11 Ways to Decorate with Fashion- Bringing Your Closet to the Bedroom

When I was younger, I always had all my jewelry on full display in my room. I would hang it proudly from cork boards, have over the top jewelry organizers, and I always lusted after those glamorous vanities that looked like full beauty counters. As I got older, my tastes changed. While I prefer to not have my bedroom – the space that is supposed to be a relaxing haven – resembling a boutique 24/7, I do still love my pretties. And I love to see them… just not all at once. I get a lot of inspiration (and bits of “happy”) from my accessories, namely, and don’t want to keep them all hidden, buried in the depths of the closet so today, I wanted to share a few ways to decorate with fashion and give some ideas on how to have some of your favorite accessories on display without being overwhelming. Ok, or gaudy. Although I’ve definitely been described as just that before and have to say- I don’t necessarily hate it! haha

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This post has been a long time comin’; I’ve always naturally tried to incorporate some of my favorite pretties into my rooms but more recently, I’ve made more of an effort of creating small “homes” outside my closet to make my most worn/daily jewelry more accessible. So how do you do that without having shelves and in-your-face wall hangings and armoires? This list of 11 display examples covers a huge variety of display options; regardless of your personal taste, there’s something on here for everyone 😉 The key is to try a couple; I can promise if you try to implement every single thing, your space will end up looking like that aforementioned “boutique” haha. Moderation is key.

1. Simple & Discreet- Drape a Few Dainty Daily Pieces Over “Limby” Accessories

The most discreet way to display some of your jewelry is to work with decor accessories already on your dresser/nightstand by draping your daintiest everyday pieces. They will always be within arms’ reach and easy to grab and run with each morning. Look for accessories that have some height (if they aren’t tall enough, position on a book), and have some “limbs” to them.

Jewelry Display and Storage Ideas for Nightstand

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2. A Mini (but Tasteful) Display for Your Most Worn Jewels & Accessories

Most recently, I actually purchased a streamlined jewelry rack for my nightstand (HERE). While I don’t keep anything on my large dresser, my new nightstands are large enough to support a few things beyond the standard lamp and photo frame. I have gotten into the habit of taking off my jewelry and throwing it on the nightstand haphazardly so I decided to implement an actual system. The only pieces I allow here are my most worn/seasonal favorites. The majority still live in the closet but this has made my most frequent baubles way more organized (and pretty to look at) 😉

How to style a nightstand with jewelry and accessories

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Full disclosure- even though this rack has the ability to hold a lot, if you are getting it for display purposes, fight the urge to load it down. I got a little carried away, bringing out pieces I don’t wear that often and by the time I was finished, I had to edit it down and remember my “why”.

Brass Jewelry Stand for Display that will hold long necklaces

3. A Shadowbox for Favs

I also added a gold-rimmed shadow box for pretty/special/frequently worn favorites. Kendra Scott sent me a few pieces from their latest line and they were the first to be added. Even though I like calming neutrals in the bedroom, having some discreet but vibrant summer bling in this box makes me smile every time. PS: In their gift, I found my favorite set of bangles ever; you can check out the trio HERE.

Brass Shadowbox to hold Accessories and Jewelry

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Pretty and Practical Jewelry Storage Ideas

You can also find my new Kate Spade sunnies (on sale for $59.97) HERE; they come in a few different frame options. I am a terrible sunglasses owner so I’ve committed to not putting them in my purse unless they are first inside the hard case that they came with. (Hold me accountable, y’all!)

Styling a nightstand with jewelry

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4. An Intentional Pairing

Similar to the discreet draping in number one, sometimes, I look at something sitting on a table and envision a favorite little accessory detail joining it. I can’t explain it other than – it helps fuel my creativity to see my favorite lovelies paired together.

Kelly Kay Paper Desk Calendar

Desk Calendar & Easel- Kelly Kay Paper

5. A Mirrored Tray to Corral Your Daintiest Pretties

Keep it classic and pick a few favorites to corral in a feminine tray. Even if it is a mish-mosh like I have here, it doesn’t look cluttered because they’re all rounded up together and contained. You can do this on your bedside table or dresser, but, even if brining the bling to the bedroom isn’t for you, you can replicate this in the bathroom/where you get ready.

Displaying pretty perfume and jewelry on a mirrored tray in the bedroom for dresser decor

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6. Tying A Scarf/Bandana/Neckerchief for Seasonal Flair/a Colorful Punch

I have way too many scarves. I just do. And while I use them for far more than just wearing around my neck (y’all know I bring them out for table layering!), they are buried and forgotten in the closet the majority of the time. I’ve started making an effort to make use of them seasonally in a few different ways. First, you don’t have to switch your bedroom decor to give it a little warm weather flair. I tied a silk scarf to my bedside lamp to give it just a hint of delicate personality…

Scarves as lamp accessories in the bedroom

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Nightstand styling and details

See how easy it is to switch up? This works best with thin scarves, smaller bandanas, or scarves with fun edges like all those pom pom details we’re seeing right now.

Using a scarf as a lamp accessory in the bedroom

7. End of the Day China Catchall

Before I had my jewelry rack, I used this sweet little catchall dish as my sole coraller of jewelry. If you don’t start dumping EVERYTHING in there, this is a perfect little tasteful option that can be paired with other solutions. Think outside the box- this is a china tea cup saucer but a teacup would be adorable, also 😉

Nightstand accessories and jewelry holders

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8. Turn Your Lamp Into a Bust

This is a little bolder of a move and unless you are more funky and eclectic, I probably wouldn’t display other jewelry around the lamp to compete with your statement. But, I love how this looks- and what a fun way to enjoy your favorites on a rotating/seasonal basis! Our bedside lamps (HERE) have some serious girth and height and work well as a “bust”.

How to display jewelry on your bedroom nightstand

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You can even go daintier with thin necklaces like in number one but as a standalone, statement pieces make a pretty fun impact.

Strands of pearls on a bedside lamp

9. Prop Your Current/Favorite Handbag in “Go” Position

Do you have an actual spot for your current purse? On top of the washing machine/kitchen counter doesn’t count 😉  When I invest in nice bags, I like to see them. And care for them. I’m not going to tell you where my purse is most often (I should be ashamed!) but I have been making an effort to “home” the one I am currently carrying more often. I don’t have 10 bags cluttered an draped on the side of my full length mirror – just a strategic garden stool to rest this girl.

Tory Burch Double Zip Robinson Tote Handbag

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10. Use Scarves As Throws & Layers

I’ve already shared this idea many times before but if my winter scarves have any width to them, they typically get allocated to a basket/layered in with other blankets and throws. The Free People scarf at the foot of my bed was one of my winter all-star purchases; while this style sold out quickly, Free People has a similar (but a tad smaller version) on sale for $6.99 (HERE). Seriously. Even if you’re thinking forward to bathing suits and coverups, this will be a fantastic goodie to put away til fall.

Using scarves and accessories in Bedroom Decor

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Tap Corresponding Numbers Below Pillows to Shop

Green Pillows Mixing Patterns on Bed1. | 2. | 3. 

Using a basket for blankets in the bedroom

Using a scarf draped on an ottoman

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11. Flop Your Hat

Bonus points for cowboy hats 😉 If you have a hat, show it! It immediately brings a “sit and have lemonade in this cozy spot” kind of lived-in vibe. Don’t have a chair? What about an ottoman? Or even two wall hooks on top of each other to use the hats as art? There’s tons of potential here.

Displaying Hats as Bedroom Decor

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Are your wheels turning? Sometimes, it’s fun to display for the pretty factor, and sometimes, convenience, but hopefully these ideas give a foundation of how you may be able to pull off both.

Bringing the Closet to the Bedroom- Decorating with Fashion Accessories

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  1. 4.20.18
    Laurie said:

    Love, love, love! You have the best ideas!

    • 4.28.18

      Laurie, thank you for visiting! Happy Saturday!

  2. 4.21.18
    Tammy Loro said:

    Giiiirl I’m in love with all the ways you use your scarves!! The jewelry display ideas are great too!! You’re so creative!!! XOXO

  3. 4.21.18
    Cecilia said:

    Such a fun post! Packed with great information. Do you change shades of make up and blush for the warm and cooler seasons?

  4. 4.22.18
    Kelley Kolpitcke said:

    I love everything that you do! I follow all of the most popular interior designers and they all have amazing talents. But when I look at your blog, your stories, your photos…I relate to them more than all the others combined! When I was newly married, eons ago, I did not know how to cook “down home” recipes. I could make pancakes and grilled cheese. So I started watching Martha Stewart and Barefoot Contessa and Paula Dean. I learned SO MUCH from them. Twenty years later, I am divorced and in the most beautiful apartment in all of Boise. My twin boys will be leaving in a year for college. I have always wanted a home that reflected ME. But I didn’t know where to start. YOU are teaching me. I haven’t actually made a design board, but I plan to. And because of you, and all of your links, I will have a great foundation to start!
    I keep a teacup and saucer in my bathroom for my necklace and earrings. I wear them most days.

    Love you, Kelley!

    Kelley from Boise xo

    • 4.28.18

      Kelley, I hate I am only reading your kind words now. You absolutely touched my soul. THAT’S what it’s all about! Coming up with practical ways to create a home that makes us smile – in all aspects from decor to comfort food and everything in between. Thank you so much for blessing me with your story this morning – you are awesome, Kelley!

  5. 4.22.18

    Love the strand of pearls on the lamp. Well, and all your amazing KS pieces.

  6. 4.23.18
    Kelly Kay said:

    Kelley Nan, I love this post! Everything looks so dreamy and beautiful. Thank you for using my calendar to display those gorgeous tassel earrings. I noticed this crazy uptick in my website traffic and it all came from your website! You are a machine, woman! 🙂 Thanks again,

    • 4.28.18

      Kelly, you are so sweet. I can’t tell you how special your work is- I want those special little moments everywhere 😉

  7. 4.27.18
    Tamisha said:

    This post is BRILLIANT, Kelley! Loving it! 🙂

  8. 5.3.18

    Thank you for the wonderful post. I have my grandmother’s jewelry mounted in small shadow boxes, grouped into color groups and hanging as wall art. I like to see them every day and they sparkle in the light. Such fun.

    • 5.3.18

      Oh, Debbi, I LOVE that idea. So precious and sentimental, out where you can see it, just like it should be. Thank you for sharing!