One Room Challenge- Week 4: Art, Rug, and Other Office Details


It’s week four of my home office transformation for the One Room Challenge. I was planning to share some DIY projects; how I have organized my drawers and cabinets; my cleaned, stain-free desk chair; and the details of my styled shelves. But, I haven’t conquered my DIY projects, my drawers and cabinets are empty and my closet is still overflowing, I haven’t attempted to tackle the stains on my chair, and I haven’t purchased the first item for my shelves. Woops. I’ll recap at the bottom of the post what I still have left to do, but instead of focusing on what I didn’t do this week, I’ll focus on what I did do. Ok, so maybe I’m still giving myself too much credit haha. I didn’t do much, but the UPS man has been busy so I’ll focus on what he did 😉 I won’t be showing any full room shots until the end of the six weeks, but I will be sharing peeks of the art, rug, and other office details.

My front porch was covered with boxes for most of the week; I hope next week is the same because I am still waiting on several items to arrive.

*You can find the end result and the full office makeover reveal HERE.


This was the first week I was able to start bringing things into the room instead of hauling them out. (I still have plenty of that to do 😉 I laid my rug and brought in the dining table (my desk) that I scored for a killer deal at the RH Outlet. For the rug, I wanted something on the larger side to cover the majority of the carpet – this one is 7’10” x 10’10”. It wasn’t until I decided on this rug that the tone for the office was set.

I did find the perfect piece for the corner of my room at HomeGoods- this gray, velvet, tufted slipper chair. I also had a “Eureka!” moment last night when I remembered my former dining room mirror (remember when I switched up my console HERE?). I think it’s a little too short to serve as a leaning mirror so I will be hanging it this coming week. It has an antiqued frame which I love to help balance out some of my more modern room choices.


I am on the hunt for a small side table to position next to the slipper chair; that is where my new brass lamp will sit. Last week, I had zero idea with what I was going to do in this corner of the room. When I brought the table in and saw how much space I actually had, I knew my “little” corner moment would have to be a bit more involved than I had thought. Thank goodness it has come together pretty painlessly.



Because I am bringing in more color than I had initially thought with a lot of metals, I wanted to add in a few plush, textured, cozy throws. They just arrived today and I can’t tell you how huge and soft they each are. It’s day one and my husband has already tried to haul them downstairs… we are going to have a hard time keeping them in the office.


Ivory Chunky Throw | Gray Faux Mohair Throw



For now, I’m only giving a sneak peek of the art. I am planning to hang it this week and am still waiting on one more piece. I could not be more thrilled with how they coordinate with the rug. Making selections online can be tough so luckily, crossing my fingers on these must have worked!


Gold Foil Leaf Art | Soft Shimmer No. 2 Large Art Print

Someone else has been enjoying the new rug; our newest family member, Magnolia. Dave and I celebrated our fourth anniversary two weeks ago. Because the traditional fourth anniversary gift is fruit/flowers, we picked out our own little flower to bring home.



Maggie has kept us on our toes the past two weeks and I couldn’t resist sharing these; such a natural born poser. Even with the addition of Maggie, family being in town, us having a trip planned next week, and life happening, I still have a lot to do to meet the six week makeover deadline. Because of our upcoming trip, I actually have to have the room completed and photographed by next weekend. Holy. Cow.


  1. Clean/scrub/pray over desk chair
  2. Change chandelier light switch to dimmer
  3. Relocate cable and wall outlet and hang television
  4. Hang art and mirrors
  5. Wait for grass cloth to arrive and have professional install
  6. Find side table
  7. Find and secure accessories
  8. Paint storage boxes
  9. Paint diploma frame
  10. Wait for pillows to come in
  11. Wait for Roman shades to come in and install upon arrival
  12. Clean out office closet and move boxes to basement
  13. Purge office supplies and organize drawers and cabinets
  14. Recover window seat
  15. Style bookshelves
  16. Bring computer and office essentials back into the office
  17. Finalize and style desk accessories

Will all of these items get crossed off the list? I honestly have no idea haha. Stay tuned and check back in with me next week for the final progress before the big reveal on November 10!




Rug (7’10” x 10’10”) | Lamp (Table- Brass)  | Linen Tapered Drum Lamp Shade (Medium-White) | Oversized Chunky Throw (Ivory) | Faux Mohair Oversized Throw (Gray) | Soft Shimmer Large Art Print (30×40, white mat, matte brass frame) | Gold Foil Leaf Art (11×11, matte brass frame) | Custom Notepad | Marble Coaster – HomeGoods (SIMILAR| Amerock Cabinet Pulls (Golden Champagne) 6 5/16” and 5 1/16” | Gray Velvet Slipper Chair- HomeGoods (SIMILAR)| Gold Mirror- HomeGoods (SIMILAR) | Trestle Table (Gray Acacia- 76″ x 43″) | Paint: Sherwin Williams On the Rocks

If you missed any progress, get caught up here:


*You can find the end result and the full office makeover reveal HERE.

A special “thank you” to my sponsors this week for making this project possible.
Pottery Barn | Minted | Rugs USAAmerock | Sherwin Williams 

A big thank you also to Bobby Barton of Heartwood Renovations, and Darryl Ponquinette of Ponquinette Fine Woodworks for making my built-in dreams come true.

*post contains affiliate links*

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  1. 10.27.16
    Jennifer said:

    You got so many pretties!!! Love the new slipper chair! It’s so perfect for the room and looks amazing with your rug. So excited about your progress! xoxo

    • 10.27.16

      Jen, thank you! I was excited to find it- I had serious doubts before looking. Your room is looking amazing!

  2. 10.27.16
    Linda Rossi said:

    All I can say is WOW !! Everything, and I mean everything, is fabulous. Can’t wait for the full reveal…
    Enjoy your trip and your adorable new puppy!

    • 10.27.16

      Linda, thank you so much! I’m so ready for it to be finished to see the result but am loving the process 😉

  3. 10.27.16
    Amy @ Love On Sunday Design said:

    Such beautiful details! I can’t wait to see the finished space.

    • 10.27.16

      Amy, thank you! I am all about that brass and gold in here 😉

  4. 10.27.16
    Paula Nicholson said:

    Everything you have done thus far looks perfect! I love the table you scored at Restoration Hardware. It looks gorgeous! And that slipper chair, great find! Can not wait to see the end result. You are one talented lady!!!

    • 10.27.16

      Paula, thank you so much! I still can’t get over that table. We got our dining room trestle table from there also; awesome deal but not THAT awesome! And yes, I totally lucked out with the slipper chair. Struck out at HomeGoods #1 but hit gold at my second HomeGoods stop 😉 Thank you so much for visiting!

  5. 10.27.16
    Bree said:

    Everything looks amazing Kelley!!! I really love the rug, the art and your desk is fabulous! And Magnolia is beyond precious!! Dying to see this room finished…I know it’s going to be magazine worthy for sure (it already is?) 🙂

    • 10.27.16

      Bree, thank you! I blame her for my minimal progress this week! haha

  6. 10.27.16
    Karen said:

    Okay, love, love, love everything in the room. But that sweet puppy is to die for!!! Thanks for showing a pic of that little cutie!

    • 10.27.16

      Karen, thank you! Truth be told, I have more photos of her on my memory card than anything, now haha

  7. 10.27.16
    Summer said:

    Ooooooh Kel!!!! I’m loving all your choices so far! It’s gonna look so good! And if Maggie ever needs a babysitter, just ship her here ha! I wuv her!??

    • 10.27.16

      Summer, you got it! Y’all would have the most ADORABLE sleepover!!

  8. 10.27.16
    Janna Hann said:

    As beautiful as all your choices are, I’m afraid Maggie steals the show!!! What kind of dog is she?

    • 10.27.16

      Janna, I am totally good with that haha! She is a Dorkie- (dachshund/Yorkie mix). Both of her parents were Dorkies so she is a second generation. We love that little nugget!

  9. 10.27.16
    vicki said:

    Maggie is precious! What breed is she???

    • 10.27.16

      Vicki, thank you! She is a Dorkie- (dachshund/Yorkie mix)- both parents were also Dorkies 😉

  10. 10.27.16

    Wow – it’s coming together beautifully!

    • 10.27.16

      Tana, thank you! I want an update on your home front!

  11. 10.27.16
    Mysha said:

    Kelley I need an RH outlet by my house! Jealous! Seriously though the rug, the chair, the art… it’s perfection!

    • 10.27.16

      Mysha, it is dangerous! But so lucky to have one nearby. I am LOVING your transformation!

  12. 10.27.16

    Kelley you always have the best sneak peek photos – so intriguing with just the right amount of detail to make you want to see more! I seriously cannot even imagine how incredible it will all look at the end – it’s already a gazillion times better than the before!

    Oh, and Magnolia! Be still, my heart! What a beautiful little flower! 😉

    • 10.27.16

      Oksana, than you so much!! And I say that to myself every time I look at her haha- Two weeks in and I still have a major staring problem!

  13. 10.27.16

    Maggie! Oh my gosh. I love her. It’s totally fine if the office doesn’t get done. Just post more pics of her on that gorgeous rug and no one will notice! PS: Totally loving the art/rug combo and can’t wait to see more. Don’t tell Maggie I noticed anything but her though.

    • 10.27.16

      Melissa, that is the plan! HAHA! And your secret is safe with me 😉 I can’t wait to check out your progress today- you are such a pro!

  14. 10.27.16

    Loving all the peeks. And, that precious pup. Show stealer.

    • 10.27.16

      Lauren, thank you so much! PS- I think she knows it… I’m gonna have to break it to her that as cute as she is, it will only make up for being a bad girl for so long 😉

  15. 10.27.16
    Tamara said:

    Kelley I’m in love with how elegant this space is! I think my favorite detail is that rug and all the soft colors! I cannot wait for the final reveal!

    • 10.27.16

      Tam, thank you! The rug is a baby step of a departure for me but I am loving it too. xoxo

  16. 10.27.16
    Andrea said:

    Loving the color palette. We have the same table. Can’t wait to see the finished look!

    • 10.27.16

      Andrea, thank you and I love that! I can’t wait to start working from it 😉

  17. 10.27.16
    Angela WV said:

    Kelly, Again, you nailed it! Love the rug, the built ins EVERYTHING!!
    Your puppy is gorgeous! Melts my heart. What kind of dog is she?

    • 10.28.16

      Angela, thank you so much!! She is a second generation dorkie (dachshund/yorkie mix).

      • 10.30.16
        Angela WV said:

        She’s a cutie Patoottie! i may have to look into that breed!

        • 10.31.16

          Angela, we are so in love! And so much personality!

  18. 10.28.16
    Brynne said:

    So exciting, Kel!! Love it all! Especially your little flower! ?

  19. 10.28.16

    Oh my gosh, stop with those puppy photos! My heart can’t take it!!

    Love your desk by the way!

    • 10.28.16

      Ashley, mine can’t either haha! Thank you for visiting with me!

  20. 10.28.16
    Janet Cole said:

    Absolutely stunning office – but Maggie is killing me with her cuteness…she is the perfect “accessory!”

  21. 10.28.16

    everything is already looking so glamorous! Oh I am so for the gratuitous shot of your adorable puppy, so cute.

    • 10.28.16

      haha I am so glad! I may be throwing in more of those because I am addicted to her haha 😉

  22. 10.28.16
    Yvette Contreras said:

    I cannot wait to see the reveal! It already looks amazing! The rug and the artwork are definitely a favorite, I mean besides the chandelier, of course!
    And little Maggie is precious!

    • 10.28.16

      Yvette, thank you so so much! I’m so ready to get everything hung so I can really “see” what it is all going to look like! I hope you will stick with me through the reveal 😉

  23. 10.28.16
    Yuni said:

    Kelley, that rug is seriously so gorgeous!! I’m loving every single detail in the room. Everything is coming together. Looks like you have a super busy week ahead of you!! You’re definitely going to deserve that vacay!! Great progress, kel!! Love Maggie too!

    • 10.28.16

      Yuni, thank you! And we are excited; I am looking forward to making a date with your blog this weekend so I can catch up on your daughter’s bedroom progress!!

  24. 10.30.16

    Oh Kelley! It looks so amazing already. Can we just talk about that pup? I want to snuggle and smell her puppy breath! DARLING!! xox

    • 10.31.16

      Em, the puppy breath is strong in that one!

  25. 10.30.16

    Kelly, the details are gorgeous!! And your pup? I die!

  26. 10.31.16

    Wow Kelley!! Everything you’ve chosen so far looks so perfect, I can’t wait to see full shots! Oh, and the puppy is pretty darn cute, too 🙂

  27. 11.1.16

    OK so much to say!!! First of all THANK YOU for sharing that you DIDN’T get some stuff done because girlfriend I’m right there with you. Second love absolutely everything and love your Home Goods find. Oklahoma doesn’t have a Home Goods and I’ve never even stepped foot inside one but all you girls find the best stuff from there so I’m so excited because I just found out we are getting one! Can’t wait to see your Week 5 update and then the BIG REVEAL

    • 11.1.16

      CC, haha! You MUST get to a HomeGoods ASAP! So much fun in one place. Let me know what you think when it opens. I hope your progress is coming along this week!

  28. 11.2.16

    It looks so gorgeous already… I can’t even imagine how stunning it’s going to be when you’re done!