The Transformation of One Bed Over One Year

It’s been a little over a year since we moved into our home and in looking back at photos, if I didn’t know better, I would think that the number of bed transformations we have undergone outweighed the number of times we have taken out the trash. Not big changes… not crazy changes… just small, constant, refreshers. Some may think having a neutral bed is boring (I say this because I have actually read this more than once about our bed haha), but you know what I think is boring? Getting stuck with a vibrant design that limits your ability to trade out pillows and accent colors. After one year, I am sound in my decision to keep my bedding basics, well… basic. No accent pillows are off limits and no flowers will clash. To give a little recap of what my master suite has seen, I have rounded up some of my favorite looks over the last year.

One Bed One YearMost recently, I hauled my cool, floral pillows up from the living room to give this space a dose of summer sunshine. I shared a few images of this look in my summer home tour a couple of weeks ago.

Pottery Barn Lorraine Tufted Bed with Plush White Bedding and Green Blue and Yellow Floral Pillows

Throughout the past year, the constants have been my 1. Lorraine Tufted Tall Bed & Headboard; 2. Hadley Ruched Duvet Cover & Euro Shams; and 3. Belgian Flax Linen Diamond Quilt. *The linen diamond quilt is my single most favorite bedding piece EVER. While we have it in our master bedroom in ‘Natural’, we have it in our guest bedroom in ‘White’.

Summer Bedroom Bed with Cheetah Pillow and White Bedding on Pottery Barn Lorraine Bed

This look was just after I made a few small updates in the bedroom. You can catch the details on the master bedroom refresh HERE.

White Pottery Barn Lorraine Tufted Tall Headboard Bed and Diamond Quilt with Hadley Ruched Duvet

White and Gray Bed with Tufted Headbord and X Benches

These tan paisley pillows were actually a set that I purchased for my mom. No, they were never mine but I did borrow them for a few days to take them for a test run 😉

White Pottery Barn Lorraine Tufted Bed with Black Nightstands

Following Christmas, I was so excited about thin strands of copper wire lights, I used some to outline my headboard to hang on to the season just a little longer.

Winter Tufted Bed with White Wool Pom Pom pillow

When I was decorating for Christmas, I wanted to find a way to incorporate cozy plaid into my bedroom decor. I came up with a way to easily transform some of my blanket scarves into pillow covers. You can catch the easy tutorial HERE.

Plaid Blanket Scarf Pillow Cover on Bed for Christmas- Pottery Barn Tufted Bed

Here’s a different winter look using a similar technique.

Christmas Bed with Blanket Scarf Pillow Plaid and Tufted Headboard from Pottery Barn

I love keeping all my bed neutral and only bringing some color in through flowers. Last fall, I was clipping my thriving coleus every week (it was out of control on my deck and I LOVED it) to accent my other blooms. More on that HERE.

White and Beige Pottery Barn Master Bed with Hadley Ruched Duvet and Diamond Quilt

Here’s a few other looks over the course of the year.

Bedroom Over a Year Collage

If you aren’t sure which direction you want to take your bedroom or you are looking for something you won’t easily tire of, go for the neutrals. I even have our guest bedrooms outfitted in neutral bedding (HERE and HERE). You may acquire one heck of an accent pillow collection (which may or may not later be known as your ‘closet of shame’), but it is an affordable and easy way to always have a fresh look in your bedroom.


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Paint: Versatile Gray by Sherwin Williams

*Note: Post contains affiliate links and sources throughout the post. Where product is no longer available, a similar substitute has been listed.

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  1. 6.29.16
    Randi said:

    This is so fun kel!!! You are so good to switch things out! I get comfy with what I have and keep it forever!

    • 6.29.16

      Oh, Randi, I LOVE your white bedroom. You did a switch up last year 😉 I just get bored easily and so this is my simple solution. It also helps to show my husband, “see?! We did need those extra pillows!” haha

      • 10.11.16
        Farrah said:

        Hey Kelley! Love your bedroom? Where did you get your duvet from? Everytime i wash mine it scrunches up and isn’t as fluffy anymore, no body likes a flat pillow or bedding on their bed haha!

  2. 6.29.16
    Jenny said:

    I love neutral bedding too so I’m with you on that. My current bedding is white with a grey pattern, but next time I really want to get plain white. Like you say, you can accessorise with different cushions etc and I think white bedding can look really luxurious

    • 6.29.16

      Absolutely, Jenny! And even with your simple grey and white, I bet you can incorporate a lot of colors 😉

  3. 6.29.16
    Tamara said:

    I love every single look! What’s more fun than new pillows each season?! xoxo

  4. 11.17.16
    Les said:

    Which color/fabric is this Lorraine tufted headboard?

    • 11.20.16

      It is Twill- Parchment 😉 It is the full Lorraine tall bed 😉

  5. 2.4.17
    Susan Williams said:

    I love the look of your bedroom. I’m getting ready to invest in the PB diamond linen quilt. I have the white Valerie matelasse duvet cover and wonder if you’d recommend getting a white or natural quilt. My bedroom is small with hardwood floors and a metal bed frame. Any advice appreciated.

    • 2.5.17

      Susan, I have the natural in my master and white in the guest bedroom. I love both! Natural is super easy to keep clean but the white is so pretty. I will say, I tried the ivory and sent it back because it looked yellow.

  6. 9.15.17
    Anne said:

    Does the natural look really brown or us that just the pottery barn webpage? I’m leaning towards the white but I wasn’t sure how dirty it would get.

    • 9.19.17

      Hi, Anne! The natural is more of a taupe but a light taupe.

  7. 3.25.18
    Anya said:

    Hi Kelley! Been debating on swapping out my PB Pickstitch quilt for the PB Belgian Flax linen diamond one that you have. I’m mainly concerned about softeness – sounds like you love it but I’d love more specifics from you if possible!

    • 3.26.18

      Hi, Anya! Yes, I LOVE my PB linen quilts (I have 3 now). They are my favorite of all time- they wash so well and are SO soft (especially after the first wash). Plus, they are the perfect weight. If you have been considering one, I would go for it in a heartbeat. Let me know if/when you do and your thoughts!

      • 3.26.18
        Anya said:

        Thank you so much for commenting back! I think it’s time to purchase the diamond patterned one 🙂