Baby Shower Ideas for Twins (and Ways to Incorporate an Easy Noah’s Ark Theme)

Whether you’re planning a celebration for one or two (or 3+!), I’ve got you covered with a comprehensive rundown of some of the most important baby shower planning details! Read on for  tons of baby shower ideas for twins – with a Noah’s Ark animal theme – from decorations and food to games and favors.

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When my dear friend texted me a sonogram photo of not just one, but two babies she was carrying, one of the first things I said was, “no pressure, but… can I host a baby shower??” Of course, I wanted her family and friends to come together to celebrate her. But, I was also excited for the opportunity to plan, play, and create. It was actually Mama Nan who had the idea of an animal-centric, Noah’s Ark themed event during one of our Saturday morning phone dates brainstorming sessions. Babies + animals = cute, but ark pairs + twins = perfect! As of last weekend, the shower is over and I’m ready to take you through all the details.


The first place I was able to subtly share the theme to guests was through the invitations. (This is the perfect time to set the tone and give the first impression!) I found a design with animals using an upside down umbrella as a boat – sold! If that doesn’t say “Noah’s Ark”, I don’t know what does. I created custom text on the back to drive it home –


I customized coordinating envelope stamps in the babies’ initials and left it to Minted to address via the spreadsheet I uploaded into my account (I always use this option since it looks great, saves time, and is free). The liner I added inside each envelope even had rain droplets – they were the quickest, cutest invitations I’ve ever assembled.

Twin Baby Shower Ideas, Including Noah's Ark Themed Invitations


Instead of sashes or pins for Ansley and her daughter (I learned a long time ago when it comes to new babies, it’s special to find ways to include the older siblings – another lesson from Mama Nan 😉 ), I asked my friend and floral designer, Jennifer to create corsages for the big sis and mama-to-be. She asked for a few basics and then showed up the afternoon of the shower with the most gorgeous orchid duo I’d ever seen.

Orchid Corsage with Navy and Mint Green Color Scheme

Aren’t these precious?! Each had a different bracelet – the smallest resembled a slap-bracelet and the larger one was on a stretchy, beaded band.

Orchid Corsages for Mom and Sister at Baby Shower

I had a tray table set up with “Wishes for Baby(ies)” cards I’d typed and printed, along with tv show recommendations for upcoming late nights.

Baby Shower Ideas for Twins with Baby Wishes Box

I’m not a mom but I remembered one friend telling me that when she would get up in the middle of the night with her newborn is when she started binge watching some shows I had recommended. I thought having an arsenal of recommendations on hand would equip our guest of honor well. See a few of my favorite, binge-worthy shows HERE.

Baby Shower TV Show Recommendations for Mom


My stance, 100%, is that it makes more of an impact to focus on decorating a few key “zones” heavily, than trying to put a little bit everywhere. I chose to come up with a plan for the dining room (for the food and beverage zone), breakfast nook (favor and treat zone), and the fireplace (gift zone). That’s it. Instead of thinking you need to add more and more random decor, it will help keep you focused on definitive areas. Limited and easy.

A little story on the colors- I wanted them to be a little more vibrant than the standard soft blue and decided to build off of these navy, mint, and gold fans I assembled and layered on the fireplace stone.

Baby SHower with Navy, Gold, and Mint Green Color Scheme with Paper Fans

Gold & Mint Fans | Navy Fans

But then… I went a little nuts. For the fireplace balloons, I stuck to the easy route and headed to Party City to select and order my balloon bundles. They had a lot of options but not the exact colors I was looking for (if you have the time, I would totally order the exact color balloons you want, along with a helium pump – or, take them to have your own balloons inflated). I went for the oversized gold and white; what I thought was navy ended up being blue, and then I got sidetracked by the animal prints. Totally on-theme but in hindsight, wish I had stuck to the basics haha.

Baby Shower Animal Print Balloons for Noah's Ark Themed Twin Baby Shower

You guys – Dave agreed to be the errand runner the morning of the shower and I had mapped his route, all his stops, and the order he was supposed to follow so party platters would stay fresh, balloons wouldn’t pop, etc. I didn’t tell him that I had gotten a little carried away on the helium balloon front and doubted he would be able to get them all in one trip. Somehow, he managed to fit them all, clown car style, and was my MVP of the day. The things that man does for me… 😉

I created the fan display in advance, the week of the shower, and set up the balloons a few hours before the party. See? Big impact in a small area with little effort. You can also see what I mean by the balloons- they are totally fun in a carnival-type way – just a little different than I had anticipated haha.

Baby Shower Ideas for twins and Noah's Ark Themed Baby Shower


You guys know I’m a sucker for mimosa bars. Ansley threw a baby shower for one of her family members a few months ago and in seeing the details she weighed heavily and what she was attracted to – balloon garland, mom-osa bar, etc. – I wanted to include some of those things that were important to her, just in a little bit of a different way.

Baby Shower Drink Ideas with Mimosa or Momosa Bar

I had champagne chilled on ice, along with ginger ale as the non-alcoholic option. I set out three fruit juice carafes, along with a trio of  fruit garnishes.

Momosa Bar Setup for Baby Shower

And for those who preferred neither, I made an easy dispenser of citrus-infused water with lemons, limes, and orange slices.

Easy Citrus Infused Water for Shower

Aside from a few labels for the juices, I didn’t go overboard with signage and kept it simple.

Mom-osa Bar with virgin and alcoholic champagne


If you thought those fireplace balloons were the only balloons Dave fit in the car, now, you can be a little more impressed 😉 These ginormous letter balloons with the boys’ initials took up a huge amount of space, plus, we had a small balloon bundle tied to the mailbox.

Baby Shower Ideas for Twins with Noah's Ark Theme

You can see some of my food table setup and styling tips HERE and a similar table I set up for a garden party bridal shower HERE.

Instead of labeling each item, I typed, printed, and framed the menu. (You can find this Kendra Scott filigree frame HERE)

Baby Shower Menu for Food Table

Baby Shower Food Table Setup and Easy Menu Ideas

I often “outsource” some food to ease the day-of hustle, and then transfer it to my own platters. On Dave’s errand run were the Chick Fil A chicken minis…

Baby Shower Food and Menu Ideas

…and turkey lavosh platter from Publix. PS: If you are an avid Publix party platter orderer, you may or may not know that while their “pinwheel” options are limited, you can call and request custom (which is what I did here). My favorite combo is Boar’s Head turkey and swiss with lettuce and tomato.

Baby Shower Easy Food Ideas

A shortcut that makes it actually look like you tried harder is bringing out those appetizer boards and loading them down. Whether it’s cheeses, fruits, or veggies, you can  make a gorgeous display by piling the goodies on and running them down the length of the board. For my crudite’ board, I made sure I was using all different colors and tons of variety.

Crudite’ Board:

  • Cucumbers
  • Yellow bell peppers
  • Multi-colored carrots
  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower
  • Heirloom tomatoes
  • Sugar snap pea pods
  • Baby corn
  • Jumbo green stuffed olives
  • Mini gherkins

… and then I filled in and garnished the sides with some of the bunches of champagne grapes, left over from the mimosa bar.

Baby Shower Food Ideas - Quick and Easy

I used my favorite spinach and artichoke dip (again, from the package- shhh!) with different dipper options…

Easy Food Ideas with a Full Menu for Baby Shower

and special ordered animal-shaped pasta for the pasta salad. Unless the pasta shapes improve, I would not do that again. I spent $12 on a package of pasta that basically looked like a mess-up batch from the factory haha. You can’t tell that each piece is an animal so I would totally suggest saving your $$$ here 😉 But, I knew it was there, so…

Animal Pasta Salad for Noah's Ark Themed Baby Shower


I had never created a balloon garland before but I knew it was one of Ansley’s favorite parts of the shower she had hosted. So, I wanted Ansley to have some balloon garland at her shower, too. My goal was to make the balloon garland actually look like clouds to tie it in to the Noah’s Ark theme. And, it ended up being one of my favorite things. If I’m being honest, I had so much fun making the garland, I kind of want another reason to make one. (Don’t be surprised to see some random balloons making an appearance in a future post on a random Wednesday night haha.)



Easy DIY Balloon Garland to Look Like Clouds

I shared some of the process on my Instagram stories and I know my viewers thought I was nuts. After trying the air compressor and over-inflating a few, I opted for the old fashioned method and blew them all up by mouth. I survived and didn’t pass out, but I can’t tell you how many pump recommendations I got that day.

Twins Baby Shower Ideas and a Noah's Ark Theme

People were also dying to know how to make the garland. You guys. It is SO easy. I used a few different sized balloons (you can even create different sizes using the standard 12″ ones) and ordered them in flat white, shiny white, pearl white, and clear – for cloud “dimension”, obviously haha. You can’t see the detail as well in photos but I like to think they made a difference in person. Aside from the balloons, the only other “tool” I used was fishing line. That’s it. Here is the super simple tutorial from Poppies for Grace I used that worked like a charm.

Noah's Ark Themed Baby Shower Ideas for Twins

And here’s the final balloon garland result. I added a strand of blue streamers I thought kind of resembled rain; you can do a full curtain of streamers but I didn’t want to obstruct the natural light streaming in through the window.

Noah's Ark Themed Baby Shower for Twin Boys

Side note, the garland lasted over a week before I popped them all and took it down. So, if you plan on creating a garland, I bet you can do it more than a couple days in advance.


One of the first ideas I concepted was creating an ark out of an oversized dough bowl. I borrowed the “boat” from my mom and then assembled a white cardstock flag to serve as a sail on the ship. Instead of trying to come up with a solution on how to anchor the flag, I set a flower arrangement inside the ark and stuck the flag down in the floral foam. Easy.

Noah's Ark Themed Baby Shower

The other side of the ark housed the guest favors. I’ll be honest – when I first started thinking of on-theme favors, I considered umbrellas (that were too expensive) or ponchos (that wouldn’t be used). I instead settled on a “rainy day activity” (get it?) and ordered decks of inexpensive playing cards.

Baby Shower Favor Ideas

Baby Shower Guest Favor Ideas

Since the favors were small, I also included little favor bags of animal crackers the guests could munch on in the car or take home to their kids.

Animal Cracker Baby SHower Favors


The cupcakes were another shower favorite that I put a lot of thought into. I didn’t even want to think of the expense of having each cupcake made into different animals, so I knew toppers were the way to go. I found these, courtesy of Ella Bellla Designs, and mixed a few different collections together – from zoo to woodland to farm animals. I came up with an idea for pale blue frosting (water), with edible white beads (water bubbles), and ordered navy liners to peek through white cupcake wrappers (water waves). Here’s how they turned out, half chocolate, half vanilla. If you’re local to metro Atlanta, I’ve had the same person do ALL of my cakes ever since she created the most gorgeous and delicious wedding cake for me. You can reach Cynthia HERE.

Noah's Ark themed animal cupcake tower for twin baby shower

Woodland Animal Toppers | Safari Animal Toppers | Farm Animal Toppers

The little paper animals totally stole my heart-

Animal Cupcake Ideas for Twin Baby Shower

I mean… all the heart eyes.

Animal Cupcakes for Noah's Ark Themed Twin Baby Shower

Noah's Ark Themed Animal Cupcakes for Twin Baby Shower

Baby Shower Ideas for Twins - Noah's Ark Themed


I’m not big on super involved, cutesy games but I did come up with two activities for the shower- one was more “Noah’s Ark” and the other was more “twins”. I picked up three baby orchids as prizes for the two winners, plus one for the guest of honor.

The first activity was a matching game where participants had to match the animal to what their babies are called. I didn’t go easy, either… Each person had five minutes to complete.

Baby Shower Game Ideas - Baby Animal Baby Shower Match Game

For the second game, I researched celebrities with twins and created a quick match-game. I gave guests two minutes on this activity.

Baby Shower Ideas for Twins with Celebrity Match Game

When it was time to open gifts, I assumed the responsibility of taking note of who gave what, consolidated gifts into boxes and bags, and slipped the gift list inside when the mom-to-be finished opening. I also wrapped a gift for her daughter to open, 1. to make her feel special, and 2. to keep her entertained while her mom opened the rest of the presents.

Noah's Ark Themed Baby Shower for Twin Boys

Whether you want to capitalize on the Noah’s Ark theme, are hosting a baby shower for twins, or are just looking for a place to start in celebrating a mama in your life, taking each component of the shower and breaking it down will keep it more manageable and focused. Make lots of lists, notes, and start EARLY and best of luck creating and hosting a baby shower for your nearest and dearest 😉

PS: You may have caught a peek of a few rooms currently undergoing updates (ahem- living room, breakfast nook, kitchen…). To make sure you catch the reveal, sign up for email updates at the bottom of this post. Also, don’t forget to pin the image below to reference back to easily.


Easy Baby Shower Ideas for Twins - Animal Theme with Noah's Ark

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  1. 9.4.18
    Tricia said:

    You are so talented and creative! Love all the details!

    • 9.11.18

      You are so sweet; thank you so much and thank you for taking the time to visit me!

  2. 9.4.18
    Susan said:

    WOW Kelley, way to make someone feel special ! Such a beautiful shower and looked like fun as well. Thanks for all the good ideas!!!

    • 9.11.18

      It was so much fun being able to celebrate my special friend!

  3. 9.4.18

    Kelley you are the ULTIMATE baby shower host – all of your ideas are so creative and beautiful! I can only imagine how much she appreciated all of the thought and time that you put into everything. If I ever host for twins, your post is going to be my go-to!

  4. 9.5.18
    Leslie Leak said:

    This is so visually beautiful and inspiring! I am throwing my daughter a Unicorn birthday party in a few weeks and think I will attempt the balloon garland! And I may have to buy those amazing cupcake wrappers. 🙂 Would love to know of a good inexpensive balloon pump that was recommended! Thanks!

    • 9.11.18

      That sounds like an awesome party! Because I didn’t use a pump myself I can’t speak from experience, but I would check amazon or your local party store.

  5. 9.6.18
    Karin Hunt said:

    WOW! I love planning parties. I can’t wait to use some of these ideas for my next party. This was adorable. You are so creative. I am always trying to think of party favors that I have not done before. You really thought outside of the box and came up with such a great idea. I also loved your prize ideas for the games.
    You are so talented and have a gift for adding the perfect details.
    I enjoy your blog and instagram so much!
    Karin Hunt
    P.S. Also a HUGE fan of minted. I do all my Christmas cards with them and love the fact I don’t have to address them 🙂

    • 9.11.18

      Karin, wow! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave me such a sweet message. I like trying to mix things up a little bit for an extra personal touch. If you end up trying any of these ideas, I would love to hear about it. Wishing you a wonderful week!

  6. 9.8.18
    Catherine said:

    Wow you thought of everything! Thank you so much for posting. You are a great friend (and party planner)! Special shout out to Dave for running around. That was really nice to make their little girl feel special. Anyone can see you put a lot of thought into this and are very creative 🙂

    • 9.11.18

      He definitely deserves a special shoutout. We all had such a great time!

  7. 9.15.18
    Nayia said:

    Absolutely love the simplicity yet amazing details to this shower. I am a week out in hosting my sister’s twin baby shower. And you have inspired me on adding a few extras. Question where did you get those great beverage tubs you have at the mimosa bar. I have been on the hunt, but can not find anything similar.

    • 9.17.18

      Oh, I am so glad! They were actually from a collection Pottery Barn discontinued a couple years ago :/ I’m sorry I’m not more helpful! They may have some similar ones that may be worth a check. Best of luck on hosting!!