Trending Textures: Natural Woven (My Favorite Rattan and Cane Home Furnishings & Decor)

When I was little, I remember a specific cane rocking chair in our home. The frame was a dark, polished wood with a woven seat and back. I hated it. I also remember the abaca weave dining chairs that were a heavy contrast to some of my friends more modern homes. Fast forward a few decades later – Mama Nan’s love of woven, natural textures never died and I finally get it. It’s kind of like adding in a green house plant – you can usually find some way that a little natural texture can improve and soften your space. And, whether your taste is more traditional, modern, or even farmhouse, little Boho nods have made a comeback in a major way. Today, as my home continues to evolve, seeking those natural woven textures to bring in – like rattan and cane – has almost become a scavenger hunt hobby.

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Natural Woven – Rattan & Cane 

I started small, unintentionally, when I realized my woven basket collection had grown to an obscene level.

2017 Fall Home Tour with Yellow and Orange Leaves- pottery barn thatcher wing back chair

So then I started focusing my attention on trays.

Ottoman coffee table decorating ideas

And then, I found myself gravitating toward woven chargers when I would set the table.

Easy, Whimsical Spring Party Table with Butterflies

But my first major “all-in” moment was when I made the decision to bring in this guest bedroom bed – a bit different than the upholstered beds throughout most of my home.

Fourth of July Bedroom Decorating Ideas with Red White and Blue

You’ll find it covering my windows…

Cordless woven shades for the bedroom sitting area

Woven Shades: Bali White (Cordless)

And remember this bar cart from the Fourth of July?

Rattan Bar Cart for the 4th of July

You probably won’t see my house looking like a 1980’s beach house any time soon, but my woven addiction is still young and I’m not slowing down any time soon 😉 Here are a few favorites that I’m crushing on; some I already have plans for and are on my wishlist!

Favorite Rattan, Cane, Wicker, and Woven Furniture and Home Decor

1. | 2. | 3. | 4. | 5. | 6. | 7. | 8. | 9. | 10. | 11. | 12. | 13. | 14.

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  1. 8.28.18
    Cecilia from Georgia said:

    Kelly, I am so happy to be able to dust off some of my rattan and cane pieces that I stuck way way way back in the attic several years ago. I knew they would make a comeback one day! (Kind of like bell bottoms) I enjoy reading your blog and now when I see something I like but can’t make up my mind to buy….I think “WWKD” (what would Kelly do!!) Keep up the fabulous work you’re doing on your blog.

    • 8.29.18

      Cecilia, it always happens like that, doesn’t it?! And WWKD- that makes my day more than you know!!

  2. 8.28.18
    marion said:

    Mine basket collection is getting somewhat out of control as well. I just bought a few balls of wool so that I can make pom poms to dress up some of the baskets. It will be a great little DIY project while binge-watching Outlander or Shameless…which is entirely shameful….Frank…is there a lower person on the planet????
    Beautiful photos and interesting blog as always!!!

    • 8.29.18

      Marion, that sounds perfect! And I haven’t seen Outlander but I am 2 seasons behind on Shameless… it’s like a train wreck and I’m here for it! haha

  3. 8.28.18
    Joanna said:

    I love wicker. I have three different wicker/rattan outdoor sets on my wraparound porch and under my pergola.
    Baskets?! Do I have baskets!
    I love the little bar cart but will wait for a sale. The basket with your throw in it, is my cart as well. I just can’t justify paying full price when I know there will be a sale or code. Let us know if there are any promotions, please.

    • 8.29.18

      Joanna, love that!! And agreed- they have far too many sales and deals not to scoop them up then! Be on the lookout this weekend!

  4. 8.29.18
    Terri said:

    I love everything in your home it’s beautiful!! I have a coffee table that has cane inserts that I love but it needs some “love” have you ever tried chalk paint on cane or stain? I’m so scared I’ll ruin it but I don’t want to get rid of it either.

    • 9.11.18

      Terri, I have not and while I believe in preserving the beauty of well loved and special items, if the alternative is getting rid of it, I would absolutely consider painting! If it is valuable, you could even talk to someone about potentially stripping and staining it. Best of luck, and I hope you can bring it new life!

  5. 8.29.18
    Ruba Saah said:

    Hi Kelly! I always tell everyone that your home is my inspiration! And I’m actually getting there lol!

    BTW, How hard are the blinds to keep clean? I notice they are on sale and would love to purchase a set for my bedroom. Did you order edging on yours?

    Thanks again for all you do

    • 9.11.18

      I have never had an issue with it! Mine do not have edging, and for that matter are not lined either. I would definitely recommend going cordless though!

  6. 8.31.18
    Gretchen Thomas said:

    You are so tight! These are all my favorite textures. I always have to find space for one more cane piece or basket. p.s. Glad the old bentwood rocker has gone to another life. I loved it at the time…