2017 Fall Home Tour

I’ve been a busy little bee, neglecting (basically everything) in preparation for my 2017 Fall Home Tour. After some hurricane activity, last minute guests, and a few rotten pumpkins (more on that in a bit), I finally pulled it all together for the autumn season and the Fresh Ideas for Fall Home Tour (phew!). Thank you to Tamara of CitrineLiving and Bree of ZDesignAtHome for hosting us this year! Per my usual (and it seems per the majority of you, your preference), this will stand alone as my one and only “home tour” this season. I will be heeding some of your fabulous survey suggestions this time around though and will be posting a few follow-up posts in more depth on some of the deets 😉 The ladies I’ve joined are no strangers to you regular readers and I hope you’ll take some time to enjoy the blogs and ideas I’ve linked at the bottom of the post! I even get to join most of them next week in NYC for a fun event 😉 As always, thank you for “being here” and celebrating the launch of the best (100% favorite ever) season!

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If you are joining me today from my dear friend Jennifer of Decor Gold Designs, welcome and thank you for visiting! If this is your first time, you can see more of who I am and what I’m about HERE. Living in north Georgia, we are fortunate to experience all the seasons, just none in their extreme states. In the south, we love the outdoors, celebrate a break from the heat and humidity, and are hardcore football fanatics. Basically, I think God may have had us in mind when he created this season 😉 We are already “all in”, even though we’re still getting some mid-eighty degree days. This year, it’s a little different in our home. For the first time in a few years, we aren’t hosting Thanksgiving (early Christmas decorating, I see you!) and instead of “all the stuff”, I wanted to pare it down a bit. Our basement storage is out of control and will have to be dealt with sooner than later, but instead of hauling out boxes and boxes, I made a few selections, and kept things simple. I know I will be thanking my fall to winter transitioning self in a couple months.

Where I did lose my mind a little was at the pumpkin farm. Oh. My. Word. We took our Miami guests to Burt’s Pumpkin Farm (a classic in Georgia) just as they opened for the season, but while they were preparing to close for the impending storm. Because it was a weird time, their selections were a little less than they typically are, but it didn’t stop us from loading a wheelbarrow to a “Dave-can-you-handle-this-without-wrecking?” capacity. Without a plan, I loaded up on every size and color and we even treated ourselves to the expensive homemade preserves and pecan pralines. When we got home, we started preparing our home for the rough winds and obviously, decided to leave the pumpkins in the back of the car until the weather improved a few days later. You. Guys. Do you know what happens to pumpkins in a humid, stagnant-aired car after several days? When I went to take them out, my first hint that they may have “suffered” a bit was that the white pumpkins were now more of a dark cream (Ok, yellow. They were yellow.) When I started pulling them out, all the stems were covered in fuzzy, gray mold. Ok, not the best circumstances but at least none were rotten. Wrong. A few had deteriorated from the inside and despite Dave suggesting we “glue the stems back on”, I decided to call it a loss, wash the moldy-but-salvageable guys, and celebrate my not-quite-white pumpkins.

*A Full Room Source List is Provided at the Bottom of This Post*

In anticipation of a master bedroom makeover (starting in just a couple weeks!), and in celebration of paring things down, we aren’t going to be peeking into any bedrooms or upstairs areas today – just the main downstairs areas that were touched by the graces of autumn. (Ahem, the areas I was able to zhush up over the weekend before begging for a foot rub and a back massage haha).  Now that I’ve “talked” your ear eyes off before even heading inside, let’s get right to it. Come on in, y’all, and welcome to my 2017 fall home tour!

2017 Fall Home Tour with Yellow and Orange Leaves- pumpkins traditional craftsman style home

We will kind of just run up the steps and head inside as I will be talking more about my front porch specifics next week 😉

2017 Fall Home Tour with Yellow and Orange Leaves- pumpkins on front porch steps with lanterns

My fall wreath (HERE) was my inspiration for the concept and I can’t wait for my mums to bloom all over to bring more of that purple down to the steps. If you plan on mums, I always say this but Costco is my go-to. I snagged the four on the steps for $11 total and two larger ones in my urns for $8.99 ea. The oversized lanterns were purchased for my wedding several years ago, from ZGallerie, and I continue to use them all over my house.

2017 Fall Home Tour with Yellow and Orange Leaves-purple fall wreath


Just inside, I kept everything pretty simple in the entry. I use the lantern on this table seasonally and switch out the filler (moss, ornaments, saux snow…). It’s versatile pieces like this that help you make easy and budget friendly seasonal switch-ups. Plus, filler is a lot easier to store than huge pieces for each season 😉 I set the tone for the whole leaf trend you’ll see throughout the house right here. These specific leaves were plucked from preserved branches I found at HomeGoods. The stems were in rough shape but I was able to get some distance out of using individual bits of foliage.

2017 Fall Home Tour with Yellow and Orange Leaves- entry lantern

2017 Fall Home Tour with Yellow and Orange Leaves- entry lantern and pumpkins


If you’ve been here before, you know the dining room is my favorite area to “create”. I’m going to be sharing what I’ve done in here (one of my favorites yet!) in another follow-up post next week, also. Oh, and if you think things look a little different, you’re right. I recently traded in our old rug (that I LOVED) because after trying to wait out Maggie’s chewing stage to invest in a new one, I eventually gave up and gave in. Y’all, she had seriously destroyed it. It looked like we had taken a weed wacker to it. So embarrassing. (If you don’t know Maggie, she is a pup, not a child human child). She is so bad (we love her too much), rules the house, and she’ll be making an appearance a little later.

2017 Fall Home Tour with Yellow and Orange Leaves- elegant blue dining room

2017 Fall Home Tour with Yellow and Orange Leaves- gold bar cart in dining room

Here’s a little overhead peek…

2017 Fall Home Tour with Yellow and Orange Leaves- dining room with chandelier

2017 Fall Home Tour with Yellow and Orange Leaves- caramel apple table

I finally polished the silver tea set after months of neglect. I think while spring is known as the time for purging and organizing, fall should be known as the time to make things look their best. It’s like giving them a suit and tie for the upcoming holidays 😉

2017 Fall Home Tour with Yellow and Orange Leaves- dining room restoration hardware buffet

2017 Fall Home Tour with Yellow and Orange Leaves- dining room crystal chandelier


Through the butler’s pantry and into the kitchen, I depend on my local grocery store for my seasonal vibes (I think I say this every season haha). My favorite recent find is the wooden bowl on my island. I’ve hunted for one for so long but only came across ones that were too polished, too small, too cherry, etc. This raw wood is perfect in every way; unfortunately, it was a score from the Pottery Barn Outlet. If you have one if your area, they may still have them! I found a more shallow similar one HERE on clearance.

2017 Fall Home Tour with Yellow and Orange Leaves- neutral kitchen cream cabinets

As with a lot of little vignette moments throughout our house, if items seem too scattered, put them in a tray and they immediately become more polished. This acrylic tray has been so versatile since I got it this past summer.

2017 Fall Home Tour with Yellow and Orange Leaves- apple cider and green apples

2017 Fall Home Tour with Yellow and Orange Leaves- kitchen with artichokes

2017 Fall Home Tour with Yellow and Orange Leaves- baguette and jam

2017 Fall Home Tour with Yellow and Orange Leaves- kitchen with baguette


Joining the kitchen, you’ll start to see a lot more autumnal colors used in the breakfast room and the rest of the downstairs. My oversized HomeGoods white pitcher has served as my faithful centerpiece vessel on this table the entire year. We don’t start seeing the leaves change until October so most of my faux branches are from Michaels.

2017 Fall Home Tour with Yellow and Orange Leaves- breakfast nook with leaves

Don’t be afraid to bend your stems. I have the bases bent inside the pitcher and adjusted the limbs a little; without this step, they would look like a few ridiculous, unnatural straight sticks.

2017 Fall Home Tour with Yellow and Orange Leaves- white pitcher with leaves

2017 Fall Home Tour with Yellow and Orange Leaves- breakfast nook with leaf centerpiece

Stems of leaves are some of the only new items I purchased this season but y’all. I can’t believe how hard it was to find good looking, affordable oak-leaf shaped branches! Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel have had beautiful stems in the past but I had a hard time finding what I was looking for this time around. And, I have a hard time spending $30+ on small seasonal stems (when I need 15 of them); hopefully, they will get the memo next year 😉

2017 Fall Home Tour with Yellow and Orange Leaves- breakfast buffet with candelabras

I only used about 1/3 of my faux pumpkin arsenal and instead used a few real baby boos sprinkled throughout, and produce like these peaches. I wouldn’t normally think of pink as being “fall” but I love how they worked with the warm tones in here. Plus, these gerbera daisies last forever.

2017 Fall Home Tour with Yellow and Orange Leaves- pink and white fall floral arrangement


Most of my efforts (and this tour) are focused in the great room. It’s the center of the house and you can see it pretty much from anywhere in our home.

2017 Fall Home Tour with Yellow and Orange Leaves- kitchen and breakfast nook into two story great room

2017 Fall Home Tour with Yellow and Orange Leaves- two story living room with tv over fireplace

Last year, I was all about rich velvets. This year, I switched things up and went for a more light, “harvesty” ticking stripe to compliment my foliage, plaid, and chunky knits. I mixed in these ticking striped pillows , gifted by ElemenOPillows in several sizes and shapes with neutrals I already had. Even though I got them for fall, I could totally use them for spring, too. And summer. And… haha!

2017 Fall Home Tour with Yellow and Orange Leaves- pottery barn thatcher wing back chair


The light weight blankets have been put away for the year and my coziest gals have come out for the next several months.

2017 Fall Home Tour with Yellow and Orange Leaves- wingback chairs


In years past, I have covered my built-ins with faux pumpkins. This year, I didn’t even change the basic styling configuration. I’m totally loving how simple they look and how simple they were to style.

2017 Fall Home Tour with Yellow and Orange Leaves- bookshelf styling

2017 Fall Home Tour with Yellow and Orange Leaves- pumpkins and leaves in box

2017 Fall Home Tour with Yellow and Orange Leaves- builtins styling


My volcanic ash vase that held fiddle leaf fig stems for the past several months was filled with the same foliage as the breakfast nook. And instead of my normal log carrier, I decided to take my basket trash can from the office to load with firewood.

2017 Fall Home Tour with Yellow and Orange Leaves- fireplace hearth with leaves

Around this point, someone started getting a little curious. THIS is Maggie.

2017 Fall Home Tour with Yellow and Orange Leaves- dorkie puppy

A little glimpse of the white pillows (totally good for any season), that I deemed as “fall”. The ticking striped pillows are so subtle that they give just the right amount of “extra” without showing too much contrast.

2017 Fall Home Tour with Yellow and Orange Leaves- neutral ticking pillows on sofa

She’s just as feisty as she looks 😉

2017 Fall Home Tour with Yellow and Orange Leaves- dorkie

2017 Fall Home Tour with Yellow and Orange Leaves- two story living room with stacked stone fireplace

Remember those preserved leaves I talked about in my entry? They weren’t in good enough shape to use the stems so I came up with the idea to take a variety of clear vessels and fill them with leaves as a little montage.

2017 Fall Home Tour with Yellow and Orange Leaves- leaves on mirrored console table

I don’t really know what this is and I don’t really care… because I love it!

2017 Fall Home Tour with Yellow and Orange Leaves- leaves in hurricane vases

This is where we will be football watchin’, Netflix bingin’, and couch cuddlin’ all season long <3

2017 Fall Home Tour with Yellow and Orange Leaves- two rows of windows in living room

2017 Fall Home Tour with Yellow and Orange Leaves- two story living room with lazboy sectional

2017 Fall Home Tour with Yellow and Orange Leaves- two story living room with leaves


The last room we’ll hit, just before heading out the door, is the sitting room. Few changes were made but with the warm metals, I think she looks best during this season 😉

2017 Fall Home Tour with Yellow and Orange Leaves- sunburst mirror gallery wall

2017 Fall Home Tour with Yellow and Orange Leaves- greek key ottoman

Ok, I fibbed 😉 Just beyond the French doors is one of our guest bedrooms. I shared a little update on that earlier this week, which you can see HERE. Yes, it has a couple of small pumpkins but the real fall update is that after 6 months, IT IS FINALLY CLEAN! 😉

Why Rugs Should Be Layered On Carpet- french doors to guest bedroom

2017 Fall Home Tour with Yellow and Orange Leaves- basket of leaves


Thank you for stopping by and visiting with me today; I know it was a hefty tour and you may have finished your cup of coffee by now. Go ahead and pour another cup, settle back in, and next, head over to my friend Haneen of Haneen’s Haven who is sharing her family room all decked out for the season! This lady isn’t afraid of color so if your eyes got a little sleepy seeing all the neutrals in my home, Haneen will wake you right up! Here’s a little peek-

You won’t want to miss my other talented friends I’m joining today so be sure to catch each of them via the links below. If you run out of time, you can bookmark this post and come back as you have time. Here are all my talented girls:

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And, as I said in the intro, I will be sharing a few more details and space specifics over the next couple of weeks. To make sure you catch those, along with my upcoming master bedroom project, you can subscribe to my emails at the bottom of the post. Happy fall, y’all! xoxo


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Chairs – Linen | Bar Cart12-Light Chandelier | Tapered Candle Sticks | Pillar Candle Holders | Gold Flatware | Mirror: Homegoods – (SIMILAR) | Dining Table:  (84″ in Salvaged Brown) | Buffet: (72″ in Distressed White) | Curtain Panels: (98″ in White) | Rug: HomeGoods- Safavieh | Lamps: HomeGoods – (SIMILAR) | Silver Tea Service: Family Heirloom – (SIMILAR) | Cream Table Runners | Plaid Table Runner & Plaid Napkins: HomeGoods | Church Painting | Water Lillies Art | Paint: Lauren’s Surprise by Sherwin Williams | Flooring: Nottaway Hickory in Weathered Saddle

*Note: Post contains affiliate links and sources throughout the post. Where product is no longer available, a similar substitute has been listed. 


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  1. 9.21.17
    Karen said:

    Your home is just so dreamy. I love your still and ideas. So fun to watch your updates. Can I ask where you got your grey sofa (in the great room)?
    Thank you

    • 9.21.17
      Karen said:

      I would also like to thank Spell check for changing style to still ?

    • 9.21.17

      Hi, Karen! Thank you so much! It is the Aspen collection from LaZBoy 😉

      • 10.20.17
        Ruba Saah said:

        Which fabric did you choose, Kelly? YOU AMAZE ME!! Can I have all your hand-me-downs? lol!

        • 10.22.17

          Ruba, thank you!! For the sofa? If so, it has been discontinued :/

  2. 9.21.17
    Sharon said:

    Oh, Kelley! I LOVE seeing your emails come in — it’s like seeing an invite from a girlfriend to stop in and see what’s new in her home. Love your neutral, scaled-back fall decor. If you’re like me, I open bins and boxes and sometimes forget that I don’t need to use EVERYTHING! Thank you for reminding us that oftentimes LESS is MORE! Looking forward to detailed updates in the weeks ahead.

    • 9.21.17

      Sharon, I LOVE that!! You are so right. And, it felt so good this year to make selections from the bins in the basement instead of hauling them all upstairs! Thank you so much for visiting with me today, girlfriend <3

  3. 9.21.17
    Lorilcsr said:

    So gorgeous, Kelley! Love the leaves in the glass jars!

  4. 9.21.17
    Lorilcsr said:

    So gorgeous, Kelley! Love the leaves in the glass jars!

  5. 9.21.17
    joanmechlin, Joni said:

    Kelly, I’m in awe over your home tour and the inspiration you’ve so generously given. Thank you.

    • 9.21.17

      Joni, you are too kind! Thank YOU for encouraging me; I absolutely love to share and you so motivate me. Wishing you a glorious fall <3

  6. 9.21.17
    Bree said:

    Kelley!!!!! Wow, I’m blown away as always my friend!! I love everything but I really love 1. your porch and 2. the leaves in those glass vases…how brilliant! But truly everything is fall perfection as always and thank you for being on the tour. You never disappoint and I’m always inspired when I come here, regardless of the season!! Can’t wait to see you and to hug your neck in less that one week!!! xoxo

    • 9.21.17

      Bree, YOU are a rockstar! Thank you so much for having me and I can’t wait to squeeze you!! xoxo

  7. 9.21.17
    Wendy said:

    A beautiful post Kelley, your home is stunning every season . Love the story about the pumpkins, we did that with ice cream once ?

    • 9.21.17

      Wendy, thank you! And oh my word! Dave came home with a tub a few weeks ago and drove home with it in his truck bed (I know haha). With the mess that made, I can’t imagine leaving it for days! haha

  8. 9.21.17
    Lori said:

    So gorgeous, Kelley! I love the leaves in the glass jars!

  9. 9.21.17
    Tamisha said:

    Kelley! You are my FAV woman! LOVE your Fall home tour. 🙂 I think what I love most about you is that you are willing to say, “I don’t know what this is and I don’t care because I love it.” Brilliant. This is so stunning, and I didn’t know Michael’s had floral stems! I always get mine from Hobby Lobby – I am definitely going to venture out – thank you for the suggestion!

    • 9.21.17

      Tamisha! HAHA! I wish I could hug you! Yes, give them a look. I tend to like HL better for faux flowers and have had more luck at Michaels for leaves!

  10. 9.21.17
    Connie said:

    Such a beautiful home. I always admire your wall mirrors and the bright leaves in clear glass is genius. So much to enjoy!

    • 9.21.17

      Oh, Connie, thank you! The leaves in the jars were kind of last minute but I have to say, I am really liking them, too!

  11. 9.21.17

    I’m in love with your talent using your camera. I’d love to know what camera and lens you use to get such crisp shots. I was even when you first started on IG. You have such a beautiful home and so much talent in that body of yours! Gorgeous tour my friend!

  12. 9.21.17
    Shannon said:

    Your home looks so pretty, and perfectly poised for the new season!

    • 9.21.17

      Shannon, thank you so much and thank you for taking the time to stop by and visit! xo

  13. 9.21.17

    Kelley I LOVE the leaves in the vases!!!! Such a great idea and it looks beautiful! I’m just letting you know that I’m probably going to be copying that lol.

    • 9.21.17

      I would be so flattered! 😉 Thank you, Oscar!

  14. 9.21.17
    Randi said:

    Kelley your home is so beautiful! I wish I could come see it in person! Wishing you a beautiful Fall my friend! xo

    • 9.21.17

      Randi, I wish we could be together, too! Happy fall!

  15. 9.21.17
    Tamara said:

    Kel! I just love your approach to Fall this year!! It is SO welcoming and inviting and is the perfect amount of everything! Those leaves scattered throughout the house are the perfect color and the perfect touch, so cozy – I felt so nostalgic touring your stunning home, and I want to be watching football right there with you and all of that glorious neutral texture!! Thank you for touring with us, I’m so thrilled to see your home each and every season! xo

    • 9.21.17

      Tam, you are too sweet; I wish you were here too. But, NEXT WEEK!!!

  16. 9.21.17

    Soooo many things I want to say here….. awesome Fall tour, Kelley! Love everything! I think my favorite room in your house is your living room. I like that it’s very elegant. And that ottoman is awesome! I’m totally jealous that you have white pumpkins in GA because I can’t seem to find ANY in NC! Hoping they will come slightly north soon. And finally, I totally agree about affordable and realistic stems… hint, hint to PB and C&B! Your Maggie is a cutie, but the way!

    • 9.21.17

      Brenna, thank you so much! I bet y’all will be getting them soon; and, hopefully you won’t leave them in the car to turn yellow like I did! haha!

  17. 9.21.17

    Kelley I love the leaves in the glass vases!! Fyi I’m totally stealing that idea from you lol

    • 9.21.17

      Oscar, thank you! I’m so flattered; YOU always have rockstar ideas!

  18. 9.21.17

    Kelley your house is so pretty with all the pumpkins and leaves!!! I think my favorite inspiration picture is the one with the leaves in the multiple glass vases, they look like little miniature campfires. Simple chic and gorgeous as always!!! Bravo 🙂

    • 9.21.17

      Jen, I absolutely LOVE that! I think that’s how I will describe it from now on. Wish I was seeing you this weekend!

  19. 9.21.17
    Gretchen Thomas (Nan) said:

    Bravo! I took a minute to take last year’s tour and I am so amazed at how you “did” different this year! Every bit is so thoughtful. Gosh, I could almost smell the freshly baked baguette in the kitchen. Love the front porch, love the dining room, love all the touches… Thank you for getting me in that special Fall spirit!

    • 9.26.17

      Nan, I wish you were here to enjoy it with me. I can’t wait to see you this weekend; we will pretend that it is fall at the beach 😉

  20. 9.21.17
    Ivory said:

    I love your home, very beautiful. Your designer style is very classy.

  21. 9.22.17

    Your house wears fall beautifully Kelley! I love the all of the orange and the unexpected pop of pink too. You always have the most beautiful tours and this one certainly lived up to your standards! So so good!

    • 9.26.17

      Jen, thank you!! I LOVE YOURS! I can’t wait to see you TOMORROW!

  22. 9.22.17
    LeAnne said:

    So dreamy!!

  23. 9.22.17

    Your home is beautiful and Maggie is just adorable! How could that tiny little mouth chew up a big bad rug? lol

    • 9.26.17

      Haha, Janet, when I look at her, I think the same thing!!

  24. 9.22.17

    Kelley your tour is amazing!!! Love all of your new fall finds (those ticking stripe pillows especially are perfection!) and I can’t wait to get some more close up views of your stunning dining room table. So excited to see you in just a few days!!

    • 9.26.17

      Kris, I love all you’ve been doing with those purple tones! I can’t wait to see you and give you a big hug xoxo

  25. 9.23.17
    Haneen said:

    Kelley! Styling perfection, as always! Everything is beautiful! I’m obsessing over your front steps! You’re a rockstar. See you SOON! Wahoo!!

  26. 9.23.17
    Deborah said:

    Your home is so beautiful Kelly and you did such great job decorating for fall!
    I am inspired to decorate my home as well!


    • 9.26.17

      Deborah, thank you! Wishing you the best of luck and happy fall! xoxo

  27. 9.24.17

    Wow, beautiful autumn decor. You have the most wonderful high ceilings and space, it’s beautiful. I love all of the little pumpkin additions; super cute.

    • 9.26.17

      Victoria, thank you! We did well at the pumpkin farm this year 😉

  28. 9.24.17
    Shelly said:

    Just beautiful! I love the faux leaves in the clear vessels! So simple, but clever! Your home looks absolutely heavenly! I am an antique freak, but I love your style!

    • 9.26.17

      Shelly, thank you so much! I have a few vintage pieces mixed in 😉

  29. 9.25.17
    robyn said:

    Oh my goodness! Your house is beautiful! I just love all you have done to dress it up for fall. I especially like the leaves in the glass jars on the table. Thank you also or supplying the “shop the look” information. I know it takes extra time and energy, but I really appreciate you doing it.

    • 9.26.17

      Robyn, thank you so much! Those leaves in the glass vases were a last minute idea that I’m glad I pulled together 😉 And you are TOO KIND to say that; thank you! xoxo

  30. 9.27.17
    DeVonda said:

    Hello Kelley!! I just found you yesterday via IG!! (Great Discovery!! LOL) I enjoyed your home tour. You have an absolute GORGEOUS home. All of your decor choices are superb. It looks inviting and warm. I’m your neighbor in NC and your home looks like a Lennar Home, downstairs layout look familiar. (a builder I love). Anyway look forward to catching up on more of your posts.

    • 10.5.17

      Hi, DeVonda! Thank you so much and thank you for taking the time to stop by! It is actually by a builder local to Atlanta but I have heard of similar characteristics across other builders!

  31. 10.18.17
    Heather said:

    Hi Kelley! LOVE your blog and gorgeous house! This may sound totally random lol, but do you happen to know the dimensions of your great room? Or approximately? My living room setup is similar, and I’ve been itching to rearrange some things for awhile in a way that’s similar to your setup but am not sure my room is quite long enough for a longer couch + 2 chairs off to the side under windows. I wondered if I could compare my room size to yours, just to get an idea? Appreciate you in advance, and thanks for keeping us all design-inspired! 🙂 XOXO

    • 10.22.17

      Hi, Heather! If I had to guess, I would say MAYBE 15×20? It is definitely more narrow in width.

  32. 10.20.17
    Ruba Saah said:

    I LOVE everything about you and your style!! Thanks for all the info. What finish do you use for your paint? Also, what color of ‘white’ paint do you use? Thanks so much!!

  33. 10.23.17

    Lovely and inspiring home and a great tour! I love the leaves decoration and all in all this home looks cozy and very stylish.

  34. 10.26.17
    Bennie said:

    I have enjoyed looking at this tour many times in the past few days and find everything so tastefully put together. I would like to see a better picture of the “sitting area” wall collage. I fear that if I put holes all over my wall and it doesn’t look good…well what a mess I will have. Is there a rule or tip you have in your bag of tricks for putting a collage together so it looks balanced and proportioned? Thanks for sharing your lovely home for our enjoyment and ideas. By the way–will you be at the Country Living Fair in St. Mountain this weekend? Hope to see you there.

  35. 2.3.18
    Ruba Saah said:

    Hi Kelly! Everything is so breathtaking! Your home is my inspiration! So beautiful. Your floors are amazing. Can you link a similar brand? Is it handscraped or just distressed? Thank you for all your posts!!

  36. 9.24.19
    Brittany Nuzzo said:


    I love love love the La-Z boy aspen sectional in your living room. What color is yours in?

    • 9.28.19

      Hi, Brittany! It was a discontinued color; I’m sorry!

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