Living Room Progress Report: Where We Are

Let me take you back to a time before unexpected kitchen updates – it’s been several months but before the kitchen makeover consumed most of my energy (you can see the reveal HERE), we had started to make some updates in the living room. When we busted the large, mirror-top coffee table New Year’s Eve (dang that rowdy game of jumbo Jenga), we decided not to go through the effort of getting the glass replaced. It was beveled and had an antique finish which would have made it a pricier repair, but Maggie, in her youngest days, had also made fast work of chewing each leg. I had already started having serious thoughts about changing our huge sectional to something that would provide more space; time proved that the two of us just didn’t need something so oversized and more space (and streamlined aesthetic) was more important. We didn’t do anything right away and lived with a broken table for half a year (it wouldn’t have made sense to bring something else in in the interim, just to possibly want to change it again when we made the sofa switch). Then, during a sale in July, we pulled the trigger on new sofas (see what we went with, and what we compared HERE). And I believe that’s where we left off!

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One of the mistakes I made before we moved in was trying to outfit our unoccupied space before LIVING in it a little first. This time, I wanted to go a little slower, and make selections gradually. I’ve taken advantage of sales and still made a choice or two that ended up not working out. The great thing about doing a little at a time – of course, along with being able to save as you go – is that it’s a lot easier to return one item after deciding it doesn’t work with your progress, than just not liking how everything looks together and not being able to identify why after it’s finished. And to be honest, it actually ended up being a blessing that we unexpectedly went into a kitchen update before continuing the living room. Some of the decisions made for each room would not have been possible (or at least, wouldn’t have flowed well with our open floor plan) had we only worked on one room and not the other.

How to decorate and style a neutral open concept home

When everything is wrapped up, we’ll take a walk down memory lane and take a look at some “befores”, but for now, I’ll show you what we’re looking like today.

This area is a narrow walkway, my previous table was far too short and was slightly too wide. I replaced what we had with this console table, (on sale this weekend with code FALL) which is substantially longer, but still more narrow than the previous. Instead of double mirrors, I opted for this single, large rattan mirror (also on sale, set to arrive in December); I love the way it’s going to tie in with the barstools. (Disregard current mirror placement- they will stay like this, off-centered, until our new mirror arrives.)

How to style a console table

Metal accents in living room

I’m already having fun, having a new place to style. This will take some time too, as things come together, both my shopping my own home and as I find pieces as I go. You can find my new blue floral print (mine is 11″x14″) HERE and the landscape scene (mine is 8″x10″) HERE.

Layered art on console table

Finding a lamp that was tall but didn’t have too wide of a shade (and that wasn’t out of my price range) took an embarrassingly long time; I found THIS ONE and it gives just the heft I need without overlapping and extending into the walking space.

Not that there was any doubt, but the “kids” are really enjoying the update 😉 We all fight over this incredibly soft (and inexpensive) blanket; we now have two for the living room alone haha. And see that art back there? It’s huge (I went with 40″x54″) and I absolutely love it. Along with the trim, molding, and column we added to zhush up the area between the kitchen, this wall was desperate for a statement.

Sofa Pillow Pattern Ideas

I originally ordered THIS coffee table (the longer size I ordered is now discontinued, I believe); I loved the price and the surface character. Unfortunately, when it arrived in person, it had too many orange tones for my space, and seemed more laminate-like in person. It went back and I’ve since ordered THIS table (set to arrive Tuesday and also on sale this weekend 😉 ).

Can you envision that large rattan mirror on the wall above the console? I would love to lighten the walls – even to the Edgecomb Gray I used in the kitchen – but unfortunately, this spans the majority of the house and isn’t in the budget right now.

The rug I fell in love with last summer (HERE) wasn’t in budget. I’m not saying “never” but I am so incredibly happy with the rug we did order. This weekend, it is literally 17% of the price of the original one I wanted (I had to do math because the price difference is shocking). The gray and khaki are back in stock in all sizes 😉 And, if you are contemplating it for on top of carpet, it’s thick enough to work well!

Neutral Living Room with blue accents

I finally ordered some lights to replace the flush mounts on the catwalk (woo!) which just arrived (but have yet to be hung), but replacing this fan will also be on the “eventually” list. I switched the shiny-toned blue tree for THIS wooden piece; it comes as a single option (it’s huge at 47″ sq.) or at a discount for four to use as one large piece; it’s on sale for 25% off this weekend with code AUTUMN.

How to decorate a comfortable, stylish living room

This reclaimed side table was one of my first selections; between my washed, reclaimed pieces and metal accents, I’m hoping the coffee table will marry everything together.

Mixing wood and metal decor and furnishings in the living room

This black cane side table was a steal from Frontgate; I scooped it up on final clearance but unfortunately, it has been discontinued :/ I still love my wing backs and they won’t be going anywhere 😉

Sitting Area Setup in Living Room

Reading Nook in Living Room

Living Room Layout with TV over the mantel

I think I’ve pretty well covered my bases on updated furnishings; even though we are down table space and are waiting on some items, this configuration is already working so much better for us. Stay tuned as I work to wrap this sucker up 😉 See something you’re curious about? A lot of my new furnishings are on sale this weekend and can be found below!

1. Striped Pillows | 2. Indigo Print Pillow | 3. Indigo Velvet Pillow

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  1. 10.20.18
    Bree said:

    Looking so good, Kelley! Can’t wait to see the final reveal! Love everything you’ve chosen for the space:) xoxo

  2. 10.20.18
    joanmechlin said:

    Absolutely beautiful, Kelley. Gorgeous rug, gorgeous everything.

  3. 10.21.18
    Christy B said:

    Are you liking your round end table? I want to tone down my wood tones and wondering if I will like having a round table. I inherited my grandmother’s Queen Anne style cherry tables. I am ready for an updated look.

    • 11.1.18

      I am loving it- and, that table is so natural, it goes with so many styles!

  4. 10.21.18
    Cecilia from Ga said:

    I enjoy the explainations behind why you choose certain pieces. Do you prefer a round end table or does mixing the shapes work best? I love the piece on the wall by the fireplace!!

  5. 10.22.18
    Sharon said:

    Thoroughly enjoying this transformation! I agree with Cecilia — I love to “see” how your wheels turn in making your selections! Looking forward to seeing more — and then how it all comes together for the holidays!

  6. 10.25.18
    Sharon said:

    What are your thoughts on your new couches…are you pleased with fabric, comfort, …?
    Everything looks great!

    • 11.1.18

      Sharon, so far, we are loving it! Still breaking in the sofas but have already had a few dirt episodes. The fabric has been AMAZING and has cleaned up with water alone!

  7. 10.27.18
    Penny Lou Garufi said:

    hi again
    I’m confused as I’m kinda new to your site..
    but you changed your sofa..what do you have now as your sofa & loveseat..brand?

  8. 10.27.18
    Janice said:

    Gorgeous! And I love your wall colors. No need to paint them. They are so pleasingly neutral.

    • 11.1.18

      Janice, THANK YOU! They can almost have a lavender cast sometimes but right now, we are good with them 😉

  9. 10.30.18
    penny said:

    hi,does the area rug in living room,have any blues in it?

    • 11.1.18

      Hi! It doesn’t- just shades of gray 😉

  10. 11.8.18
    Gina said:

    What size rug did you get? Also, does the Edgecomb Gray go well with the gray rug?

    • 11.13.18

      10×12 and it does! But, the living room walls are still Versatile Gray 😉

  11. 11.13.18
    Debbie said:

    Beautiful! Love it all! Do you know the paint color for the wall? I wasn’t sure if you made the selection or if it was existing when you moved in. Thank you!

    • 11.16.18

      Hi, Debbie! It is actually the same paint we’ve had in here- Versatile Gray by Benjamin Moore 😉

  12. 11.25.18
    Robin said:

    I just came across your blog and info about the couch. We just got the Buchanan grand sofa in oatmeal/basketweave slub. I love it, but I’m scared it’s going to get dirty quickly! Did you put a protectant like scotch guard on yours? Do you have any advice on cleaning it if something spills? Or once a month cleanings to keep it looking good?

    • 12.4.18

      Hey, Robin! I believe with how the crypton is treated, you aren’t supposed to add any other protectant (but I could be wrong). So far, even with our ivory, I have gotten dirt out with water only and a couple time, a little dishwashing soap. Our dogs do track mud in but so far, they haven’t left any stains that haven’t come out! I also try to vacuum the cushions every other week 😉

  13. 6.9.20
    Courtney said:

    Do you have an update on your sofas and how they have held up

    • 6.12.20

      Hi Courtney, Thank you so much for visiting! As for the sofas…I have been delighted! Since we all (including the pups) use ours often, we went with the performance fabric. Yes, there have been some spots and spills, but it cleans up like a dream. The structure and cushions have kept their shape and sturdiness two years later. I hope this helps!

  14. 6.22.20
    Laureen Dean said:

    My previous question are directly above, but I forgot to include two more quick questions. Ignore my comment above. I will simply include everything in this comment.
    1. I know you went with Performance Crypton Ivory, and can only find that in ‘everyday linen’ (Performance Everydaylinen™ by Crypton® Home, Ivory). Do you have trouble with your dog’s nails pulling that fabric?
    2. I remember years ago that my Mother told me never to get a wool rug. Any reason why she would have said that? I love your’s!
    3. What is the color of your leather stool at the end of the couch?
    4. Are your wing chairs the same color as your couch?

    You living room is beautiful! I am shopping for a new couch and am thinking of the Buchanan sofa. Your reviews helped me make up my mind.
    Thanks so much!

    • 6.24.20

      Hi Lauren, Thank you so much for stopping by! Here are the answers to your questions:
      1. We’ve had three dogs on those sofas, and have not had a problem with their nails pulling the fabric.
      2. Mothers are very wise! It looks like the experts say that wool is extremely terrible for stains and can be easily affected by chemicals.
      3. The stool is Kirkham light brown.
      4. The wing chairs are Linen Blend Oatmeal.

      I hope this helps and wish you the best on your new sofa purchase!

  15. 9.13.20
    Meika said:

    Hi Kelley!

    I love your blog. I always come back to it like an old friend who gives wise council 🙂 Your home inspires me in so many ways, I don’t know where to begin!

    I have a 3 yr old, a baby on the way (Nov) and a husband. We’re about to move from an apartment into a house and I’m interested to know if you’d do anything different with your living area following the last update?

    Best wishes.

    • 9.17.20

      Meika, You are just the sweetest. Thank you! I will say that I have gotten more casual with having baby/toddler things in this space. We spend practically all of our time at home. It is important that Eliza has things close at hand that she needs to enjoy. So, when neatening occurs, we also neaten up her little corner too. Congratulations on your baby on the way and your new home. This is a big big year for you!

  16. 4.19.24
    Taylor Brooke Bowser said:

    Hi Kelley! Thank you for all the helpful info you provided about the PB Buchanan sofa in a previous post. I know you probably receive a lot of questions about them since no reviews on the site. I was wondering what the back cushions are made of and if they keep their shape? I wish I had the opportunity to sit in them but far away from a PB store. Thank you! 🙂 Your home is absolutely beautiful!

    • 4.20.24

      Taylor, Thank you for taking the time to stop by and for your kind note. The back cushions are filled with some type of polyfill and they keep their shape great! We are still very pleased with the sofas and have now had them for many years.

      • 4.23.24
        Taylor Bowser said:

        Thank you! I ordered them on Sunday in Moss, a lovely neutral green color. Can’t wait!