Our Kitchen is Getting a Facelift?! The Why, How, & Entire Plan

When we built our house, we went with a soft, traditional design. We knew we would do more upgrades in the kitchen than anywhere else – and, we did. But, we still cut costs in practical ways. It’s easy to get carried away with all those extras and materials but you gotta draw the line somewhere 😉 If I did it all over again, would I make different decisions? Yes. That can be said for tons of things throughout our house (#firsttimebuilders) – but, that’s a list best saved for a different day 😉 Today, I’m going to share how and why our kitchen went from the bottom of “the list” to the top (yes, that powder room will have to wait), and why my approach is probably a little different than you may expect.

You can see the final makeover reveal HERE.

Rainbow flowers in the kitchen sink in a cream kitchen


I went into the kitchen one day and glaring at me, from across the room, were our granite countertops, totally cracked by the stove. I’m not talkin’ hairline… I’m talkin’ busted. This kind of damage ran along each side of the stovetop, from the edge to the backsplash.

cracked granite

A couple days later, the single crack that could have been considered “hairline” in the center of the stovetop looked like this, too.

Split granite around stove

Our countertops were basically crumbling. Crazy, right?! More on that in a few. The tricky thing with granite is that because it’s a natural stone, no two slabs are the same. You can’t just replace an area of the kitchen without replacing the other areas. We considered having it patched and I’ll be honest- I can’t even tell you the possibility/improvement that could/would have come from that because we didn’t consider it for long. I wasn’t confident in its soundness and didn’t think a bandaid would help. Ok, and maybe part of that is because our next consideration secretly had me a little excited.

Something we didn’t know before moving in is that with zero kitchen windows (only a couple in the adjoining breakfast nook) and because even those face north and back up to a wooded area, we don’t get much sunlight. Actually, our kitchen is pretty dark most of the time. I’m able to brighten my photos but the darker greige paint we chose (Sherwin Williams- Perfect Greige) coupled with the dark speckled granite certainly wasn’t helping. We like a lot of the tradition in our kitchen but even some of that seemed to weigh down our kitchen more. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a pretty kitchen, but as much as we are in it, it felt far too… brown and blah.

Pendant Lanterns in Kitchen

One of our regrets was that we didn’t go with quartz from the beginning… it wasn’t until I had my reason – I’ll just pretend it was a wink from God – that we decided to consider new countertops. But, this is where it got tricky. As I mentioned, it’s way too easy to get carried away making changes in the kitchen. When the thought of countertops first entered my mind, it went something like this- “I want something that will brighten up the kitchen- something white-ish. But, I’m afraid that will make the already cream cabinets look too yellow… so, we’ll have to paint those. And if we paint those, we have to change the backsplash. But then, there will be too much contrast in the walls- so, we’ll paint the walls white. Which also means the breakfast nook. But then, we can’t have the kitchen and breakfast nook white with the great room looking greige- we’ll have to paint that too. And if we are already doing paint on the cabinets, I wonder how much it would be to go ahead and do a custom hood… And then…” Got the idea? And then I came back down to earth.

Neutral Kitchen with Perfect Greige Paint and Cream Cabinets- Giallo Ornamental Granite


The idea of an entire kitchen renovation for a perfectly lovely kitchen seemed frivolous and ridiculous – and quite frankly something so far beyond our budget that it almost makes me embarrassed that I let my mind even “go there” for a second. I reined myself in and brought myself back to the beginning.

Q: What was my goal?
A: To brighten the kitchen while infusing a few more modern touches that more accurately captured our transitional style.

Q: If I’m being realistic, what elements need to stay put? (What are the potential obstacles I would need to circumvent?)
A: Cream, raised panel cabinets; cream backsplash; no structural changes

Q: How can I achieve my goal while keeping some of the uber traditional elements in tact?
A: Lighten surfaces; use more streamlined (read- less round and curvy) edges where possible; create some sort of juxtaposition for those cabinets.

And here’s how I plan to do it-

  1. Trade in those dark (and thank the Lord- broken) countertops for a  durable, light quartz to brighten up the kitchen. Ditch the beveled edge for a straight, eased edge. Even those surface angles will count in trying to modernize our traditional space.
  2. If I’m trying to bring in more straight edges for a more sleek surface space, one of the most curved areas is around the sink. Plus, the double basin model is another one of those regrets that was “fine”, but if the sink was ever going to be changed, now – when you’re switching countertops – would be the only time to do it. A deep, stainless, under-mount basin with straight edges would clean up that corner immensely. Also, I like the function of our faucet but the shape is super traditional. Something a little more sleek would help, especially since that area opens to the great room.
  3. Change my cabinet pulls to something more substantial that will compliment but update the overall look of my cabinets.

Way more do-able than going the kitchen renovation route, right? And, the solutions will address each area in a manageable way.


Possibly even more challenging than finding a tasteful way to add modern touches to a traditional kitchen though? Finding a white/light quartz to go with cream cabinets. I looked at so many options, both online and in person. I brought home samples, only to be disappointed each time. You guys- do you know how hard it is to find something that will coordinate with your brown tones while you’re trying to move away from those brown tones? There are some gorgeous surfaces out there. With white cabinets, the problem would likely be having too many options. But finding a light quartz that looks good with cream and glazed cabinets? Ugh. Most of what I found was too stark, making my cabinets look yellow (something I was trying to downplay), or was too cool, or was too busy, or too dark… but then, I found it. I stumbled upon the unicorn of quartzes – Soprano quartz from LG Hausys Viatera – a soft, creamy marble-esque surface that had the soft gray I was looking for, mixed with light hints of natural golden tan. Before getting my hopes up, I rushed out, grabbed four mini samples, taped them together, and started positioning them all over my kitchen. Forgive the quick iphone shots (you know that’s my go-to for in-progress projects 😉 ).

Quartz for cream cabinets - LG Viatera Soprano

I loved how it looked against my cabinets but couldn’t believe how well it worked with my creamy backsplash. Here it is (on the far right) and while there is a little more leniency since it’s laid flat, not up against the backsplash, I was stoked that it went so well, even in a more unforgiving position.

LG Viatera Soprano samples in cream kitchen

And as happy as I am about how it looks with my cabinets in their current color, Soprano looks gorgeous against white cabinets, too. If we ever do make other changes, it will go with just about any direction we choose. Something else to note- full slabs look different than samples and quartz in a warehouse looks totally different than in your kitchen. I would look at some slabs that looked like a possibility in bright light, bring them home and be shocked at how different they looked in my darker kitchen, surrounded by different finishes.

I spent about a month, stagnant and paralyzed by indecision before researching local professionals to help. After reading reviews, and receiving fabrication referrals, I reached out to Atlanta Stone Creations – a surface specialist in north Metro Atlanta. Holy cow- this team has become “my people”. I can’t tell  you how relieved I was after first meeting with Val – I didn’t have to pretend like I knew what I was talking about (because I didn’t)… she just knew the best way to explain everything. When I explained my vision, she immediately was able to show me what kinds of colors to rule out- what colors would read too “this” or too “that”, based off my cabinets, paint, and other factors I hadn’t even considered. Leo came to template a few days later and I continued to gather as much information as I could. I’ll be sharing more details on the process, quartz, and specifics in a following post, so stay tuned 😉 All that to say, when you find yourself in a state of confusion, especially in an important (semi-permanent) decision, surrounding yourself with the best makes a world of difference. I trusted them implicitly from the beginning. I stopped by this past week and got to see my Soprano slabs, laid out and approved the plan. They had already carefully thought out each portion and identified the best places to make the seam, lining up commonalities between slabs. It’s things like this that I appreciate even more- one less thing I have to think about or go back and check because I know they’ve already identified the best option.

LG Viatera Soprano slab- perfect for white or cream cabinets

I’ll be sharing more progress on Instagram stories in the coming week(s) so be sure to follow along over there! I’ll also be sharing the “how the heck did that happen?!” in regards to the cracked granite soon- you better believe that was one of the first questions I was dying to ask ASC and they were able to explain 😉


As I mentioned, I love a lot of tradition in the kitchen and I don’t want to lose some of the classic look we already have. But, bringing it a little more up-to-date in some areas will help blend our most traditional room with the rest of house. Here’s the vibe I’m going for…

Kitchen inspiration wth mixed metal, blue and white, woods for a modern take on classic and traditional

Lots of textures, mixed metals, whites, woods… it’s a classic look that can support more modern touches. See how those Glacio cabinet pulls (HERE) – both in gunmetal and satin nickel finishes – fit right in? Oh, and the small Soprano quartz samples? They are a near identical match to the marble in my wood & marble cheese board pictured (HERE).


I looked through so many Amerock pulls in silver tones but a few things I established pretty quickly were:

  1. “Streamlined” and “substantial” were going to help me achieve the look I was going for- especially since I wouldn’t be altering my already set 3 3/4″ cabinet pull spread.
  2. Against my cream cabinets with coffee glaze, two-toned pulls looked better.
  3. I’m still not 100% but I think the gunmetal finish looks better in bridging the coffee glaze to the stainless steel appliances.


Hardware ideas with kitchen pulls in silver satin nickel and gunmetal

*Note: all pulls come in a variety of finishes and sizes

From top left: Glacio – gunmetal | Eydon – weathered nickel | Vasari – antique nickel | Esquire – polished nickel/black/bronze | Sea Grass – satin nickel | Revitalize –  | Glacio – satin nickel | Monument – satin nickel | Davenport – gun metallic | Esquire – polished nickel/gun metallic | Sea Grass – satin nickel | Mulholland – satin nickel

The above requirements resulted in the Glacio style pulls in these two finishes (satin nickel and gunmetal) being the two finalists. The Esquire collection was a close second. The clear makes a huge different against the cream cabinets and the two metal ends look so custom and intentional. I love the look but I’m saving that for the upcoming reveal post 😉

Kitchen Cabinet pulls in clear acrylic with gunmetal and satin nickel finishes for a traditional modern kitchen


When I was considering how I could streamline my edges to modernize my kitchen’s appearance, my eyes went straight to my sink. In regards to functionality, I didn’t like the double basin as much as I anticipated when I picked it out a few years ago but even the curved look feels dated in a space I’m trying to update. Here’s a peek back from when I organized underneath the sink.

I decided I wanted a stainless, under-mount, single basic with sharp(ish) edges. But, I had grown used to having the disposal on one side and didn’t like the idea of having one basin with a center drain. Dave liked the compartments but to me, I didn’t feel like I had enough space to wash and set large cookware. And then I found the Blanco Quatrus R15 with a drain in the top right corner. It even has slight indentions to direct water-flow from the other side. Wanna see how big of a difference a sink can make? Take a look…

Single basin stainless steel sink with side corner drain

Photo Source: Blanco Sink Catalog

When it arrived and I took a peek in the box, I had a “holy cow- that thing looks huge! It’s not gonna fit!” moment. But, after re-measuring and positioning it on top of our current sink, we realized it was an optical illusion. It’s perfect.

Blanco stainless steel under mount sink

After Dave saw this beauty, he immediately forgot why he ever thought he preferred the two-compartment style sink. Look how much space there is on the left to set pots and pans!

We also decided to update our faucet to complete the corner look; we appreciated the functionality of our faucet but wanted something a little more sleek. We found this gorgeous Blanco Empressa goose neck model and opted for a stainless steel finish (there are several finishes available).

Blanco faucet with pull down nozel

Ok- so now you know everything I’ve been thinking over the past couple of months and the challenge I’ve assigned myself (and accepted). I am so beyond ready to see how everything comes together and am hoping the result will prove that 1. a few key changes (in the right areas) can help you achieve your kitchen goals without a full renovation; 2. mixing uber traditional with tasteful bits of modern style can work; and 3. cream cabinets are not just meant for brown granite! But, as optimistic as I am, this is just the plan- we’ll know soon enough what the end result will be 😉

If you aren’t already, be sure to subscribe to my emails at the bottom of this post so you won’t miss the final reveal! Plus, I’ll be giving more insight and details on everything.

Thank you to my generous partners – for believing in my vision, agreeing to take on this project with me.

Atlanta Stone CreationsLG Hausys America, Inc. | Blanco | Amerock

You can see the final makeover reveal HERE.

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  1. 7.15.18

    Kel I am super excited for you!! Those counters will make a WORLD of difference – you definitely made the right choice!! It will take your kitchen from beautiful to incredible!! Love your hardware picks and that sink too! I can’t wait to see it all come together! Xox

    • 7.23.18

      Tam, thank you for weighing in! We are so excited to brighten this space up a bit!

  2. 7.15.18
    Joss said:

    You are too funny……I love reading your thoughts on a project, as many of us find ourselves in the same position in wanting to do everything new. Sometimes I find the entire process so overwhelming, I stop moving forward. Your process of pursuit helps me refocus my own goals. Thanks for your analysis! I can’t wait to see the finished process. Love the drawer pulls!

    • 7.23.18

      Joss, you are so sweet. And, sometimes I think “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” was written specifically for me haha. But, I think the changes I do make are going to make a world of difference!

  3. 7.15.18
    Demi said:

    I am following your upgrade!! U have the exact same kitchen design as you and I am facing the same problems!!

    • 7.23.18

      Demi, I have gotten a lot of emails and it seems that there are so many people in our boat!! I will be posting soon; I think they are getting installed this week!

  4. 7.15.18

    Kelley it is going to be beautiful!!!! You are going to love that deep single bowl sink, it’s the best!

    • 7.23.18

      Jen, I am so excited to make the switch- right now, each side is so small!!

  5. 7.15.18
    Joni King said:

    WOW! I can’t wait to see the reveal! Love, love all your ideas, especially the sink! Hugs –

    • 7.23.18

      Joni, hugs to you!! Thank you for following along!

  6. 7.15.18
    Gretchen Thomas (Nan) said:

    I love your kitchen as is. But…the upcoming changes are incredible! Can’t wait to see the final result.

    • 7.23.18

      Thanksgiving will be extra fun this year 😉

  7. 7.15.18
    Joan Young said:

    Kelley, can’t wait to see the reveal…it’s going to be?? If I could suggest one little thing…get the grate for the bottom of your sink. It’s a game charger and totally keeps your sink looking like new by resisting scratches.

    • 7.23.18

      Hey, Joan! I do have one- woo! I think it gets installed this week!

      • 12.28.22
        Ann said:

        Great ideas! I just had my cabinets painted cream and I’m eager to see what wall paint color you choose to complement them.

        • 12.31.22

          Ann, Thank you for taking the time to stop by and for your kind note. The last step of paining will be happening soon. I can’t wait to share the final result!

  8. 7.15.18
    Brenda Mayes said:

    Sounds great. I can’t wait to see the results of your plan. Thanks for taking us along ??‍♀️

    • 7.23.18

      Brenda, thank YOU for taking the time to follow along! xo

  9. 7.15.18

    I love your plans. I know it can be tempting to start changing everything but you have such a great starting point and so many wonderful ideas. I switched from a double sink to a large single one and I couldn’t be happier. I love how all the big pots fit in it now. Looking forward to seeing your room evolve!

    • 7.23.18

      Shelley, that is so good to hear! The idea of a double sink sounds great; the actual functionality of it is lacking. Dave didn’t understand- why have one when you can have two? He gets it now and is totally on board!

  10. 7.15.18
    Kelley Kolpitcke said:

    Hi Kell~

    Everything is thoughtful and meaningful. I especially like how you integrate your husband’s wishes. It’s so sincere and authentic. So much love in your house.

    I agree with Joan above. The bottom of the rack should also have sturdy rubber feet. When you place a large pot on it, you want to limit it from sliding around.

    Also, stainless steel can be rubbed. The scratches do come out! Think: Twin boys…age 5…testing out all the granite surfaces in the new house…with a magnet…in swirling motions. I cried. However, after vexing zen, I found an expert on products and process for easily rubbing them out. I have long since forgotten because let’s just assume THAT never happened again. Now I wish I remembered because I have a new stainless sink too! (If I get to it first, I will let you know.)

    Love and hugs!!
    Kelley from Boise ??

    • 7.23.18

      Kelley, keep me posted! And, I have a grate/rack for the bottom of mine 😉

  11. 7.15.18
    Kelley Kolpitcke said:

    I meant to say stainless above. I talk in code. ?
    Kelley from Boise ??

  12. 7.15.18
    Karen said:

    Hi Kelley

    Thanks for the comprehensive back story to your kithcen redo. (as an aside, I put granite in my kitchen three years ago and totally regret the install of it. Wish I had done a solid surface).

    Is the quartz you are choosing a man-made product or engineered? I get so confused by all the choices.

  13. 7.15.18
    Kathy Prince said:

    I can’t wait to see the finished product, but even more I can’t wait to hear the “how the heck did that happen?” I basically have your kitchen in my house and I have the exact same counter tops so I’m very interested. Following closely……

    • 7.23.18

      Kathy, I think this is the week they are getting installed! I will be sharing SOON! xoxo

  14. 7.15.18
    Sandy said:

    My husband and I are driving to dallas and read him the entire blog. This is EXACTLY my situation right now. Lightening up my granite with new quartz but have cream colored cabinets. I currently have some Soprano samples. Also like the Taj Royal and Taj Mahal (which I think is a natural stone). Anxious to follow your progress.

    • 7.23.18

      Sandy, oh my goodness! Well I will be reporting back SOON once everything gets installed! I had some mention the Taj Royal when I shared in my stories.

  15. 7.15.18
    Sandy said:

    Hi Kelley,

    Beautiful quartz! I would love to replace my granite tile counters with same solid quartz. However, we recently replaced our backsplash with subway tile (should have replaced the counters at the same time) anyway we were told we would have to remove at least the bottom row of backsplash tile if not more when removing the old countertops. We’re you told the same?

    • 7.23.18

      Sandy, I was NOT told that. I think they are getting installed this week so I will definitely be reporting back on that!

  16. 7.15.18
    Wanda said:

    I have the Blanco sink in charcoal and I love it, love it! Blanco also makes a stainless steel rack for the bottom & I love it, too!

    • 7.23.18

      Wanda, I’m so glad you love yours! I have the grate, too!

  17. 7.16.18
    Taryn said:

    I love your style. I can’t wait to see the finished product.
    Can you tell me where you got the round medallians on your wall?

  18. 7.16.18
    Jenn Ely said:

    We moved into a house that was 2 years old. Funny enough it had a huge gourmet chef’ s kitchen. It is huge and I always get tons of compliments on it, but I hate it. It is so dark. I have two tone cabinets and two tone counters. I have always wanted to change it, but since it’s so big it has never been in the budget. I can’t wait to see the changes you make.

    • 7.23.18

      Jenn, I get it! I am hoping that these changes that I make (fairly painlessly) will make all the difference!

  19. 7.18.18


    Great post! I own a kitchen and bath company in southern California, and these are things I hear all the time! Beautiful choices for your countertops and cabinet pulls to compliment everything that is already in place in your home! I’ve been reading for a quite a while (Honey We’re Home sent me), but always lurked.

    Can’t wait to see the finished product!

    • 7.23.18

      Hi, Lindsey! Oh, that is so good to hear. I was surprised by the emails I received, how many people are in my same boat with the same struggles. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave me a note. Megan is awesome; I will have to thank her for sending you my way 😉 xoxo

  20. 7.19.18
    Linda Rubin said:

    Love all the changes, understand totally as we have done two kitchen upgrades in the last two year…long story!
    Don’t wait to get a grate for the bottom of the sink, exact specs to size. You will be so glad you did..just trust me!

    • 7.23.18

      Linda, that sounds exhausting! haha I hope you love it now! And, we have the grate 😉

  21. 7.20.18
    Angie said:

    It’s going to be beautiful!! Have you considered taking the two tiered bar into one level? That would bring in more light and give you a lot more flat surface to work with. We did it on our kitchen island, and it’s unbelievable how much space i have now to entertain. It may be too late, but just a thought!!!

    • 7.23.18

      Hi, Angie! We did (and I usually love that) but with our kitchen, the bar actually sits in the middle of the room between the kitchen and great room- I felt like it was too much. Plus, I work from the bar a good bit and like having it separated. Love it in most kitchens but not ours :/

  22. 7.21.18
    Sara said:

    Gorgeous, clean color palette! What a fun project–can’t wait to see the end result!!

  23. 7.23.18
    Kelly said:

    We’ve been in a total “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” mode this month too!! We’ve been wanting to paint our kitchen cabinets for over a year but kept putting it off. Then around the beginning of July, we decided to do a couple of “small” (ha!) updates to the living room. It went from selling our too-big sofa/sectional to bringing the dining room into the living room, to designing built-in cabinets on the wall across from the fireplace, to changing out all the furniture. Then we contemplated updating the paint from sallow beige to a pale white-gray… sprung for it, then realized how ugly the beige looked in the kitchen. So that got us going in there — new paint, ordered hardware for new cabinet pulls and the long-awaited cabinet paint. Bought a new light fixture, ripped out the cabinet above the sink, made a built-in bench with that cabinet for a little mudroom area in the nook. It’s neverending! Trying to be super conscious of budget since it’s SO MUCH at once, but it definitely has had a snowball effect!!! Love the quartz y’all picked out — can’t wait to see the updates!

    • 7.27.18

      Oh my goodness, Kelly- we must be related! HAHA Isn’t that how it happens ALWAYS?! I am trying to be good – hoping I can stay within reason 😉

  24. 8.2.18
    Judi said:

    I’m doo jealous.. I want my granite to crack also….. I looked though and mine is shimmed indef my cooktop?. Darn it !! I also have cream cabinets , wishing I had white .. I can’t wait to see the results .. also, I know I saw your post somewhere on that cute rug in the kitchen , the gray/ cream one.. but I don’t remember where it came from . Was it world market ? Thank you in advance..

    • 8.2.18
      Judi said:

      You think I would have learned by now to check my spellings before I hit done???? I’m SOO jealous is what it was suppose to say not Doo and mine is shimmed UNDER my cooktop..

    • 8.5.18

      Hi, Judi!If you only save for one, I would do the countertops, 100%. It reflects so much more light and makes me like the color of my cabinets so much more! Also, here is a link to the rug 😉 https://rstyle.me/n/c2zb8db5rpf Best of luck and thank you so very much for following along. I hope my project may be helpful!

  25. 8.7.18
    Debbie said:

    Would love to see your countertops , I am also using Lg soprano , Took me a long time to find it . I am actually having it installed hopefully with Thursday.

  26. 8.18.18
    Allison Jones said:

    I also recently did quartz counters and they chipped within 2 months– be careful. Next kitchen back to granite !!!!

    • 8.21.18

      Oh, no Allison! I hope your quartz manufacturer has a good warranty (many are 10+ years). They are more durable than granite but I know you have to be careful too witch which quartz company you go with. There are a few really good ones, but my fabricator was explaining that there are also a few who have deviated from the original quartz “recipe” to try to cut costs. They are still considered “quartz countertops” but don’t have the same kind of durable properties :/ I hope your manufacturer will get those fixed/replaced pronto!

  27. 2.18.19
    tessie said:

    Have completed your project? I would love to see some pictures. I have the same cabinets and am pondering to update.

  28. 8.9.19
    Lisa said:

    I’m just now reading your posts. I would love to see your finished renovations.

  29. 8.20.19
    Trina said:

    Thanks for this post! I’ve been trying to decide about LG Soprano for a few weeks now…and after reading this post it’s the winner! I too have creamy stone backsplash but my cabinets are a medium brown stain. It looks the best for sure…I was just concerned about it not being white enough. And holy cow now you’ve talked me into the sink too!!

    • 8.21.19

      Trina, good luck!! I do love it! And, you can get a sample, too!

  30. 9.5.19
    Alicia said:

    Hi! I was hoping you had the after photos of the Soprano countertop with those cabinets? I would love to see the finished product for some inspiration! Thank you!

  31. 8.2.20
    shannon said:

    Would you mind telling me how the countertops have held up? Any chipping, stains, etc? The cabinets in the house we just bought are almost identical as yours and I’d love to replace the similar looking granite countertops but having a hard time finding something with the creamy cabinets. Thanks!

    • 8.4.20

      Hi Shannon, Thank you so much for stopping by! The counter tops have held up great and I am still in love with them. We have not had any staining or discoloration issues and we do lots of cooking prep on them. I am sad to say that a house cleaner did chip a corner, but she was not able to let me know how that occurred? We had it repaired and have had no other issues. Congratulations on your new home!

  32. 4.15.21
    Jami Naylor said:

    Your kitchen is beautiful1 what color cream is on your cabinets?

    • 4.16.21

      Hi Jami, Thank you for taking the time to stop by and for your kind note. The cabinets are cream colored and were chosen when we built our home. I am sorry that I don’t know the exact color.

  33. 4.21.21
    kathleen adams said:

    What an interesting post! Your thought process works a lot like mine. First, I want the sun the moon & the sky & then I reel it in & start narrowing it down!

    • 4.23.21

      Kathleen, Thank you so much for stopping by. I appreciate your note!

  34. 5.2.21
    Brittany Barraque said:

    This kitchen is absolutely beautiful. I have looked for months for a light airy backsplash. Can you please tell me what the name of your backsplash is?

    • 5.2.21

      Hi Brittany, Thank you for your kind note. We chose the backsplash when the house was built. I am sorry that I don’t know the name. I wish you the best in your search.

  35. 12.8.21
    Cat said:

    Can you post a link to your backsplash?

  36. 4.11.22
    Angela said:

    Hi! Can you tell me the color of your backsplash? It looks so nice with the new countertops.

  37. 8.8.22
    Linda Wahlen said:

    Kelly, we’re considering a kitchen facelift as well and your post is so helpful in determining how we proceed. Thanks!

    • 8.8.22

      Hi Linda, Thank you for taking the time to stop by and for your note! I’m in the midst of a further kitchen mini makeover, so please stay tuned! I wish you the best of luck with your kitchen facelift.

  38. 6.11.23
    Kate Smith said:

    Hi Kelly. Do you happen to know the brand and model of your cabinets and also the wall paint? Your kitchen looks amazing!!

    • 6.12.23

      Hi Kate, Thank you for visiting! I am sorry, but I don’t have the cabinet information you are seeking. In this post, the paint color is Perfect Greige by Sherwin Williams. We have had several kitchen updates since then and here’s a link on how it looks today!


  39. 9.15.23
    G.M.S. Werks said:

    Cream cabinets paired with quartz countertops create a stunning contrast. This kitchen update is a perfect blend of traditional and modern styles. It just goes to show how a countertop choice can set the tone for the entire space.

    • 9.19.23

      Thank you so much for your kind note! Changing out to the quartz countertops was the perfect transition and did not require a full kitchen makeover.