Where to Shop for Throw Pillows (Plus, What to Look For)

This past month, I was so proud/happy/relieved (insert all the emotions) to get my office closet organized from top to bottom (see that post HERE if you missed it). But, one of the most common questions I received wasn’t about organizing my throw pillows, but where I typically find my pillows. The short answer- I am always on the lookout for fun patterns and textures but over the years, I have narrowed my “go-to list” of sources. So, where do I shop for throw pillows? What do I look for in throw pillows? Some throw pillows are cheap, others are a little more of an investment, but rarely do I go crazy on high-cost varieties. Today, I’m going through my pillow-sourcing process and sharing my favorite affordable stops.

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I truly don’t think any place is off limits but I do have favorites when it comes to a good balance of quality and cost. You already know you can find plenty of pillows at pretty much any retailer but that’s not what this is about. This is about my favorite throw pillow sources and shops.

  • Tonic Living: I only discovered Tonic Living within the last year; between my master bedroom reveal and spring home tour, I have already used their beautiful, decorative pillows A LOT. Here’s what I love- they are mid-priced but the quality is phenomenal. Their specialty is fabric and it shows in their product. They always have nice solids but continually bring in new patterns and prints. Plus, with each pillow you click on, they have suggestions of coordinating pillows. Super simple. You can shop their pre-made pillow sizes or request a custom order. You can also have curtains, ottomans, etc. made in the same fabric. These are substantial and thick so you won’t find any flimsy, wrinkly number here! Shop Tonic Living Pillows HERE

King Sized Bed Pillow Configuration with Small Lumbar

Front Green Patterned Pillow | Striped Pillows | Green Velvet Pillows

Tonic Living Pillow Combination IDeas

Striped Pillows | Indigo Patterned Pillows | Indigo Velvet Pillow

Tonic Living- mixing and matching pillow fabrics

Snow Leopard Pillow (out of stock) – regular Leopard Pillow HERE | Striped Pillow | Wine Velvet Pillow | Black and White Flock Pillow

  • Willa Skye Home: Willa Skye was my first introduction to custom pillows. They have so many fabric options and are a dream to work with if you are looking for custom pillows (from sizes to cords, tassels, etc.). This shop was another shocker for the quality you can get at a reasonable price. Some of my favorite pillows have come from Willa Skye and each season, I continue to mix, match, and move them throughout the house. Shop Willa Skye Home pillows HERE

Navy Velvet Pillows | Purple Patterned Pillows | Gray Zebra Striped Pillows | Deep Purple Velvet Pillows | Lavender Velvet Pillows | Pelagos Gray & Cream Patterned Pillows

Navy Velvet Lumbar Pillow | Gray & White Color Block Pillow | Gray Velvet Pillow | White Patterned Pillows

  • West Elm: You’re probably already familiar with West Elm and while I probably shop their sister store, Pottery Barn, more often, I find way more pillows at the more modern West Elm. While a lot of my furniture and more substantial pieces are more traditional, pillows are one of the areas I try to go more “fun” and modern to bring a fresh, updated look to the space. That’s what gives my home a more transitional vibe 95% of the time. You have to act fast because they tend to sell out quickly but they are fantastic for seasonal favorites and are always running great sales. Shop West Elm pillows HERE

Wingback chair in the living room with velvet pillow for winter

Jacquard Velvet Pillow

Shades of Summer Home Tour with Neutrals and Naturals- white summer pillows on gray sofa

Frayed White Pillow | Shapes Pillow

Favorite Places to Shop for Throw Pillows - From Cheap and Inexpensive to Quality Decorative Sofa Pillows

Navy & Yellow/Green Patterned Pillows | Stone White Silk Loomed Pillow

  • Nordstrom Home: They have a huge selection at several price points and now that they’ve brought Anthropologie into the mix, I am even more of a fan. My favorite part of shopping pillows from Nordstrom, beyond the selection, is their free shipping and returns (like all of their items). It feels more non-committal and no-risk so you can give your throw pillows a try-out to make sure you like them. Shop Nordstrom pillows HERE

Small Sitting Area in Nook- Selamat Regeant Armchair

Zahra Lumbar Pillow

  • HomeGoods: My favorite time to find pillows at HomeGoods is when I’m looking for 1. outdoor pillows, or 2. winter pillows. They are super inexpensive, most indoor pillows come with feather inserts, and they always have a good selection of furry/cozy numbers in the winter. They can be hit or miss but I have been known to cruise through the store with an overflowing pillow cart, more than once.


Because most of my rooms have a neutral palette, it’s hard to really mess up a pillow combination. I don’t have to worry about clashing colors as much and a lot of times, one single pillow is the determining factor of what vibe I decide to go with for any given season. I don’t have “rules”, per se, but the guidelines I typically use for a winning combination are:

  1. Solids are always a-ok
  2. Mix in one small-scale/thin print (like a ticking stripe)
  3. Mix in one large-scale print (like floral/geometric/whimsical pattern)
  4. If I don’t mix a large and small-scale print/color pattern, I will look for a textured solid color to mix in with one or the other, and the solids
  5. If you’re unsure, just play around and do what “feels” best 😉

Here are a few examples. (Each pillow is shoppable by tapping on the corresponding number below each mock-up)

Mixing throw pillow patterns and prints1. | 2. | 3.

Cheap, inexpensive quality throw pillows

1. | 2. | 3.

How to mix throw pillow patterns and colors

1. | 2. | 3.


There are two things I look for when deciding on pillows. 1. Does it have a zipper? 2. Can it have a down insert? These questions are basically one in the same that come down to this- I don’t like pillows that are stuffed with polyfill an have no zipper to remove it. If it is described as “polyfill” but has a zipper, I will still purchase and switch the insert. I have accumulated so many pillows inserts over the past several years, I will likely never need another. Ever. What’s so great about down/feather inserts? They fill out the corners more easily, they are easiest to re-shape and re-fresh, and they are able to have that slouchy look (if you are into karate chops 😉 ). No lumps and way more comfortable. I always try to go one to two inches larger on the insert than the pillow cover to keep it plush. Once you have a nice arsenal of inserts, you’ll be able to purchase covers without worrying about making separate purchases. If a retailer lists “pillow”, it should come with an insert; if it lists “cover”, without. Some retailers even allow you to choose what kind of insert you want (included in the price) but always read the description first.


Most HomeGoods pillows are 20″ and usually already have 21″ inserts. If you have older pillows you don’t want or plan to donate, unzip your collection first and see what you can save. When I do have to order new inserts, I typically go HERE 😉

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  1. 3.27.18
    Tiffany Bush said:

    This is such a great post, and you’ve included some retail stores I haven’t tried before. I will definitely be doing a little exploring online this weekend!

  2. 3.27.18
    Kristen said:

    Thanks for such a great post! I have many down pillows (especially from Home Goods) and I always find that the feathers end up sticking out and poking everyone who leans against them. They also end up popping out and making a mess on my sofa/floor. In some rooms, they’re fine as they’re really just decorative, but in the rooms where we really live and lean against them, they are downright painful. Have you found any inserts/companies that have a reliably tame feather population? Thanks!

  3. 3.27.18
    Joni King said:

    WOW Kelley Nan, this is great information and as always, most inspiring! I love pillows as it’s such a great way to change things up. Hugs!

  4. 3.27.18
    Olivia said:

    I loved seeing how you pair pillows with different prints. Very helpful since I can’t say no to cute pillows!

    • 4.5.18

      Olivia, I am so glad! Have a wonderful day.

  5. 4.12.18
    Kelley Kolpitcke said:

    Forwarding to my friend @meganaxtman. I’m obsessed with your IG and blog and I was telling her about your opinion on pillows today. She too loves bed pillows but buying them drives her husband crazy. She is pregnant with a baby boy and has a five year old girl. I told her to start buying inserts and covers. Then let her daughter help her pick out new covers as the season needs. We are both teachers and unlike me, she is super young!!! Ha! So I told her to start slow and build her collection and her hubby will never notice. Her daughter will have so much fun doing the karate chop to make the pillows perfect! When little brother is a walker, sister can reshape and chop those pillows to perfection!! I quickly found your post and am forwarding it now. Love you Kelley!
    Kelley from Boise ??

  6. 2.16.21
    Luis Melon said:

    Hey Kelly! Great post for sure. I find some useful tips from the “HOW TO MIX THROW PILLOW PATTERNS” section. Keep it up.

    • 2.16.21

      Hi Luis, Thank you for taking the time to stop by. I appreciate your feedback and your kind note.