2022 Holiday Gift Ideas — Travel

We’ve spent the past few weeks assembling 2022 gift ideas and over the next few weeks, they’ll be launching regularly. While they’re all themed, most gifts across each post are appropriate for a variety of situations, people, budget, and even occasions, so definitely be sure to browse them all ;). Shipping and logistics have been all over the place as of late. I’ve received some orders (shockingly) within 24 hours and for others ordered a month ago, I keep receiving delay notices. I ordered several new Christmas decor accessories many weeks ago and they have yet to ship. So, logistics with gifts and end-of-year shopping is totally unpredictable. Whether you have a small list or a lengthy list, here’s to tackling it, getting it finished, and enjoying the season!

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Travel Gift Ideas

Following 2020 and 2021 where people were focusing on their home, finally, more people are investing in travel. With that, there are lots of gift opportunities for those you know who are gearing up for upcoming trips and vacations. Or, let’s be real — yourself ;).

2022 Travel Gift Ideas for Christmas Gifts

Sources: 1. MacBook Pro Sleeve | 2. Travel Pill Organizer | 3. LED Travel Mirror | Leather Hat Holder | 4. Large Travel Pouch | 5. Travel Pouch | 6. Train Case | 7. Luggage Tag | 8. Travel Cable Organizer | 9. Dual Travel Carry Case | 10. Ribbed Travel Wrap | 11. Air Pods | 12. Wireless Transmitter/Receiver | 13. Canvas & Leather Weekend Bag | 14. Black w/Tan Luggage | 15. White w/Brown Luggage

1. MacBook Pro Sleeve — This leather MacBook Pro Sleeve is lightweight, but cushioned, to provide protection to your laptop when traveling. It’s one of my favorite little luxuries I’ve purchased for myself, and it comes in 13″, 14″ and 16″ sizes in a variety of colors HERE. There are several personalization options like hand painting or trapunto, but I went for a gold deboss. It would be a great gift for those who travel with their laptop daily for work, occasionally for trips, or even those who keep their computer tucked away!

Monogrammed Gift Ideas

Laptop Sleeve

2. Travel Pill Organizer — This was the second travel case I purchased after the first was just a little too tight on space. This Travel Pill Organizer is perfect and was exactly what I was looking for! Each side folds in and snaps close magnetically — it’s spacious enough to hold daily vitamins and additional travel necessities like Ibuprofen and antacids. The Travel Pill Organizer includes seven different compartments, so that you can organize by the day of the week, but I prefer to organize by vitamin/medication type, since I also include additional if needed, OTC items. This seven day, two times a day, pill organizer is also a favorite to use at home or for shorter trips, but is much bulkier that THIS ONE. It’s especially great as an add-on if you’re gifting a tote, bag, travel essentials, or is perfect as a stocking stuffer.
3. LED Travel Mirror — I have the larger version of this portable mirror (HERE) and am a big fan. While it’s still great for travel, I would love the smaller version so I could be just a little more compact. Like the larger version, the smaller LED Travel Mirror  features a three different LED lighting color options, depending on the warmth you need/prefer, and the lid/case folds back for a simple stand. It’s rechargeable and no batteries are needed. It’s also really slim and lightweight, which is a packer’s dream!
Leather Hat Holder — I almost ordered this Leather Hat Holder before our trip out west, but then thought I wouldn’t be buying a hat on vacation and didn’t. When I did purchase one, I wished I had had one to attach to my carry-on, going through the airport. The owner of the shop has one of THESE and said it was one of her essentials, too. It magnetically clamps and attaches to your bag to hold your hat when you aren’t wearing it; the carabiner ring attaches to the handle of your tote and the holder attaches to the brim of your hat. When you aren’t using it for a hat, it looks like a purse charm. This is an ideal solution for beach hats or traveling through airports. It’s a great gift on its own, or to pair with other travel pretties.
4. Large Travel Pouch — This Large Travel Pouch is so versatile and the tons of color options and patch possibilities won me over. It’s the ideal size for carrying and storing hair tools, make up, toiletries but is also a great bag to keep in the car for snacks, kid items, etc. When I’m packing ahead for longer trips, there are a number of smaller items that I can’t pack until the last minute and this Large Travel Pouch is ideal for corralling those last minute items — it’s great in a big carry-on, too. Here’s the large pouch, alongside some other fave travel bags from the same shop…

Travel Christmas Gift Ideas

Classic Tote (sand) | Clear Pouch | Large Pouch

And I just got the small version of the bag — also, so versatile and can more easily fit in a daily bag.

Travel Gift Ideas for Christmas

Small Pouch

I also ordered Eliza THIS small backpack for Christmas…

Travel and Kids Gift Ideas for Christmas

Mini Backpack (Lilac w/ Grape Glitter Varsity Letter Patches)

5. Travel Pouch — I especially love this clear Travel Pouch for flying and tucking into my carry on bag (see my pouch a few photos above!) — especially for liquid and cream toiletries. While it’s great for the airport, it’s a perfect daily/purse/backpack bag, too. Like the other bags from this shop, there are lots of colors, personalization, and patch options — and, if you aren’t fond of the prices of the larger bags and pouches, this is a great way to get that adorable personalized bag for a less hefty price.
6. Train Case — I love the glamorous and nostalgic shape of this Train Case. It’s made of leather and is tall enough to house full size toiletry containers. The lining is water-resistant and there’s  removable dividers, elastic bands to hold things in place, and open and zippered pockets to keep contents secure. The Train Case comes in a ton of colors and while I love the versatility of the XL (and the removable shoulder strap), it also comes in two smaller sizes. Such a unique, special, luxury gift!

Train Case Travel Christmas Gift Ideas

7. Luggage Tag — I actually purchased three of these leather Luggage Tags for gifts this year! It’s great for a higher end stocking stuffer, but also makes a great hostess gift or a really thoughtful gift that can be personalized. I did a tiny blind emboss for each of my recipients and it’s discreet and but perfect for that added thoughtful touch. I also love that it has a privacy sleeve so personal information is kept hidden away. The Luggage Tag is available in eleven different colors, so coordinating or complementing with luggage is easy to do, but black and cognac are easy go-tos, and the green is a fun, safe “pop” of color.
8. Travel Cable Organizer — After constantly struggling to downsize my cables and cords in my travel roll-style organizers, I recently upgraded to this Travel Cable Organizer. The extra capacity and storage options made a HUGE difference! It fits all. the. things, but is still easy to store in a carry-on since it’s relatively flat. The Travel Cable Organizer has five elastic loops for thinner cables or other items, two larger elastic loops, one mesh zippered pocket with an additional pocket underneath and five elasticized mesh segments to hold smaller items. TheTravel Cable Organizer zips closed and is easily packable. I also use these Silicone Cable Ties with the Travel Cable Organizer so that my cables are kept neat and tidy and I love that when I undo the ties, they stay put on the cord and I there’s no possibility of losing them.

9. Dual Travel Carry Case — I’m a sucker for a pretty, bag/organizer, especially one that is on the unique side that can be customized. You know this by now, right? This Dual Travel Carry Case is large enough to hold all of the jewelry in the top zip portion, and the bottom is big enough for cosmetics, or chunky jewelry like oversized bangles. Or, you can even stash travel electronics inside the bottom portion. The top and bottom compartments of the Dual Travel Carry Case include nine necklace hooks, eight ring rolls, two removable drawstring pouches, divided storage and built-in elastic pouches. The Dual Travel Carry Case is available in blush, navy and stone and it’s currently on sale HERE! I just ordered a few customized pieces and received them quickly — they always seem to do a great job processing and shipping.

Travel Christmas Gift Ideas

10. Ribbed Travel Wrap — I love the idea and look of this Ribbed Travel Wrap — especially perfect to gift someone who frequently flies (even more perfect when they’re traveling from one climate to another). It’s light weight enough to pack in a carry on bag or to wear when schlepping through an airport. It comes in black and a neutral driftwood and ships for free. I’m not alone in my Barefoot Dreams love (and both this robe and cozy blanket have both been gift hits in the past), and I can’t imagine a more perfect maker for this cozy gift!
11. AirPods — They’re a classic and if you don’t have them, I’d argue that you need them, even if you don’t know it yet. Absolute necessity for travel, but even for multi-tasking at home — I rarely take mine out. I’d advise to spring for the pro version too, as they’re noise cancelling and more comfortable with several different ear tip sizes. When I’m doing chores, in addition to hands-free talking on the phone, I listen to audiobooks or podcasts, even through the loudest activities (dishes, drying my hair, etc.) And one of my fave gifts that works with them and makes them even more of a flight essential is Number 12!
12. Wireless Transmitter/Receiver — On my personal Christmas wish list! For years when flying, I’ve had to pack corded headphones in addition to my AirPods, to watch in-flight movies. And if I used the more recent corded earbuds, I’d have to bring an adapter/converter for the end to fit correctly. I’m glad they came up with something to address this flight pain point! This Wireless Transmitter/Receiver is the smartest gadget that will allow you to use your Air Pods on flights for movies via bluetooth! The Wireless Transmitter/Receiver claims to have a battery life of 16+ hours and is the perfect addition to add to your carry on bag for travel.

13. Canvas & Leather Weekend Bag — This Canvas & Leather Weekend Bag is my most used bag! It’s perfect for an overnight/weekend trip and is spacious enough to hold everything you may need. It’s also a great size to use as a carry on bag when flying. My Canvas & Leather Weekend Bag is the large and comes in six different colors. The smaller version, is a good companion piece and right now, both sizes are on sale HERE! I scooped up the smaller one and it’s a great size and so cute in person! I have both of mine discreetly personalized.

Christmas Gift Ideas -- Favorite Canvas & Leather Weekender Bag

14.Black w/Tan Luggage  — I have other travel pieces from this bag brand (like this great weekender bag) and they are well made and beautiful! NOTE: they are based in Europe so definitely give yourself plenty of time to order! I love the look of this Black w/Tan Luggage — it comes in four different sizes, is hard-sided, yet lightweight, and is easy to maneuver with eight wheels. Personalization is available on all their pieces.
15. White w/Brown Luggage — This is our luggage that we added earlier in the year and I can’t tell you how happy I was to have it when we flew last month. It’s so much lighter than our other luggage, is easy to maneuver with its oversized wheels, and is incredibly durable. I have this luggage in the large and carry on sizes, in multiple colors, and absolutely love it! The large version also comes with an expandable option now, too. The oversized wheels made the luggage so easy to maneuver and even though the luggage is hard-sided, it is very lightweight. Some of the colors and sizes are on sale right now, too, HERE! The pink mini is adorable! And, don’t sleep on the train case — also on sale HERE.

Luggage Christmas Gift Ideas

Checked Luggage | Carry On Luggage | Train Case

For more gift ideas, watch for themed collections to continue to be added regularly. And, if you aren’t already, subscribe to emails at the bottom of the post to be the first to catch them as they’re released!

Other Holiday Gift Ideas for 2022

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