A Few of My Favorite Things: A Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide for Him

The season for gift guides and wishlists is here and while I’m working to cross of my own shopping list (my goal is to be finished before December 1!), I’ve also put in hours upon hours searching out my own favorites, my personal wish list items, Dave’s favs, and a partridge and a pear tree 😉 Ok, maybe not the last one. From now until Christmas, my holiday gift guide series will “live” in a “GIFTS” tab at the top of the page, separated by category. I’ll be updating often so when you’re stumped, looking for inspo, or want to see my latest finds, be sure to check back in 😉

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  1. Hot Hands– These make it in almost every stocking of Dave’s- perfect for working outdoors in the cold, or heading to a football game.
  2. Leather Guitar Pick Holder Key Chain– I searched for a guitar pick wallet like I got for Dave almost 10 years ago (he still uses it!) but couldn’t find one I liked. In the process, I found this super clever leather guitar pick holder keychain. This will be going in Dave’s stocking 😉
  3. Lighter Torches– For fires indoor and out, lighting candles, etc., you can never have too many. These usually end up in BOTH of our stockings.
  4. Electronic Tire Pressure Gauge– $10 and perfect to keep in the dashboard, this quickly reads the exact tire pressure without the guess work 😉
  5. Power Strip with USB Ports– Eliminate the need for having to keep up with those phone and tablet plugs. Especially at your desk or next to your nightstand, this will DEFINITELY come in handy.
  6. Tie Bar– I love when Dave dresses up his suit with one of these- it just ups the sophistication factor a few notches 😉 Comes in several colors and after our last wedding and Dave losing his, he will be getting another in his stocking.
  7. Handheld Electric Screwdriver– Sometimes, you don’t want to bring out the entire drill set, charger, etc. to get a simple job done. This inexpensive handheld electric screwdriver is perfect to keep on hand for simple around the house tasks.
  8. Bumble & Bumble Sumotech Hair Wax– Works SUPER well; Dave’s go-to for the past 5 years. He’s an Aqua Net convert, y’all! haha (seriously)
  9. Head Lamp– Dave uses his all the time. From getting under things to working in a dark closet, this has been a lifesaver! Your hubby/dad/boyfriend will think it’s super cool, too 😉
  10. Bass Pro Shop Gift Card– Just like he doesn’t know what kind of makeup/toiletries you need, you probably don’t know the exact outdoor and knick knacks he’s lusting after. Cut yourself a break and throw one of these in- he’ll love it!
  11. Sock Liners– These no-show socks are perfect for sneakers; I have the ladies version and LOVE them for my short boots, too!
  12. Amazon Lightning Cable– Doesn’t ruin your phone charge like cheap chargers, comes in several lengths (I have the 6′ one which is twice as long as the cord your phone comes with). I will be sneaking a cable or two into Dave’s stocking this year since we always fight over who gets THIS cable out of all we have at home.






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