My Favorite Power Couple- The Pottery Barn Belgian Flax Linen Duvet Cover and Diamond Quilt

Real talk- I don’t switch my bedding seasonally. Actually, even my mom who sometimes laughs and shakes her head at how often I want to change things up switches her bedding more than I do. Ok, and it’s no secret I can kind of get a “pass” in making some changes since it’s my job to always be creating and sharing new ideas, but my bedding? I discovered (what I call) the “power couple” combination several years ago that’s been my go-to ever since – the Pottery Barn Belgian Flax Linen Duvet Cover and Belgian Flax Linen Diamond Quilt. Like my favorite maxi dress, I can’t just have one. I actually have three of the quilts (in White, Natural, and Flagstone) and two of the duvet covers (both in white) I use year-round in two bedrooms.

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White bedding with blue and white pillows for master bedroom ideas with a tufted headboard

So, what’s so great about these two bedding staples?

  1. If you’ve never had linen bedding, you may not know how soft it is. Once you try it, you will never again want a poly-fill comforter.
  2. The weight is perfect. Somehow, the quilt is the perfect weight for summer and winter. It doesn’t even make sense when I type it that it keeps you warm and cool, but it does.
  3. When you want to get extra cozy in the winter or cooler weather months, the duvet cover (with a proper insert) feels like you’re cuddling a cloud.
  4. They are classics and you won’t tire of the look – and, they can go with just about any style.
  5. The more you wash them, the softer they get. Pulling the quilt out of my dryer is one of my favorite things.
  6. The quality is fantastic. I’ve never had a rip, tear, pull, run, or anything else that may make you cry.
  7. While Pottery Barn cycles through a lot of decor and discontinues a lot of pieces and patterns, these have been available for years.
  8. I get more emails from readers who ordered one/both of these with raving compliments than almost anything else in my home.
  9. They’re an investment that will last you for a long time (I’ve never gotten rid of any of my pieces) but they’re more affordable than a lot of linen retailers.
  10. You can constantly give your ensemble (or entire room) a whole new look with a few throw pillows/throws in any color or pattern. I may not switch my bedding often but throw pillows are a whole different ballgame 😉


Speaking of which, I’ve had the white guest bedroom pretty “white”… well… forever. I was itching for a little change and thanks to my white bedding (both the Belgian Flax Linen Duvet Cover and Diamond Quilt), I literally removed a few throw pillows, and added a few in their place (along with a throw) that I picked up this past week during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. (I shared my favorites, along with my home pieces HERE). This is what my my guest bedroom most recently looked like…

Antique Silver Leaf Lantern in Guest Bedroom

SourcesCurtains | Gallery Wall Frames | Rug | Bed | Fringed Pillow | Ticking Stripe Pillow | Fringed Throw | Quilt | Duvet Cover  

And here it is today.

Best white linen bedding in guest bedroom

Because I’m always rotating throw pillows throughout every room of the house, I never feel guilty adding to my collection. And you guys know I have a lot- remember my throw pillow organization in my office closet HERE? And, each pillow I purchased can coordinate with tons of other colors and patterns I already have.

And just like I believe the PB Linen bedding is worth saving for and investing in, I think everyone needs one of these throws. I already had a cream one and just added this navy one to my arsenal- it is the softest movie-watching blanket ever, and can be found HERE.

Each of the new pillows already comes with down inserts, too, which is a big plus.

Blue, orange, and green pillow combinations

Here are a few other white bedroom looks I’ve shared over the past two years, all rockin’ the Belgian Flax Linen Duvet Cover and Diamond Quilt aka “The Power Couple”.

White Guest Bedroom with Gallery Wall Above Bed

Sources: Zebra Pillow (similar)


In the master bedroom – well, I just finished my makeover in November and this room has already seen more looks than I can count – all while keeping my linen bedding the exact same.

Neutral Master Bedroom with modern gray tufted bed and white simply white benjamin moore walls

Sources: Chandelier | Rug | Bed | Bench | Nightstand | Glass Lamp | Quilt | Duvet Cover | Bird Art 1 | Bird Art 2

Using scarves and accessories in Bedroom Decor

Striped Pillows // Ingrid Moss (Green Pattern) Pillow // Green Velvet Pillows 

Mixing and matching bedroom furniture and tying together a neutral master retreat with a gray tufted bed and blush pillow accents


Q: Which one of the two is your absolute favorite?
A: If you’ve been thinking about new bedding and only go for one, make it the Belgian Flax Linen Diamond Quilt. Even if you don’t think you are a “quilt person” – trust me.

Q: I like the look of white but I have kids/dogs; what about stains?”
A: I have three dogs. They make messes and play outside. They even sleep in our bed. I’ve come to be pretty fearless when it comes to white (in most regards). Make sure you have OxiClean on hand but I bet it’s easier to maintain the white than you realize. 

Q: What are your favorite sheets?
A: I had a set I loved that were discontinued. Then, I found THESE. They are hefty, soft, and again- have no tears/rips/pulls. If you are springing for the linen bedding, I would 100% make sure you love your sheets, too.

Q: What about the Ivory color? 
A: I am usually all for ivory, however, I actually ordered the quilt in ivory once. Instead of being cream, it looked like Easter egg-yellow against my white walls. If you don’t want to do white and are looking for a soft neutral, the Natural color is a little darker but much better.

Q: Doesn’t linen wrinkle?
A: Yep. It does. But, 1. it will be a lot better if you take it out of the dryer immediately, and 2. linen looks good and lived in with a few light linen creases. Plus, it’s super easy to steam if you’re really adamant about making it smooth.

Have any other questions?  Just ask. I have some more “involved” makeovers coming to the blog soon; if you aren’t already, be sure to subscribe to my emails below so you’ll be the first to know!



Paint: Simply White by Benjamin Moore

White Linen Duvet Cover & Euro Shams| Belgian Flax Linen Linen Quilt (in Flagstone) | King Linen Shams (in Flagstone) | 700 Thread Count SheetsBed | Nightstands | Dresser- Restoration Hardware (no longer available) | Oversized Chair (no longer available- SIMILAR) | Ottoman (no longer available- SIMILAR) | Side Table in Sitting Nook | Garden Stool | Bench| Bird Art Print 1 | Bird Art Print 2 | Moulding | Woven Shades (Bali White; Cordless) | Leaning Floor Mirror- HomeGoods | Chandelier | Bedside Lamps | Floor LampGray Rug in Sitting Nook (5×7) | Chunky Cream Wool Rug (8×10)| Sheepskin- Costco

Paint: Alabaster by Sherwin Williams

Bed (Queen) | Belgian Linen Duvet Cover & Euro Shams – white | Belgian Linen Diamond Quilt (White) | Rug (5×8) | Mirrored Brass Tray | Curtain Panels: (98″ in White) | Lumbar Pillow in Chair | Lanterns |  Lamps: HomeGoods (SIMILAR) | Bench: HomeGoods (SIMILAR) | Mirror: DIY Project | Night Stands: DIY Project | Fern Prints | Basket: HomeGoods | Frames: Michaels – (SIMILAR

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  1. 7.24.18

    I purchased both the linen diamond quilt and the 700 thread count sheets afte hearing you rave about them. We LOVE them both.

    • 7.27.18

      Lauren, YAY! I am so glad to hear that; thank you for sharing. Finding bedding that you love makes a world of difference!

      • 5.12.21
        Torrie said:

        Love your bedrooms especially the master!!! Our house was destroyed from Hurricane Laura and I’m trying to furnish our new home. I’m loving your headboard! It’s no longer bailable from Wayfair. Do you happen to know if it’s available anywhere else? Thank you!

        • 5.13.21

          Torrie, I am so so sorry to hear that your home was destroyed in that horrible storm. I can’t fathom the devastation you have felt. I wish you the very best in furnishing your new home. Here’s the most recent link I have for the bed. According to what I see, it appears the bed will be back in stock on July 1. I hope this helps and I will be thinking of you!

    • 1.24.22
      Amanda said:

      Hi, I was wondering if you sizes up on your quilt and duvet? I have a queen bed and with some brands find that they seem to run small. Also what did you use for your duvet insert and did you size up on that as well or use the same size as the duvet cover? Thanks so much, your advice is so helpful for people like me who have no idea what they are doing!

      • 1.25.22

        Amanda, Thank you for taking the time to stop by! I have never had to size up on this bedding or the duvet insert. The duvet insert I use is no longer available, but here’s a link to one that is similar.

        The annual bedding sale is on now, so I hope you find some things that you love. These items are still some of my favorites!

  2. 7.24.18
    Debra Pinck said:

    Really love all of your looks. Is this only suitable for summer since it’s linen? What do you change to for winter?

    • 7.27.18

      Hi, Debra! Nope – perfect year-round. Sometimes, I change my throw pillows to fur/velvet/wool/etc. and add a chunkier/heavier throw for winter. But the bedding itself has been perfect for every season.

  3. 7.24.18
    Angela said:

    Wondering if anyone knows how linen performs with cats (as in, their claws)? I’ve wanted to buy PB’s linen duvet but after my cats claws destroyed my PB pickstitch quilt (little threads pulled out everywhere), I’ve been nervous about buying linen.

    • 7.27.18

      Hi, Angela! Maybe others will weigh in. I can’t speak for cats (I know they have sharp claws!) but my youngest pup gets pretty sharp claws, too. She likes to try to dig and burrow and we’ve never had a run or pull. We had an issue with that when she would do it to a former sheet set we had; everything we use now has been totally Maggie-proof 😉

  4. 7.24.18
    Leslie said:

    Hi Kelly! Do you only buy pillows with removable covers and how do you store the inserts when you’re not using them? I have a closet full of pillows but most are not removable covers and are taking up too much space. I thought about those vacuum bags for storage but really like your hanging storage for your pillow covers so they can all be seen.

    • 7.27.18

      Hi, Leslie! I TRY to only get ones with removable covers now. My insert situation was out of hand before (haha) and I will only buy a polyfill pillow if the insert CAN be removed. I have two collapsible bins with different sizes shoved inside (the rest are in-use) that you can see in this post- The few I have that don’t have covers are stacked on the top shelf but if I had a lot, I would have to come up with a different solution. Vacuum bags are a great idea (even hanging vacuum bags)

      • 9.18.18
        Melissa said:

        Hi Kelley,

        Do you have any 22″ and 26″ inserts that you’ve found that you like more than others? I like to be able to chop my pillows. Also, I’ve tried to use steamers horizontally, but haven’t had any luck. Is there one that you’ve found that works well for you?

        Really love all of your posts! Your decor is so beautiful and your food/entertaining ideas are so fun — all while still being practical, which is perfect for me.:)

        • 9.21.18

          Melissa, I love these: And I struggle with that too and have to kind of “lift” what I am working on. If you find one you love, I’d love to hear about it! And thank you SO MUCH for saying that. That is what I aim for since that is our lifestyle. Wishing you a wonderful weekend! xoxo

  5. 7.25.18
    Marissa said:

    Love all of the bedrooms! I’ve always crushed on all-white, but there’s just something fun about big pops of color. I like it’s wnergy and vibrancy. You nailed it again! ??

    • 7.27.18

      Marissa, agreed! No regrets in keeping most of my surroundings neutral- it makes it so easy to add a color pop when you want it!

  6. 7.25.18
    Cynthia said:

    How do you maintain your beddings so white? How often do you wash them and what detergent do you use?
    As always you nailed it ??

  7. 7.25.18
    Alexis Beam said:

    What do you put in the linen duvet cover during the summer?? I bought a down alternative but it is still very hot for me , I’m a hot sleeper! Help!

    • 7.23.21
      Cathy said:

      I have been researching the same thing as I just moved to Central Texas. I’m going to order these duvet inserts: West Elm Hydrocool, Slumbercloud Climacool lightweight. Pottery Barn also has a Hydrocool duvet insert. Read about their technology. I think the linen duvet cover will also help them breathe better, at least that’s my hope. They are down alternative because I have an allergy to down.

  8. 7.27.18
    Angie said:

    Thank you for sharing your amazing style and tips with us! Most of us would have to pay thousands to an interior decorator for such advice. Love everything about your site.

    • 7.27.18

      Angie, that is so generous of you to say; THANK YOU! I truly appreciate you taking the time to say something so kind- it’s people like you that motivate me and make me excited. Wishing you a wonderful weekend. xoxo

  9. 8.8.18
    Farrah said:

    Hi Kelley – love your window treatments. Are your blinds lined or does light come through?

  10. 2.9.19
    Kelly said:

    Do you find the pottery barn quilt or coverlet extends fully over the sides of the mattress, specifically for a king bed? I have a PB king duvet and king size blanket and it’s very short on the sides.

  11. 7.8.19
    kim said:

    What size are your grey and white stripped pillows? What size are the all white ones that are in the front of the stripped ones? I am tryi g to recreate your look. My white Euro pillows are 26 inches. Thank you! I am trying to recreate most of your looks, but the pillow size is so important. Especially when you are ordering them!

  12. 10.22.19
    Beth said:

    Thank you so much for all your helpful information! You solved my bedding problem. Quick question… I dont have a platform bed. What kind of bed skirt do you recommend to go with everything?? Thanks so much!!!

  13. 11.18.19
    Mimi said:

    Hi there! I love the flagstone diamond quilt – just ordered! My favorite look is the first one pictures with the gray quilt. Can you provide links to the pillows / shams you have it paired with?

  14. 1.18.20
    Kristy Smith said:

    Hi there! Looking at beds/bedside tables. I like both options you have in these pictures. We just need to decide!!! But what did y’all do in yalls master to get your mattress to sit that high? Did you use box springs still? Worried bc we want the bed higher but online it looks like it’s fairly low! The other creamier one, kinda same question? This may help us decide! Thanks for any help!

    • 3.11.20

      We used a low profile boxspring with our tempurpedic 😉

  15. 3.23.20
    Carolyn Kennedy said:

    Is the first photo with the blue accent pillows a flagstone color or natural color linen diamond quilt—I don’t want gray, I love your look but need to know which is in the photo.

  16. 4.16.20
    Anna Johnson said:

    hello Kelly, i have been reading your reviews regarding the linen duvet at pottery barn and have you ever bought linen sheets?

    • 4.16.20

      Hi Anna, I have not. I am such a fan of the Pottery Barn 700 thread count sateen sheets, that I have not made a change! xoxo

    • 8.11.22
      Lisa said:

      Hi, just bought all the linen things from Pottery barn and the shams are wrinkly and don’t look crisp what do you do about that

      • 8.12.22

        Hi Lisa, If you have a steamer, it will work wonders on the shams. I really love all of these pieces and hope they will work for you.

  17. 4.21.20
    Anna Johnson said:

    good morning Kelley, i have been trying to bring the blue duvet with pink sheets and i was going to change everything to linen but i am having a hard time putting my ideas together, i went and bought the Rose pink diamond quilt from Pottery Barn and when i layed it under my navy blue duvet with pink sheets i couldn’t get it took look right any suggestions for me on how to set the bed up

    • 4.22.20

      Hi Anna, Have you checked out my bed making post? Just search “7 Simple Changes”.
      It addresses how to break up too much of one color and how to achieve a more cohesive look. I hope this helps! xoxo

  18. 7.7.20
    Allison Mason said:

    Hi! I love your bedding! I currently have the pottery barn quilt and love it! and now want it in more colors!! I was wondering where you purchased the mauve/pink accent pillows? I am trying to do a different color in master.

  19. 7.13.20
    Megan said:

    Where did you get your bed, and what color is the fabric? I have been looking for so long, and I can’t seem to find anything I LOVE…

    • 7.17.20

      Hi Megan, Our master room bed is light grey. It is made by SunPan and has different names, depending on the retailer. Recent names include Taro and Jackie. It sells out often!

  20. 8.1.20
    Jonnette said:

    I ordered and returned the flagstone color for my master bedroom because when it came in, it did not look right with my upholstered headboard that is an oatmeal color. But after feeling it, I cannot get it out of my head. Do you have any suggestions – other than white – that may work? It was the heather grey with the oatmeal that was throwing me off.

    • 8.4.20

      Hi Jonnette! You know I am a white quilt fan, but totally understand if that is not your preference. Would the flax or one of the blue options work for you? I recently gifted a rose one to someone who wanted that color. I hope you find something that works for you. These are one of my very favorite things and hold up so beautifully!

  21. 1.1.21
    Cheryl said:

    I love the look of your master bedroom, but gray wouldn’t go well with my ivory headboard and neutral beige walls and carpet. I don’t really want any more beige in the room, so I wondered if any other colors in the flax linen quilt would be interesting enough but still be neutral enough to change out the pillows and throws like you do. I was looking at the eucalyptus, for example, or mineral blue.

    • 1.2.21

      Hi Cheryl, Thank you for stopping by! I have this duo in white, natural and light gray, so I can’t personally speak to the eucalyptus or mineral blue. My white goes with absolutely everything, but it’s important for you to go with what you love!

  22. 1.4.21
    Jessica said:

    My bedroom furniture is white. I’m worried white bedding, even with pops of color from throws and pillows, will be too much white in the bedroom. What do you think? I having been looking at the natural and soft gray options as alternatives to white. I also like the waffle duvet – I am drawn to the texture. Do you know if it’s just as soft?

    • 1.5.21

      Hi Jessica, Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by! I love the white and its versatility. I also have the same bedding in the natural and they gray. Unfortunately, I don’t have the waffle textured duvet, so can not speak to its texture.

  23. 5.30.21
    Eva said:

    Hi- just wondering which linen quilt you recommend, the diamond quilt (filled with polyester) or the linen stitch quilt (100% cotton)? Thanks!

  24. 8.10.21
    Stacey Mills said:

    Another great post! These bedding pieces are timeless!!

    • 8.10.21

      Hi Stacey, Thank you so much for taking the time to visit. I can’t say enough about “my favorite power couple.” I’ve had the pieces for years on most of the beds in my house!

  25. 1.8.22
    Simone said:

    I was wondering how you use the PB Belgian linen duvet and quilt together? It seem like a lot on the bed.

    • 1.10.22

      Hi Simone, I love the look of layering different bedding components for a finished look. It also allows for making easy changes with colors and textures throughout the year. As mentioned, the quilt is the perfect weight throughout the year. I have the duvet folded at the foot of the bed, which can easily be pulled over the quilt for those extra cold nights in the winter. I also do the same in my guest room to allow for my guests who may be either cold or warm-natured.

  26. 2.10.22
    Kim said:

    Sorry…first comment was cut off.

    Love your master bedroom bedding look. Your sources state that you also have the linen shams in flagstone but I don’t see them in any photos. Can you explain how you are using them? Thanks.

    • 2.10.22

      Hi Kim, Thank you for taking the time to stop by. I do have the linen shams in the flagstone color, but haven’t used them in years. When I do use them, I pair them with the flagstone quilt.

  27. 4.10.22
    Joanna said:

    I bought the Pottery Barn Belgian linen duvet but their sizing is more generous than most other companies. I’m trying to find a comforter insert for cheaper. Any suggestions?

    • 4.11.22

      Hi Joanna, Thank you for your message. You may want to check Amazon for an alternative. It looks like they have some highly rated options that are less expensive.

  28. 5.26.22
    Lisa Smith said:

    I have been very interested in the linen duvet covers from Pottery Barn, both for home and our vacation rentals in NC. However, I did wonder how easy the duvet covers are to snag on dog claws? Any insights into how easy they are to care for would be appreciated, as I am certain our cleaners would not have time to wash on delicate and dry on low between flips. Finally, I find the blues a little hard to discern. I want to order Sky Blue, but am also drawn to the Sonoma. What are your thoughts? Thanks for your help!

    • 5.26.22

      Hi Lisa, Thank you for taking the time to visit! I can’t say enough about the linen duvet covers and quilts. I love them both and have them in several different colors and have had them for years. We have dogs and have not had an issue with any snags. I also wash both the duvet cover and quilt on a normal setting and they come out great! I don’t see where there is currently a sky blue or Sonoma option? I don’t have any of the blue colors, but my mom has one in Blue Frost and it’s a nice soft blue.

  29. 10.19.23
    Kayla said:

    Hi, where did you get the wicker basket that had the pillow in it from that one photo?

    • 10.19.23

      Hi Kayla, I believe that basket came from Home Goods years ago. Thank you for visiting!

  30. 11.2.23
    Jodie said:

    Does the Belgian flax duvet soften more after washing? I just got it and I love it but my husband said it feels scratchy.

    • 11.3.23

      Hi Jodie, I’m surprised, as our duvet is not a bit scratchy. We do wash ours often and yes, it does soften after washing. It’s still my favorite!