Favorite Shows to Binge Watch- A Little Something for Everyone

When I shared my list of 75 things to do while watching tv, I was honest in the fact that we watch a lot of tv. Don’t get me wrong, we don’t just veg out on the couch, day in and day out with our eyes glued to the screen haha. But we love being at home and if I am doing a chore or working on something, I like to have “my shows” going too. Plus, at-home dates are our fav and we love getting hooked on marathons every once in awhile 😉 Whenever I reference a show I’m watching, I always get requests for suggestions on some of my favs so today, I’m rounding up my favorite shows to binge watch. There are a lot I like, a lot I don’t, but this list is dedicated to the series’ I LOVE. One of the most common threads throughout each is that almost all I had laced with misconceptions, based on the cover or how I assumed they would be. Some are massively huge, some are old, and some have secret underground fan bases that I feel cool to be a part of. There truly is a little something for everyone on this list 😉

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As a note, we have a couple smart tvs from Samsung but two we had outfitted with Chromecast. We traded in Chromecast for the Amazon Fire Stick (under $40) and like it so much more. With Chromecast, you actually can’t stream Amazon Prime (I guess because they are competitors). The Firestick has everything, including its own remote (as opposed to using your phone as a remote for Chromecast.)

If you love This is Us…try Parenthood
(On Netflix & Hulu)

Long before we all fell in love with the Pearsons, we had the Bravermans. Believe it or not, while I love This is Us, Parenthood is still my all time favorite (it’s still Dave’s, too!). I am actually almost finished watching it for the second time from start to finish. The writing, acting, storylines… everything is so real. Even if you don’t know who the Bravermans are just yet, I promise before it’s all said and done, you will want to be one 😉

If you love a legal drama… try The Good Wife
(On Hulu & Amazon Prime)

This legal drama is on my list of shows to watch a second time, also; it made me a huge fan of Julianna Margulies and a lot of other familiar faces. The cast is diverse but filled with strong personalities and the court cases are fantastic. The show does a fantastic job balancing the personal lives with the courtroom. Not gonna lie though, the ending basically robbed my soul haha.

If you are in the mood for something unexpectedly smart with a strong female lead… try Drop Dead Diva
(On Netflix)

I first watched Drop Dead Diva on a whim; I had seen it recommended on a Facebook thread and was prepared for cheese overload- (had I even heard of this show before?!) I was SO wrong. This is another show I have seen from start to finish twice, falling in love with the characters so hard. The cases are smart (and several are silly) but by the end of the first season, I bet you will want Jane to be your BFF.

If you are looking for something light and quirky… try The Mindy Project
(On Hulu)

I am a HUGE Mindy Kaling fan. HUGE. Like, if there was one celebrity I could meet, it would be her. Hands down. I was thrilled when she brought her show to Fox but after a few seasons, it was cancelled prematurely. Hulu picked it up and it just wrapped its final season a few months ago. If you don’t already, you will totally, 100% fall in love with her and her relatable ways. *Bonus- her books Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? and Why Not Me? are the perfect trip/commute audiobooks- plus, she narrates.

If you need to have something on in the background… try Friends
(On Netflix)

Ok, I know this one isn’t new but as the proclaimed (at least I proclaim it this) “greatest sitcom of all time”, I am so familiar with the show, I know the lines by heart. It is now my go-to when I am doing chores or can’t really pay attention because I know exactly what is going on always. If you haven’t watched in a while, put it on and I bet you won’t be able to turn it off while you’re falling in love with the six New Yorkers all over again.

If you appreciate subtly funny (and painstakingly real)… try The Office
(On Netflix)

When I discovered The Office, I was fresh out of college, looking for my first “big girl” job. Years later, I still relate to these characters; the writing and subtleties (down to the knowing expressions) define my ultimate, favorite kind of comedy. It’s addicting and by the third episode, you will feel like Michael Scott is your boss and all you want to do is go for happy hour with Jim and Pam. PS: even more than Ross and Rachel, The Office produced the best “will they/won’t they”/relationship goals of all time!

If you are looking for a suspenseful thriller… try Dexter
(On Netflix & Hulu w/ Showtime Add-On)

Warning – it’s gory but oh-ma-lord, oh so good! It’s filled with shockers and I haven’t found another suspenseful drama (The Killing, The Fall, etc.) that hold a candle to this masterpiece.

If you only have one weekend… try Emily Owens, M.D.
(On Netflix)

I shared this unexpected, quick binge on a recent Snack Around the Plate- it was only around for one season but I absolutely loved it. It reminds me of Grey’s Anatomy, back in the good ‘ol days and don’t tell her I said this, but I like Emily way more than Meredith 😉

If The Bachelor is on your guilty pleasure list… try Unreal
(On Hulu)

Another Lifetime show, I was surprised how fantastic the acting in this series. Based on a behind-the-scenes look of the producing and directing of a Bachelor-esque show, it has changed the way I watch The Bachelor. Constance Zimmer is brilliant, it’s fast-paced, but be warned- this is definitely some dark stuff. Season 3 is starting in the next few weeks but you can catch the first two beforehand on Hulu.

If young adult drama is your thing, try… One Tree Hill
(On Hulu)

Would you believe my mom actually got me hooked on One Tree Hill?! I loved Dawson’s Creek back in the day but tried it more recently and could not get into it. At all. Even as an adult, this is one of the most addicting shows in this entire list. And yes, this is another I’ve watched through twice. The first few episodes may be slow but stick with it- you will be more than invested in no time.

If you rooted for Walter White in Breaking Bad… try Ozark
(On Netflix)

This is still a new-ish series with only one season available thus far. It’s full of suspense and great acting and after the inaugural season, I can’t wait for the second one to come around. Also fun- it’s filmed nearby and during one of the episodes, I realized he was parked on my family’s property, across the street from where I grew up 😉

If you are wondering what series is worth the hype… try Game of Thrones
(On HBO Go)

I did not think I was going to get into GoT. I’m not into fantasy, medieval, or really any of the things I anticipated from the series. To top it off, when we first started it, I couldn’t understand a word anyone was saying or follow the names and characters. That lasted for all of about an episode and before I knew it, I was picking up on everything and was totally hooked. Tip- turn on subtitles to follow along a little easier at first. This is in the top three of mine and Dave’s favs ever. EVER. Even if you don’t think this is your cup of tea, TRY IT! Warning though- this is probably the most shocking, gory, “adult” show I have ever seen… if you are offended by racy content, I would skip this one.

If you’re willing to go beyond the free stuff, these are worth the purchase:

Friday Night Lights
(On Amazon for Purchase: HERE)

I was lucky enough to catch this when it was still on Netflix. It was another show I had dismissed before giving it a chance and as soon as I started it, I was locked in. The acting has the same “real” vibe as Parenthood and it’s impossible to not connect with the characters. It’s way more than high school and football- it’s filled with life lessons for the entire family. This one quickly became another favorite of my mom 😉

Veronica Mars
(On Amazon for Purchase: HERE)

There were only three seasons (but long seasons) made of Veronica Mars and it kept popping up on lists as the “best CW show ever” so I purchased and gave it a chance. Not only did I love it and the surprise twists and turns, but Dave ended up getting on board too (I totally wasn’t supposed to say that haha). As a bonus, once you’re finished with the last season, there is a movie to cap it off – (primarily crowd-funded by die-hard fans, if that says how good this show is!)

I am always on the hunt to try something new; let me know your favorite shows to binge watch in the comment section below!

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*Posts on KelleyNan.com may contain affiliate links. Click HERE for full disclosure.

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  1. 2.17.18
    Kimberly Beckstead said:

    Luther is a new fave of ours. So many twists and turns! A don’t miss!

    • 2.19.18

      Ohh! I hadn’t considered that one! Thank you for sharing!

  2. 2.17.18
    Lacy Price said:

    Reign (surprised how much I like this)
    Crown (makes you love the queen and royal drama and when you google it afterwards you are amazed you won’t believe most of it was true!)
    Glitch (Australian but awesome story)
    Lost (watched it recently not when it was on air and was totally lost after we finished it)
    Fuller House (so much better and funnier than original and can watch with my kids)
    American Housewife (new but hilarious)
    The Middle (I am Frankie Heck – I swear they followed me around to get character ideas)
    The Goldbergs (this show cracks me up and you will flash back so hard!)
    Stranger Things (watched on a whim and loved it – also great 80’s nostalgia)

    I LOVE Your blog! I live just north of you in Chickamauaga Ga.

    • 2.19.18

      Lacy, I did Reign and then fell off after season 2- I enjoyed it while I watched- I need to go do it again! I watched the Crown for one episode but wasn’t paying attention- should probably try that again, too. I do Scandal, Fuller House, American Housewife (LOVE her!), the Middle (forgot about this season), and Stranger Things (a fav of both of us). Thank you so much for sharing!! You are my kind of lady 😉

  3. 2.17.18
    Amy said:

    My all time favorite is Gilmore Girls (the original series, not the remake). Based on what you have mentioned, I think you will like it too as we have a lot of favorites in common. Some others series that aren’t mentioned too much but I liked are Monk and King of Queens.

    • 2.19.18

      I loved Gilmore Girls!! And King of Queens was fantastic!

  4. 2.17.18
    Jill said:

    I travel Bells Ferry (Cherokee County) to work daily and I’ve seen all the trailers/RVs parked by Lake Allatoona lately. Can’t wait for the next season!

    • 2.19.18

      Yes!! Me too- I think they are suggesting July-ish?

  5. 2.17.18
    Jackie Burns said:

    I have watched Felicity and have enjoyed all the seasons.

  6. 2.18.18
    Mindy said:

    Kelley, you have to watch “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”. It on Amazon and I was and still am obsessed.

    • 2.19.18

      Mindy, I was intrigued after it won so many awards this season but I don’t know anyone who has actually seen it! With your approval, I will totally add it to the list!

  7. 2.20.18

    Game of Thrones is my all time favourite 🙂

    • 2.20.18

      Varsha, isn’t it so so good?! It satisfies all the needs!!

  8. 2.20.18
    Pamela said:

    I’m sure you have seen Hart of Dixie. I LOVED this show!!! I have never stayed so caught up on laundry, and I have 5 kids!
    Man In The High Castle is surprisingly good.
    Also an old one, October Road.

    • 2.20.18

      Pamela, both Mama Nan and I LOVED Hart of Dixie! The fictitious town is actually next to where she lives (Daphne- you’ll hear them mention Daphne and Fairhope a lot). And, I haven’t heard of Man in the High Castle but I never saw (and forgot about) October Road! I need to do that one!

      • 3.9.18
        Cheryl Hand said:

        I love Heart Of Dixie!! One of those I wish would keep going. ?

  9. 2.21.18
    Dana said:

    Thanks for this post, I’m always looking for new interesting shows! Right now I’m watching the Vampire Diaries and I’m totally hooked! I watch this show with my son or else I would have blew through the whole series. I also liked Revenge, Switched at Birth, How I Met Your Mother, and the 100.

    • 2.21.18

      Dana, I got hooked on TVD too haha! I liked How I Met Your Mother and then the last episode was like “wait, what?!” Thank you so much for sharing!

  10. 3.9.18
    Cheryl Hand said:

    Just finished Scandal the other day and wanted another show to watch. I remembered your post and decided to check out Parenthood. It’s awesome!! I love it!! Thank you for some great recs on shows to binge watch. ???

    • 3.10.18

      I watch Scandal in real-time and it’s almost over! And, I just finished Parenthood for the SECOND time. IT IS THE BEST!