2022 Holiday Gift Ideas — Kitchen & Entertaining

We’ve spent the past few weeks assembling 2022 gift ideas and over the next few weeks, they’ll be launching regularly. While they’re all themed, most gifts across each post are appropriate for a variety of situations, people, budget, and even occasions, so definitely be sure to browse them all ;). Shipping and logistics have been all over the place as of late. I’ve received some orders (shockingly) within 24 hours and for others ordered a month ago, I keep receiving delay notices. I ordered several new Christmas decor accessories many weeks ago and they have yet to ship. So, logistics with gifts and end-of-year shopping is totally unpredictable. Whether you have a small list or a lengthy list, here’s to tackling it, getting it finished, and enjoying the season!

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2022 Christmas Gift Ideas for Kitchen & Entertaining

Sources: 1. Boards & Spreads Book | 2. Pepper Grinder | 3. Portable Food Warmer | 4. Mixed Marble & Wood Charcuterie Board | 5. Olive Oil & Vinegar Set | 6. Gold Honey Dipper | 7. Table Topics | 8. Cookware Set (10 pcs.) | 9. Crochet Pot Holders (3 pc. set) | 10. Alabaster Rolling Pin | 11. Olive Wood Rolling Pin | 12. Le Creuset Dutch Oven | 13. Christmas Multi-Cookie Cutter | 14. Bloody Mary Straw Picks (4 pc. set) | 15. Wine Glasses (4 pc. set) | 16. Drink Bucket Buddies (4 pc. set) | 17. Master Knife Skills Virtual Class

1. Boards & Spreads Book — This hard cover Boards & Spreads Book features recipes for creating everything from snack spreads to elaborate charcuterie boards. For a more substantial gift, the Boards & Spreads Book could be paired with this Mixed Marble & Wood Charcuterie Board  and/or board contents, such as cheeses, olives and preserves.

2. Pepper Grinder — I love the look of this pepper grinder! Made of wood, marble and metal, this Pepper Grinder is the perfect entertaining gift, as it is pretty enough to display by your kitchen cooktop or used directly on the dining table. It’s also on sale right now for $10 HERE!

Entertaining and Kitchen Christmas Gift Ideas

Pepper Grinder (image via Anthropologie website listing)

3. Portable Food Warmer — This Crockpot Portable Food Warmer is a great gift idea for those who like to take leftover stews, soups and casseroles to work the next day. The Crockpot Portable Food Warmer has a dual purpose, as it serves as the carrying receptacle and also as the warmer. The lid is tight fitting and the food storage container is removable and dishwasher-safe. The Crockpot Portable Food Warmer is available in a variety of colors and ships for free via Prime. You gotta check out the pretty aesthetic of the blush one!

4. Mixed Marble & Wood Charcuterie Boards — I’ve shared a lot of boards on KN but I love that this one gives the best of all worlds — marble and wood, and the fact that the sizes aren’t huge — making them more manageable and reasonable for small get-togethers/appetizers. The Mixed Marble & Wood Charcuterie Boards come in several different sizes and shapes, including a small rectangle, large round, elevated and extra long. The extra long Mixed Marble & Wood Charcuterie Board is 30″ long and 7″ wide, making it the perfect shape and size for a nice charcuterie spread. It’s also pretty enough to keep in your kitchen on display, whether it is hanging or leaned against the kitchen backsplash; as a bonus, they are each on sale right now and ship free!

5. Olive Oil & Vinegar Set — Ok, I love these bottles for the kitchen! It’s the matte black and gold pourers for me! And, the order customizes the label for any oil/vinegar/whatever you may need — so, you can easily have several different oils (olive, avocado, sesame, etc.) and/or vinegars (balsamic, wine, malt, etc.) The labels are water and grease proof, too! They can be purchased singly or as a set, with or without labels. For a gift, if you don’t know what to go with, I’d definitely order one for “Extra Virgin Olive Oil” and if you needed a second “safe” option, “Balsamic Vinegar” or “White Wine Vinegar”. This shop also carries the Olive Oil & Vinegar Set in different materials and colors.

Entertaining and Kitchen Christmas Gift Ideas

Oil & Vinegar Bottles (image via HomeTailors Etsy shop listing)

6. Gold Honey Dipper — This stainless steel honey dipper with a gold finish is a perfectly adorable gift on its own or paired with a jar of local honey! Perfect for a neighbor gift, hostess gift, teacher gift… You could even grab a few to keep on hand and grab honey on an as-needed basis. This gold kitchen accessory is pretty enough to display at a coffee or tea station or on a bar cart and I bet your recipient won’t be getting many gifts like this!

7. Table Topics  — I actually put this on my list, too. I love this idea for dinner party conversation starters — both with your closest friends or icebreakers with guests who don’t know each other as well. I love it for a holiday meal, too! This version is a bit spicy and could be good for lots of laughs, but if you want to go a little softer, there’s lots of other card sets available, like this Best Things Ever version, suitable for all ages, and this Family Gathering version.

8. Cookware Set (10 pcs.) — I just ordered this for myself the 10-piece set in the Taupe! I first found this set on Anthropologie, then Williams Sonoma, but then was able to locate it on Amazon for free shipping! I was pulled in by how pretty they are, and the great reviews on Anthro’s website. We’ve also used plenty of GreenPan and are already fans. The GreenPan Reserve Cookware Set includes 8” and 11” frying pans, a 2 quart saucepan with lid, a 3 quart casserole with lid, a 2.5 quart skillet with lid, and a 5 quart stockpot with lid — pretty much everything you need for stovetop cooking. It also comes in an extended set and you can get the pretty black option in the 16-piece version for just $10 more than the 10-piece taupe option HERE. The 10-piece pink is a great deal right now, and the black is also on sale. The Cookware Set is dishwasher safe and comes in seven different colors, to coordinate with any kitchen (or personality) color. All pieces have gorgeous gold handles and the set will ship for free via Prime!

Entertaining and Kitchen Christmas Gift Ideas

Cookware Sets (Images via Amazon listing)

9. Crochet Pot Holders (3 pc. set) — These Crochet Pot Holders come in a set of three different neutral colors and include a leather handle. The set could be split among three different recipients, but I love the idea of gifting the entire set to one. This is a pretty upgrade someone might not consider to purchase for themself!

10. Alabaster Rolling Pin — This Alabaster Rolling Pin is not only pretty, but since the material is stone, it’s naturally cold which makes it ideal for rolling out pastry dough. I would keep it out in a crock, on display, with most used utensils. Gift it alongside your favorite baking recipe or a cookie cutter! Don’t miss THIS cool one further down in the post.

11. Olive Wood Rolling Pin — This Olive Wood Rolling Pin is tapered at both ends to allow for even rolling of cookie, pie and bread dough. This Rolling Pin is an ideal gift for an experienced baker or anyone that enjoys spending time in the kitchen. As I mentioned in the last item, you can gift it alongside your favorite baking recipe or include a cookie cutter!

12. Le Creuset Dutch Oven — This Le Creuset Dutch Oven is my favorite cooking vessel to use, for everything from pot roasts to soups to chili. The Le Creuset Dutch Oven comes in a variety of colors and sizes, from 2 quart to 13.25 quart. I have the 7.25 quart size and also gifted one to my mom and Dave’s mom. The Le Creuset Braiser is also a great vessel to use to cook smaller batches and to braise meats. A few dutch oven colors are on sale right now, including the white one HERE!

13. Christmas Multi-Cookie Cutter — With so much to do during the holidays, every minute counts! I think this time saving and so clever Christmas Multi-Cookie Cutter is one of the smartest entertaining gifts! The Christmas Multi-Cookie Cutter includes all of the traditional Christmas cookie shapes, from snowflakes to Santa to candy canes. All of your cookies can be cut from the cookie dough in one motion, saving one that precious time that needs to be saved. The gift could be expanded with the Alabaster Rolling Pin or the Olive Wood Rolling Pin, and the Crochet Pot Holder set could also be added for a very special entertaining gift. The Christmas Multi-Cookie Cutter also comes in this Gingerbread Cookie Cutter version, which is darling!

Entertaining Christmas Gift Ideas

Cookie Cutter (Image via Anthropologie Website Listing)

14. Bloody Mary Straw Picks — These Bloody Mary Straw Picks come in a set of four and double as a straw and a pick for ALL of the condiments, whether you prefer pickled okra, olives, cocktail onions and more. These cocktail branches are also a great alternative to gift! For the hot chocolate lover, these Caribou Cocoa Buddies are the perfect addition to a mug of hot chocolate and can spear all of the extra goodies, like marshmallows and chocolate kisses. (I have both the branches and cocoa buddies and have featured them both in the past 😉 ).

Entertaining and Kitchen Christmas Gift Ideas

Cocktail Straw Picks (Image via Uncommon Goods product listing)

15. Wine Glasses — These mouth-blown wine glasses are stunning. They come in a set of four, in three different color combinations: sky, lilac and peach. The stem of each goblet is a color variation of the goblet color. These Wine Glasses are the ideal gift for the entertainer that loves a healthy pour and a beautifully set table. They’re unique and guaranteed to be an instant fave!

Entertaining and Kitchen Christmas Gift Ideas

Wine Glasses (Image via Anthropologie website listing)

16. Drink Bucket Buddies — These mini Drink Bucket Buddies are a fun addition to any drink, alcoholic or not! They come as a set of four and may be used to hold peanuts or other small snacks, garnishes or even an extra shot. They come in the copper color, and also stainless steel.

Entertaining and Kitchen Christmas Gift Ideas

Drink Bucket Buddies (Image via Uncommon Goods website listing)

17. Master Knife Skills Virtual Class — For the one who has everything, this Master Knife Skills Virtual Class is a unique experience gift for the budding cook or experienced chef. The Master Knife Skills Virtual Class is held virtually via Zoom during a choice of different dates. The instructor will provide training on basic slicing and dicing cutting techniques and more advanced cuts like ribbon and oblique. This Master Knife Skills Virtual Class may also be paired with the knife available and recommended by the trainer, a cutting board or the ingredients called for in the class description. How cool and original is that?!

For more gift ideas, watch for themed collections to continue to be added regularly. And, if you aren’t already, subscribe to emails at the bottom of the post to be the first to catch them as they’re released!

Other Holiday Gift Ideas for 2022

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