(Maybe the Last?) Conversation Room Update! + 20 Pretty Wall Sconces Under $150

I’m hoping this will be the last conversation room “update” before finally sharing the end result of this near-year-long makeover project! But, because I haven’t posted anything since November and I’m still waiting on a few final touches, I thought I’d go ahead and share progress we’ve made since last time. Because we’re also focusing on finally having lighting in here, I’ve also included 20 wall sconces under $150 in the post!

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When I started this effort last summer, I intentionally wanted to take my time. I planned to go slow, piecing things together little by little, instead of all at once. I wanted it to be simple if I made a mis-step to veer into another direction without throwing a bunch of stuff in the room and deciding I hated it. But, of course shipping and production has been a bit more delayed this past year than anticipated 😉 so we’ve moved even a little slower than I thought we would. But, it’s coming together and the former “formal” living room is feeling so much better!

Here is a link to the final reveal of the completed Conversation Room.

Wall Sconces & Room Lighting

One of the biggest functional improvements to the room was lighting. I don’t just mean, subbing in some attractive lighting, either. Aside from a lamp, we had no lighting. Not only did we have electricity run to do an overhead light, but I also had electricity run to the walls to install wall sconces.

living room ideas and inspiration with sconces and a black statement feature ceiling

Bird Art (set) | Sconces (similar) | Belgian Flax Linen Pillow Covers (Sage Grass; 24″) | Large Cement Vase | Smaller Stone-like Vase

This is also a detail that kind of required the “plan” and furniture layout to actually come together. The black cabinet anchoring the room is a piece I’ve had since we moved in and I didn’t want it to go anywhere. But, I also wasn’t totally convinced it would work on the back wall without some additional details to balance it out. I decided that maybe this was my chance to finally grab THIS set of bird prints I’ve looked at for years — maybe this was finally the place for them. Here are a few pretty, similar traditional art print sets…

Scroll & Tap to Shop or Get the Details

And while they aren’t “fine” art and I didn’t necessarily want to place picture lights above them, I did decide to install sconces that would more or less create mood lighting and ambiance for the whole room. All the lighting is set to dimmer switches and I love how the sconces work both independently from the chandelier, but also together when the overhead is on.

affordable modern living room sconces

Bird Art (set) | Sconces (similar) | Large Cement Vase 

I’ll wait for the reveal to share how the entire wall plays together 😉

modern lighting sconces in the living room

Faux Rubber Tree | Bird Art (set) | Sconces (similar)|

There were a few splurges I made in the room but the set of sconces wasn’t one of them. While there are a lot of pretty, high dollar wall sconce options out there, there’s also a lot of beautiful budget-friendly options! Below, I’ve gathered 20 single-light wall sconces under $150, that would all work well in the way I’ve used the pair of wall sconces in our conversation room. Also to note — most of these wall sconces come in multiple finishes, and some even already come as a set of two! You can find the links to each source at the bottom of the graphic.

Affordable, Pretty Sconces Under

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20

Number 1 is the sconce I opted for, with an irregular milk glass dome; I love how clean it is! You can get a pair of Number 17 for $88 today, and a pair of Number 3 for $94 when you apply the extra discount coupon on the product listing. I am so in love with how unique Number 5 is and the ribbed shade on Number 6. Number 6 actually comes in 4 different finishes! Number 7 actually has a cool swing arm, is currently listed at $84.99, and ships free via PRIME. Number 8 comes with four different shade color options. Number 9 comes in two finish options (both antique brass and black) and is listed at only $69.99 — it also ships free via PRIME. Number 10 is incredibly unique and comes in both the picture black, as well as warm brass — it’s a crazy good deal at $55.99 and also ships free! Number 12 is available in both a 6″ shade ($79) or an 8″ shade ($99) and comes in four finish options. Number 13 is a versatile classic, is under $75, and ships free. Number 15 is on sale today for under $100 and Number 16 is on sale for just under $150 today — for both, if you spend over $600, take another 10% off with code OKLTAKE10. Probably the best deal in the affordable wall sconce roundup is Number 18 — currently $33.71 and ships free! The two-toned metals on this one make it so easy to mix and match finishes throughout your space! Number 19 comes in FIVE finishes, is only $79.99 and ships free via PRIME. And last, but not least, Number 20 comes in four finishes, is currently $69.99, and ships free.

And while I’ve already shared my chandelier, I love how the crisp white shades coordinate with the white milk glass on the wall sconces, while the more creamy candlestick covers tone it down and warm it up a bit.

statement chandelier with a black planked shiplap ceiling with black beams

Chandelier – aged iron; large

Furnishings & Accessories Update

Styling the inside of the black cabinet is one of the projects I haven’t tackled just yet but between sentimental pieces and family photos, I want this shelf unit to be one of the most special spots in the house — totally filled with memories and family mementos. Because a lot of that is old, I’m added a few new pieces to balance it out. I stocked up on these thin gold photo frames (LARGE HERE) (SMALL HERE) because while I’ll be using these on the cabinet shelves, whichever frames aren’t used can go in another room (I’m totally overdue in ordering photos, anyway). They can accomodate photos all the way to the frame edges but I love the floating look.

shelf styling in the works with photo frames

Gold Frames (small) | Gold Frames (large)

Another new addition was THIS black side table. I wanted something small but hefty and waited until the loveseat arrived before determining the size I wanted. I wasn’t confident that a typical drum table would support a lamp (I ultimately went with THIS one! on sale today for 20% off and ships free HERE), so I opted for something with a little bit of a wider surface but a stumpy base. This piece is solid acacia wood and heavy!

Black drum table as side table in the conversation room

Black Side Table | Canvas Landscape Art | Rug

And the loveseat… wow. I love it. Unlike our living room sofas — which have been excellent — the York sloped arm loveseat came with down blend wrapped cushions and it is so incredibly comfortable. Per the usual, I did go with a performance fabric — Performance Everydaylinen Crypton Oatmeal — which is also the same fabric my mom just used on her new sofa. It’s light but also seems like it will hide things pretty well. Since we’ve been able to keep our Ivory sofas in great shape, I have no doubt these will be even easier.

Pottery Barn York loveseat in linen- perfect for a small living room

York Slope Arm Loveseat (Performance Everydaylinen Crypton Oatmeal) | Belgian Flax Linen Pillow Covers (Sage Grass; 24″) | Black Side Table

My coffee table also arrived recently and at 27.5″ x 51″, it’s the perfect size for this room. I think I’m going to have to do a follow-up post after the room reveal because while I mix finishes and woods, I’ve never done it quite as much as I have in this room. And, I am loving the collected look.

small coffee table decor and a conversation room update

Coffee Table | Round Wooden Black Tray (medium)| Tassel Beads | Coasters | Seagrass Planter (SIMILAR) | Coffee Table Book: Live Beautiful | Coffee Table Book: Made for Living | Coffee Table Book: Great Houses of the South

I purchased THIS hand-carved wooden tray last year, specifically for this room, but it’s already been used in the living room and breakfast nook, too. It’s so versatile and I love the black contrast, coupled with the warm wood! It’s beautiful in person and comes in medium (which is the size I have), and also a larger size.

coffee table decor in the conversation room

Coffee Table | Round Wooden Black Tray (medium)| Tassel Beads | Coasters | Seagrass Planter (SIMILAR

A functional piece I added to the mix in this small space is THIS inexpensive, woven trunk — it’s comes with a hinged top but is even collapsible. I plan to use it for pillow/blanket storage, and it may even serve as overflow space for some of Eliza’s downstairs *things*.

pretty living room storage -- rattan trunk

Water Hyacinth Storage Trunk

And remember this secretary desk that I found on Facebook Marketplace? I was so proud of this score — $100 for a piece from the 1800s — and while I had every intention of refinishing it (even before I purchased it), now that I’ve lived with it and have added to the room, I am actually loving how it looks. When I decided to leave the wood tone as-is, I was at minimum going to switch the hardware; now, I’ve decided even that is staying as-is. I ordered THIS Tibet Almond Stick to clean up the scratches a bit — I’m hoping it turns out well! My mom’s movers used this wax on some of her scratched furniture and it was truly like magic! They just rubbed it on, rubbed it off, and while the indent was still there, you couldn’t actually see the scratches anymore. I’ll have to post a before and after when I get this part done!

antique secretary desk in an otherwise transitional conversation room

Black Urn (small) | Stoneware Vase

What’s Left?

Ok, so we’ve taken a quick run-through of new additions and peeks here and there… so what’s left?

  • Waiting on drapes to arrive — will have to order rod, rings, and get everything hung.
  • Repair scratches on desk
  • Order photos and style the inside of the cabinet
  • Waiting on throw pillows
  • Hang mirror above desk
  • Hang art on side wall

That’s it! It almost seems silly that for a room that had to have electrical work, paint, and a full planked ceiling that the details are down to pillows, but, I’m also relieved and excited to finalize this space. I recently shared a dining room update (HERE) and the rug I ordered comes this week! Because this room and the dining room are positioned on either side of the entry, I really think the flow and cohesion is going to be so much better. You can find the original design plan and the “before” of the space HERE.

You can make sure you catch the reveal of the conversation room, see what’s next, and follow along with other room projects to come this year by subscribing to emails in the bottom of the post!

Here is a link to the final reveal of the completed Conversation Room.

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  1. 2.16.21
    Sharon said:

    I love the eclectic mix of pieces — they do look collected and not I-bought-everything-I-saw-at-the-furniture-store look. It makes your room so personal and unique. I am so excited for the reveal!

    • 2.17.21

      Sharon, Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by! Your feedback is so appreciated. Please stay tuned for the next and final steps.

  2. 2.16.21
    Haneen said:

    It’s looking SO good! Love it!

    • 2.17.21

      Haneen, Thank you so much! This has been a fun project…long, but fun! xoxo

  3. 2.16.21
    Pam said:

    Kelly, is the sofa from Potterybarn? You don’t mention where you got it and the link you provided takes me to the glass and gold picture frames.


    • 2.16.21
      Joanna said:

      Tap York Sloped Arm Sofa under picture and 5gat takes you directly to Pottery Barn.

      Your room is coming together beautifully, Kelly. I love the mix of wood finishes.

      • 2.17.21

        Joanna, Thank you for visiting. I appreciate your feedback and kind note!

    • 2.17.21

      Hi Pam, Thank you for stopping by and for alerting me of the link issue. It has now been corrected!

  4. 2.16.21
    Linda said:

    Were you going to show your Mom’s new house? Or did you, and I missed it?

    • 2.17.21

      Hi Linda, I have not posted an update in a while, but certainly need to do so. Thank you for your interest and please stay tuned!

  5. 2.16.21
    Martha said:

    This space has come together so beautifully. Love how collected it looks.

    • 2.17.21

      Martha, Thank you so much for taking the time to visit. I appreciate your sweet message so much!

  6. 2.16.21

    Just lovely! I cannot wait to see the “big reveal”…would you please share the wall color for this room?
    Thank you!
    Lori in Oregon

    • 2.17.21

      Hi Lori, Thank you for visiting and for your kind note. The paint color is Edgecomb Gray by Benjamin Moore.

  7. 2.16.21

    Looks beautiful!!! I’d love to come and sit with you in this room and learn how to grow my blog as successfully as you have yours PLUS I’d love all your decor pointers!!

    • 2.17.21

      Thank you for taking the time to stop by. I appreciate your feedback and sweet note very much!

  8. 2.16.21
    Tamisha said:

    LOVE everything, as usual! But those coasters got me. What a gorgeous find! I added them to my wish list!

    • 2.17.21

      Tamisha, Thank you for taking the time to stop by and check out the update. I love those coasters, too. The colors are perfect for the room. Eliza has also enjoyed relocating them to different spots around the house!

  9. 2.16.21
    Ann said:

    Kelly, the trunk is linked to a Spanish language version. Lol! For those of us not smart enough to change it to English, could you re-link? Thought you’d want to know. This room is outstanding…so many beautiful ideas!

    • 2.17.21

      Ann, Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by. I also appreciate you providing the alert on the trunk link. It has now been corrected. xoxo

  10. 2.16.21
    Michelle Fox said:

    I have been wanting to read this all day!! I purposely waited for some quiet time after dinner to curl up on the couch with a cup of hot cocoa. 😉 I just love how you take your time to carefully select each item! Love your classic elegant decor.

    • 2.17.21

      Michelle, Thank you for always taking the time to visit. I appreciate your sweet message and kind support.

  11. 2.16.21
    Trudy said:

    You always live up to such talent…. I’m in awe of everything you do, the room is beautiful!

    • 2.17.21

      Trudy, Thank you so much for taking the time to visit. Your sweet note is so appreciated!

  12. 2.17.21
    Appellointeriors said:

    These are amazing! Thanks for sharing

  13. 2.17.21
    Ivory said:

    All I can say is, your style is amazing. I love-love how you were able to pull different pieces together, and make them work. I can’t wait, to see the entire house tour. I know everything will be fantastic

    • 2.19.21

      Ivory, Thank you so much for taking the time to visit. I appreciate your kind note so much! xoxo

  14. 2.18.21
    dianne mcneely said:

    Exactly, what is a conversation room? I love what you have done to the room & look forward to receiving your emails. Just want to let you know, you’re prettier than the picture you have posted.

    • 2.19.21

      Dianne, Thank you for taking the time to visit. This space was formerly our “formal living room” and barely used. I wanted to create a space where we can visit with guests without the distractions that may occur in the family room. Hence, the conversation room was born. I also appreciate your sweet compliment. Thank you!