always share HERE.

Classic blue and white guest bedroom decor


favorite down pillow inserts for throw pillows

And because this is literally the first time I think this room has ever seen any color, I thought it was dying for a little green to breathe some life into it. I arranged three of THESE dainty asparagus fern stems in THIS versatile ceramic vase and set a snake plant in the corner.

Best faux florals - a vase of asparagus fern stems

mixing and matching Blue and white pillows

Pretty blue and white guest bedroom with design and decor ideas

We haven’t determined paint color just yet and the current dresser will likely remain. I’m planning to switch the light fixture (I think THIS lantern (on sale for $60 off) is reminiscent of a bird cage, which I love with the bird prints!) and will likely be bringing in a small fan, like we did in our bedroom 😉 THESE nightstands are smaller scale and should work well in holding all the essentials, along with a pair of THESE usb lamps (on sale for almost 1/2 price!).

Blue and white guest bedroom neutral bedding

With crazy changes happening in our little family, my fingers are crossed that Mama Nan will be staying with us a little more frequently (*wink, wink*) and I’m stoked to get her bedroom in a place that will serve her well while she’s with us! Follow this project (and all the others!) as it unfolds by subscribing to my emails at the bottom of this post.

See the final guest bedroom makeover reveal HERE.


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  1. 2.5.19
    Cecilia from Georgia said:

    Kelley, Mama Nan may not want to leave this beautiful room (untill baby arrives). We are trying to wait patiently along with you and Dave! I wanted to look at the lumbar pillows but the link will not open. Everything is just lovely and blends with your other rooms.

    • 2.5.19
      Cecilia from Ga said:

      The link is working now. Maybe it was my computer at work!! Lovely fabric on the pillows.

  2. 2.5.19
    Bridget said:

    Another home run on this room. Your guest will feel very pampered. I’m curious, do you have to sew those rings onto the curtains?

  3. 2.5.19
    Caroline said:

    Where is the beige area rug from, in your new guest room?

  4. 2.5.19
    Dawn said:

    Beautiful Kelley!!!
    Congratulations to you and your family ❤️
    Your Mom will love it!!!

  5. 2.7.19
    Tiffany said:

    So I think you are off to a great start. Am sitting here wondering if you could switch the hinges to make the French doors swing the other way to give a more spacious vibe?