Dining Room Makeover Reveal — A Whole New Look Without a Total Overhaul!

Even though we’ve found ourselves in the midst of multiple projects (I’m sure many of you can relate!) we have a room to officially cross off the list and mark as “finished!” today! The dining room makeover is officially done. If you’re a regular reader, you probably remember our dining room through the years for it’s can’t-be-mistaken-blue-walls. Today, it’s covered in Sherwin Williams Iron Ore — a dark charcoal/soft, warm black paint and while changes to the room’s furnishings were minimal, the end result is totally different. So, let’s see the before and after!

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Dining Room Makeover: Before & After

Here’s how you may remember our dining room — a snapshot from this past fall…

Sources: Rug

But today, well, here’s what it’s looking like!

Charcoal Black Dining Room Makeover Reveal Before & After with Picture Frame Molding and Sherwin Williams Iron Ore

Sources: Dining Chairs (similar) | Viburnum Centerpiece | Rug (natural; 8’x10′) | Chandelier | Lamps | Dining Table – RH (similar) | Chandelier

Different, right?! We’ll get into it more further down in the post, but I think the thing I’m most surprised by (and pleased with) is that all the major furnishings are actually the same. Proof that it is possible to give a room a whole new look without tossing everything inside.

Before and After! Transitional Dining Room Makeover Reveal -- from Blue to Sherwin Williams Iron Ore Charcoal Black

Sources: Dining Chairs (similar) | Viburnum Centerpiece | Rug (natural; 8’x10′) | Chandelier | Faux Tree | Tree Basket | Reindeer Moss | Lamps | Framed Art Print | Curtain Rod (120″-240″) | Curtain Rings | Foyer Chest | Large Vase | Dining Table – RH (similar)

Why Go from Light and Bright to Sherwin Williams Iron Ore Paint?

I’ve always liked our dining room but the original blue was always brighter than I had intended. I always had a paint-change as a “one day” project, but once we started making significant progress on the conversation room (reveal coming next week!), it was obvious that two rooms that were so vastly different just didn’t coordinate well with one another on opposite sides of the entry. That was all I needed to bump my “someday” project to the top of the priority list.

Charcoal Black Dining Room Makeover Reveal in Sherwin Williams Iron Ore

Sources: Framed Art Print (40″x30″; gilded wood frame) | Dining Chairs (similar) | Viburnum Centerpiece | Rug (natural; 8’x10′) | Chandelier | Faux Tree | Tree Basket | Reindeer Moss | Lamps | Framed Art Print | Curtain Rod (120″-240″) | Curtain Rings | Foyer Chest | Large Vase | Dining Table – RH (similar)

While I used Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black on the planked ceiling in the conversation room, I didn’t think I wanted to go quite as black in the dining room. I also didn’t want to totally ditch the traditional vibe in the dining room and it wasn’t in the plan (or budget) to totally abandon the furnishings in the room. But, I did want to go a bit more dramatic. Lucky for me, I thought my current furnishings were conducive to achieving a new look within a similar style — just on the more moody side as opposed to the bright and airy end of the spectrum.

I gravitate toward warmer colors and having had the sample of Sherwin Williams Iron Ore still on hand from earlier sampling, I quickly decided that the dark charcoal/soft, warm black would be the hue I went with. With the previous chair rail and wainscoting on the walls and all the trim across the tray ceiling, I wasn’t sure how much I wanted to paint black. Then, I had an idea — add a second row of taller picture frame molding boxes, stacked to mirror the bottom boxes for a more bold, interesting wall treatment. Then, I painted it all black 😉

The Details

As I mentioned, my plan was a new look without all new furnishings. I wanted to marry some of the more traditional pieces with some more organic accents to modernize the look just a bit and to give it a casual edge. While there’s a few formal, glitzy things going on — like the crystal chandelier and the big mirror — I toned it down a little by introducing a few new pieces. Subbing the shorter, glass/crystal stacked base lamps with a pair of THESE cement-style lamps helped set the stage.

Dining Room Makeover Reveal -- While Keeping the Same Furnishings!

And if you love the more natural looking lamps that are hot right now but aren’t sure if they would work in your space, here’s evidence that they aren’t just for modern/boho/natural/casual styled rooms.

Dining Room Reveal with New Cement Style Sideboard Lamps

Sources: Lamps

Another element that help tone down the formality of the room was THIS chunky wool/jute rug (mine is the 8’x10′, natural). I actually posed the question to readers a while back for input/feedback on personal experience and while responses were all over the place, the majority who had the rug said they loved it. I decided to go for it, fully expecting shedding/initial smells as some of you indicated, but y’all — I guess because this area is so low traffic, not only did we not have an initial smell, but it also hasn’t shed. I’m sure we would shed a while if it was in a busier space in the house, but I’ve been pleased in the best way. A few of you said you didn’t think you would like the jute look in this space and suggested I stick to something more like a traditional oriental rug; I’m glad I went with my gut on this one. Unlike a lot of jute rugs too, this wool blend one is tough (well made) but soft — not scratchy at all.

Dining Room Reveal in Sherwin Williams Iron Ore

Something that felt like it was missing from my former dining room — that I thought was necessary as I made the transition to keep the space from seeming too cold — was a little bit of life. I loved the idea of going dark with Sherwin Williams Iron Ore paint, but I also didn’t want it to look like a dungeon. I needed to bring some permanent green into the dining room and not have to depend on fresh plants and florals, so while I will definitely create arrangements for this space, I wanted year-round solutions. I invested in THIS faux green tree — way different than my olive trees, fiddle leaf fig trees, etc. — and it was incredibly easy to fluff. To add a little height, I added towels to the bottom of THIS inexpensive basket (size large), and added some preserved moss on top.

Favorite Faux Tree for Any Room in the House

Sources: Faux Tree | Tree Basket | Reindeer Moss 

I also splurged on THIS faux snowball centerpiece arrangement. It took a few weeks to arrive as all their florals are custom and made to order, but the arrangement came in a box it was essentially built into, in perfect condition. This is more of a lifetime piece and it’s beautiful in person. You can see more of their snowball arrangements — both bigger and smaller HERE.

Simple, Elegant Faux Snowball Floral Centerpiece

Sources: Viburnum Centerpiece

The bar cart that I’ve had for years is totally representative of the room as a whole. While I have an heirloom crystal piece on the bottom tray, it’s filled with natural, faux olive branches. While there’s pretty, gold rimmed wine glasses, there’s also a stack of more rustic driftwood chargers (similar). And the decanter brings it all together with the little wooden stopper. It’s all mashed up into a juxtaposition I love. These are all serveware and tabletop items that actually get used, but are easy to display. Sometimes, you don’t need actual “decor” — you just need to look to your cabinets and inside the depths of your sideboard.

Bar Cart Dining Room Decor Ideas

Sources: Curtains — Linen Weave Vanilla Bean (enter code KELLEY for an extra 5% off lowest sale price) | Bar Cart | Bowls | Magnolia Plates (similar) | Driftwood Chargers | Faux Olive Branches | Decanter | Rug

Charcoal Black Dining Room Design Reveal in Sherwin Williams Iron Ore

Playing into the theme is THIS piece of modern landscape art c/o Minted. My mom has a piece of art I’ve loved for a long time — passed down in our family — with a windmill and varying shades of green against the hills, framed in gold. I wanted to find something similar and then I found THESE gorgeous pieces by Stephanie Goos Johnson. I had my heart set on THIS print and THIS print to use as a pair as I originally wanted two square/vertical pieces of art for this wall but once I started measuring, I realized between the picture frame molding and the position of the room, the art would land in an odd spot. Luckily, she had THIS beautiful piece in a horizontal configuration and it worked out for the best. I opted for the 40″x30″ in the gilded wood frame, but it comes in options as small as 7″x5″, as large as 54″x40″, and lots of frames/mats. I am crazy about this piece and between that single statement framed art and the wall molding, I decided no other art was needed. Oh, and here’s a little convo room peek 😉

SW Iron Ore Dining Room Makeover Reveal with Picture Frame Moulding

Sources: Framed Art Print (40″x30″; gilded wood frame)

And then, there’s the curtains. Oh, those curtains. (c/o Select Blinds) Again, if you’ve been a reader a while, you may recognize THESE drapes from several other spots in the house, from Eliza’s nursery to the guest bedroom, and with the dining room being the most formal room in the house, I was dying to get a pair for the big set of windows across the front of our house. If there was only one room in the house to get these pretties, I feel like this would be the room to get them for. NOTE: Select Blinds is offering an additional 5% off the lowest sale price right now with code KELLEY HERE! This also applies to their woven shades I’ve shared in my house, too 😉

Dining Room Makeover Before and After!

They’re custom made to your measurements and really the only way to get that dramatic fullness and width — I have always gone with the Linen Weave Vanilla Bean and have been so happy with the result each time. While I use the blackout lining for Eliza’s nursery, I used the standard lining on these. The pleated option comes with metal hooks on the back which work perfectly with my inexpensive go-to rings HERE. The rings come in packs of 14 or 28, have 5 finishes to choose from (mine are the black), and ship free via Prime. I’ve used the gold rings before too, and they are perfect in person.

Favorite Custom Pleated Drapes for the Dining Room

Sources: Dining Chairs (similar) | Rug (natural; 8’x10′) | Lamps |Curtains — Linen Weave Vanilla Bean (enter code KELLEY for an extra 5% off lowest sale price) | Curtain Rod (120″-240″) | Curtain Rings 

I’ve always loved the ivory tone of the Linen Weave Vanilla Bean drapes — even against white walls — but there are white curtain options, too. If you’re unsure on colors, you can order free samples under the listing HERE.

Dining Room Makeover Reveal in Sherwin Williams Iron Ore

I wanted a simple rod with a modern finial and found THIS inexpensive rod on Amazon — I ordered the 120″-240″ option, but it comes in a few colors and sizes. I actually wanted the same rod for my conversation room but they didn’t have the size I needed in stock. I ordered THIS similar rod — a slightly more substantial but more $$$ rod and plan to do a comparison of the two on the blog soon.

Transitional Dining Room Makeover Before & After!

Custom Window Curtains for the Dining Room

Sources: Curtains — Linen Weave Vanilla Bean (enter code KELLEY for an extra 5% off lowest sale price) | Curtain Rod (120″-240″) | Curtain Rings 

Elegant Large Dining Room Windows with Ivory Pleated Curtains

I’m so happy with how the dining room came together, making only minimal (but impactful) changes. I’m glad I took a chance on SW Iron Ore as the foundation for the color palette, I’m glad I added the wall molding, and I’m glad that I have a room that is actually clean and done 😉

Transitional Dining Room Makeover Reveal! From Blue to Sherwin Williams Iron Ore Charcoal Black

Sources: Dining Chairs (similar) | Viburnum Centerpiece | Rug | Chandelier | Faux Tree | Tree Basket | Reindeer Moss | Lamps | Framed Art Print | Curtain Rod (120″-240″) | Curtain Rings | Foyer Lantern Pendant | Foyer Chest | Mirror | Large Cement Vase | Jute Entry Rug | Black Pedestal Planter | Dining Table – RH (similar) | Sideboard – RH

As a quick note, both the entry chest and entry mirror — they’re back in stock — are on sale during today’s annual Way Day. The mirror is listed for $89.99 and the chest is $354.99; both ship free, too!

I’ll be sharing the result of our conversation room makeover next week so if you aren’t already, you can subscribe to emails at the bottom of this post and get the first alert with the before and after goes live!

Room Sources & Details

Paint: Sherwin Williams Iron Ore

Flooring: Nottaway Hickory in Weathered Saddle

Furniture: Dining Chairs (similar) | Dining Table – RH (similar) | Sideboard – RH | Mirror – HomeGoods

Decorative Accents: Viburnum Centerpiece | Rug | Faux Tree | Tree Basket | Reindeer Moss | Framed Art Print (40″x30″; gilded wood frame) | Geode (similar) | Tea Service — antique

Lighting: Lamps | Chandelier Foyer Lantern Pendant

Windows: Curtains — Linen Weave Vanilla Bean (enter code KELLEY for an extra 5% off lowest sale price) | Curtain Rod (120″-240″) | Curtain Rings 

Bar Cart: Bar Cart | Bowls | Magnolia Plates (similar) | Driftwood Chargers (similar) | Faux Olive Branches | Decanter| Gold-Rimmed Wine Glasses (similar)

Foyer: Foyer Chest | Mirror | Jute Entry RugLarge Cement Vase | Black Pedestal Planter | Foyer Lantern Pendant

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  1. 4.28.21
    Wendy said:

    What a difference paint can make, I’ve always loved your dining room but I’m even more in love with it now. The colour is gorgeous and makes all your furniture and accessories pop. Love it all, you’re so clever.

    • 4.29.21

      Hi Wendy, Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by to tour my “new” dining room, I am so flattered that you like it as much as I do. I appreciate your kind note!

  2. 4.28.21
    Lori Fairfax said:

    It truly is a beautiful room. I loved the before (it was an inspiration for my dining room) but the after is truly beautiful too. I love the color and it shows yet again the power of paint and some new accessories. Thanks for sharing.

    • 4.29.21

      Hi Lori, Thank you! I am so glad you like our “new” dining room. It was important that we were able to incorporate our existing pieces with the makeover. You are so right that paint is powerful!

  3. 4.28.21
    Kim Bedzyk said:

    This room is simply gorgeous! I love everything about it. Thinking of taking that dark paint plunge but not sure I have enough natural light to pull it off!
    I love the drapes too- did you order the ivory colored liner to match or the white? Thank you!

    • 4.29.21

      Hi Kim, Thank you for your sweet note! Paint colors can be so scary and you are right that the natural light makes a big difference in how the color looks. I can’t say enough about the drapes and SelectBlinds. Their products are superb! The liner color for these drapes is white.

  4. 4.28.21
    Gail said:

    Dear Kelley: Absolutely Stunning! Even though I loved your blue dining room – it felt like “lunch” …. now it feels like an elegant evening dinner! Love how the green faux really added finishing touches. Looks amazing. I have only one small suggestion – paint out the heat duct to match your flooring. It would hide it. Such a beautiful room. Love following you. Enjoy your new Dining room. Gail

    • 4.29.21

      Hi Gail, Thank you for touring my “new” dining room. I love your lunch to evening dinner comparison…so clever! I appreciate your tip on painting the heat duct. We did take the time to actually paint the outlet and light switch covers to match the walls. I had never noticed the duct cover. Thank you for your kind note!

  5. 4.28.21
    Virginia Belcher said:

    Absolutely gorgeous. Didn’t think I would love the dark paint color so much. Beautiful job.

    • 4.29.21

      Virginia, Thank you so much for taking the time to visit and for your kind note. I really appreciate your support!

  6. 4.28.21
    Sharon said:

    I am head over heels in love with your “new” dining room! I can’t believe the way the Iron Ore paint (who knew deep, dark colors could be so warm!) makes your chandelier just GLOW! And the way the light bounces of the mirror is just stunning. I kept trying to imagine cement-look lamps in such a sophisticated space, but they are perfect! You have completely accomplished creating a warm, sophisticated, comfortable, welcoming and stunning room for family and friends. It’s a knock-out!

    • 4.29.21

      Sharon, Thank you so much! You are so right that the new paint color gave new life to our chandelier. I fell in love with it all over again and it looks totally different from how it looked before in the blue room. We plan on using this room more in the future since it has come alive!

  7. 4.28.21
    Vickie carroll said:

    Dinning room is beautiful! Always love looking at your decorating ideas. You are very talented!!!

    • 4.29.21

      Vickie, Thank you so much for taking the time to visit. Your kind note is appreciated! xoxo

  8. 4.28.21
    Maggie said:

    Blown away! This is absolutely stunning, and I normally am not a fan of dark walls. It’s so polished and moody. Love it. Great job, Kelly!

    • 4.29.21

      Hi Maggie, Thank you so much! “Moody” was the exact look I wanted to capture, so I appreciate that you feel the same.

  9. 4.28.21
    Cassie Adolphson said:

    It is beautiful!

    • 4.29.21

      Cassie, Thank you for taking the time to visit. I really appreciate your sweet note! xoxo

  10. 4.28.21
    Lisa said:

    Your dining room makeover is gorgeous! I love the color, the molding, everything. It still looks bright and inviting but so classic!

    • 4.29.21

      Lisa, Thank you so much for taking the time to visit and for your kind note. I am so happy you like the new look!

  11. 4.28.21
    Pat said:

    Absolutely STUNNING!

    • 4.29.21

      Pat, Thank you so much! I really appreciate you stopping by to take a look.

  12. 4.28.21
    Trudy Chambers said:

    Beautiful dining room, love the light and dark contrast, you hit it out the ball park again Kelleynan!👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

    • 4.29.21

      Trudy, Thank you so much! I truly appreciate your support and your sweet note.

  13. 4.28.21
    Linda said:

    I remember seeing a glimpse of the lamps and thinking Ewww. THEY’RE PERFECT. Timeless and classic for the win!

    • 4.29.21

      Hi Linda, Thank you for your note and for giving me a chuckle. I’m so glad you approve of the lamps. I love them!

  14. 4.28.21
    Susan Carr said:

    Kelley, I love the dining room redo! It is moody beautiful! I also think the rustic lamps look great and was so happy you are using the crystal bowl on the bar cart. Happy Mother’s Day!

    • 4.29.21

      Aunt Susan, Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by. I am so glad you love the “new” dining room. The crystal bowl you gifted to us from BeBe will always have a special place in our home. Happy Mother’s Day to you and Izzy! xoxo

  15. 4.28.21
    Denise said:

    Exquisite, simply exquisite!

    • 4.29.21

      Denise, Your constant and kind support means the world to me. Thank you so much for being “here.” xoxo

  16. 4.28.21
    Cecilia from Georgia said:

    Elegant! I love the color and the sheen. Is that Semi-gloss? I think it’s wonderful that you could make just a few purchases to impact the new look. Great choice of everything!

    • 5.6.21

      Hi Cecilia, Thank you so much for taking the time to visit and leave a note. The paint finish is satin and I was so happy to incorporate my “things” in the “new” room. It’s like everything is new again. I always appreciate your kind support so much.

  17. 4.30.21
    Heather said:

    Absolutely beautiful, this room is so perfect in my opinion, it makes me tear up. You are so talented, I love it when I see a post from you in my email folder. I cannot wait to see the conversation room.

    • 5.2.21

      Heather, Thank you so much for your kind note. I appreciate you and your support so much! The conversation room reveal is coming soon, so please stay tuned.

  18. 5.1.21
    Kristin Smith said:

    I absolutely love your new dining room! Absolutely stunning. Can’t wait to see your conversation room!

    • 5.2.21

      Kristin, Thank you for taking the time to stop by. I appreciate your sweet note! The conversation room reveal is coming soon…I promise!

  19. 5.4.21
    Charmaine Clarke said:

    Love it!!!

    • 5.6.21

      Charmaine, Thank you so much for taking the time to visit. I appreciate your kind note!

  20. 7.27.21
    Tami from SD said:

    I’m trying to do the same thing, update and bring in some organic decor pieces. You did a great job in this room, thanks for the inspiration!

    • 7.27.21

      Hi Tami, Thank you for taking the time to stop by and for your kind note. I wish you the best as you work on your update and most importantly, have fun!

  21. 8.4.21
    Ivory said:

    Everything is absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for sharing you nailed this space, every niche.

    • 8.5.21

      Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by! This makeover was a really fun one to do.

      • 10.30.21
        Amanda said:

        This dining room is exquisite! Did you light the paint shade by any percentage, or straight up Iron Ore?

        • 11.1.21

          Hi Amanda, Thank you for taking the time to visit! We went “straight up” Iron Ore in the dining room. As a note, this room does get a lot of natural light during the day.

  22. 10.4.21
    brenda b said:

    love your post. Keep up the good work.

    Have you found any good dups for Curry & Company Lights?

  23. 10.6.21
    Ivory said:

    Your home is breathtaking. I love it all. Thanks for sharing

    • 10.8.21

      Ivory, Thank you for visiting. I appreciate your kind note so much!

  24. 11.2.21
    Yvonne said:

    Hi Kelley,
    Can you tell me if your Broken Clouds picture is an art print with plexiglas over it or a canvas print with no glass? I love it! Your dining room is so pretty!

    I also have the same PB rug that you have under your dining room table in my great room and I love it so much!

    Thank you!

    • 11.3.21

      Hi Yvonne, It’s a print and I did the UV plexi option. Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by. I love that rug so much that I also have it in my living room.

  25. 11.27.21
    Noreen D Edwards said:

    what finish is the iron ore in? It looks a bit shiny.

    • 11.29.21

      Hi Noreen, The paint finish is satin. Thank you for stopping by.

  26. 3.3.22
    Michelle said:

    What color is the neutral paint in the other room? It looks kind of beige/cream, but was wondering the exact color?

  27. 7.16.22
    Cindi said:

    Love what you’ve done! What did you do with your outlet covers and light switch covers?

    • 7.18.22

      Hi Cindi, Thank you for taking the time to stop by and for your kind note. The painter painted the existing outlet covers and switch covers, but we left the “innards” alone.

  28. 9.14.22
    lori giustiniani said:

    what is the ceiling height in this dining room?

    • 9.15.22

      Lori, Thank you for taking the time to stop by! I believe the ceiling height is nine feet and the tray is a bit taller than that.

  29. 11.19.23
    Lauren said:

    I LOVE this room. Where is the large mirror from?

    • 11.19.23

      Thank you for stopping by, Lauren. I purchased the mirror years ago from Home Goods.