One Room Challenge- Week 3: White Walls, A Modern Gray Bed, and a Few Snafus

Y’all, it’s Week Three of the One Room Challenge and since my last update, I’ve taken in a Garth Brooks concert, stayed overnight in Atlanta, had a visit with Mama Nan, and managed to post absolutely nothing since this time last week. When it comes to room makeovers, the reality is that I basically spend 80% on the back end, sourcing, planning, ordering, and working with sponsors, and about 20% of the time actually installing and transforming. What you won’t see in the photos below are the mounds of boxes that took over my house, the furniture sprawled all over the catwalk and in our bathroom, and the hours invested in scouring the web for furnishings. But, all of those undocumented parts of the process have progressed the bedroom beast just a little more.

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If you missed the first two weeks of progress, you can catch up on the project here:


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The part of this past week I’m most thrilled with is that my room is finally blanketed in all white! I went with Simply White by Benjamin Moore and I can’t tell you what a huge difference it has made, especially in the shadowy areas furthest from the windows. If you have a dark room and have been toying with the idea of painting your walls white, JUST DO IT! Last year, my friend Jen (Decor Gold Designs) talked about painting the trim and molding the same color as her walls; I adore her monochromatic rooms and decided to take the same approach. And, I’m so glad I did. Everything from the ceiling to the trim to the door faces are now Simply White.

Last night, we hauled the pieces of our new bed upstairs. If you caught my Insta-stories, you saw the delivery drama (and that we took out a chunk of drywall on the stairwell), but she is officially in place! Not yet assembled but in place! I wanted something a little more crisp, clean, and modern to go with my new white paneled walls and I fell in love with my selection all over again after uncovering her.

Modern Tufted Gray Headboard

Dave decided it would be best to install the chandelier first (which he’s doing as I type!) before getting this pretty girl assembled. We also decided that once she’s fully constructed, she probably shouldn’t be moved because she’s so heavy so we’ve decided to wait on rugs, also.

Contemporary Gray Fabric Button Tufted Headboard

Speaking of rugs, I’ve decided to go for THIS ONE underneath the bed, and THIS ONE in the sitting area.

So, here’s a dumb mistake I made. Because the bed wall has our porch door also, the center of that wall isn’t the same as the center of the opposite (tv) wall. I don’t know if my former bed was off-center or if I just wasn’t thinking but basically, the panels were installed with the assumption I would be centering my bed on the wall, instead of centering it in the room (even with the center of the ceiling, light fixture, and tv). So, there’s that. What my second realization was, was that my new nightstands are almost twice the size of our previous bedside tables. Once I scooted the headboard close to its appropriate spot, I realized I never actually measured everything to make sure it would fit. And, I can’t even square up the bed with the wall details because then the night stands would block my doorways. That’s the thing with the One Room Challenge. You make fast decisions and then move on to the next thing. So, some details (like measuring- minor details haha) kind of slide through the cracks. I likely won’t have the nightstands until just before the reveal so I’m just gonna cross my fingers, accept the symmetry I wanted won’t totally be there, and hope that at a minimum, everything will fit.

Modern Button Tuft Gray Bed on Paneled Wall

I *think* I decided on my window treatments- because the sitting area faces the woods and we get no direct sunlight, I resisted the urge to go full-on drapes, but am planning some light woven shades. I also don’t want to cover up that wall detail so my hope is that the shades will highlight the windows without taking away and hiding the molding.

White Paneled Walls in Bedroom Sitting Area

I have been stressing over art for weeks. Just today, I finally determined the game plan. I was wrestling with not wanting to cover up the molding with “stuff” just to have “stuff” on the walls. Because the trim work is kind of like art, I am leaving that as the stand-alone in the main bedroom area. In the sitting area, I am hanging our vow-imposed wedding photo (on the left), and these two prints I fell in love with from Minted (in each of the right framed moldings). The “Birds on a Wire” series is so simple, but so different. Like I said, love at first sight.

Art 1 | Art 2

Today was trash day so this morning, I raced against the clock, unboxing as much as I could before the garbage man came. Each time I successfully ripped open a package, I would run it down to the curb – it totally turned into a game (although I think I probably enjoyed it more than our trash service did haha). Y’all, the final pile was impressive. Some of my favorite new goodies were these lamps for our bedside tables. They are big and beefy but our new nightstands will be large enough to support them.

Clear Glass and Brass Base Lamp

Glass Brass Lamp

A few other goodies I ripped out of the boxes…

Master Bedroom Makeover Furnishings

Bench | Garden Stool | White Table Lamp (pair) | Brass Floor Lamp 

Lastly, I think I finalized my pillow game! Here’s what I’m looking at…

Pillow 1 | Pillow 2 | Pillow 3 | Pillow 4

I wish I could tell you what I plan to have in store for next week but honestly, I have no clue haha. I will likely have to have the rugs down and in place before proceeding (so I’m hopeful those can get here in the next few days) but in the meantime, I am still scampering around, working on orders, timing, etc. I’ll be sharing my fan solution when I share our fixture update and oh Lord! I just thought about the accessories…

I’d like to offer a big thank you (and a hug if I could) to this week’s featured room sponsors, The Mine, Tonic Living, and Minted, whom without I would not be able to successfully pull off this six-week transformation. To get the latest updates each week, you can sign up for my emails at the bottom of this post.

See the final reveal HERE.

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  1. 10.19.17

    Kel!!! You sweet thang! Thanks for the shoutout! I AM OBSESSED with your white-on-white look. You nailed it. Can’t wait to see more, especially the cute beds for your “little terrors”! xoxo

    • 10.22.17

      Jen, of course! I am so so glad I went with your method- I am loving it. Can’t wait for a phone date this week! xoxo

  2. 10.19.17

    Absolutely in LOVE with that light grey headboard and your beautiful trim work!! Oh, and the chandelier…..!! Out of this world!! Can’t wait to see your room being done 🙂
    XO, Rahel

    • 10.22.17

      Rahel, thank you! I am so pumped about the new furnishings and those two pieces are the most modern infusions in this new space. Woo!

  3. 10.19.17

    OMG…the walls are amazing Kelley. The white paint made such a huge impact, really brightened the space. We would have the same issue with our walls with the one have the door throwing of the center. I too probably would not have even thought about it beforehand. Love both the rugs you’ve chosen, as well as the new nightstands. But the art is perfect!!
    And, I am laughing because I can just picture the look on your garbage man’s face when he pulled up to your house this morning 😉

    • 10.22.17

      Lauren, oh my goodness, I was hoping desperately they would take everything. he will likely have another rude awakening this coming trash day haha! And I can’t tell you how much we are loving waking up with white walls!

  4. 10.19.17
    Samantha said:

    Looks awesome Kelley!!! Love that headboard!!!


    • 10.22.17

      Sam, thank you!! I wish there was an organization project I could tackle in here haha

  5. 10.19.17
    Jessica said:

    I would love to see a blog post on how you furniture shop online..for example, how do you if it’s well made or what the exact color of an item is without seeing it in person? I struggle with this but would love to get better!

    • 10.22.17

      Jessica, I think we all struggle with that but I LOVE this idea! Will definitely add it to the list- thank you for the suggestion! xoxo

  6. 10.19.17
    Alisha said:

    Your room looks so bright and airy now- yay! Love the molding, like LOVE, I just added some for my ORC and I may have to put it everywhere in my house, lol.

    • 10.22.17

      Alisha, isn’t it addicting?! I showed my carpenter throughout the house so he could get an idea of future projects and it was basically all “molding here, and here, and here…”

  7. 10.19.17
    Joni King said:

    I can see why you love the headboard, it’s awesome! Love, love, love the white walls and the moldings. So sorry about the “measuring” thing, I know you will make it work and it will be beautiful Can’t wait to see more . . . hugs!

    • 10.22.17

      Joni, thank you!! We MUST catch up this week! xoxo

  8. 10.21.17
    Trudy chambers said:

    You are so talented, you have such great vision, love following all ideas!??

    • 10.22.17

      Trudy, you are too sweet; thank you! I hope it all comes together in the end <3

  9. 10.21.17
    Randi said:

    Loving all the details kel! Especially that gorgeous trim.! Can’t wait to see it all finished!

    • 10.22.17

      Randi, I can’t wait to see your living room this week! And then, you will have an entirely new canvas for Christmas- so much fun to come!

  10. 10.23.17
    Bree said:

    Kel, I’m loving those white walls, and the bed, and the trim, etc, etc…I could go on.!!! Can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve next!!! It’s so gorgeous already and I can’t wait for the reveal already!! xoxo

  11. 10.24.17
    Sharon said:

    I think I’m as excited as you are for the reveal, Kelley! I love the luxury of all-white! Will be watching to see what gets unpacked next!

    • 10.26.17

      Sharon, you are awesome. I’m still waiting for half of the things haha

  12. 11.3.18
    Rebecca said:

    Hi there! Love the bed and absolutely want to copy it for my bedroom. I can’t seem to get the link to work. Can you provide the source? Thanks so much!