11 Ways to Use Baskets for Storage and Decor in Your Home

Well, I think I would prefer to just write off last week. In its entirety. Pretend it never existed. Among the biggest face-palm tragedies was a fried computer after an early-week storm. Thank goodness for back-ups and a husband who knows how to rebuild computers but that handicap alone pretty much crippled my week. And the fun plans I had didn’t happen either – no Beauty and the Beast, no mani-pedi, no productivity marathon (or even a successful laundry session for that matter)… but it’s done and I’m optimistic I’m going to totally dominate this week. Actually, that deserves some ALL CAPS excitement, virtual hands pumping in the air and lots of!!! If your week was less than stellar or if this week hasn’t started out the best, let’s do what we can do to make it a good one! This post has been a long time coming and as my collection has grown, I realize more than ever, I have turned into my mom. She never met a basket she didn’t like and when she comes to visit, she rarely goes back home without a new addition. I suppose the same can now be said for me. But the truth is, baskets are the perfect solution to so many “what should I put here?” and “how do I organize this?” debates. I use them all over my house but today, am highlighting a 11 ways to use baskets for storage and decor in your home.

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The perfect solution for extra storage for your linens – baskets holding pillows, throws, and blankets are perfect for smart storage solutions and decorative accents. I use them in my living rooms and bedrooms without exception.

Blanket and pillow basket next to chair

Jacquelyne Basket | Thatcher Wing Back Chair | Navy Pillow

Lamp | Striped Pillows | Similar Basket

White guest bedroom with white linens and basket for pillows

Bed | Duvet Cover & Euro Shams | Quilt | Center Silver Zebra Striped Throw Pillow | Similar Taupe Linen Throw Pillows | Rug | Curtains | Similar Bench | Brass Tray | Side Chair


It is rare my faux plants come in the perfect pot. You can hide them and make the look totally intentional by placing it in a narrow basket. If it is too deep, use some towels or newspaper to prop it up.

faux fiddle leaf fig tree in sitting room

Similar Rug | Ottoman | Garden Stool | Striped Pillow | Similar Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree | Similar Basket | Similar Gray Velvet Pillow


I am all about trays on every surface; they help corral a bunch of collected items and make them appear less knick-knack-esque. I have found some awesome woven basket trays over the last year which have made appearances from my ottomans and tables, to my kitchen island and bed.

Similar Tray | Similar Basket | Garden Stool | Curtains

Sitting room with tufted greek key ottoman

Lamp | Striped Pillows | Similar Basket | Similar Rug | Ottoman | Garden Stool |  Similar Gray Velvet Pillow | Similar Brass Candle HoldersSimilar Tray | Curtains

coffee table tray in a tray with fiddle leaf fig stems

Volcanic Ash Floor Vase | Fiddle Leaf Fig Stems | Similar Tray | Coffee Table | Similar Clear Glass Vase


Whether you prefer the log-carrier version for vertical logs or want a regular basket to load wood vertically, using a basket for firewood on your hearth is both pretty and practical.

Fireplace hearth fire wood basket holder

Similar Log Basket


If you have items in your living room you want to stow away but still keep within reach, look for a small basket you can keep on display. Mine is actually intended for toilet paper 😉 .

living room remote control basket storage

Side Table | Lamp | Similar Woven Box


Our powder room has a pedestal sink and no shelving/drawers/storage of any kind. I recently added this lidded tulip basket and I can’t tell you how many rolls it holds (a TON). At one point, I had a small-ish hamper but prefer this oversized, round number 10-fold.

Pottery Barn Tulip basket in powder room with toilet paper

Lidded Tulip Basket


Remember my junk drawer/stationery desk organization project I tackled recently? I have improved on my distribution substantially but whenever we get a new piece of mail that will need attention soon, it goes right here. I vowed not to throw anything in my drawers (because that is a downward spiral disaster waiting to happen) but putting them in a closed box on top of the counter has worked really well without paper clutter getting out of hand.

Counter basket organization for bills

Similar Lidded Basket | Similar Black Pom Pom


You know how expensive cute little trash cans can be? I don’t know who decided to make them so expensive but I’ve pretty much boycotted actual trash cans serving the purpose of trash receptacles in our house. As a matter of fact, I’m fairly certain most every trash can we have is a basket.

basket for trash can in office

Basket | Gold Hardware


Yes, my hamper basket is actually a hamper but like trash cans, hampers can be expensive. There are no rules that say you can’t use a cute basket in it’s place. Bonus points if you keep a basket/hamper in your guest room(s) ;).

hamper basket- ideas for basket storage

Similar Hamper


Did you catch my office makeover project (HERE)? Repeating the same basket across your built-ins gives an attractive, cohesive look and helps make up for any drawer/cabinet space you may lack.

Organized office built in shelves with baskets and grass cloth

Large Cream Vase | Baskets | Gray Vase | Document Boxes | Magazine Holders | Gold Lantern | Gold Hardware | Large Art | Small Square Art 


You may have seen my bathroom linen closet project (HERE); if so, you know that this project was critical to help create a system that was easy to stick to and make up for my one wimpy vanity drawer. If you aren’t using baskets in your pantry, take a look to see if it could benefit from some, also.

Organized bathroom linen closet with baskets and white towels

Towels | Gray and White Cloth Baskets | Similar Woven Baskets 


If you’re a basket hoarder connoisseur like my mom (and me), let me know your favorite ways to use them in the comment section below! Stay tuned for some fun spring posts ahead – my Easter table is set to launch tomorrow and I have some outdoor space reveals launching in the next couple of weeks!

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  1. 3.27.17
    Gretchen Thomas said:

    I had a big ole grin on my face while reading this fabulous post! One can never ever have enough baskets and each one of yours, and their uses, is perfect! I think I need some more…

    • 3.29.17

      Nan, I am so glad! You taught me well 😉 And I think so too! Soon 😉

  2. 3.27.17
    Bree said:

    Great post, Kelley!!

  3. 3.27.17
    Stephanie said:

    I always have the dimensions of basket needs (wants) in a list on my phone notes so I know what will work just in case I run across the basket that might be perfect! Thanks for the great ideas! I think a couple of these baskets might just be in my future. 😉

    • 3.29.17

      Stephanie, that is SO smart! I will admit, most of mine are trial and error and even when I get something for a space that doesn’t fit, I keep it and put it somewhere else haha! I LOVE good baskets!

  4. 3.28.17
    Joni King said:

    I love baskets! Thanks for some new and great suggestions!

  5. 3.28.17
    Amy said:

    I love this! I’m glad I’m not the only one with a basket obsession!

  6. 3.28.17
    Bennie C. said:

    This basket post inspired me to utilize the empty baskets I had in the laundry room to just look good. I filled one up with the laundry supplies (soap, dryer sheets, etc)…that freed more room in my cabinet; another is doing a great job keeping cleaning rags and towels; and the 3rd is now holding all my pet supplies! I have more cabinet space and everything has a home. Thanks Kelley for your post.

    • 3.29.17

      Bennie, that is awesome!You would probably scream if you saw my laundry room. Baskets are a fantastic thing!

  7. 4.3.17

    I love baskets. I recently found a nice wicker tray. Check out my blog to see it.

  8. 4.21.17

    Awesome ideas Kelley! I have always seen baskets as pillow storage but I never imagined baskets as planters. Cool! They are definitely great for organization. By the way, which was your favorite?

    • 4.22.17

      Emmerey, thank you! Hmm… hard to pick. I couldn’t do without pillow/blanket baskets but those aren’t the most creative uses. It’s hard to say!

  9. 1.24.18

    I think it was really lovely how you used a basket as a pretty storage for those extra linens and pillows found in the living room. I agree that it’s both functional and decorative at the same time. I was actually planning to buy a basket next month because I suddenly had the urge to use one in the living room. It depends on the size of the basket that I will buy, but I will make sure to follow your tips when it comes to finding a good use for it. Thanks for sharing!

  10. 9.18.18
    Mariah said:


    I know I’m late to the party here, but this list was really helpful for decor ideas.

    Do you have any suggestions for things to do with smaller baskets (tabletop size, around the 12″ range)?


    • 9.18.18

      Hi! Depending on the depth, you could use it as you would a bowl; if it’s deeper, a small plant, set a vase inside and use it as a flower vessel… tons of options 😉

  11. 12.6.18

    The ideas are absolutely stunning, it’s cost effective and adds beauty to your living area.

  12. 1.2.19
    T said:

    I use little baskets at our house for: soaps/small hotel size bottles in bathroom, seasoning packets (like taco seasoning), tea packets in pantry, handful of handy office stuff like tape/glue stick/clips on desk, counter mail receptacle