A New Space Makeover! Screened In Porch Reveal

I know I’m not the only one whose plans for a spring outdoor update were delayed a bit. While we usually start cleaning, planting, and revamping as soon as the first major yellow pollen wave settles, this year, we kept our essential outing runs dedicated to essentials. Fast forward a couple months and we decided to go ahead and schedule the overdue re-staining of our decks — which means the bulk of our outdoor readiness will be put off a bit longer until that project is completed. Well, that is — thankfully — except for our upstairs screened in porch. With the sheltered wood still in good condition, it isn’t necessary to re-stain and luckily, I had secured everything I needed to zhuzh up the space by late winter. I partnered with At Home Stores to amp up the relaxation factor in our outdoor living and make over the porch just off the master bedroom so while the downstairs areas are still brown (dead plants) and yellow (leftover dusting of pine pollen), we’ve been enjoying our new area that much more!

*This post is written in partnership with At Home Stores; as always, all opinions, concept, and creative are my own. Posts on KelleyNan.com may contain affiliate links. Click HERE for full disclosure.*

**All available sources are linked at the bottom of the post.**

Screened In Porch Makeover: The “Before”

Our upstairs screened in porch started out as a few mismatched pieces from the tiny deck at our former house. A few years ago, we spruced it up a little but still held off on doing the space in its entirety. Some of you long-time readers may remember this original photo of where we started…

Screened In Porch Makeover

After a few simple updates, this is where we landed about four years ago.

Screened In Porch Makeover

And since then, we never changed anything. It was always on our to-do list but then there was the kitchen… and the living room… and then the powder room. Funny story — that woven plastic loveseat and table was actually written into my first home contract from the previous owners back in 2009. I knew once I purchased the house, I wouldn’t have much of a budget to work with for a while, and I thought their front porch setup was cute, so I requested my agent formally request to keep it as part of the contract. Well, as minor of a detail as that was, I can’t say it didn’t serve me well 😉 And after 11 years, it was officially donated a few months ago.

Screened In Porch Makeover: The Plan

So, what did I want for the small screened in porch off the master bedroom? A comfortable sitting space that felt more like an outdoor living room. Some green to bring in some life, but faux because in my prior experience, I realized that every time I actually watered the porch plants, water would run right through the pot and straight down into the living space below. Not a space that we would entertain in but a space that we could enjoy — just for our family.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — when it comes to holiday and outdoor, At Home is unmatched in their diverse and abundant supply. Their warehouse-style stores are huge and I would venture to say that at least 1/3 is currently dedicated to outdoor living. While they don’t offer a traditional e-commerce site with shipping to your home, since everything started a few months ago, they did set up online purchasing with curbside pick-up! Since restrictions are being lifted in many areas, they’ve expanded their offerings even more. In addition to curbside pick-up and local delivery (in select areas), they are now offering in-store pick-up, too, even in stores that have already re-opened. You can find the closest store near you HERE and their safety message with the latest updates HERE. When you visit the store locator and type in your zip code, the current shopping options will be listed (see below for an example).

At Home Pick-Up Options

Even before closures, I jumped online to spend some time scoping out all the outdoor living furniture, decor, accessories, etc. to come up with a vision and help my in-store game plan. You can check out the full outdoor selection HERE and then shop/browse within each category (furniture collections, rugs, etc.). Within 15 minutes, I had too many “vibes” I thought I might go for (from blue and white to totally neutral) before ultimately deciding on more contrast with lots of natural textures. Within the hour, this is the vision I had landed on.

Check out the result of this screened in porch makeover!

Screened In Porch Makeover: The Reveal

The mood board after it came to life? Well, check out the “after” of our porch makeover…

Outdoor Living and Cozy Decorating Ideas

After six springs of being in our home, this space is finally getting all the use we envisioned it would before our house was built.

How to Make a Screened In Porch Cozy with Outdoor Decor

Screened In Porch Decor and Furniture Inspo

One tip I have, even in decorating the simplest of outdoor spaces, is to not overlook the blank walls. You can use tall plants/trees to take up visual space and make your eyes look upward, and hang weather-resistant art. I went for a cohesive gallery of wall baskets; these already have the hanging hardware on the back. I drilled a tiny pilot hole for each in the hardy board, tapped a small nail in each, and then hung them in this organic shape.

Make Your Outdoor Living Space Cozy on a Budget

All three sizes are linked at the bottom of the post, along with all the available sources pictured in the outdoor space.

Outdoor Wall Art & Living Decorating Ideas

I didn’t want to clutter up the coffee table with lots of tchotchkes because #upkeep and #dusting, but I did want to make sure some smart decor and details were incorporated to give that outdoor living room vibe I was looking for. As a side note, that cute bamboo tray is on clearance and under $15!

How to Make Your Outdoor Porch or Patio Cozy on a Budget

And along with the under-$30 matte white ceramic ginger jar, both are perfect for indoor use, too.

The coffee table is a nesting table with a smaller table to be used as an extension and while our screened in porch is private, it’s a great option for those areas you entertain in regularly, providing more surface space for guests.

Outdoor Screened In Porch Furniture and Decor Ideas

Outdoor Patio Decor

Back Porch Decor and Outdoor Living Ideas

Screened In Porch Furniture and Outdoor Living Ideas

You can see the full collection of outdoor pillows and cushions HERE; if you’re unsure if you might want different colors from year to year, go neutral on the furniture and mix and match the pillows and cushions to your heart’s content for years to come.

How to Make Your Outdoor Living Space Cozy on a Budget

Inexpensive Outdoor Living Decor and Ideas

While we have a ways to go with our downstairs area, our upstairs screened in porch was able to get a facelift before the trees even greened up. Have you started sprucing up your outdoor living areas yet? If you aren’t already, you can subscribe to my emails HERE to be the first to see all of my latest and upcoming projects!

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Sources & Details

All porch items currently available online are linked below.

Sofa // Chairs // Nesting Coffee Table // Fiddle Leaf Fig in Basket //  Ginger Jar // Tray // Black & White 20″ Pillows // Natural 14″x20″ Lumbar Pillows // Black Stripe & Natural Pillows // 16″ Wall Basket // 20″ Wall Basket // 24″ Wall Basket // Stemless Mexican Glasses // Rug // Lantern // Woven Stools 

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  1. 5.12.20
    Gretchen Thomas said:

    This is a fantastic “after”! I can’t wait to follow some of your great tips when my new home is ready. Bravo!

    • 5.12.20

      Thank you and oh, how exciting! A fresh new palette!

  2. 5.12.20
    Ingrid said:

    Beautiful, well-styled, relaxing space! And the little hostess is just adorable 🙂 I too was in the middle of decorating my outdoor space when the virus hit, but hope to have it finished soon.

    • 5.12.20

      Ingrid, thank you so much! I’m buying time for the rest of the spaces with the upcoming staining but I’m ready for all the spaces to be finished like our porch! Best of luck and cheers to getting yours done!

  3. 5.12.20
    Vikki Kovach said:

    So beautiful and so simple in design it’s just fabulous! Perfect calming space! I can’t tell are the cushions black , navy or charcoal? I love the color! I always admire everything you design and share with us💜 Thank you and keep sharing your visions with us😊

    • 5.12.20

      Vikki, thank you! They are a dark charcoal 😉 I so appreciate you!

  4. 5.12.20
    Mansa said:

    Loving the coastal vibes here Kelley! This space looks amazing!

  5. 5.12.20
    Courtney Noga said:

    Oh Kelley! This is beautiful 💗!

  6. 5.12.20
    Mary Doherty said:

    WOW! That looks so inviting and relaxing!!

    • 5.12.20

      Mary, thank you so much! We are definately enjoying it <3

  7. 5.12.20
    Janice said:

    You’ve created a beautiful space! Those baskets are great! Looking to see if I have a place for them.

    • 5.12.20

      As a total basket person, I love that you spied them haha!

  8. 5.12.20

    Wow!! What a lovely space for ya’ll 🙂
    I have teak furniture in my FL home. I have had it for almost 20 years if you can believe that! The stuff lasts forever. I have had it refinished a few times but am now thinking of letting it go its natural grey. What are you thinking for your furniture? Will you let it patina or keep it spruced up to this beautiful golden colour? The little bundle of love is certainly getting big!!! You must be having the best time with her…so adorbs!!

    • 5.12.20

      Marion, thank you so much! And that’s amazing your furniture has served you well for 20 years! #goals for sure! I’m not sure just yet but maybe check on me in a few years 😉

  9. 5.12.20
    Heather said:

    Gorgeous! and so is your porch makeover 🙂

    • 5.12.20

      Heather, thank you so much! xo

    • 6.29.23
      Elaine gelardi said:

      Do you have the link to the outdoor rug, i absolutely love it

      • 6.29.23

        Thank you for taking the time to stop by, Elaine! The rug in my screened in porch came from AtHome Stores several years ago.

  10. 5.12.20
    Michele M. (Finch Rest) said:

    Kelley – your porch looks amazing. Sure wish I had one.

    But your sweet little baby girl stole the show. She is ADORABLE!

    • 5.12.20

      Aw, Michele! Thank you so much! And thank you for taking the time to leave us a note! xo

  11. 5.12.20
    Cheryl said:


    This is absolutely stunning, I love it all! And Miss Eliza is beyond adorable! The jacket and the headband…..I’m dying she’s just so cute. 💕💕💕

    • 5.13.20

      Cheryl, you are so kind — thank you so much!

  12. 5.12.20
    Tammy said:

    Kelley, this looks so cozy and perfect! Eliza is precious and looks like she is loving the new space as well! Thanks for inspiring me to get started!

    • 5.13.20

      Tammy, thank you for visiting! I’m motivated to keep it going this weekend 😉

  13. 5.12.20
    Sherry said:

    I think I’m on the verge of coveting! Lovely. You have such a knack! Thanks for sharing.

    • 5.13.20

      Sherry, oh my goodness, thank you — it was an easier space to pull together and boy, it made all the difference. Thank you so much for visiting! xo

  14. 5.13.20
    Bianca said:

    Bravo! So happy you have this beautiful space to enjoy Kelley. What a perfect spot for relaxing.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • 5.20.20

      Bianca, Thank you so much for taking the time to visit. You are right, this will be a new favorite spot for relaxing. xoxo

  15. 5.13.20
    Sharon said:

    The room is great! That Baby! Perfection ❤️

    • 5.20.20

      Sharon, Thank you so much for taking the time to view. This was a fun project and we definitely needed to make the update. Eliza had a fun time too! xoxo

  16. 5.13.20
    JAYNE Z said:

    I always like reading your posts and suggestions – but love seeing the pics of little Eliza – she’s such a little doll!

    • 5.20.20

      Jayne, Thank you so much for taking the time to check in! I really appreciate your thoughtful words. As you know, I also love showing off Eliza! xoxo

  17. 6.29.20
    laurie a andersen said:

    I love this porch. I may make a trip to At Home soon and see what I can find. I really appreciate your sharing and also the links to all the items on your porch.

    • 6.30.20

      Laurie, thank you so much! If you go, plan to be there a long time haha

    • 7.1.20

      Hi Laurie,
      Thank you so much for stopping by! In my latest post, I shared the curtains that I added to the space. It’s our new favorite space!

  18. 11.11.22
    jessie said:

    Hello! I absolutely love this space! I was looking for your patio furniture and cannot find it. I believe they don’t sell it anymore? Do you happen to remember the name of the set?

    • 11.12.22

      Hi Jessie, Thank you for taking the time to stop by and for your kind note. I am sorry, but I do not know the name of the porch furniture set.