One Room Challenge- Week 3: A Crystal Chandelier for the Office


Week 3 of the One Room Challenge was filled with lots of list crossing. I finalized my window treatments, my rug arrived, and I ordered my art. I even made a window seat cushion which I will probably re-cover right before the Week 6 reveal. (If you missed it, you can catch the easy DIY HERE.) PS: I know I showed a sneak peek of my rug but after rolling it back up, I decided to wait until next week to show the full view 😉

*You can find the end result and the full office makeover reveal HERE.


But, the two biggest accomplishments of the week was 1. the room was painted in a color I am now obsessed with, and 2. my chandelier is officially hung!



After debating over paint color samples last week, I decided to go with “On the Rocks” by Sherwin Williams. I was so excited with the result after my painter finished, I have been putting serious thought into other rooms I can use it in. Thanks to my local Sherwin Williams, I still have a few extra gallons which I am determined to not let go to waste. And an extra special “thanks” to my painter who completed this room, top to bottom, in a period of three hours. For reference, it took Dave and I a full weekend to paint this similar sized room. And, three times the paint. Never again.


I knew I wanted a statement chandelier in my office long before I ever even considered making over my office for the One Room Challenge. But, because of my 8′ ceilings upstairs, I was nervous to commit to anything. Everything I found either seemed too large or too wimpy for what I had in mind. I saved several photos on my phone and would pull them up and debate among my selections every night. But then, I found this beauty from Lamps Plus. I never went back to review all those photos I had saved on my phone again. I stopped obsessively filtering through the expansive collection of chandeliers online. I knew this chandelier was the one. I knew I wanted something different but until I spotted this one, I didn’t know what that meant. I still kept gravitating toward something more “arm-y”. I’m so glad I resisted and held out.

Dave still has to add a dimmer but because it will be positioned directly above my desk, I was able to hang it lower, and, I won’t have a need for a desk lamp.


I spent most of last night hanging crystals after my husband successfully installed “her” in the dark.


Because my chandelier is on the more feminine side, I went with a few more streamlined, handsome choices elsewhere. The shape and details of the light fixture made me gravitate toward a more sleek pull and the antique brass finish was actually the ultimate deciding factor on the finish I went with on my built-in cabinets. If you didn’t catch my last post, my pulls are the Sea Grass in Golden Champagne by Amerock.

*tap the photo to shop*


Even though I checked off two major components this week, I still have tasks I haven’t touched. Like… picking out accessories and decor. I am determine to keep my more functional, less pretty essentials tucked away in my drawers and cabinets but picking out new supplies is something I’m most looking forward to. If shopping for back to school supplies and labeling tabs for your notebooks was one of your favorite past times, you are so my person!

I don’t want to go overboard on the brass and gold because I love the statement of the pulls and chandelier, but, I finally have a place that makes sense to have some of the gold desktop accessories and I’m going to take advantage of it! Here are some of my favorites I’ve come across while browsing.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12

I have actually already ordered #11 – totally customizable not only with your name but also the title label. Several more of these will be filling up my cart very soon! (Well, at least they better or else I will miss the six-week deadline haha)


As of this evening, I already have a few more updates, but, I will wait until next Thursday to share those.

If you missed any progress, get caught up here:


Be sure to check out the Week 3 progress of all the other ORC participants HERE.

A special “thank you” to my sponsors this week for making this project possible.
Lamps Plus | Amerock | Sherwin Williams 

A big thank you also to Bobby Barton of Heartwood Renovations, and Darryl Ponquinette of Ponquinette Fine Woodworks for making my built-in dreams come true.

*You can find the end result and the full office makeover reveal HERE.

*post contains affiliate links*

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  1. 10.20.16
    Jennifer said:

    This is going to be amazing Kelley! I absolutely love the white and gold desk accessories. The chandelier is gorgeous and the sneak peek of the rug is making me extra excited for next week!

    • 10.27.16

      Jen, thank you! I am still behind on those accessories- I will have to do better next week!

  2. 10.20.16

    Wow! It is looking so wonderful! I am loving following along on the progress!

    • 10.20.16

      Emily, thank you! Can’t wait to check out your powder room progress for the week!

  3. 10.20.16

    Oh Kelley this is looking so GLAM and so you! I can’t believe how much progress you’ve made; you’re a pro already at ORC! That chandelier is beautiful and I love all the desk accessories! Can’t wait to see your progress next week my friend! XOXO, Sarah

    • 10.20.16

      So much to do still but so happy to have a chunk behind me. Looking forward to your progress this week!

  4. 10.20.16

    oh my GOODNESS that chandelier is amazing!

    • 10.20.16

      Cassie, thank you! I absolutely love it 😉

  5. 10.20.16
    Summer said:

    Gasp!!!! That is the most perfect chandelier for that office space! Great choice and I am dying over the hardware! And the little inch I see of the rug is already making me swoon???

    • 10.20.16

      Summer, thank you sweet friend! It is so fun seeing it come together!

  6. 10.20.16
    Haneen said:

    Wahoooo! You’re on a roll and that chandelier is gorgy!!! Love your gold desk accessory choices, friend! Doing awesome!!

    • 10.20.16

      Haneen, thank you! Can’t wait for your update!

  7. 10.20.16
    Jaynez said:

    Tres chic! Can’t wait to see the final and the before photos!

    • 10.20.16

      Thank you! I am so anxious too- it will be a BIG difference.

  8. 10.20.16

    Kelley, I’ll gladly take up residence in your office if you are looking for someone to keep it company! Haha! It’s gorgeous girl! I can’t wait to see more!

    • 10.20.16

      Iris, thank you so much for stopping by! It’s coming together and you are welcome any time 😉

  9. 10.20.16
    Randi said:

    Loving it kel!!! I have most of those office accessories in my office and they are amazing! I can’t wait to see it all pulled together! Xo

    • 10.20.16

      Randi, thank you and that is amazing! haha I want all the pretties and will keep all my heavy duty supplies tucked away 😉

  10. 10.20.16

    I kinda already knew this based on your design choices, but you confirmed you are my people with your love of office supplies. Seriously, they make my heart go pitter-pitter. I’m obsessed with that chandelier going over the desk too. You are going to conquer the world in this office!

    • 10.27.16

      Melissa, you are SO my people! I am dying to see your final- your transformation is coming along amazingly!

  11. 10.20.16
    Ariel said:

    But seriously – that light fixture is everything!

    • 10.27.16

      Ariel, thank you so much! It so is my everything right now 😉

  12. 10.20.16
    yuni said:

    Okay, that light is freaking fantastic!! It’s amazing and such a perfect choice for the room. Love love love!! I can’t get over the built-ins too. I’m thinking I need one somewhere in my home. Great job, Kelley!

    • 10.27.16

      Yuni, thank you! Once you have some, you will want them everywhere… kind of like a tattoo?! haha

  13. 10.20.16
    Vicki said:

    That is THE most perfect light fixture! Just beautiful! And I love the gold accessories! So loving your office!!

    • 10.20.16

      Vicki, thank you so much! I am having so much fun with the process. I am hoping after my husband saw this room that he will be more on board to replace some of our other fans 😉

  14. 10.20.16
    Mysha said:

    Girl I love all the white and gold desk accessories! You are so good! Can you come teach me how to create all these beautiful images!!!:)

    • 10.20.16

      Mysha, thank you! And deal- if you teach me how to work construction!

  15. 10.20.16
    Sara said:

    This is so gorgeous!! I’m loving seeing how this is coming along!! I’m obsessed with your built-ins… just love, love, love it!

    • 10.20.16

      Sara, thank you! It is so fun to see it come along; I must admit, I am a bit obsessed myself haha.

  16. 10.20.16

    The built ins look great and I love the chandy. It is beautiful. Nate Berkus has a line of office products and carries the tape dispenser. It is white dipped in gold. I snagged one for myself. Good luck!

    • 10.20.16

      Debbie, thank you! Yes; a few of the accessories I sourced are from his line! I need to get my thoughts together and get those solidified ASAP! Thank you for your suggestion!

  17. 10.20.16

    Kelley, this is a stunning chandelier! I love “her” 🙂 I also love the gold & white desk accessories. That’s such a chic and elegant color combo – it’s all going to look amazing when it’s finished!

    • 10.27.16

      Jenna, thank you! I am so excited to see your progress this week- you are brave taking on that big space- and, you are going to make it fabulous!

  18. 10.20.16
    Jen @ Noting Grace said:

    Kelley – that’s some serious chandy-candy right there! Can’t wait to see the final reveal!!

    • 10.27.16

      Jen, thank you so much! I am so in love with it; hoping it will convince my hubby we need one in our bedroom, too 😉

  19. 10.20.16
    Tamara said:

    Ok this is serious stuff! I’m so in love with everything you’re doing Kel! This is absolutely perfect! You keep me wanting more and more and more! You’re so good! I say it all the time but it’s so true!! xo

    • 10.27.16

      Tam. thank you so much!! Will you and Neil please come down to show me how to conquer things DIY style?! We would have so much fun 😉

  20. 10.20.16
    Bree said:

    Kel!! Love the updates this week and I’m totally dying over the light and the rug!!! I also love the accessories you are looking at and can’t wait to see more next week! Xoxo

    • 10.27.16

      Bree, thank you so much! You MUST join next time- you would ROCK a 6-week room!

  21. 10.21.16

    Oh my! I love every detail of this room! That chandelier is fabulous. I think I spied a peek of the new rug and if it’s the rug I think it is….I know I’ll love it too. I wanted that rug in runners to go up our stairs and it’s actually on my pinboard for our ORC Eclectic Farmhouse Foyer plan!

    • 10.27.16

      Jessica, thank you so much! Um- the rug as a stair runner?! PLEASE DO IT!

  22. 10.21.16

    Oh my…that chandelier is STUNNING! Wow!

  23. 10.21.16

    I’m in love!!! The built-ins, the rug, the chandelier – all gorgeous and perfect for your space! And that paint color looks gorgeous – I can see why you’re going to want to be spreading that beautiful color throughout the rest of your home!

    • 10.27.16

      Kris, thank you! It’s serious crunch time now and I’m still in denial about everything I have left to do haha

  24. 10.22.16

    Oh my word everything is amazing but THAT CHANDELIER!!! Can’t wait to watch the progress on this room Kelley! It’s going to be absolutely drop dead gorgeous!

    • 10.27.16

      CC, thank you! I hope MM is helping you slay your room this week! And, NO ER TRIPS!

  25. 10.22.16
    DawnSams said:

    KelleyNan! Not sure I can wait another 3 weeks – on pins and needles- ❤️

  26. 10.24.16
    Ruthie said:

    That light is absolutely stunning!

    • 10.24.16

      Ruthie, thank you so much! I am so loving it!

  27. 10.24.16
    Janet Cole said:

    I would never get any work done – I would sit and stare at this beautiful office all day!

    • 10.25.16

      Aw, Janet, thank you! I am hoping it will ENHANCE my productivity haha

  28. 10.25.16

    Oh Kelley, just when I didn’t think it was possible to make this room any more glam, you go and add this STUNNING chandelier that makes me re-question every lighting decision I’ve ever made, ha! Seriously, I want to live in this room. Just think of all the wonderful ideas you’ll have in this space, the many, many projects you’ll accomplish!!! Or, if you’re anything like me, you’ll just stare at all the pretty objects around you and never get anything done! LOL

    • 10.27.16

      Oksana! You are wonderful; I LOVED your sneak peek tonight and can’t wait to see what you have in store for Week 4! Love doing this journey with you!

  29. 10.26.16

    Oh my goodness, that chandelier is a total show stopper! Seriously gorg!!!

    • 10.27.16

      Angela, thank you!! I still need it on a dimmer but have to peek in each time I pass that room 😉

  30. 4.24.17
    abi said:

    This is really interesting! Never thought of putting a chandelier in an office