The Best Holiday Home Moments from Christmases Past

I’ll be sharing our home, decorated for Christmas this year, in mid-November, and if you’re an email subscriber, you already received a preview of this year’s main tree and color scheme. But, in the meantime, I thought it’d be fun to look back at some of my favorite Christmas decor moments over the past several years, since the inception of the blog in 2015. The further back I go, the fewer moments and photos I’m sharing because style evolves so much — but it’s so fun to see. The vignettes and holiday home scenes I’m sharing today are the moments that I still love today. I can’t pick a top tree or a favorite year, but I think there’s some ideas and relevant snippets throughout that I’ll highlight today. If you’re a long time reader, a lot of this may look familiar or jog your memory and if you’ve only started visiting more recently, some (or all) of this may be new! I’ll try not to get too carried away with the wordiness of it all (I mean, I did already talk about all these over the years at some point, haha), and will keep the text to a minimum. Or at least my version of a minimum ;). Read or scan on for the best Christmas decor ideas from holidays past!

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Christmas Kitchen Island & Countertop Moments

I never go over the top with kitchen decor but I do try to bring in some evergreen, a little warmth, some yummy scents (always), and maybe even a little twinkle. Here are a few favorite (simple) ways I’ve incorporated a little Christmas over the years…

Simple Neutral Christmas Kitchen Deocr

SourcesWoven Backless Counter Stools |  Vase (similar) | Wooden Bowl (similar) | Spiced Cider Candle (similar) | Jute Runner | Round Marble and Wood Cheeseboard | Rectangular Wooden Cheese Board |  Olivewood Salt Keeper | Small Olivewood Cheeseboard | Olive Oil Dispenser | Cabinet Pulls | Backsplash Tile

SourcesRound White Cheese Board | Rectangular White Cheese Board | Small Olive Wood Cheese Board | Spoon Rest | Cabinet Pull Backsplash Tile

Simple Christmas Kitchen Island Decor for Christmas

Sources: Vase (similar) | Wooden Bowl (similar) | Spiced Cider Candle (similar) | Twinkle Lights

Four Kitchen Island Christmas Decor Ideas

Sources: Large Round Vase | Textured Bowl | Small Olive Wood Cheese Board | Cinnamon Candle | Dutch OvenBacksplash Tile

Four Christmas Kitchen Centerpiece Ideas, Inspired by Christmas Candles

Sources: Olive Wood Bowl (similar) | Large White Vase | Candle

See a common theme? Citrus, berries and deep green just seems to always be a winning combo and gives a warmth I just tend to prefer over some of the other things I’ve done in the kitchen.

Table Centerpiece Moments

I’ve done simple (I never get tired of bowls with balls and/or beads!) and I’ve done elaborate (taking just about every candle holder I own and lighting a runner down the length of the table.) And between the breakfast nook and the dining room, I like both.

Simple Ball Ornament Centerpiece

SourcesBlack Bowl (14″) | Wood Bead Garland

Simple Candle Table Centerpiece Idea

Pink poinsettia in wooden planter as a Christmas centerpiece

Elegant Christmas Table Decorations and Centerpiece

Sources: Gold Pillar Candle Holders (similar) 

There’s been several years where I’ve mixed up candle holders in the dining room…

Cozy Christmas decorations in the dining room

Sources: Gold Flatware

Hurricanes with pillars and rock salt was an easy but pretty way to pull together a table centerpiece. You could even gather them in the center for a round table! Making note to consider that for myself this year 😉

Snowy Christmas Dining Room Table Centerpiece and Christmas Decorations

I’ve repurposed these stars every which a way over the years but piling them all in this bowl was a moment.

Mirrored Star Centerpiece in Christmas Dining Room

Dining Room Moments

After painting the walls a deep charcoal this past year, last Christmas was probably my favorite dining room look since it was so different than prior years.

Dining Room Christmas Decor with Mirror Wreath

Sources: Chandelier | Dining Chairs | Dining Table – RH (similar) | Cement Lamps | Sideboard (similar)

I had a bunch of favorite “moments” in here last year.

Sources: Dining Chairs | Rug (natural; 8’x10′) | Chandelier | Lamps |  Curtain Rod (120″-240″) | Curtain Rings | Dining Table – RH (similar) | Sideboard — RH (similar) | Christmas Tree Topper | Lit Bottlebrush Trees (set of 3) | White and Gold Gift Box

Elegant Dining Room Christmas Decor

Christmas Bar Cart Decor

SourcesBar Cart (almost identical) | Wine Glasses | Decanter | Bowl | Faux Olive Stems (similar) | Wire Twinkle Lights

But on the opposite end of the spectrum, I loved this look in the dining room the year before — decked in frosted blue and snowy white.

Christmas Decor and Christmas Trees in the Dining Room -- Snowy White and Icy Blue

Sources: Dining Chairs | Rug (natural; 8’x10′) | Chandelier | Dining Table – RH (similar) | Sideboard — RH (similar) | Rug

Fireplace Moments

I typically start with some variation of the same base garland and tweak it just a little bit and love when I can mix in some fruit and other berries. It’s pretty hard to beat when I used blueberries a few years ago, in terms of what I’ve really looked back and enjoyed…

How to Decorate Your Mantel with Garland

Sources: Christmas Stockings (assorted) | Fireplace Screen | Brass Party Bucket

But I also really liked the red and gold berries with more magnolia leaves and eucalyptus last year.

Mix and Match Fur Stockings on Christmas Fireplace with Garland

Sources: Christmas Stockings (assorted) | Fireplace Screen | Brass Party Bucket

And I love the drapey garlands — like cedar — that have been on the rise over the past several years. I even used to mix in live cedar with my garland but it was too messy and dried out quickly. But this garland that I embellish is still my tried and true go-to. For our banisters, too.

Christmas Mantel and Fireplace Garland Decor

In 2018-2019, I used more ornaments and loved the sleek black bows as stocking embellishments. Satin ribbon in general is a cost effective way to dress up your standards in just a slightly different way…

How to decorate Christmas stockings with ribbon

Bedroom Moments

I love decorating this little closet area of Eliza’s simply. One year, I gave her animal art little clip art Santa hats that I cut out and colored with crayons.

Christmas decorating ideas for a baby nursery

Sources: Bunny Print | Mouse Print | Raccoon Print | Woven Hamper | Bear Rocker (similar) | Bell Door Hanger (similar)

And I thought it was so simple, adorable (and free!) That I did another variation the following year, with butterflies, to match her room theme for the season. Any time I can play off a theme that lets me bring in decor I already have from previous seasons is a win in my book!

Unique Christmas Themes for Kids Bedrooms

Sources: Bunny Print | Mouse Print | Raccoon Print | Woven Hamper | Forsythia Wreath (similar) | Butterflies | Bell Door Hanger (similar)

Kids Christmas Bedroom with a Butterfly and Flower Christmas Tree

I pulled this sweet fairy terrarium together her first Christmas, when her room was decorated as a little whimsical fairy land.

DIY Fairy House for a Little Girl's Bedroom

Sources: Terrarium | Twinkle Lights

And I love loading up the beds in cozy layers during the holidays. Looking back, there are lots of items used year after year, room after room, but I keep going back to that standard formula. Here are a few favorite bedding moments…

Cozy Christmas Bedroom Decor

Sources: Bed | Glass Lamp | Nightstand | Linen Diamond Quilt | Linen Duvet Cover & Shams | Mohair Throw

White Fur Christmas Bedroom

neutral bedding with pop of plaid

Nostalgic Moments

Bringing out all the nostalgic pieces, special seasonal decor, and family collections is an annual favorite. We tend to gather them together for the most past and last year’s setup in the conversation room was an all time favorite moment.

Family Christmas Tree Ideas

Sources: Chandelier | Sconces (similar) | Rug (8 x 10)| Bird Art Print Pair | Coffee Table | Black Carved Tray | Wooden Beads | Coffee Table Seagrass Planter (similar)| Matte Black Capri Blue Candle | Large Cement Vase | Smaller Cement Vase | Black Curio Cabinet (similar) Woven Storage Trunk | Black Seagrass Basket | Christmas Tree TopperTwinkle Lights

This year’s setup is incredibly similar — I’ll be sharing it in mid-November, in the full 2022 Christmas Home post.

Tips for Decorating an Eclectic Family Tree

Coffee Table Moments

And speaking of nostalgia, I loved this little functional bowl of hands-on goodies for Eliza in the main living room.

Kid-Friendly Christmas Bowl of Classic Kids Books

Sources: Wooden Beads | Sleigh Bells on Handle (similar)

Some other coffee table moments and photos I’ve most enjoyed in the past…

Easy Christmas Coffee Table Decor

Proof it doesn’t have to be elaborate to be beautiful…

Simple Christmas Coffee Table Decor

SourceLive Beautiful Coffee Table Book

How to decorate a coffee table for Christmas

Shelf/Tabletop Moments

I typically try to keep a lot of my regular year-long decor in place in most spots, and just incorporate seasonal touches. Tabletops, consoles, dressers, and elevated flat surfaces are some of the best spots to let those collections shine. I’ve done bottlebrush forests I’ve really loved…

Console Table Christmas Decor

Sources: Console TableMirror | Vase | Vertical Art | Lidded Basket | Plant | Bottle Brush Trees (similar)

And along with Eliza’s bottlebrush trees on her dresser, I really loved the mirrored star mobile I created for the Christmas season this year!

Christmas Decor and Nursery Ideas for the Changing Table

Sources: Dresser (if not available, similar) | Round Mirror | Woven Hamper | Changing Basket

I have a pretty healthy collection of trees and mix and match each year to come up with different combos in different rooms. I really liked this colorful combo in Eliza’s room.

Colorful Kids Christmas Bedroom Decor

SourcesBookshelf | Batik Forest Framed Print | Letter Board

Bedroom Christmas Ideas and Nightstand Christmas Trees

Sources: Glass LampNightstand 

How to Style a Table and Shelf

And I loved the greenery-rich breakfast nook sideboard looks I had both this year…

Breakfast Nook Christmas Decor

and this year.

2021 Christmas Home Tour Sideboard Decor

SourcesRound Natural Cheese Board | Round Black Cheese Board | Olive Wood Cheese Board (similar)

Last year’s console in the living room was really simple with family Christmas card photos (I use similar finishes on the frames each year I add a new one to the collection), and some pinecones (another versatile year after year staple).

Simple Christmas Console Table in the Living Room -- 2021 Christmas Home Tour

SourcesConsole Table | Rattan Mirror | Garden Stool | Watering Can | Vase | Brown Lidded Basket (similar)

And bowls of balls are an easy go-to but I really appreciated this color combo.

Easy Decor Ideas -- Bowl of Red Balls on Built-In Bookshelf

More simplicity that made my heart happy…

Simple Christmas Vases & Decor

SourcesBlack Vase | Stoneware Vase Faux Magnolia Stem

Easy Christmas Decor Ideas

Christmas Tree Moments

I would have to sit down and count for a LONG time to consider how many trees and themes I’ve come up with over the past several years, and while I can’t name a fave, there are a few color combos and photos that stick out…

Red and Navy Tartan Christmas Tree

Sources: Wingback Chair | Plaid Throw (similar) | Plaid Wrapping Paper | Coffee Table

Sources: Black Watch Tartan Ribbon (similar) | Blueberry Picks (similar)

Southern Magnolia tree theme

Green and Gold Christmas Tree Color scheme

Ok, last year’s MAY be my fave. MAYBE. You can see the full Christmas home tour from last year HERE.

White Christmas Living Room with Red and Gold Christmas Tree and Holiday Decor

Sources: Chandelier | Rug (8 x 10′) | Wooden Wall Art | Sofa | Wingback Chair | Flax Pillow | Leather X Bench | Redwood Linen Pillow | Map Art | Brass Party Tub on Hearth | Fireplace Screen | Large Vase on Hearth | Faux Magnolia BranchesBuilt In Cabinet Knobs

div>My style — both Christmas and in general — has evolved and shifted since 2016, but this may have been the era some of you found KN! Lots more white, sparkle, and glitter.

This twilight scene from 2016 is easily one of my top 3 Christmas photos and Christmas home moments over the years…

And it didn’t get a lot of “face time” but this Tiffany-blue tree, decked in all white was love for me!

Outdoor Moments

We don’t change things up a lot on the front porch and stick to a classic scheme, but here are a few favorite outdoor holiday moments…

Christmas Entertaining with Frosted Cranberries and Oranges

Cozy Christmas Porch Decor with Tartan and Plaid Blankets

It was a BIG deal the year it snowed before Christmas, in Georgia. It’s something that’s rare and it was special to see a little Christmas in the snowy scenery.

Snowy Christmas Front Porch on Brick Home with Traditional Decorations

These days, you can probably find our porch looking like this — this year, I finally got a classic addition I’m stoked about that I’ve been wanting to incorporate for at least 10 years!

Classic Christmas Front Porch at Night

Other Moments

A few other standouts when I consider past decor and photos that come to mind…

This spray of red bittersweet against the blue and white was another top favorite of all time. It also lasts a LONG time!

Easy Powder Room and Bathroom Christmas Decor -- Vase of Red Berries in Blue and White Powder Room

SourcesSconce (antique brass) | Mirror (Brass) | Vanity | Faucet | Vanity Knobs | Foaming Soap Pump DispenserTurkish Hand Towel | Rug | Wallpaper

The year of all mix and match plaid…

Plaid Tartan Gift Wrap Ideas

The time I layered a spring fern wreath with a winter wreath to create a custom wreath for the “meadow” themed dining room that year…

how to use a spring wreath for christmas

Wreaths on the backs of stools are beautiful, but you can come up with other embellishments that are free from what you have on hand. I really liked these ornament/ribbon situations from one year…

How to style and decorate the backs of bar stools for Christmas

Sources: Woven Bar Stools

And a simple, easy idea is to wrap a book (or really, anything!) in a bow. Instant holiday.

Ribbon ideas for Christmas

I even wrapped a scarf around a pillow this year for a free, custom look.

I can’t wait to finish this year’s holiday home and get it published! I heavily shop my home and even though I come up with new color combos most years, I repurpose over and over again, mix and match, and use my holiday decor in different ways. If you aren’t already, you can subscribe to emails at the bottom of the post to be alerted when this year’s Christmas home tour launches ;). Cheers to a fabulous holiday season and all the Christmas things ahead!

Other Christmas Decor Ideas

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