Breakfast Room Table Makeover | Easy Chalk Paint DIY

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Table in Country Gray with Dark Wax

When I proudly brought my new breakfast room chairs home and set them around the table, it took all of two seconds before my excitement was overshadowed by alarm and a slight urge to cry. I was still trying to pretend like the finish on our new round backs were totally going to work with the modern black and copper ringed table, when my husband interrupted my thoughts and declared that we needed a new table. As long as it takes for me to convince him that many of my decor “wants” are in fact, “needs”, and HE is the one to say we need a new table without hesitation? It must have been pretty bad. Ok, it was bad- here’s the proof.BEFORE TABLE- Chalk Paint DIYAs much as I would have loved to have taken that invitation and run with it, there are so many other priorities that would come before the table. So, I evaluated the options, came up with a game plan, and had paint and supplies before he woke up the next morning. Literally.

I am not what I would call a “seasoned” painter, but I have taken on a few recent projects and am no longer intimidated. The first chalk paint project I tackled was office furniture (which I still won’t show), before we moved into our home. Those pieces are actually on a t0-do re-to-do list. But, I researched my mistakes and since you don’t have to prep and prime using chalk paint and the finish I was going for was something that I thought I could achieve with dark wax, I decided to give it a shot. I don’t think I have ever been more pleased with a project result. I LOVE IT! And, it is so easy; if I, as an impatient crafter always looking to cut corners can knock this thing out, you can too. Oh, and it took about an hour total.

The supplies I use were:

  • Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Country Gray
  • Annie Sloan Clear Wax
  • Annie Sloan Dark Wax
  • 1 Annie Sloan Round Brush
  • 2 Annie Sloan Flat Brushes
  • 2 White Rags

Annie Sloan Table Paint Supplies- Brushes and Wax

Because I used a regular brush for the paint last time and rags to apply the wax, I decided to invest in the Annie Sloan brushes since I was determined to get it right the first time. I am SO glad I did! While Annie Sloan supplies are not sold online or in big box stores, you can check your local specialty paint stores to see who carries the line.

Annie Sloan Paint Brushes
This is what the table looked like before. The only prep was skimming over the surface with a cloth to make sure it was free of dust.

Contemporary Table Before Painting with Annie Sloan

Next, I used the round brush to start covering the surface. A little bit goes a long way and since I knew I was going to be adding a second coat, I didn’t worry about getting full coverage. The first time I painted a table, the paint started peeling up as a result of what I think was applying too heavy of a first coat. I waited about 15 minutes before going back and applying a second coat. It dries really quickly! Once you are finished, you will have a true chalky finish.

First Coat of Annie Sloan Country Gray Paint

I waited about half an hour before starting in with the wax to seal it. (This also darkens the paint a bit.)Using the flat brush, I painted on the wax – again, it goes a long way so just use a little bit. Once the wax in my brush was spent, I went back in with a white cloth and rubbed it in/buffed it out, almost like you are rubbing lotion in and pulling it off at the same time. I repeated that process over the entire piece.

Annie Sloan Paint After Clear Wax

Lastly, I took the other flat brush and repeated the process with the dark wax. This is what gives it a little more of an aged look, kind of like it was soaked in tea. I love how the dark wax sets into the grooves, but unlike a lot of chalk paint projects you may see, I did not sand anything as I didn’t want it to look too distressed and vintage, just a little aged.

Annie Sloan County Gray Paint with Dark Wax

I could not be more pleased with the final result! I have a ton of paint and wax left over (almost all of it), and am already planning the next color I want to pick up for a new project.

Annie Sloan Country Gray Chalk Paint with Dark Wax on Dining Table

Annie Sloan Country Gray Chalk Paint with Dark Wax on Dining Table

Annie Sloan Country Gray Chalk Paint with Dark Wax on Dining Table

This line of paint is not cheap, but to me, was totally worth the investment and definitely more cost effective than purchasing a new table.


In case you missed it, you can catch the details of my full breakfast room (post-new chairs) HERE.

Breakfast Nook in SW Perfect Greige World Market Round Back Dining Chairs


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Other Sources and Room Details:

  • Floors: Nottaway Hickory in Weathered Saddle
  • Paint: Sherwin Williams Perfect Greige
  • Sideboard: HomeGoods
  • Candelabras: HomeGoods
  • Mirror: Hobby Lobby
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  1. 4.19.16

    I never knew the table had that copper gold ring before! You did a great job of hiding it haha! But the after is just perf!!

    • 4.19.16

      Linds, it wasn’t until I got the new chairs and saw a clear division of rustic and contemp. (and my previous home’s style shining through), that I was like- OMG *face-palm* haha! My former self would have bought a new one. My new, improved F&D influenced side is proud that I tackled it 😉

  2. 4.19.16
    Randi said:

    I love Annie Sloan’s chalk paint!!! What a fun transformation! ❤️

    • 4.19.16

      Thanks, Randi! This time was MUCH better than my first experience 😉

  3. 4.19.16
    Summer said:

    Way to go Kelley!!! Brilliant and beautiful!!! Xoxo

    • 4.19.16

      Summer, thank you! I hope all is going well in your crazy transition! xo

  4. 4.19.16
    Monica said:

    Wow…it looks store bought bravo on the transformation. I am way too chicken to tackle anything like this…your room is beautiful.

    • 4.19.16

      Monica, thank you so much! My best advice is to do something small like a stool. Believe me, if I can do it, anyone can! And, the chalk paint is SUPER forgiving.

  5. 4.19.16
    Sue said:

    It turned out great! So smart to use what you already have and like not to mention the savings! Beautiful job!

    • 4.19.16

      Sue, thank you so much! I am thrilled with the result (and that I took a chance on this piece).

  6. 4.19.16

    You did a great job! Don’t ya just love chalk paint! Your home and your breakfast room is beautiful!
    love and blessings~
    Lynda @ Gates of Crystal

    • 4.19.16

      Lynda, thank you so much for your kind words and for stopping by! Yes, I LOVE chalk paint (now) haha. I can’t wait to tackle some more projects with it 😉

  7. 4.19.16
    Tamara said:

    Ok I think you’ve inspired me to paint my dining room table!! Is that crazy?! Love love love it! xo

    • 4.19.16

      WHAAATT?? I love your table! But then, I am sure you would do something absolutely awesome!

  8. 4.19.16
    Haneen said:

    Kelley!! Genius!!! Looks so good!

    • 4.20.16

      Haneen, thank you! Now if I could just find something to paint that glorious green 😉

  9. 4.20.16
    Carol Bisson said:

    I love this room. Absolutely everything about it. The mirror, sideboard, table chairs, lighting. all so beautifully put together. And I love the way you dressed the sideboard…fabulous.

    • 4.20.16

      Carol, wow, thank you so so much! The chairs prompted the simplifying of the room and I am so much happier with it.

  10. 4.22.16
    Jennifer said:

    Great job Kel!!! I bet your mom is going to be excited to see all of the wonderful changes you’ve made since her last visit!

    • 4.22.16

      Jen, you are so sweet! That’s the first thing we do when one of us visits- run through the house real quick to peek at any changes/additions haha

  11. 4.27.16
    Jamie Silverthorn said:

    I’m getting these same chairs, but my current dining room table is black. Do you think the country grey would go over it well and the final product would still match the chairs??

    • 4.28.16

      Hi, Jamie! It will definitely cover! There are several different shades and the waxes alter the color. Mine doesn’t “match” because my buffet is almost an identical finish to the chairs so I wanted it a little different. I would go in and talk to them and look at samples 😉 And, thank you!

  12. 4.27.16
    Jamie Silverthorn said:

    Ps…this and your entire home is gorgeous. Sooo inspiring!! :))

  13. 3.28.17
    Bennie C. said:

    You have a true gift for style and I feel your posts are written specifically for me. I chalk painted a piece and it is exactly what I want but the problem is now I want to chalk paint more and more! I like the way you have integrated pieces in your home and would like to get some pointers on how to use painted/distressed pieces without going overboard. I also am worried about putting different colored pieces together. It would be great for you to put some Do’s & Don’ts to mixing and matching painted furniture. You have wonderful ideas and I enjoy reading your posts.

    • 3.29.17

      Bennie, I am no painting expert but I know that transforming a piece is addictive! Especially because that chalk paint is so easy! I have to remind myself of “moderation” or I may end up with a look totally not me. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit with me! xo