Organized Bathroom Linen Closet Anyone Can Have

The second organization project of 2017 is officially complete! Following my vanity overhaul (HERE), naturally, the next area to tackle was the linen closet which I use in tandem with my bathroom “station”. I will admit, I am lucky to have ample storage space in this house but because I haven’t had to get creative in making the most of my space, in a lot of areas, I haven’t. When we moved in almost two years ago, dispersing things in suitable closets using the “throw it in” method was about as far as I got. But, I hated stuffing things on some shelves while others had plenty of space, my mismatched double plastic drawer sets reminded me of a dorm room, and I was long overdue for some serious 1995 Clinique bonus bag purging. By devoting a little time one afternoon, I easily created an organized bathroom linen closet anyone can have.

There are two parts to the linen closet. I used the back of the door for meds while the inside held towels, tools, and toiletries. I didn’t want to change they system; I just wanted to make it better. Much better. Here is an unedited glimpse of where I started.

First, I took everything out. EVERYTHING. I tossed bottles that had expired (many had back to 2012) and grouped like items as I began mentally assigning designated shelves. After clearing old containers, more space was made for overflow toiletries. In the past, I have attempted to organize meds in a cabinet and in plastic lidded bins… they didn’t work for me. I need everything spread, not stacked and layered, in order to stick to a system.

In the post where I organized my makeup and vanity (HERE), I made reference to the recycled MAC makeup container tip. I keep all the bottles and cases in the MAC bag on the second to bottom shelf. Like I said, after recycling everything in there, I should have about 6 new lipsticks in store 😉

I use these Elfa storage solutions on the back of doors as I am able; they are major space enhancers! If you are low on space, consider adding one to your pantry (we also have one there), or on the back of an entry closet. The Container Store runs an annual Elfa sale (going on now) where all pieces are 30% off; this is the time each year when I stock up! You can find all kinds of back-of-door solutions HERE.

Scroll and click on the solutions below for details.

Or, you can configure your own (as I did) HERE.

I will admit, the closet wasn’t horrible per se… but dang, it was not pretty. Or easy to locate items. I don’t know how I acquired so many loud hand towels! This is how it looked before.

And with a little love, here is the result.

The plastic drawers were moved to the basement for storage and cute fabric and woven baskets were brought in. Because we have wire shelving, I brought in a woven tray to hold my acrylic organizers.

When I got married, I put nice white towels from Crate and Barrel on the registry. We started with a set of four and over the years, have expanded our collection to 10. After five years, those first towels are still in impeccable shape. No pulls or loose threads. They are now the only towels I purchase. I lucked out a few years ago at a store closing and picked up the few bath sheets they had from the collection for 50% off. Both the white and gray can be found HERE. I distributed the other towels in other closets, designated a few for pets, some for cars, etc., but we are more than well stocked with the nice towels we invested in. There’s no need to keep the others crammed in the closet just “because”. I kept a set of black towels, washcloths, and hand towels tucked away in the woven floor trunk-basket.

We purchase in bulk from Costco so we always have a lot of “extra” we need to store. Taking everything out of the plastic packaging and storing in baskets/drawers is huge. Nothing screams “unorganized” like family packs of razors with loose plastic wrapping clinging to the twin loose plastic wrapping of the 6-pack of toothpaste.

Scroll and click the image to shop and get the look.

While I did sort a lot of small pouches and zippered pouches to donate, I kept just as many. I use pouches everywhere from my car glove compartment and purse to packing and office accessories.


If you saw the labeled illustration above, no, there was not an error. I do have dog treats in the linen closet haha. We are working with our pup, Maggie, on “being good” so easy access here is a must.

With this project, the master bathroom is officially done! Stay tuned for my next organization project, and, if you have any requests, feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

If you missed my first project of the year, you can catch my vanity/makeup project HERE.


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  1. 1.9.17
    Bridgette said:

    Thank you for motivating me this year!! Beautiful. Would you mind sharing which Elfa system you have? Your baskets look larger and there are 7, which I ❤️!
    Thank you Kelley!

    • 1.9.17

      Sharing is keeping me motivated 😉 I did individual components- I believe all these baskets are the medium and large. You can see all individuals here:

      • 6.2.18
        Carly Melinda Yulia Nelle said:

        Where did u get the linen closet door organizer from

  2. 1.9.17
    Kathy Prince said:

    Hi Kelley, I went to school with your mom and have been following. We are building and I love your house so much I modeled my kitchen after yours. My baths have a grey theme going and I’m needing a wall color. I prefer a white with a grey tint. I think your walls in this bathroom may be what I’m looking for. Can you tell me what color they are? Love the organization btw.

    • 1.9.17

      Hey, Kathy! Congratulations! This is Versatile Gray by Sherwin Williams but depending on light, can have more of a darker/beige tone so depending on your lighting, I would definitely test. I went for a cooler gray in my office (On the Rocks) which is lighter. Also, I tested Eider White (shown in this post) which is gorgeous but was too light against my creamy trim. Depending on your trim, I would definitely give that a try, too 😉 Here is the post that shows a few lighter/cooler grays-

      • 1.9.17
        Kathy Prince said:

        Thanks Kelley. I will definitely look at the colors mentioned. Will also go back and look at your office. I have gone with white trim and cabinets in the bathroom, but no natural light, so will have to watch.

  3. 1.9.17
    Carrie Cook said:

    LOVE! Thank you so much for sharing. I’m definitely getting a elfa storage system. That is exactly what I need. I’m excited to see your next room. I’m especially look forward to the utility room, entry closet and secondary bathrooms! Thanks for sharing!!!

    • 1.9.17

      Carrie, totally the way to go, especially while you can get 30% off. I’ll definitely be posting as we work our way through the house!

  4. 1.9.17
    Carrie Cook said:

    Sorry, I meant to ask where you purchased your makeup bench – so pretty!

  5. 1.9.17
    Mitzi Bates said:

    Hi Kelley,

    There is so much to love in this blog post! Please tell me how you keep your white towels white? I love white towels but no matter what cleaning products I use to wash them with, they get dingy over time.


    • 1.11.17

      Hi, Mitzi! Thank you so much. I use a lot of bleach and oxyclean. For the oxyclean, I set the washing machine to fill and soak first. I do have some that are harder to keep white (over everyday hand towels). They aren’t the same kind of towels as our C&B set; I’m not sure if that has anything to do with it?! Somehow, I have been able to keep those white for the past five years.

  6. 1.10.17
    Sue said:

    So pretty and fresh!

  7. 1.12.17
    Erin said:

    Kelley! I’m DYING!! So in love with this transformation! It seriously makes my heart skip a beat! Pinning away! Thanks for the motivation.. I’m off to tackle another space on my list after seeing this! xo
    p.s. Loved the organized bathroom too! How is your tub coming along? 😉

    • 1.13.17

      Erin, your organization always inspires me! I’m so in purge mode, it isn’t even funny. Um… tub is good; however, the load I forgot I put in the washing machine yesterday morning, not so much! haha

  8. 1.13.17
    Mary Soulios said:

    Thanks for the inspiration! Where are your baskets from?

    • 1.13.17

      Mary, the woven are from HomeGoods and the striped ones are directly linked in the post 😉

  9. 1.14.17
    Bree said:

    Kelley I love everything!!! You’ve inspired me to get to organizing other areas of my home right away!!!! I also love the dog treats in the linen closet…I sure hope Maggie’s training is coming along well ❤. Happy a weekend my friend!!

    • 1.14.17

      I wish she would learn a little faster! Geez Louise! haha

  10. 1.14.17
    Josselyn said:

    Kelley it all looks great! Love the idea to keep the cough drops in one plastic container. I keep a lot of food it those, but never thought to use it for cough drops. Thanks again for the inspiration. There aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything you want to do done! I’m tackling my nook right now, but want to start organizing! You keep me motivated!


  11. 1.22.17
    Wonder said:

    WOW! it`s really cool storage ideas! Try to use it in my cabinets
    Thank you Kelley!

  12. 1.24.17
    Wonder said:

    On second photo mirror with zoom? Long time looking for mirror like that.

  13. 2.23.17
    Mary said:

    Kelley, I love your bathroom closet makeover. I am in the process of decluttering & organizing Please tell me where you keep the bed sheets. They make my closet look messy! Thanks?

    • 2.24.17

      Mary, thank you! I keep them in my hallway linen closet; I am HOPING to tackle that one SOON!

  14. 4.10.17
    pari said:

    where did you buy the over the door basket organizer shelves?

  15. 7.6.17
    Debbi said:

    Hi Kelley, just stumbled across your beautifully organized bathroom closet. You have totally inspired me to do something similar in my bathroom. Where did you find your lidded basket…Love it!!

    • 7.6.17

      Debbi, thank you! It was actually a HomeGoods find! Stay on the lookout!

  16. 11.29.17
    Stacey Smith said:

    Is the trunk from Pottery Barn as well? I have a closet with this same shelving and size. Definitely encouraged to organize it!

    • 11.30.17

      Hi, Stacey! It was actually a HomeGoods find :/ It definitely helps!

  17. 1.17.18
    Bubblymom said:

    Dang girl! How do you keep your towels so bright white?!? I would love white towels, but they turn a bit yellow or dingy.

    Keep the good ideas and great shares coming. Love seeing the work and love you pour into your home. Very inspiring!

    • 1.18.18

      Haha, I really don’t know (I use oxyclean and occasional bleach) but I swear it’s those towels! I’m convinced they have something in them that helps them stay white haha

  18. 1.21.18
    Beth said:

    Your (3) bathroom doors set up is like our house and our linen closet is in the same place. At first I thought I was looking at my bathroom, except yours is better organized! I adapted using white baskets but live your Elfa door organization too increase my storage! Thank you for sharing!

    • 1.22.18

      Beth, how funny! And oh my lord, the bathroom doors! UGH! What a challenge. So glad you found some helpful ideas!

  19. 1.30.18
    Amy said:

    Beautifully done! Can you share where you got your wire shelving for the interior of the cabinet? The ones your perfectly white towels are on? Speaking of towels…what brand!? Do tell! So white!

    • 1.31.18

      Hi, Amy! This wire shelving was just the standard with the house. Probably Rubbermaid. We have had those towels for six years and they are the best! No pulls and still feel amazing. Here is an affiliate link for them:

      • 1.31.18
        Amy said:

        Thank you!!

  20. 12.15.18
    Lori said:

    Love this. Where did you get the rubber band 3 tiered storage container?

  21. 11.16.20
    Angela said:

    Basket and caddy concept is really good. Thank you for the post.

    • 11.16.20

      Hi Angela, Thank you for stopping by! I really appreciate your kind note and feedback.

  22. 3.20.23
    APRIL said: