Primary Bathroom Reveal — The Bathroom is FINALLY FINISHED!

In early 2021, I flooded my bathroom. After rushing home from my daughter’s swim lessons, tossing her swimsuit in the sink to soak, and then rushing back out the door to run errands, I returned home to an upsetting nightmare. If any of you have experienced something similar, you know the terror and initial feelings upon first discovering, and not knowing what to do to just make it stop. That brain lapse led to damage in the primary bathroom and closet, office bathroom, garage and somehow, water even made its way down to the basement, a couple floors below. It was bad but could have been worse and I honestly have no idea how we dodged ruin in the laundry room, dining room, or kitchen. Once I settled down, I moved from “we’ll just do what we can with insurance money and spend no more than the deductible” to “if there was ever a time to do what I want to the bathroom, the time is now” pretty quickly.  Bathrooms can be done on a budget, but they can also get real spend-y, real quick (like kitchens). It wasn’t a project I was planning on or saving for, but ultimately, since demolition would already be occurring, with hard materials having to be replaced, I decided to take the opportunity to have a little fun with design, create a space I love (without getting too crazy), and take on a primary bathroom remodel that would give us something good out of the accident aside from emptier pockets and inconvenient messes. We’ll get into the details and my fave primary bathroom remodel ideas that came as a result of the space, but first, lets just dive right into some of the before and after shots! After 16 months (good grief, haha), here’s our primary bathroom remodel… finally.

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Primary Bathroom Remodel Before & After

One thing I want to note before jumping in — I don’t really have a lot of “before” photos. Our bathroom wasn’t a space I shared in the past and after the flood, I was too disturbed I guess to have the foresight to snap photos before water remediation began later that same day. Even after the water remediation was finished, I didn’t get much footage. I went back in my photo archives, pulled what I could, and even grabbed screen shots of old stories I found in my Instagram history. But, in general terms, the walls were greige, the tile was brown, the vanities were dark, and it looked dated before we ever even moved in. Here’s the best photo I dug up of what our bathroom looked like before…

Primary Bathroom Remodel Reveal

And… here’s the after!

Primary Bathroom Remodel Ideas with White and Marble Shower and Black Tile Herringbone Floors

Sources: Vanity | Sconce (polished nickel | Silver Bamboo Picture Frame | Tub | Tub Filler | Fluted Side Table | Frames Over Tub | Bottom Oak Tree Art Print Sketch | Top Tree Art Print Sketch | Shower Door Handle (polished nickel) | Shower Head | Shower Arm | Hand Shower | Hand Shower Holder | Lever | Hand Shower Hose | Bath Mat | Floor Tile (12 x 24″) | Shower Wall Tile (2.5 x 8″)| Niche and Shower Floor Tile | Outside Shower Curb Tile (12″x24″ – cut) | Hand TowelBath Towel

I am so ecstatic with how our bathroom turned out. Zero regrets. Well, maybe a few small individual regrets, but definitely no regrets in choosing to use this as an opportunity to design a space we love. I’ve used our bathtub more in the past couple of months (even before the bathroom was finished) than I did in the years of having the old corner tub. I feel like I’m getting ready in a fancy hotel bathroom when I shower and it’s just an awesome start and end to my day.

I didn’t change the footprint of the bathroom at all. We did knock out the corner tub and pony wall between the tub and shower, and then I reconfigured the dimensions of the shower and turned it from a corner triangle to a slightly more narrow (but way more spacious) rectangle shower. Here’s a screenshot of a story frame I found that I filmed early in the primary bathroom remodel…

Master Bathroom Makeover Reveal

And here’s how that tub corner looks today.

Primary Bathroom Freestanding Tub Conversion

Sources: Tub | Tub Filler | Fluted Side TableFrames Over Tub | Bottom Oak Tree Art Print Sketch | Top Tree Art Print Sketch | Stoneware Pot

I told you I had to get creative by reviewing old stories and screenshotting, right? Haha — I found this one of Eliza (and the swimsuit culprit!) before the flood of 2020, just in front of Dave’s vanity… pretty brown, right?

Master Bathroom Tub Corner Makeover Reveal

And this is what Dave’s vanity area looks like today.

Primary Bathroom Makeover & Remodel Ideas with His and Hers Vanities

Sources: Vanity | Sconce | Mirror (31 x 48″ brushed brass finish) | Faucet (polished nickel) | Marble Tray | Soap Dispenser | Soap Dispenser Labels | Silver Bamboo Picture Frame

Here’s a shot of the shower corner after the water remediation but before all the tile on the floor had been ripped up (with the toilet room just behind it)…

Master Bathroom Remodel Reveal

And here’s that same corner today!

Primary Bathroom Remodel Ideas and Shower Upgrade

Sources: Shower Door HandleShower Head | Shower Arm | Hand Shower | Hand Shower Holder | Lever | Hand Shower Hose | Bath Mat | Bath Towel | Towel Hook | Floor Tile (12 x 24″)| Shower Tile (2.5 x 8″) | Niche and Shower Floor Tile | Outside Shower Curb Tile (12″x24″ – cut) | Towel Hook (polished nickel)Bath Towel

As for my vanity area — well, I despised our all-cabinet vanity and I never sat to do makeup so it felt like a bunch of wasted space.

Before and After Primary Bathroom Makeover Reveal

Here’s my vanity today

Black and White Primary Bathroom Remodel Ideas with Two Vanities

Sources: Vanity | Sconce | Mirror (31 x 48″ brushed brass finish) | Faucet (polished nickel) | Marble Tray | Soap Dispenser | Soap Dispenser Labels

Here’s what the primary bathroom looks like, heading toward the closet straight ahead with the toilet room on the left and linen closet on the right…

Primary Bathroom Remodel Reveal

And here it is today.

Primary Bathroom Makeover and Remodel Reveal

No major changes were made to the toilet room. You can see that little space revamp from a few years ago HERE to check out what it looked like before, but the only real different is that the baseboards were replaced to match the taller baseboards in the rest of the bathroom, it has new flooring, fresh white paint (it’s all Simply White by Benjamin Moore), and the wallpaper had to be removed. I may infuse a little more personality at some point but here it is today, in it’s purest, unaccessorized state.

Primary Bathroom Toilet Room / Water Closet

Sources: Lantern Chandelier | Wall Cabinet | Marble Waste Basket

Primary Bathroom Remodel — The Flooring

I love our tile. All of it. And, I know I could have chosen a tile schematic that was a little kinder on the wallet, but, I made the mistake of finding this tile before looking at cheaper alternatives. By then, my mind was already set. I went back and forth on my floor tile, originally leaning toward a faux wood tile planks, but ultimately decided on THIS black striated tile in 12″x24″ pieces. It was actually less expensive than most and right now, it’s on sale for almost 50% off! The grayish striations look like a wood grain and it’s beautiful in person. While it’s recommended to purchase 10% to 15% more tile than you measure for standard tile patterns, it’s safer to order 20% to 25% more for herringbone patterns. I actually used a silvery gray grout but it’s such a contrast against the tile, it looks more like a dark white grout.

Primary Bathroom Remodel & Tile Ideas

Sources: Floor Tile (12 x 24″)

Somehow, we ended up with about 50% more than needed (I know), and had I known, I would have asked for the tile to continue into the laundry room. Or, I would have used it in the office bathroom. Now, we have tile for another project one day (maybe).

Primary Bathroom Remodel — The Shower

I mentioned above that while we kept the same footprint of the bathroom, I did want to reconfigure the shape of the shower. It was previously more of a triangle shape and while it was wider, there was way more wasted space. In the rectangle shower, you can use all of it, but in our former shape, you could really only use the straight side and middle. Coupled with opting for frameless glass, this one simple change made all the difference.

Marble Shower with Vertical Tiles

Sources: Shower Door HandleShower Head | Shower Arm | Hand Shower | Hand Shower Holder | Lever | Hand Shower Hose | Shower Drain | Bath Mat | Bath Towel | Towel Hook | Floor Tile (12 x 24″) | Shower Wall Tile (2.5 x 8″)| Niche and Shower Floor Tile | Outside Shower Curb Tile (12″x24″ – cut) |  Towel Hook (polished nickel) | Bath Towel

With the shower being the focal point when you enter the room, I wanted a few unique touches. The bathroom, in general, has both classic traditional elements, with some fresh, modern infusion. I wanted a clean look without heavy patterns or mosaics, but wanted a way to still keep it interesting. So, I decided to have the shower walls tiled in a stacked vertical configuration. I used the 2.5″x8″ white Cloe tiles and I love the tone variation — from cool to warm and creamy and white to gray.  As a matter of fact, I loved this tile so much, I actually tiled my kitchen (full project coming soon) in a stacked horizontal configuration.

Master Bathroom Shower Makeover Ideas with Tall Shower Niche

I also designed a statement-making elongated niche with herringbone marble tiles. There was a lot of drama getting this installed. The method it was installed and follow-up attempts to correct mistakes never quite achieved what should have been, but the result is still pretty. Aside from caulk issues, and the uneven quartz, the first disappointing mishap was that I envisioned the top section as the most dramatic and oversized at a height of three tiles tall with each of the following shelves spaced evenly, at two-tile heights. But… once the niche was assembled, instead of the spacing being “3,2,2,2”, the installers had positioned the shelves at “3,3,2,1” To undo that would mean ripping out the marble herringbone tile so I settled with what had been done.

Long and Tall Marble Shower Niche with Quartz Slab Shelves

Sources: Olaplex Conditioner | Olaplex Shampoo | Olaplex Hair Perfector | Foaming Cleanser

I determined the bottom shelf by the tile that was at the closest height where I would naturally prop my foot for shaving.

Primary Bathroom Shower Niche Ideas

Sources: Facial Cleansing BrushFoaming Cleanser

All of the tile work was actually completed about a year ago! Crazy, huh? We waited a long time for the last piece of the shower system to arrive that was unknowingly on backorder. But, I am such a fan of how it all came together.

I had the barely-functioning fan that was in the center of the room moved to be positioned above the shower, and converted to a fan/dim-able light combo. On the wall, the fan and light are on two separate switches.

Primary Bathroom Remodel & Shower Makeover Ideas

Sources: Shower Door HandleShower Head | Shower Arm | Hand Shower | Hand Shower Holder | Lever | Hand Shower Hose | Shower Drain | Bath Mat | Bath Towel | Towel Hook | Floor Tile (12 x 24″) | Shower Tile (2.5 x 8″)| Niche and Shower Floor Tile | Outside Shower Curb Tile (12″x24″ – cut) |  Towel Hook (polished nickel)

Like the niche, I love the idea of the linear drain and for the most part, how it looks. But, it’s one of those things that is a little more involved (installation wise) and if you aren’t super confident in the precision of the person installing it, I may go for something a little simpler. Coincidentally, I just lifted the drain this morning to clear hair that had accumulated in the little drain basket that resides below the upper portion, just to realize that the plastic had been left on the drain (which had then been tiled over). I used a box cutter to get as much of it removed and cut alongside the tile as best as I could.

Primary Bathroom Shower Remodel Ideas

Sources: Shower Drain

Unlike a lot of shower systems, this Kohler Artifacts model allows you to use your overhead shower head and handheld shower at the same time! I have a few modern touches throughout but love the classic, more traditional look of the plumbing fixtures against the linear tile configuration.

Primary Bathroom Remodel & Shower Ideas

Sources: Shower Head | Shower Arm | Hand Shower | Hand Shower Holder | Lever | Hand Shower Hose  

I’m still new at quick shower maintenance after each shower (wiping water and using a squeegee on the glass) so we’ll see how long I keep a good attitude about everything. But right now, I feel so lucky to have such a beautiful, relaxing space to shower.

Tall Shower Niche in Primary Bathroom and Master Bathroom Remodel

Primary Bathroom Remodel — The Freestanding Bathtub

With our former corner tub having tile that was going to have to be removed, and with the tub having to be moved to be tiled, going ahead and proceeding with a freestanding tub was an easy decision. Instead of positioning the tub in a corner position, I planned to center it under the window. The size of the shower, along with determining the possibility of fitting a tub in this way were two decisions, made in tandem. I knew our tub would have to be on the shorter end but I still wanted one that was as deep as possible, despite the length. I really liked the shape of THIS tub, with a length of 55″x32″ and the depth was one of the deepest I found for the size. We aren’t tall people and it fits us perfectly.

Primary Bathroom Remodel Ideas and Makeover Reveal

I wanted some simple art for the wall and found simple sketches from THIS shop. You can find the top print HERE and the bottom HERE. I’ve purchased THESE matted gallery frames a few times (and love them) and they worked perfectly in the 8″x10″ version — the actual frame size is 18.5″. I also hung them easily with THESE claw hooks I’ve been raving about — with zero tools or tape measure. I hung the bottom frame first, set a level on top, and then placed the top frame directly on the level — both were hung perfectly in line and perfectly straight.

Corner Tub Area in Primary Bathroom

Sources: Tub | Tub Filler | Fluted Side TableFrames Over Tub | Bottom Oak Tree Art Print Sketch | Top Tree Art Print Sketch | Stoneware Pot | Bath Mat

I have always had awesome luck with Kingston Brass faucets so THIS wall mounted tub filler was an easy choice for me. It is such a classic beauty and comes in six finishes (mine is the polished nickel, like the rest of my plumbing fixtures).

Primary Bathroom Remodel -- Changing a Corner Tub to a Freestanding Tub

Sources: Tub Filler

My small fluted side stool table is the 13″ version but there are two sizes available and they’ve added several colors to the collection.

How to Decorate a Primary Bathroom

Sources: Stoneware Plant Pot | Fluted Side Table (small)

And I’m pretty proud of this little plant I’ve nursed for almost two years now!

Primary Bathroom Decor and Accessories

I’ll be writing a separate post on bathroom lighting (and will share some nighttime photos), but the lighting options in here now make all the difference when it comes to relaxing in the tub.

Primary Bathroom Remodel — The Vanities

Our bathroom is chopped up with short walls and lots of doors. A single large vanity isn’t an option and I stuck with two his and her 48″ vanities. Coming from dark vanities with little functionality, single sconce lighting, and cut glass mirrors, our vanity areas had a major glow up! The drawer space is amazing, there’s interior outlets, and there are multiple color and counter options (mine is the white with white granite top but Carrara marble is also available — you can find the vanity HERE. I will also have a full vanity organization post at a later date and will share more of the interior of the vanity. There’s also a fun lighting detail beneath the vanity I’ll share in the upcoming lighting post 😉

Primary Bathroom Remodel with His and Hers Separate Vanities

Sources: Vanity | Sconces (polished nickel) | Mirror (31 x 48″ brushed brass finish) | Faucet (polished nickel) | Marble Tray | Soap Dispenser | Soap Dispenser Labels | Fringed Hand Towel

We have tall vaulted ceilings in the bathroom and I wanted tall, linear, modern mirrors with sconces flanking either side. The mirror is 48″ tall and the double-ended sconces were a Rejuvenation splurge in the polished nickel (I matched the finish to the polished nickel plumbing fixtures). I used THESE bulbs and all the vanity lights (both mine and Dave’s) are on a single switch, on a single dimmer.

Primary Bathroom Sconces and Lighting

Sources: Sconce (polished nickel) | Mirror (brushed brass, 31 x 48″)

Like my other Kingston Brass faucets (you can see my powder room faucet in my reveal HERE and my office bathroom faucet in my reveal HERE), I LOVE THIS faucet — it’s slightly shorter than my others and has a traditional look against the modern lines of the mirror and vanity — the perfect juxtaposition and what I was going for the tone of my primary bathroom decor.

Primary Bathroom Vanity Ideas with Two Vanities

Sources: Faucet (polished nickel)

Having drawer space will allow me to keep my countertops cleaner than before but I ordered two of THESE marble trays (in the small size) for our fragrances. Easy to grab, plus, I always think it looks pretty having perfume and cologne on display.

By the way, THIS Burberry perfume is my latest obsession and most recent addition. It isn’t heavy and is perfect for summer.

Primary Bathroom Vanity Decor Ideas

Sources: Marble Tray (small)

I ordered a pair of my favorite glass foaming soap pumps (HERE) — they hold bottles of B&BW foaming soap perfectly — and added THESE custom labels to the front. There’s all kinds of sets and customizations you can do — from hand soap to dish soap — different sizes, etc. I went with a single sheet of hand soap labels, all in the same look and format.

Primary Bathroom Vanity Accessory Ideas

Sources: Foaming Soap Dispenser | Soap Dispenser Labels

His and Hers Primary Bathroom Vanities

As a side note, when we had to have some of our baseboards removed, I went ahead and picked out taller (7.25″) baseboards (HERE). They look so much better — especially with our tall ceilings — than the short 3″ baseboards the builders had installed initially.

Primary Bathroom Remodel -- Tile & Vanity Ideas

And, here’s Dave’s vanity.

Primary Bathroom Vanity Ideas for Remodel

Primary Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Sources: Marble Tray (small)

Primary Bathroom Remodel & Decorating Ideas

THIS trash can is great for narrow spaces and allows for a clean look when it comes to trash can liners. The top fits down over the base.

Black and White Primary Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Sources: Trash Can

A memory of one of Eliza’s first baths, back when she would get bathed in the kitchen sink. How did she turn THREE this past weekend?!

Decorating His Primary Bathroom Vanity

SourcesFoaming Soap Dispenser | Soap Dispenser Labels| Silver Bamboo Picture Frame | Fringed Hand Towel

Primary Bathroom Remodel with Gold & Polished Nickel Accents

Because we have neighbors on this side of the house, I did a lot of thinking and planning once I ditched the faux wood blinds. I opted for automated roller shades (Serena Shades by Lutron) that are programmed to raise and lower each morning at 8AM and 7PM. We also have a switch on the wall to operate them — they are amazing and convinced me to add them to my office. I chose translucent shades that give privacy but transmit soft light in here and will opt for the blackout shades in my office.

Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Primary Bathroom Her Sink Accessories and Ideas

Have I mentioned how much I love our bathroom now? We went from an uninspiring, drab space to having a primary bathroom I adore — something I never thought would happen. I don’t recommend leaving a faucet on for hours, unattended, but I’m grateful we had the opportunity to make lemons out of lemonade. And, I now feel better equipped and know more of what to expect on our next bathroom project. We aren’t jumping into it right now, but eventually, I’ll want to remodel Eliza’s bathroom.

Primary Bathroom Ideas with White Shower and Black Floors

Sources: Vanity | Sconce (polished nickel | Silver Bamboo Picture Frame | Tub | Tub Filler | Fluted Side Table | Frames Over Tub | Bottom Oak Tree Art Print Sketch | Top Tree Art Print Sketch | Shower Door Handle (polished nickel) | Shower Head | Shower Arm | Hand Shower | Hand Shower Holder | Lever | Hand Shower Hose | Bath Mat | Floor Tile (12 x 24″)| Shower Tile (2.5 x 8″)| Niche and Shower Floor Tile | Outside Shower Curb Tile (12″x24″ – cut) |  Towel Hook (polished nickel)Bath Towel

For more projects, remodels, and makeovers, be sure to subscribe to emails at the bottom of the post. I’ll also be sharing more primary bathroom decor posts — from details on lighting to organization — soon! This was a HUGE post, 16 months in the making and while we covered a good bit, there isn’t enough space or time to get into some of the nitty gritty. Thanks for being so patient with me on this bathroom journey 😉 She’s done!!!

Primary Bathroom Decor Links & Sources

Paint Color: Simply White by Benjamin Moore

Tile: Floor Tile 12 x 24″ | Shower Tile 2.5 x 8″ | Niche and Shower Floor Tile | Outside Shower Curb Tile (12″x24″ – cut) | Top of Shower Curb; Niche Shelves & Sides — White Quartz

Lighting: Sconces (polished nickel) | Lantern Chandelier in toilet room

Window Covering: Serena Shades by Lutron

Wall Decor: Mirrors Over Vanities (31 x 48″ brushed brass finish)Frames Over Tub | Bottom Oak Tree Art Print Sketch | Top Tree Art Print Sketch | Towel Hook (polished nickel)

Major Bathroom Furnishings: Vanity | TubFluted Side Table | Cabinet in Toilet Room | Baseboards 

Plumbing FixturesShower Door Handle (polished nickel) | Sink Faucets (polished nickel) | Tub Filler | Shower DrainShower Head | Shower Arm | Hand Shower | Hand Shower Holder | Lever | Hand Shower Hose| Rite-Temp Cartridge | Rite-Temp Valve

Decor Accessories: Marble Trays | Silver Bamboo Picture Frame | Stoneware Pot | Soap Dispenser | Soap Dispenser Labels | Trash Can | Marble Trash Can in Toilet Room | Bath Mat on Tub | Bath Mat in Front of Shower | Fringed Hand Towel

Featured Every Day Use Items: Olaplex Conditioner | Olaplex Shampoo | Olaplex Hair Perfector | Foaming Cleanser | Facial Cleansing Brush| Bath Towel 

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  1. 6.14.22
    Sarah said:

    I love it all! Congrats on another beautiful space! Our bathroom is next on the list, you’ve given me some great inspiration once again. I love the long niche in the shower, good idea for shaving! Enjoy!

    • 6.14.22

      Sarah, Thank you so much for taking the time to visit and for your kind note. That niche gave me some grief along the way, but I’m so happy to have it. I wish you the best as you plan your bathroom re-do!

  2. 6.14.22
    Erin said:

    Wow Kelley! What a beautiful space. I’m in love with your shower! The tile is so good and the niche…I have to do that when we eventually remodel our bathroom. It’s so, so good!!!

    • 6.14.22

      Erin, I so appreciate you taking the time to visit and thank you for your note! I’m so happy that this project is FINALLY completed.

  3. 6.14.22
    Lynn said:

    The new Master Bathroom is stunning! You have a great eye for detail.

    • 6.14.22
      BJ said:

      Stunning! A costly accident but maybe not! I just did the same thing in my laundry room. Soaked a shirt in the utility tub, left the room, forgot to turn off water. Some 4 hours later, my laundry room flooded and water leaked through the ceiling down to my finished lower level family room! Can’t even begin to describe the disaster. I had to cut out the drywall to release the water. I was able to dry out carpet but the water damaged not only the ceiling but my sofa. Plus, the floor in the laundry room buckled and will need to be repaired or replaced. None of this is in my fixed budget income! Did not want to file insurance claim because my policy premium will skyrocket next year. So, do I buy groceries or get stupid mistake fixed! Lol

      • 6.14.22

        BJ, Thank you! I am so sorry to hear of your mishap. Others have reported that the same thing happened to us. It’s amazing the damage that water can cause and its lasting effects. I hope you are able to find a solution to your issues and yes, the groceries are the most important thing!

    • 6.14.22

      Hi Lynn, Thank you for your kind comments. I appreciate you taking the time to stop by!

  4. 6.14.22
    Dianne McNeely said:

    Sensational; however, I am not surprised! I didn’t realize it had been 16 loooong months since the accident. About the shower doors- Easy Off Oven Cleaner in the blue can removes water spots. It actually works!

    • 6.14.22

      Dianne, Thank you for always being the sweetest supporter. It was a long 16 months, but I am so happy to have this one marked off the list. Thank you, also, for the great tip!

  5. 6.14.22
    Haneen said:

    Looks amazing! Worth the wait!

    • 6.14.22

      Haneen, You are the absolute sweetest…especially, since you were able to complete your bathroom redo in six weeks! xoxo

  6. 6.14.22
    Joy said:

    Absolutely STUNNING!! Every detail is perfection!!

    • 6.14.22

      Joy, Thank you for visiting and for your sweet note!

  7. 6.14.22
    Randi said:

    Yay Kel! It looks amazing! Fabulous job my friend! Miss you! Xo

    • 6.15.22

      Randi, Thank you so much! Those months were long ones, indeed. Miss you, too! xoxo

  8. 6.14.22
    Francine Valderrama said:

    You did a great job with the remodel, Kelley. It is gorgeous!

    • 6.15.22

      Francine, Thank you so much for taking the time to visit and for your sweet note.

  9. 6.14.22
    Michele M. said:

    WOW!!! Your main bathroom is amazing now.
    Very scary that happened – but you truly did make some lemonade from that lemon of a disaster. Love it!

    • 6.15.22

      Michele, Thank you, thank you! I was thankful that we were not gone for a longer period that day because it could’ve been worse. I’m so glad you like it!

  10. 6.14.22
    Jana said:

    Wow every detail is stunning! Congratulations on such a beautiful and well designed space. Thanks for sharing!

    • 6.15.22

      Jana, Thank you for visiting and for your sweet note. We are so happy with the outcome!

  11. 6.14.22
    Dina Darling said:

    Looks Amazing!!

    • 6.15.22

      Dina, Thank you so much for visiting and for your kind note!

  12. 6.15.22
    Emily said:

    I love everything! I am in the middle of a bathroom renovation right now. I am also doing cloe tile for my shower walls. My floor tile is making everything really gray right now so I am trying to bring it back more white. We are grouting on Monday! Do you recall what grout color you chose for your shower? It looks perfect!

    • 6.15.22

      Emily, Thank you for stopping by and for your kind note. Our contractor recommended Mapei from Lowes in white. We did, but it started yellowing very quickly. I would not use it again. I wish you the best of luck on your renovation!

      • 9.30.23
        Suzanne Arakawa said:

        Could you share what grout you used?

        • 10.1.23

          Hi Suzanne, I believe the grout we used was Mapei from Lowe’s in white,

  13. 6.15.22
    Lori said:

    Beautiful!! I love everything about it!!

    • 6.15.22

      Lori, Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and for your very kind note!

  14. 6.22.22
    jennibell said:

    Beautiful!!! Rainbow after the storm and all, right??

    • 6.23.22

      Jennibell, Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and for your note. Your description of “rainbow after the storm” is perfect!

  15. 8.4.22
    Lisa Stephenson said:

    Can you please share a picture of vanity cabinet. I copied your drawer organizer and love it. But need help for under my sink cabinet

  16. 8.18.22
    Kathy D Curtis said:

    Can I get the name of your shower tile and where you purchased. I really like your tile.

  17. 4.10.23
    Sara said:

    Your bathroom looks great! Just wondering what color grout you used in the shower?

    • 4.11.23

      Thank you for taking the time to visit, Sara! I used white grout in the shower.

  18. 9.3.23
    Joan said:

    Beautiful! I love your gorgeous bathroom! May I ask about the top of your shower curb–the white quartz–it looks like it is one continuous piece. Did you have a stone fabricator to make it for you?

    • 9.4.23

      Joan, Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and your sweet note is so appreciated! Yes. The shower curb is one continuous piece and was provided by a stone fabricator. We were definitely lucky that they were able to do this in one piece!