An Easy Fondue Dessert Board (Plus, Other Killer Party Platter Ideas)

You guys, I’ve been working behind the scenes the past few weeks but starting today, there’s gonna be a lot more action happening over here! To get back in the swing of things and to welcome the very beginnings of the fall season, I’ve joined Cindy of Rough Luxe, Mary Ann of Classic Casual Home, Annie of Most Lovely Things, and Sheri of Sheri Silver) for a Project Design installment, to share lots of ideas for food boards and entertaining platters. From a fondue dessert board (that’s me!) to charcuterie, veggies, savory, and sweet, we’ve got you covered with party platter ideas for your next dinner, tailgate, or holiday get-together.

If you’re a regular here, you know I basically bleed food boards; I think that’s because it’s like a grown up version of a “snack around the plate”. If this is your first time visiting, you’re probably like “what the heck is a ‘snack around the plate?!'”, so let me back up. 1. Long story short, it was my favorite lunch when I was growing up.  My mom would assemble a snack-laden plate – a little of this and a little of that, from string cheese to pickles – and turn it into a meal. 2. If you are new, you can find out more about me HERE and you can visit my FAQ page HERE. If you like today’s post, I’d also love for you to sign up for my emails at the bottom of the page. I have a kitchen makeover reveal coming soon, recipes, a living room revamp, and lots of holiday goodies (Christmas is basically like the Super Bowl over here on KN). So now that we know each other a little better, let’s get to the good stuff ;).

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Party Platter Ideas from the Past

I literally just shared this crudite’ board in last week’s baby shower post (HERE)…

Baby Shower Food Ideas - Quick and Easy

But I’ve also used “twinning” boards, running down the table as a centerpiece (HERE).

Outdoor Entertaining and Table Ideas with Cheese board appetizer centerpieces- blue and white nautical place settings

And earlier this year, I shared three appetizer boards that could be made into full blown meals (HERE). There was this traditional fruit and cheese board…

How to make a Traditional cheese board

This Tex-Mex board…

Southwest Mexican chips and dip appetizer board

And this fun garden board.

The perfect vegetable tray on a wooden paddle board

But you know what I’ve never talked about? A dessert board.

Party Dessert Setup

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How to Make an Easy Fondue Dessert Board

How often are you at a dinner/event with a full dessert setup with full-sized cakes and pies? Admittedly, I’m not out attending events 24/7 (haha) but whenever I am, I never want to take a full single piece of one thing. I want little bites and tastes of everything. Or, at least my favorites. Why would someone make me choose between chocolate and key lime? Give me a little of both!

Easy Fondue Dessert Board Ideas

From a guest’s perspective, I’ll take an assortment of multiple minis over a big slab of something any day. From a host’s perspective, if you want to offer “options”, it’s not exactly a quick task to whip up multiple desserts. Here’s my solution – a fondue dessert board.

Dessert Board with Dipping Sauces

Ok, so it’s not actual hot fondue but using melted chocolate, alongside caramel (you could also do a yogurt dip, white chocolate, etc.) and coming up with easy dipper ideas is a different, awesome dessert alternative. By the way, the footed board I’ve used today is one I keep on display in my kitchen; I have two in the medium size, and they’re on sale right now HERE 😉

Chocolate and Caramel Fondue Dippers

You can set it out, buffet-style, or, bring it out later in the evening where people are congregating. If you’re hosting a sit-down dinner, you can even wait until after everyone has finished their main course, and then bring it out to be passed at the table.

Fruit and Baked Goods Dessert Platter Ideas

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Ideas for Chocolate Fondue

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

So… What’s On the Dessert Platter?

You can go as homemade (or pre-packaged) as you want – depending on time you have available during your prep. The concept is fun and different from what your guests are probably used to, but the presentation is everything. Here’s what I used:

  • Brownie Bites
  • Apple Slices (drizzled in lemon juice to keep them from browning)
  • Pretzel Rods
  • Rice Krispy Treats
  • Pound Cake
  • Strawberries
  • Wafer Sandwich Cookies
  • Oreos
  • Chocolate Dip
  • Caramel Dip

Dessert Platter Ideas with Chocolate and Caramel Dipping Sauces

Party Platter and Food Board Presentation Tips

Some of my guidelines (I say that loosely because anything goes!) and tips for setting up a gorgeous, overflowing board:

  1. More is more. Don’t be shy about covering your board so much that you can’t see the bottom! Pile those bites high.
  2. Use different shapes and make different cuts. On this board, I could have “chunked” the pound cake but thin slices gave that part of the board a little different shape and scale to help define things a little more. If you are working on a veggie/garden board, maybe you cut some items but slice others into rings. Maybe you even leave a few whole as garnish.
  3. Don’t be afraid to add mini plates/bowls to compartmentalize a little more.
  4. Go BIG on the board. I mean, it doesn’t have to be huge but part of the deal in coming up with an easy display is you’ve got to actually make it sumptuous and appear a little “grand”. If you’re going for variety, make sure there is enough variety for everyone.
  5. Use different colors.
  6. It’s a-okay to add in a “wild card” 😉

Dessert Dippers for Chocolate and Caramel Fondue

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Sweet Fondue Dipping Ideas

Dessert Ideas for Your Next Party

With the holidays just around the corner, coming up with easy-to-create food displays is going to save you a lot of time (and internal debate of “which pie should I slave over this time?” Make sure you check out the ideas from my friends below and start making note of some gorgeous displays and pairings.

Classic Casual Home

Rough Luxe Lifestyle

Sheri Silver

Most Lovely Things

Have a go-to food board? Let me know about it in the comment section below! And, before you go, you can follow me on Instagram HERE where I share daily happenings and exclusive content; you can also subscribe to my emails below as a reminder to come back and visit with me soon as I share fun projects, ideas, and upcoming reveals.

Ideas for Platters and Food Boards for Parties

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  1. 9.13.18

    You definitely ARE the queen of party platters…so many great ideas here. Your dessert platter has something for everyone!!! Thanks so much for participating with us! There is a lot to pin to my party and recipe boards.
    Mary Ann

    • 9.21.18

      I absolutely LOVED this fun topic; thank you for inviting me to the challenge! xoxo

  2. 9.13.18
    Joanna said:

    Beautifully displayed cheese and dessert boards. I plan on using your desert tray. It’s so easy! I’m thinking it would be perfect for book club.
    I like to serve a champagne infused raspberry jam with my Brie. It seems the perfect accompaniment. And, lots of wine! ?

    • 9.21.18

      Oh, I think that is an awesome idea!! Best of luck; I bet it will be a hit 😉

  3. 9.13.18

    Kelly what a fabulous idea for dessert Everone loves more than one choice. I am not a dessert fan but this looks fun even to me! Thanks so much for joining us. Your posts are always so inspiring!

    • 9.21.18

      Cindy, thank you so much for having me! I absolutely loved doing this with you ladies! xoxo

  4. 9.14.18
    Debbie said:

    Where have these boards been all my life! What a great idea for simple dessert and appetizer or light meals! I love your displays and now I must get me a couple boards. These will be great for football watching. Thanks so much for your post. Thank you.

    • 9.21.18

      For football watching = perfect! I can’t get enough of those boards, either- I have 3 haha. They used to have 4-5 sizes but now only carry 2 :/

  5. 9.14.18
    Sheri said:

    Kelley! As a person who lives by the mantra “Life is short – eat dessert first”, I love that you took a sweet twist on this typically savory topic! Beautiful photos too, and SO creative! So happy to have discovered your lovely blog; I’m a fan!

    • 9.21.18

      Sheri, such wise words to live by haha 😉 So happy to connect with YOU! Wishing you a fabulous weekend!! xoxo

  6. 9.14.18

    Such a fantastic ideas I love fondue, with all the dipping options, this is such a fun spin on it. Perfect for a night under the stars with friends.

    • 9.21.18

      Jen, I like the way you think! We need to do this asap 😉

  7. 9.14.18

    You indeed are the most gracious hostess! I love all your boards, but your fondue board is so colorful and would work for many occasions! From book club to a kids birthday party…and those black and white plates too! Love your tips…More is more! I have to remember that!

    • 9.21.18

      Annie, thank you so much for having me! I always say “more is more”- makeup, hair, gaudy jewelry… haha! Wishing you a fabulous weekend xoxo

  8. 9.14.18
    Kim said:

    What kind of chocolate/caramel did u buy? Did u make it? Brand/kind? Beautiful!!!

    • 9.21.18

      Hi, Kim! The caramel is Marzetti’s and the chocolate was actually just the cup on the baking aisle that comes in chips that you microwave. It stays soft (and dip-able) for a long time!

  9. 9.14.18
    Ivory said:

    Yum! You has stolen my heart. Each display of my favorite goodies looks amazingly mouthwatering. I love these ideas how you displayed each. Thank you!

    • 9.21.18

      Ivory, thank YOU! You are so kind to visit with me today! xo

  10. 9.14.18
    Gail Storti said:

    Oh my! Talk about mouth watering deliciousness. 5 blogs with the most beautiful food boards I’ve ever seen! Thank you for all the ideas and inspiration for my next party or even small get together.

    • 9.21.18

      Gail, I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I loved going through them all and making mental notes of ideas, too! xoxo

  11. 9.15.18
    Jo said:

    I absolutely LOVE this idea! I do cheese boards, and vegie boards all the time, but why have I never thought of a dessert board? I am making this for a BBQ we are attending tomorrow night. Thank you!

    • 9.21.18

      Jo, I am with you! Everything should be the possibility of a board!! Haha I hope it went perfectly 😉