One Room Challenge: Week 5 Progress- The Finish is Near But I Am Not

I can’t believe in just a few days, I will be photographing the final result of my One Room Challenge guest bedroom makeover. Not because it “seems like yesterday since I started”, but because I’m not ready. I’m not even close to being ready. I am still waiting on items to ship from shops and warehouses… Oh. Man. I don’t really have anything super labor intensive left, it’s just that I can’t do x until I do y, but I can’t do y until I do z and z hasn’t shipped yet sort of thing. I hit a few roadblocks this week and had to make some decisions. First, let’s catch up. Last week’s post was brief since I was in Texas, literally the entire week. Did you see my post on my travels from earlier this week (HERE)? Well I was back at it hard the moment I got home 😉 If this is your first time visiting, you can check out my previous weeks below for progress on the six-week guest bedroom makeover.


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Things rarely come together seamlessly. But rolling with the punches and coming up with alternative solutions is part of the fun. (Well, part of the fun after the panic part subsides). My first disappointment after getting home from Texas was realizing I wasn’t going to be able to make those gorgeous night stands I had shared in my previous posts work. Last minute big bummer. Panicked and needing a budget friendly alternative quickly, I spent Friday night scouring options online. I found THESE which were basic but affordable and showed they would arrive by today (Thursday). Done. I ordered a pair. To “jazz” things up and to customize them a bit, I really wanted to update the hardware to something a little more transitional. The overall style can read a bit county and more traditional than I was going for so I wanted just a touch of edge. I emailed my friends at Amerock at midnight on Friday night. Bless their hard-working-in-the-middle-of-the-night-on-a-weekend hearts, I heard back from them immediately. I LOVED the pulls in my last One Room Challenge office makeover project (HERE) so I was thrilled to find out they would send them quickly. They are the reason I didn’t spend the weekend pulling my hair out, clumps at a time. So here’s the plan I devised.

Simple, right? Well, I have been stalking my order status and started panicking all over again when the night stands weren’t showing as shipped. When they finally did, I had a new arrival date (that I just saw today) as being a next Monday arrival. Umm… I needed to photograph the room by Saturday. But, Week 5 Kelley Nan is learning to roll with it. I will just have to make it work. And, I’ll be praying for no delays. Mirrors can’t be hung until they get here, and accessories can’t be determined until I see exactly what I’m working with when the lamps are on top.

Speaking of mirrors and lamps, both arrived from this week! These were some of my most anticipated items in the room. I wanted big statement mirrors (HERE) and lamps that looked a little more modern against some of my more traditional room choices (HERE).

Blue and White Guest Bedroom One Room Challenge Progress- Mirrors behind lamps

They may both still be on the floor but I couldn’t wait to rip into those boxes and get them into the room. I shared the mirrors on my Instagram stories as I was unboxing them and immediately had a stream of messages from you guys 😉

One room challenge week 4 blue and white guest bedroom- campagne silver mirror with top loop

One thing to note on the color is that they are definitely a champagne-y finish. They have various tones that make them easy to coordinate with pretty much any metal you want.

One room challenge week 4 blue and white guest bedroom- brushed champagne silver mirror with top loop

I am loving the matte finish on this lamp. *all the heart eyes*

One room challenge week 4 blue and white guest bedroom-cement look lamp

A big accomplishment was getting the woven shades hung. The curtains arrive tomorrow but even as-is, I am loving this simple, clean look.

One room challenge week 4 blue and white guest bedroom-select blinds woven designer shades

I sent my measurements to Select Blinds and they were custom made to my specific dimensions. I have a lot of white faux wood blinds on windows throughout the house and as soon as I took them down to hang these (in Bali Natural from the Designer Series Woven Woods Shades collection), I wanted to rip down the rest of my old blinds in our home.

One room challenge week 4 blue and white guest bedroom-select blinds woven designer shades cordless

They are neat, structured, and dress the window with just the right touch of sophistication. I also went for their cordless option. TOTALLY the right move. I can adjust them up and down without worrying about the sides fraying from strings that get in the way. I opted not to get them lined and they still block the light really well.

One room challenge week 4 blue and white guest bedroom- select blinds designer bamboo shades

Another fun guest essential I brought in was this gray and white luggage rack. Yes, I could have gone with a standard black and wood/metal and tucked it in the closet, but I wanted something coordinated and cute I could leave on display. It also comes in white on white and navy on white 😉

One room challenge week 4 blue and white guest bedroom gray and white luggage rack and blue and white garden stools

One room challenge week 4 blue and white guest bedroom- gray and white luggage rack

The last addition to the room this week was a SUPER tall mirror from HomeGoods. I scored this one for less than $80. I’ve mentioned before, I think every guest room deserves a full length mirror 😉

One room challenge week 4 blue and white guest bedroom- guest bedroom chandelier from vaulted ceiling

Y’all, I’m nervous about the next several days. I have my fingers crossed that everything will get here on time, especially since it now looks like I won’t be photographing when I had planned and needed to. Hopefully, this time next week, I will be sharing this full space, night stands and all.

Here’s where I stand with room decor and installation.

With only a few days left, here is what I have left on the list.

  • Receive and hang art (arriving Friday)
  • Receive and arrange pillows (shipment pending)
  • Switch night stand hardware upon arrival
  • Install nightstands and style/accessorize/stock with guest essentials (arriving ??)
  • Hang mirrors
  • Install drapes (arriving tomorrow)
  • Shop for accessories and guest essentials
  • Organize guest bedroom closet (likely not happening before the reveal)
  • Final touches (steam bedding, inaugural flowers, etc.)

A big, HUGE thank you to this week’s featured room sponsors, for contributing to this project.

Hayneedle | Select BlindsWayfair | AmerockPottery BarnLighting Design Company

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  1. 5.4.17

    It looks so good already!!! I love the finish on the mirrors and you are so right, guest rooms do deserve a full length mirror! I have intended to put on in both of my guest rooms and now I don’t know why I haven’t followed through. Fingers crossed that your “shipment pending” items arrive. I can hardly wait to see the finished room!

  2. 5.4.17

    It looks so lovely! I’m having shipping pending issues as well! 🙂

  3. 5.4.17
    Julie said:

    Oh, that mirror is gorgeous! It looks like your room is really coming together! Good luck this week 🙂

  4. 5.4.17
    Sharon said:

    You are a maniac, Kelley! I love, admire and respect your go-to-it-iveness! Can’t wait for the reveal!

  5. 5.4.17
    Joni King said:

    Love it all, especially the mirror! Can’t wait for the total reveal! Hugs!

  6. 5.4.17

    Those mirrors are stunning! I hope you get all items in time but I know for a fact that even if you don’t, everything will still look gorgeous!

  7. 5.4.17
    Kimberly said:

    Keep your lovely smile and beautiful hair – no hair pulling! Your choices and alternatives are to die for…I love customizing the drawer pulls (one of my signature moves as well). I’m now looking for a full length mirror for the guest room-you are SO right! Pretty chin up and fingers crossed. Hugs! Love, Kimberly

  8. 5.4.17
    Bree said:

    Love all of your choices Kel!! I’m a long time believer and lover of woven blinds and I think they look great in your space!! Can’t wait to see the finished product next week and I hoping for you that all of your items arrive soon ?

  9. 5.4.17
    June said:

    Ohhhh I love your blinds what color is that. Thanks

  10. 5.4.17
    Nancy said:

    Kellllllley! The room is coming out soooo beautifully!!!!! It already exudes serenity and calmness. Cant wait to see the final reveal. I’m totally inspired to do our guest room which is basically barebones. Good luck this last week!

  11. 5.4.17
    Mary Schafer said:

    What color are the woven blinds.

  12. 5.4.17

    Okay, I’m officially obsessed with every detail of this room. The mirrors, the lamps, the Roman shades, the bed, the rug, the updated nightstand knobs – it’s all oh-so-sophisticated and classy, perfect for the guest bedroom. I totally feel you on the “can’t do X until Y” issue, but I have no doubt you’ll pull this off – you always do, and it looks fabulous.

  13. 5.4.17

    those mirrors are gorgeous! what a great choice!

  14. 5.4.17
    Marlene Curtis said:

    Kelley your room is so amazing I decided to copy your choices for my guest room! I have a question for you: What is the color of the new nightstands? In the photo it looks like they have a greenish tint.

    • 5.4.17

      Marlene, I love that! The color is antique white- I really hope they don’t have a green tint but I likely won’t know until Monday ahhhh! You will have to keep me posted on how everything comes together!

  15. 5.4.17

    I love how this is all coming together and I love your can-do attitude…it is so important to roll with it and you are rolling out an amazing room!!! Cannot wait to see the REVEAL!

  16. 5.4.17
    Tammy Loro said:

    I was SO in love with the “before” guest room that I couldn’t imagine liking the after as much. Holy cow, I DO!!! I’m with you on wanting those blinds for my entire house!! LOVE them! It’s all coming together beautifully and I thank you for taking us along!!! Wish I could’ve met you in person while you were in Texas!! <3 XOXO

  17. 5.5.17

    It is all simply gorgeous and I know much work. Can’t wait to see the final!

  18. 5.5.17
    Tamara said:

    You know I want those mirrors Kel!! They are perfect and I’m so excited for your full reveal! Great choices on the romans and the night tables – I’m all about customizing!!! Love it!

  19. 5.6.17
    Lisa said:

    Kelley, those mirrors!! Everything you’ve picked for this room is making me ooh and ahhh, love it all! And I share your pain on items not arriving on time…..the tile for my bathroom floor won’t be in by the reveal. So I have a naked floor 🙂

  20. 5.11.17

    Oh, I am LOVING all of the textures and finishes! This is going to be so good! I’m so glad I get to click right over for the reveal! Yay for instant design gratification!!