Tons of Shoe Storage Ideas

It’s early in the year, but in the midst of the January lull — where we typically step back and make note of the projects and spaces that we want to address — I have been all about tackling simple (but overdue) improvements across our home. Specifically, I’ve really been working on creating shoe solutions (if you missed it, you can see how I approached the shoe storage in both Eliza’s and our closets HERE) and considering shoe storage ideas. But as much as our closets needed shoe help, there’s other areas that may need shoe help even more. Wrangling and storing shoes in entries, mudrooms, laundry rooms, and common spaces is a constant and common frustration and the tricky thing isn’t just making a decision about where they should go and how they should be stored, but creating a home and system for those shoes that the rest of the household will adhere to. And in our house, the inconveniently placed catch-all shoe baskets we’ve attempted and the small closet at the opposite end of the house isn’t fixing the ongoing sneaker issue. Can you relate?

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Today, in collaboration with Wayfair’s Big Furniture Sale — a great time to shop big pieces for up to 50% off — I’m sharing some fantastic storage ideas that are functional, aesthetic, and versatile enough to use across different spaces. And by the way, Wayfair will ship any and all of it to you for free 😉

Storage Benches for Shoe Storage

Probably the most versatile shoe storage solution (that you may not initially think of for shoe storage) are storage benches. Especially in a dressier or more formal foyer where you prefer to keep the utilitarian look to a minimum, these benches are the perfect, polished, discreet solution. I also love the idea of a bench if you have an open concept home or your entry point adjoins the living room.

A benefit of a storage bench (especially the upholstered benches) is that they double as seating and provide a place to sit down to put on your shoes. Below, I’ve included a few favorite styles at varying price points and sizes, that come with different features and many in multiple upholstery/finish options.

Shoe Storage Ideas

1. | 2. | 3. | 4. | 5. | 6. | 7. | 8. | 9. | 10.

I love the contemporary look of Number 1 and actually just ordered an upholstered storage ottoman with an almost identical look! This bench also comes in black.

Number 2 has a unique, contemporary (but still soft) silhouette and also comes in a gray chenille.

I have Number 3 and can’t say enough positive things about the daily tested and proven durability, since we have it in Eliza’s playroom as toy storage that she’s constantly in and out of. The rave reviews are legit and the price for this quality piece is awesome.

Kids Playroom Decor

Upholstered Storage Bench

I also have Number 4 (What can I say? We love a storage bench in our house and I think we’ve gotten every single one from Wayfair) at the foot of our bed. While I use it for spare bedding and linens, it would be perfect to line up shoes under the lid. It also comes in several colors and fabrics.

Sherpa Flip-Top Storage Bench

Number 5 is all boucle with no need to worry about coordinating legs! This one could totally double as a window seat, too.

If you have a short space to work with? No problem! Number 6 comes in at only 32″, comes in a bunch of fabric options, and is currently on sale for just over $100!

Number 7 comes in both gray and cream but the coolest part is that the bottom storage has two separate compartments and is divided. So, you could allocate one side for shoes and the other for something else… or each compartment could belong to different family members.

Number 8 is a sleek statement and I love the polish of it to dress up an entry. It comes in four fabrics but is really popular right now…

Number 9 isn’t upholstered but I absolutely LOVE the look of this trunk! The charcoal finish is still currently available and I can’t believe it’s on sale for $272 right now. Pair this with a mirror (like my favorite big, sleek round one that comes in a bunch of finishes and sizes, and is on sale HERE) and you’re set.

Number 10 is a pretty classic that can blend in with most any style. It also isn’t as long as some of the others and comes in a bunch of fabric options HERE.

If you’re on a tight budget, I found THIS great looking bench with a divided flip top that’s under $65 right now! AND, the shorter 30″ version… $39.99 HERE!

There’s a lot of great storage benches on Wayfair and you can browse them all HERE.

Shoe Cabinets for Shoe Storage

In spaces where cabinetry is appropriate, I LOVE the idea of shoe cabinets. Specifically the shoe cabinets with upturned drawers that open outward and are typically more narrow in depth, making them versatile for even small spaces. And, if you aren’t familiar with that specific style of shoe cabinet, they are typically pretty shallow, saving a lot of walking space. There are a lot of styles and options, but here are a few of my favorite on Wayfair — and, during the sale, more than a couple are under $100!

Ideas for Shoe Storage

1. | 2. | 3. | 4. | 5. | 6. |7. | 8. | 9.

Number 9 can hold up to 20 pairs of shoes but actually has adjustable shelves so you can reconfigure the spacing to accommodate sneakers, boots, etc.!

Number 5 is a basic, small, minimalistic shoe cabinet (with a small price tag!) but there’s a larger 12-shoe version (that even comes in black and is still under $100) HERE.

Number 7 has traditional flat shelves but comes in a bunch of wood finishes and in lots of sizes! Believe it or not, this one is on sale for under $90.

In addition to main entry and living areas, these make great bedroom furniture pieces for those rooms with closets that don’t accommodate shoes all that well.

Shoe Cabinets & Shoe Storage Ideas

1. | 2. | 3. | 4. | 5. | 6. | 7. | 8. | 9. | 10. | 11. | 12.

Number 2 comes in both white and black finishes, and includes two types of knobs — including cute leather pulls!

Number 3 is a great looking piece that holds 16 pairs of shoes, is a traditional shelf style, and comes in a bunch of different wood finishes. You won’t believe the great deal on this one. You can find an even larger version of this cabinet that holds 20 pairs HERE.

Number 4 is another traditional shelf style cabinet but has adjustable shelves that can accommodate tall/work boots, too!

Surprisingly, the chic Number 5 holds 20 pairs of shoes! It’s also currently under $150.

Number 8 is a great open-cubby style storage solution that would work well in a mudroom. And get this — right now, it’s under $126.

Number 10 and Number 11 are at the top of my list and the value and price point is hard to beat.

More Shoe Storage Ideas If You’re Looking To…

Maximize the Hanging Space In Your Closet

Shoe Storage Ideas

Hanging Shoe Organizer (Image Via Wayfair Product Listing)

Utilize the Back of Your Door

Shoe Organization Ideas

Shoe Door Organizer (Image Via Wayfair Product Listing)


Organized Shoe Ideas

Shoe Door Organizer (Image Via Wayfair Product Listing)

Mount Them Off the Floor

Mounted Shoe Cabinet (Image Via Wayfair Product Listing)

Incorporate Vertical Cubbies

Shoe Organization Ideas

Cubby Shoe Organizer (Image Via Wayfair Product Listing)

Store Them In the Top of a Closet…

Lidded Shoe Bins (Image Via Wayfair Product Listing)

Or Store Them Under the Bed…

Shoe Storage Ideas

Under the Bed Shoe Storage (Image Via Wayfair Product Listing)

Make Them Mobile…

Shoe Storage Ideas

Shoe Storage (Image Via Wayfair Product Listing)

Save Space & Stack One On Top of the Other On Your Shoe Shelves

Shoe Organization Ideas

Stackable Shoe Storage (Image Via Wayfair Product Listing)

Put a Selection on a Slim Tower Display…

Shoe Shelf Ideas

Shoe Tower (Image Via Wayfair Product Listing)

Hang Your Boots…

Shoe Organization Ideas

Hanging Boot Clips (Image Via Wayfair Product Listing)

Or Flip Them Upside Down

Boot Storage IDeas

Boot Rack (Image Via Wayfair Product Listing)

How do you store your shoes? Closet only? Garage only? All over the house? Dedicated spaces? What solution has been a proven winner?

And because I’m sure there are more projects and home focuses on all our minds right now, don’t miss all the Wayfair sale deals happening right now during the Big Furniture Sale (below)!

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