Organized Stationery Desk and Junk Drawers

I got home late Friday night and the extent of my activity for the rest of the weekend was moving from the bed to the couch. Actually, I started the dishwasher this morning… the dishes are still in there but that’s beside the point haha. It is rare that I don’t try to tackle some sort of project and while I am battling just a hint of guilt, it was pretty amazing to have cleaning off the DVR as my top priority. Several weeks ago, I was productive so I thought I would finally share how I tackled that space in our house that collects “all the stuff”. The beautiful thing about having a stationery desk in the kitchen is that provides all the space for all that random stuff and gives you multiple junk drawers. The bad thing about having a stationery desk in the kitchen is that it provides all the space for all that random stuff and gives you multiple junk drawers. With receipts from when we first moved in still laying behind cabinet doors, mine was crying for help. Today, this neglected station is refreshed and I officially have an organized stationery desk and junk drawers.

With several cabinets and drawers, I took this project on in stages. I keep a basket out as a catchall for bills, letters, etc. before they’re dispersed and typically, this is the place goodies from shopping trips live until they are taken upstairs. I traded the too-small basket in for one with a lid to keep things hidden. I emptied all the drawers to start from scratch and pulled out drawer organizers I had purchased at HomeGoods earlier this year. As I did when organizing my office drawers (HERE), I tossed pens and markers that I didn’t love. I gathered like items and while yes, these are the designated junk drawers, if items had a more suitable home elsewhere, I set them aside to disperse.

Here’s a look at the result of some of the drawers.

For my candle cabinet, I returned seasonal items to their rightful hibernation spots in the basement. Any scented candles that were so old they had lost their scent were relocated to the outdoor storage for summer deck ambiance. This undershelf basket helps add room for scented room plug-ins, tea lights, and loose candlesticks.

I moved and set aside to donate vases and receptacles I had never used but had told myself I may need one day. While I have several places throughout the house I store vases, there was no need to hang onto small, frosted pink cubes I had from 5-year old flower deliveries that had never been used. The rest of my kitchen is still in serious need but this section was a good start. When is the last time you tackled your junk drawer(s) and/or stationery desk?


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  1. 3.13.17

    They look great Kelley, nice job!!!! Funny, I just cleaned out my junk drawer in the kitchen too!!! Great minds must think a like!!!

  2. 3.13.17

    Kel, this is so awesome! I love organizing and you did such a great job! I’ve been having Brooklyn organize my spaces and drawers lately and she takes after me and thinks it’s “fun” haha! Bravo, my friend! Xoxoxoxo

    • 3.14.17

      Summer, thank you! You are training her right! haha!

  3. 3.14.17
    Sue said:

    Yay for clean drawers! I envy your kitchen desk; I would love to have that! I organized all of my kitchen drawers some time ago and put pretty gift wrap paper cut to size in the drawers and labeled everything. Nothing feels as good as having everything in it’s place. Your home is coming along beautifully!

    • 3.14.17

      Sue, I would LOVE to have beautifully lined drawers! I bet yours are an absolute dream!

  4. 3.14.17
    Amy said:

    Cleaning and organizing is so cathartic! I just did my bathroom cabinet and drawers, its such a pain but worth it in the end! Also, I love your house, so calm and beautiful!

    • 3.14.17

      Amy, I totally agree! Looking and living with it afterward is so worth it!