2024 Priority Projects — What’s On Tap This Year

I had intended for this post to launch within the first week of the year, but then, other things took priority. As they do 😉 But, since we’re still in the first month of 2024, I decided it wasn’t too late to share concentrations and priority projects for the coming year (and some wishlist projects, too). We likely won’t have any big overhauls, makeovers, or renovations this year as I’m hoping to fulfill some smaller (but still important) projects, but there are plenty of improvements to make, systems to implement, and spaces to refine. Below, I’m sharing a quick, thorough (but not likely entirely complete) list of what I’m hoping to get after in 2024 — beyond what we’ve marked off our list thus far.

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Charcoal Black Dining Room Makeover Reveal Before & After with Picture Frame Molding and Sherwin Williams Iron Ore

SourcesDining Chairs (similar)| Viburnum Centerpiece | Rug (natural; 8’x10′) | Chandelier | Lamps | Dining Table – RH (similar)

2024 Projects, Priorities, & Areas of Focus

  • Garage — clean, purge, and organize. Concentrate on big metal storage rack, most importantly, and determine what stays, what goes, what needs a new home, and define each shelf’s purpose.
  • Basement- purge, organize. Redefine what each space is allocated for, go through boxes (including childhood boxes), purge, donate, organize, arrange… LOTS to be done down here.
  • Primary Closet — purge, organize, refine systems within closet. It needs major decluttering (and an honest approach at what should stay and go) and several areas should be reevaluated/repurposed to support some modified systems based on the contents of the closet.
  • Create Printed Photo Albums — I would like to come up with a baby book for Eliza before more years pass, and further, I want to make photo books (one for each year) to encompass the past several years.
  • Create Digital Photo Storage System — Come up with a way to identify, store, label, and organize photos and video in a central spot(s) and clear up my phone.
  • Determine System to Save Art/Schoolwork — I’ve seen lots of ideas but I need to determine what works best for us, that I can live with, and stick to.
  • Clean Out & Repurpose Guest Bedroom Closet — Right now, our guest bedroom closet is stuffed with entertaining overflow (and a Nugget). I’d like to purge and re-home our wild collection and repurpose it to accompany guests (and even some of our things)
  • Transform Dressers — Our dresser just isn’t big enough for the both of us. Even after we purge (which we need to do), I would like to order two dressers to go beside each other (and act as one huge dresser). It’s likely gonna be an expense and it isn’t 100% necessary at this very moment, so I’m dragging my feet a little.
  • Solve Primary Bedroom Sitting Area — When I purchased the swivel chair at the PB Outlet to act as my reading chair, I didn’t realize it wasn’t going to match the rest of the bedroom. At all. Like… total clash. BUT… it is so comfortable. I need to determine what I’m going to do so our bedroom isn’t so disjointed. I tried THIS leather chair and ottoman in store and LOVED how they felt but it’s another expense. And I still hate that I don’t know how I would repurpose the swivel chair I scored. Still trying to determine what to do but I don’t think I’m ok leaving it as is and it’s bothered me since I brought that chair home several months ago… I did take out my baskets that were taking up a bunch of room and were’t well used and subbed in THIS storage ottoman that doubles as a foot stool and I love it! It’s the perfect double-duty piece (it holds my book holder, blanket, etc.) and a fantastic value.
  • Complete Office Updates: I STILL am hoping to find a new rug but I think I also want my office painted (and my bookshelf re-painted since the cracks from the house settling are getting pretty bad). You can see the last I updated the office with my plan HERE.
  • Re-Route & Organize & Hide Office Cords — I launched THIS post on hiding cords when your desk is in the center of the room, years ago, before any alternative solutions were available. I have since added monitors and electronics and am pretty much back at Square One. I need to come up with a new solution to complement with I have NOW.
  • New Raised Planter — We are hoping to plant more veggies and herbs in our raised garden this year and after a successful first year with one raised garden, we’re gonna add a second container. Gran Nan’s was destroyed in a severe storm this past year so she’ll be adding a couple new planters, too.
  • Get Further Involved with Local Nonprofit — This is the year I want to be more giving with my TIME, even when I’m note sure where I’m going to find the time. I’ve taken the initial steps to start volunteering with a local nonprofit we already love and support and I’m hoping it’s going to be a good fit.
Neutral Primary Bedroom Decor Ideas

SourcesBeaded Chandelier | Bed | Nightstand | Glass Lamp | Sherpa Bench | Quilt | Duvet Cover & Shams | Sheets (700 count) | Mohair Throw | Woven Wool Pillow Covers | Clove Striped Lumbar Pillow Cover Rug | Upholstered Armchair | 2-pc Wicker Basket Set

Wishlist Projects

  • Convert our stairs from carpet to hardwood.
  • Convert our upstairs from carpet to hardwood.
  • Finish the central room in our basement for Dave (who already uses it as his work area and music area, even though it isn’t finished).
  • Renovate Eliza’s bathroom — it needs some major functional upgrades and I’d love some aesthetic upgrades, too.
  • Update Dining Room Furnishings — I said when our dog, Maggie, grew out of her puppy stage that I would replace all the furniture she ate. Seven years later and we still have the same furniture with the same destroyed bases. (See our dining room HERE)
  • Update our stair railings, balusters, etc. to a new style
  • Convert kitchen desk into an appliance garage — I still want some space for mail and writing and such, but the countertop area is wasted. I would love to convert it to a covered appliance storage space, for appliances we don’t have room for otherwise. (See our kitchen HERE)
Kitchen Stationery Desk Setup

SourcesChair (sea drift) | Tissue Box Cover | Backsplash Tile (white)| Drawer Pulls (champagne bronze 5 1/16′) | Cabinet Knobs (champagne bronze 1 5/16″)

2025 Projects

  • Convert our Pantry to Elfa shelving
  • Implement an Elfa organizational system in the garage
An Organized Pantry That's Proven to Work

SourcesWater Hyacinth Bins (various sizes) | Expand A Shelf Can Risers | OXO Slant Pop Jars | Turn Tables 

I’m looking forward to a year of low-pressure improvements that may not be super outwardly visible, but improve how our family functions within the walls of our home. And of course, I’ll be sharing all the most notable stuff (and even some of the mundane stuff 😉 ) here!

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  1. 1.31.24
    Vivian said:

    Love your blog! Why don’t you have your reading chair reapolsted?

    • 2.5.24

      Thank you, Vivian! That might be an option, but I’ve found that in my area, reupholstering an item often costs just as much, or more, than a new item.

  2. 1.31.24
    Charlotte said:

    Please work on organizing your pictures first! We have that on our “to do” list and other than corralling all of our pictures and storing them in the middle of the floor in our study, we are stumped. Where to begin? How to organize? I will be following closely as you tackle this project.

    • 2.5.24

      Thanks for taking the time to stop by, Charlotte! I’m not sure when I will tackle this project, but it’s definitely on my to do list. I hope you will stay tuned!