Happy Easter! April Board of the Month

This month’s “Board of the Month” is a little bitter sweet. Not surprisingly, April’s theme is Easter; is your priority right now to whip up a display of edible goodness? Maybe? Maybe not? Ok, so yes — this Easter is going to look different for all of us. That doesn’t mean it’s cancelled (no one could ever cancel Easter!); it just means we may have to be a little more resourceful with how we celebrate. In our house, we are trying to think about not what we can’t do, but what we can and what we get to do. Watch church in bed with coffee? Heck yes! Dye eggs in pjs? Absolutely. Turn our traditional dinner into a cookout for just us? Very likely. You can still have a backyard egg hunt and if you’re really wanting to embrace this year being different, why not evolve your standard hunt into a scavenger hunt, complete with clues? We can be as frugal/creative/resourceful as we need to be and still celebrate the reason for Easter and have fun while modifying our traditions a little. Regardless of what we can and can’t do, I will be here, continuing to create and provide ideas for as long as I can — even for moments of escapism, distraction, or inspiration for a future date. So today, we’re talking Easter boards! As I aim to do with a lot of my content, I’m so glad I was able to prepare April’s board in advance. And if this is something you want to do this weekend, you can still create a whimsical display — even with an abbreviated or modified version. Along with the break down the details on my Easter board — that you can save for now or later — I’ll give some alternative ideas as we go along.

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Pretty Easter Dessert Tray

Easter Board

Still not feeling it this year? You can pin this idea for future seasons 😉 But, for those who are still looking for at-home Easter ideas, let’s talk about it. I went the route of candies and sweets and stuck to pastels; and, instead of using a board from my arsenal, I used one of my favorite rattan serving trays (HERE) — not only to contain the loose sweets but to also give it an “Easter basket” vibe. Here’s the result.

Candy and Sweets Style Easter Board -- The Next Charcuterie Board

Sources: Rattan Tray | Plastic Easter Eggs | Bird’s Nest (similar) | Lemon Sandwich Cookies (similar) | Bunny Bait Trail Mix | Cotton Candy (similar) | Sweet Tarts | Robin Eggs | Macarons | Dove Chocolate Eggs | Easter Grass | Bunny Cookie (similar) |  Bunny Grahams | Chocolate Carrots | Peeps | Fruit Fun Marshmallows (similar)| Reese’s Miniatures | Peanut M&M’s | Rock Candy SticksHershey’s Kisses

Like I said, I was able to prep this in advance and I am not suggesting anyone go in-store for non-essentials. Even when we are already in the grocery store for our rare trips, I’ve kept it as quick as possible and haven’t wanted to deviate from meal supplies. In and out. But, if you also prepared weeks ago for the possibility of being homebound this weekend, you may just have a stash in your pantry you can allocate towards a tray of Easter treats.

If you are still using Target for grocery pick-up, I was able to source a good bit of my board from their pantry section.

Easter Candy and Sweets Board

Sweets aren’t an option? Raid your pantry and fridge and turn it into an Easter picnic board. The majority of my cheese boards are crafted not by going through a shopping list at the grocery store, but by seeing what I already have on hand. Pull out your crackers, olives, pickles, fruits and veggies and see what you come up with. Goldfish, peanut butter spread on saltines, chips and salsa… who doesn’t love a board of finger foods for lunch?

Easter Dessert Idea for Hosting a Get-Together

I know even though shelves are clearing quickly right now, we don’t actually have a food shortage. But, I have been hyper sensitive about being extra conservative and trying to 1. make what we have last and 2. not let what we do have go to waste. My goal is to only set foot in a store if and when absolutely necessary. So far, it’s worked well 😉 And, I don’t know about you but my conservatism has moved beyond food items; overnight, I found myself paying much more attention to being smarter with everything we use in our home from napkins and sandwich baggies to shampoo and laundry detergent. Not a bad practice to be improving upon that will hopefully become habit long after this ends.

Easy Easter Dessert Idea -- a Spring Candy and Dessert Board

Whether you’re going for a candy board with sweets you already scored, plan to grab, are ordering for delivery, or, you’re opting for an Easter picnic board of finger foods, check your Easter and spring arsenal for ideas on what you can incorporate. I used little bird nests as bowls that I hadn’t pulled out in five years!

How to Make an Easter Tray -- Dessert Ideas

Easter Candy Platter and Display

A Charcuterie Style Easter Sweets Tray

For the full run-down, here’s what my board consists of.

How to Make an Easter Candy and Sweets Board

Sources: Rattan Tray | Plastic Easter Eggs | Bird’s Nest (similar) | Lemon Sandwich Cookies (similar) | Bunny Bait Trail Mix | Cotton Candy (similar) | Sweet Tarts | Robin Eggs | Macarons | Dove Chocolate Eggs | Easter Grass | Bunny Cookie (similar) |  Bunny Grahams | Chocolate Carrots | Peeps | Fruit Fun Marshmallows (similar)| Reese’s Miniatures | Peanut M&M’s | Rock Candy SticksHershey’s Kisses

Claiming normalcy where I can and keeping to my routine is feeding my soul right now. This Easter may be different but it can still be beautiful. Thank you to you all for continuing to give me a reason to share, create, and do. My blog is built on my love for all things home — and sharing that passion — so I hope that now, more than ever, it can be a source of inspiration for a simple project, an easy organization idea, or even a family-friendly go-to meal. Sending wishes of health to you all — happy Easter and enjoy your special weekend with those you live with.

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  1. 4.7.20
    Sharon said:

    I do appreciate your positive attitude in preparing to celebrate this beautiful holiday. Yes, it will be different with fewer loved ones around the table, but it will still be celebrated with the things — and foods! — that make Easter special for us. Wishing you a blessed Easter with many, many thanks for being there for us.

    • 4.8.20

      Thank you, Sharon! Yes. We must find different and new ways to celebrate this special day in these very different times. Happy Happy Easter to you and yours! xoxo

      • 3.14.21
        Tammy Stone said:

        I love 💘the fact that you have been so helpful and talented in All the beautiful celebrations 🍾of Easter, the resurrection of our Savior, Jesus. Coloring 🥚 🐣egg Hunts, Jelly Beans, Marshmallow 🐔🐥🍗🐣🐤🐓🐔children’s Peeps, and lots of children and families 👪

        • 3.15.21

          Hi Tammy, Thank you for your sweet note! Easter has always been a very special holiday for our family. I hope yours is wonderful!

      • 4.3.22
        Danara said:

        Your Easter board is amazing. Where could I find the egg nest.

        • 4.3.22

          Danara, Thank you for taking the time to stop by! I got that nest years ago, but here’s a link to a similar one. I hope you have a wonderful Easter!


  2. 4.7.20
    Gretchen Thomas said:

    Gosh…your sensitivity to today’s times mean so much. I know you planned this months ago and executed this many days ago so that we could all enjoy and celebrate the specialness of the Easter season. Thank you. This board is spectacular!

    • 4.8.20

      Thank you, thank you! This was a fun one to do! I wanted to share “normal” in these “non-normal” days. It is important to celebrate this very special week, even those this year will be different in so many ways.

  3. 4.7.20
    Lee Ann Stonehouse said:

    This is so happy and festive. It really puts a much-needed smile on my face. Thanks for inspiring us all and reminding us we should appreciate these special moments in our lives.

    • 4.8.20

      Lee Ann,
      You are the absolute sweetest! I agree that we must looks for those bits of happy wherever we can find them.
      Happy Easter to you and yours! xoxo

  4. 4.7.20
    Cecilia from Georgia said:

    Even though we cannot celebrate Easter in a traditional way, we are truly all in this together. It is refreshing to see your cheery attitude and positive outlook. Bless you, Eliza, Dave and your family during this trying time and may you enjoy being together as a family for your first Easter together. I am so thankful for the fabulous weather we are having in Georgia so we can enjoy all of God’s beauty.

    • 4.8.20

      Your sweet support means the world to me! You are right that we are all in this together. I appreciate you taking the time to view my Easter board. In light of the current time, I hesitated posting this even though I planned and shopped for this some time ago. But we must continue to look for those bits of joy wherever we find them. And you always do! xoxo

  5. 2.19.21
    Samantha said:

    Where did you find the little birds nests you used?

    • 2.19.21

      Hi Samantha, I believe I got these at a craft store years ago. I have similar ones linked at the bottom of my post. Thank you so much for stopping by!

  6. 3.1.21
    Linda said:

    Love this idea. We got to be when our kids became teenager we did a community basket. Now they are adults this is perfect!

    • 3.1.21

      Hi Linda, Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and leave a note. This was such a fun board to do. I bet your family will love it!

  7. 3.7.21
    Nicole said:

    This is so beautiful! Thank you for linking to everything! Just placed my target order. 🐰

    • 3.9.21

      Hi Nicole, Thank you so much for your kind comment. I am so glad you like the Easter board. It’s one of my favorites and so fun to do!