Gift Wrap Organization and Throw Pillow Storage Solutions: Behind My Office Closet Door

Before we moved in, I knew which room I was designating as my office – the guest bedroom with the walk-in closet. For no other reason than it had the largest storage space for all my boxes and office supplies required of my previous job. I wish I had gotten a photo of what the “utility” closet looked like back then – it was never organized, I couldn’t walk in it, and it was piled high with conference “stuff”. In hindsight, there are times I wish I had considered more factors as to where my office should be and sometimes I wish it were downstairs behind the French doors (Nan’s room), but I’ve worked hard to make it a place I love to be and a place I can “create” in. (You can see the full office reveal HERE). When I left my old job, most of the closet was cleared out and I wasn’t 100% sure what would be the best use of space. With my office built-ins holding the majority of office supplies, I wanted to evaluate my other storage needs. I shared the space on my Instagram stories and had a lot of you message me suggesting an entertaining closet. I definitely need to work on a more defined space for that but the second floor is a little too inconvenient with all the supplies being spread between the first floor and basement. Around Christmas, it became clear what I needed to assign at least a portion of the closet to- wrapping paper and supplies. I had bins upon bins and they turned my office into a wreck. Another storage problem I’ve struggled with – throw pillows. Over the past few weeks, I finally got this office closet into shape and the kings of this little room- gift wrap organization and throw pillow storage solutions.

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This is actually a peek of the office just before I started – actually tidied up and not all that horrible. But, aside from old paperwork in boxes, is was holding basically nothing.

Before the closet was organized

Here is what it looks like today. I’ll take you through each area and you may be surprised by just how much I have in here.

Gift wrap and pillow organization closet inspiration

The last change I made in this space was switching out the tiny dome light (I probably would have been better off with a socket and a light bulb haha) to this cute, modern white and brass bell flush mount light (HERE). I was thisclose to going with something else more modern and substantial but with the price tag of this one ($59) compared to the other (a few hundred $$), the decision was easy. I wanted attractive lighting that I liked, but decided to opt for the more budget-friendly of the two. This bell flush mount comes in a few colors/finishes, too ;).

Favorite Modern Flushmount Light Fixture for Closet Lighting

I had a chest of drawers that was used for storage and while it wasn’t going anywhere, it was in desperate need of a face lift. This is actually a REALLY old piece, passed down through my family. I will take credit for the embarrassing former condition you see here haha. At one point, I painted it and made it look slightly “chippy” (so not me) and kept the hardware from the 90’s in tact.

Before the chest of drawers was made over

I wanted a quick and easy fix to bring it to this decade so I used chalk paint I already had on hand. The best part is your piece requires zero prep! I have a tutorial of how I did the same to my breakfast room table HERE. Between painting and waxing, I was done in an hour’s time. I also ordered some new knobs – again, I resisted the urge to go intricate and expensive and stuck to these budget cuties (10 for $18.99). Look at what a difference –

Chalk painted chest of drawers with updated knobs and hardware

Now, this chest of drawers is designated for: (1) camera lenses and accessories; (2) abundance of note pads; (3) hostess gifts to keep on hand. Perfect.

Inexpensive, pretty brass chest of drawer knobs



I can’t fully explain the level of insanity I’m going to share next. You all know I have a lot of pillows. I don’t know if you really KNOW how many though. When I decided to try to come up with a pillow organization solution, I realized between the closets I had them stashed in and the basement that was dedicated to (literally) a couple hundred (no exaggeration), I knew I had my work cut out for me. And, this isn’t including the pillows that are actually in use, all throughout the house. I had long needed to part with several that had been “loved on” by the pups or that I knew would never be used again. I started discarding and separating into donation/trash/keep piles. And, I pulled all the inserts out of their covers. (Over the last 2 years, I try to always stick to just covers). And, if you can’t imagine how much space hundreds of pillows take up, here is a small-scale visual of around 20 or so. Yep, just 20 or so…

Messy pillow and office

When I separated the pillows I was keeping, I also went through and pulled more than enough extra inserts of varying sizes. I was envisioning some sort of hanging compartment solution for the covers but it wasn’t until I was in-store that it all came together. Instead of full-length hanging organizers, I found a half-sized version that would allow for space underneath to store the inserts. They are only $12.99 ea. and can be found HERE. As luck (and a small prayer inside The Container Store that day) would have it, the solution fit perfectly inside the little back nook of the closet.

Throw pillow insert and cover organization in closet nook

I have my outdoor pillows stored elsewhere and this does not include the throw pillows I actually have in use, but, believe it or not, there are over 70 cases stored right here. AND, there is still room to add when I switch my winter to spring pillows.

Throw Pillow Cover Organization in hanging organizers in the closet

I had pillows upon pillows shoved in contractor bags, littering the basement floor in its darkest corners. For the first time ever, I can see what I have.

Throw pillow cover organization in hanging bag organizers

For the inserts, I wanted something that could have some give as far as shape was concerned. I found these inexpensive pop-up totes (HERE) that are collapsible but stiff enough to stand on their own. With pillows inside, they are more than sturdy.

Organizing pillow inserts by size with labels

I labeled each bin with these inexpensive Elfa labels (HERE) and called it “done”. You guys. I have no idea how closets upon closets and a basement full of trash bags filled with these things were able to be consolidated into a tiny closet nook. I won’t ponder the magic of it all too much- just appreciate it.

Organizing pillow inserts by size with labels in collapsible bins



Ok, the other substantial need – a place to hold and organize all my wrapping paper and supplies. You can’t see everything on the floor behind the desk but following Christmas, this is a glimpse of the state of my office. And, most of it was wrapping supplies and boxes.

Messy office before cleaning

I have been a huge fan of Elfa’s behind-the-door storage systems for years and after my mom implemented a wrapping solution a few years ago, I knew it was only a matter of time. Turns out, dropping my dinky wrapping paper holder down the stairs on accident was the best thing to ever happen to my gift wrap supplies. Here is what this space is looking like today.

Gift Wrapping Room with Door Organization Solutions

I knew I wanted the paper, small ribbons, gift tags, etc. to be stored neatly behind the door…

Elfa door gift wrap and ribbon organizing board


Organized twine and ribbon in the back of the door gift wrap station

Elfa board with hooks organized for gift wrap accessories

Organizing gift wrap ribbon on the back of the door

I was actually shocked that everything fit so neatly. All of this had taken up so many regular sized bins, I was convinced I had missed some stashed away somewhere in the basement. Here, it looks like a completely acceptable amount of gift wrap for a single person. Success.

Ribbon organization in the gift wrap station

How to organize ribbon on the back of the door

Another thing that saves space- I typically use the same universal gift wrap year round. My Christmas wrapping paper isn’t covered with Christmas trees and snow, and my everyday gift wrap isn’t crazy colors. It’s all universal for the entire year.

Sugar Paper Gift Wrap organized on the back of the door

I have acquired a lot of my favorite Sugar Paper boxes over the last few years (there are boxes inside the boxes you see, too 😉 ), but, I use them for both gifts and decor during the holidays.

Organized Gift Wrap Closet Connected to Home Office


Closet chest of drawer for camera equipment

San Francisco art on closet chest of drawers

Remember that wrapping paper container that fell down the stairs? While the top wasn’t salvageable and the handles broke, It was a really good size to store my wallpaper rolls in. So, I used some of my gift wrap to cover the unattractive container and ta-da! Total disclosure- because the wrapping paper container gets more narrow toward the bottom, it was not as simple as wrapping the container and taping it. It was pretty stupid and tricky with multiple cuts involved (not for the impatient – like myself). But, for something that saved me $ from purchasing a new solution, I think it turned out fantastic.

Trash can covered in gift wrap to dress up wallpaper holder

Throw pillow and throw blanket closet organization

While I don’t have nearly as many throw blankets as I do throw pillows, a lot of these were also shoved into closets and contractor bags in the basement.

Organizing throw pillows in the closet by hanging on hangers

I am so glad to be able to see what I have now- a lot more will be added soon once I bring up the winter blankets from the great room.

Hanging throw blankets in the closet for storage and organization

While the back of the door houses a lot, I didn’t want to over-crowd it. I reserved three bins for larger items like boxes, tissue paper, oversized ribbon, and gift bags.

Gift wrap bins and organization in the closet


Labeled gift wrap bins in the closet

I used the same inexpensive label holders (HERE), intended for Elfa systems but they worked perfectly on these affordable large bins (HERE).

Gift bag organization ideas

Gift wrap organization bin ideas

Sugar Paper gold and white gift boxes organized

The closet has plenty of room for growth and office storage but I am thrilled with the result of coming up with solutions to work with what I had (no demo necessary 😉 ).

Gift wrap and boxes organization ideas in the office closet

Office closet organization ideas

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Throw pillow organization ideas in the closet

Bell Flush Mount Light Fixture | Brass Drawer Knobs | Canvas Hanging Organizer (for pillow covers) | Collapsible Totes | Large White Plastic Bins | Labels and Label Holders | Black Hangers (favorite) | Elfa Door System (customizable with different components) | Step Stool (I painted white)

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  1. 3.8.18
    joanmechlin,joni said:

    Oh my dear Kelley. You amaze me. I especially like your throw pillow storage. I’m starting to buy only pillow covers to cut down on the space. Your all around organization is so tempting to copy (one of these days). ?

    • 3.8.18

      Joni, you are a gem- THANK YOU! When you are ready, hopefully these ideas will be here for you xoxo

  2. 3.8.18

    Kelley, it looks fantastic. I am right there with you in regards to pillow covers and inserts. I did go through our inserts a couple years ago and only kept what I felt I needed for each size. I love the idea of the hanging bins for those! Mine are currently in dresser drawers in our foyer, but are hard to see. And the inserts are all on the top shelf of my office closet. I too hang my throws, saves so much space. But, after seeing this I am realizing I could consolidate many of these items to once dedicated space, my office closet. I keep a lot of my entertaining pieces in it as well. I do have a separate craft room with an organized closet, but hubby is slowing taking that space over now that he works from home…so I will have to weed out and move some things. Thanks for all the great inspiration. My biggest challenge right now is trying to get all of my makeup and facial products into one shallow drawer in my bathroom. I am soooo tired of having to pick it all up to wipe the counter down 😉 The problem is my drawer doesn’t pull out all the way. Seriously designed by a man!! LOL

    • 3.8.18

      Lauren, I don’t know how we acquire so many of those inserts!! I did the shallow makeup drawer and outgrew it and need to consolidate back down. We may have had the same cabinet makers there hahaha UGH!

  3. 3.8.18
    Bree said:

    Kelley!!! The bins for pillow cover storage is brilliant…you know I need that, lol!! Thanks for sharing this amazing space! Now I’m off to order some of those asap!! It all looks amazing:) xoxo

    • 3.9.18

      Bree, thank you! I cannot believe how much was able to fit neatly in that corner. It total disbelief.

  4. 3.8.18
    marion said:

    Completely inspired!! Spring clean up here I come!!! As soon as I get back to the corner house I am transforming a small room in our basement for all my ‘extras’ and blogging supplies!!! Great, super, fantastic job!!!

    • 3.9.18

      Marion, that is awesome! You will feel so so good- I have a LONG way to go in our basement :/

  5. 3.9.18

    One of the loveliest closets I’ve ever seen! Well done Kelley!?

    • 3.10.18

      Ingrid, THANK YOU SO MUCH! Happy weekend <3

  6. 3.9.18

    Another brilliant project my friend !!! I am in total awwwe of the pillow sham storage, it is a one of kind, glorious , seasonal library of decorating solutions!

    • 3.10.18

      Jen, THANK YOU!! I can’t believe how many fit in there! I just put some winter ones in today and it still has room!

  7. 3.9.18

    This makes me irrationally happy! I love the pillow and pillow cover storage + that behind the door gift wrap organizer looks like a game changer! I know you must be so thrilled with this improved space.

    • 3.10.18

      Chelsea, not irrational at all! HAHA Thank you so much and yes- both total game changers!

  8. 3.10.18
    Erin said:

    OK.. I thought I had a lot of pillows! Kel!! I am cracking up! Love that have that many.. I knew we were meant to be besties.. ha ha.. Seriously though – your storage solutions are genius! I absolutely love the way you’ve hung your throws too. I always keep mine in baskets but can’t see them. You’ve given me such a good idea if I can find some hanging space around here. LOVED this post! XO

    • 3.10.18

      Erin OMG- they are OOC haha. I have some in-season throws in baskets but the rest were in bags and crammed in closets. I found several fur ones I totally forgot about this past winter!

  9. 3.10.18
    Erin said:

    Love that “you” have that many. 😉

  10. 3.10.18
    Mabelee said:

    Love, love, love it!!! I have been looking for an idea how to organize my pillows and inserts and nothing had worked for me, I love pillows and I change them every season as the same as my decoration but I’m straggling how to be organize after I see what you did you inspire me, thank you so much for you ideas!!! ???

    • 3.10.18

      Mabelee, I am so so glad this gave you some ideas! I know they are hard to wrangle but I am surprised (and excited) with how well this worked!

  11. 3.11.18
    Joni King said:

    Totally awesome organization Kelley Nan! How nice it will be to have everything right at your fingertips! I love that you can see most everything. I always wonder what drawer I put something in 🙂 Hugs!

  12. 3.11.18
    Kendall said:

    WOW That looks great!

  13. 3.24.18
    Ivory said:

    Everything is beautifully organized, and I am so in love with those draw pulls.

    • 3.26.18

      Ivory, thank you so much! And they are such a deal!

  14. 4.4.18
    Holly said:

    Brilliant! This is beautiful and so functional! Thanks so much!

    • 4.5.18

      Holly, thank you! It has helped tremendously!

  15. 4.30.18
    Kelley said:

    Looks so good!! And…. Go RU!!!! <3

  16. 6.12.18
    Karen said:

    I am using all of your organizational posts as a guide book and as inspiration as I make my way through clearing space throughout my house! Thank you so much!

  17. 7.14.18
    Amelie said:

    Kelley, where did you get your desk from? It’s so beautiful. Especially after reorganizing your office space 😉

  18. 1.17.19

    I love what you did with your office! My “office” is basically a big storage space now and looks like your before shot. I have the same problem with pillows! lol I love your gift wrap station on the door. How did you install that? Can it be installed on a hollow core door? Beautiful makeover!

    • 1.19.19

      Lauren, there is a clamp you use to secure the bar to the top and bottom of the door. No screws required and super easy!

  19. 6.24.19
    Lindsey Baird said:

    I love everything about this! Where do you get you’re pillow covers usually? I’d rather do this then buy pillows without removable covers and have to throw them away eventually!

  20. 2.3.20
    Melissa said:

    Kelly Nan,
    I am having some major pillow cover envy, haha! They are all so beautiful – I love all the textures! Where do you purchase most of your pillow covers?

    • 3.9.20

      Melissa, Thank you! I buy from several different sources. They are all linked in my room reveals section on my page if you are looking for a specific pillow. ❤️

  21. 8.11.20
    Liz said:

    I’m here from a link from On Sutton Place and I love your organization. I have an office closet that needs some help. I’ll be looking for that over the door option for the ever decreasing wrapping needs since many online sites offer the service.

    I have an old family chest of drawers and it is in my garage as a tool storage/supply unit. I may need to paint and re-purpose to my office closet. I’ve used the upper shelves to store favorite family Christmas ornaments in small clear shoe-size boxes since they are easier to retrieve. I’m getting older so going to the attic is really not an option.

    I need to switch to pillow covers and you are my inspiration to get rid of old pillows and start fresh with inserts and covers.

    The hanger idea that you use for blankets – I started using it for my tablecloths instead of buried in a cabinet. It was useful this year (5/2020) when a friend needed some last minute options for a grave site service and I was able to easily select options for her. I didn’t know what size she needed for the tables, so I took card table, larger square, and rectangle size, with a variety of “themes” and colors. Once there, I determined that one tablecloth fit her needs and I was so happy to help her. The creases – no big deal since the sign in book covered it and we really were not that concerned.

    Thanks again for the inspirations…

    • 8.13.20

      Liz, Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and for providing your input. I can tell you are highly organized from the ideas that you have mentioned. They all sound great! I agree that hanging things makes them so much more visible and accessible. I think it’s also great that you have repurposed that chest of drawers in the garage. What a perfect solution! xoxo

  22. 1.1.21
    Misty said:

    I LOVE your desk!! Can you tell me where you purchased it?

  23. 10.13.21
    Valerie said:


    • 10.15.21

      Hi Valerie, Thank you so much for your note! This organization method continues to help me keep order of these items that can easily get out of control.