Home-Bound Spring Decor (How I Transitioned Our House without Leaving It)

My favorite part of warm weather decorating has always been the re-emergence of flowers (and putting them everywhere), color, plants… and well, just brightening and lightening everything up. As I was tip-toeing into my seasonal transition, and making a few spring updates, I realized just how much I depend on the (what I now know is a luxury) trips to the store for bundles of fresh flowers and stems for my typical spring home decor. Spring usually marks my first trips to the nursery to and starting the regular game of seeing what houseplants I can bring home to try to keep alive. There’s always been an abundance of fresh fruit at the grocery store and I love hunting for deals, in person, in almost forgotten clearance bins. This year is different, but it’s different for all of us. This year, there’s not a single real flower in my home — and that’s ok. This has always been an outlet to share all joys of home and now more than ever, it’s important we feel good in our (now literal) sanctuaries. Today, I’m going to share how I prepped my house for spring without ever stepping foot outside.

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Spring Decor Updates in the Entry

While I’m committed to staying home right now, it’s forced me to be a little more resourceful in making some changes around the house — which I think is a good thing. It actually felt refreshing to “shop” my basement and pull things out I hadn’t used in a while… things I had forgotten about. But one of the biggest changes for me over the past few weeks is that for the first time, I’ve started incorporating faux florals. Even before we were all staying home, my regular vases of flowers had started happening less and less often. I used to never miss a week without bringing in some sort of new arrangement but after becoming a mom, it became more of a chore to take care of them, keep them up, and then I wasn’t actually enjoying them. There’ve even been times that I’ve bought tulips at TJ’s, set them in the kitchen in water next to the sink to arrange when I had time, only to have to toss them because I never got around to it. Not proud but it’s the honest truth. I know priorities shift but I also don’t like having empty vases all the time, either. Luckily, as I’ve been readying the house post-winter, I’ve also been arming myself with faux stems and I am not a 100% believer.

Simple Small Entry Decor for Spring

Sources: Lantern Chandelier | Mirror | Two Drawer Chest | Cherry Blossom Stems — 44″ | Cherry Blossom Stems — 40″ 

Scroll & Tap to Shop Similar Vases

I’ve had a hard time finding fake flowers in the past that don’t look frayed with threads and obviously silk — or like something you would have found at your grandmother’s house. But wow, they’ve come a long way. I have some more elaborate arrangements sprinkled around, but I also have some simple arrangements — like single-stem-simple. In addition to what I pulled out of my small arsenal in the basement, I set out to find faux stems that were good quality that I could repurpose, mix and match, and use for years to come. Some of them were on the pricier side (I scored some lemon stems on sale I’ll share in a bit but have been discontinued), but others — while still an investment — have been much more budget friendly. My entry got a huge dose of white cherry blossom stems (c/o Afloraland while I crammed 9 big branches in to make this statement, they are on sale right now for a fraction of the price I spent on some other stems earlier in the season. There’s a combination of THIS white cherry blossom (my favorite of the two!) — 44″ — and THIS white cherry blossom which has smaller petals. This was a space that remained bare more than filled — it’s a big vase and takes a lot of flowers to fill so I’m so happy to have a long-term solution for super visible spots like this.

Best Faux Flowers and the Prettiest Cherry Blossom Stems

I love the longer stems because they are so whimsical and forgiving — I folded the stem to the height I wanted inside the vase but little arranging had to be done. While the nine make a big impact all layered in together, even a single stem can be a pretty addition. The little nesting basket below (my mom sent me home last week with some of her cast-offs) shows what a single stem (folded) looks like.

The Best Faux Cherry Blossom Stems and Other Fake Flower Favorites

Easy Fake Flower Arrangements

Spring Home Decorating Ideas with a Fresh Color Scheme

Spring Updates in the Dining Room

I initially wanted to fill the house with yellow tulips to pair with my arsenal of blue. Well, tulips aren’t reason enough to leave my house and head into public so I went for the yellow forsythia instead. I’ve had this wreath (similar) on my front door the past few years so it took center stage on my dining room mirror (with a plastic command hook). Sometimes seasonal decorating doesn’t even involve taking things out of storage — it’s just moving things around in different rooms. My ginger jars have anchored my living room built-ins for probably two years so for now, I gave them a new home on the dining room sideboard.

Blue and Yellow Spring Decorating Ideas

Sources: Wreath (similar) | Chandelier | Rug | Dining Chair | Dining Table (similar) | Sideboard (similar) | Ginger Jars | Faux Lemons | Faux Green Apples | Faux Limes


The pretty, heavy blue knobby planter was a find at a local nursery back in January and I’ve been waiting to but her to good use. I had plans to start things off with a grand fruit and floral arrangement (see some ideas I’ve done in the past HERE) and while I didn’t have access to do what I had planned this time, I think the mixed citrus and green apples I had on had turned out for the better — especially against the already heavily flowered yellow wreath.

How to Decorate for Spring without Leaving Your Home

BTW, I do not have that much fruit on hand haha — I used an upside down bowl in the bottom so there was less space to cover 😉 Faux fruit is something else I’ve collected over the past few years but I already put those to work in other spaces 😉

Easy Citrus Centerpiece Arrangement

Blue and Yellow Spring Sideboard Decor

Faux Flower Statement Arrangements

Spring Decor Updates in the Kitchen

Per usual, I like to keep the kitchen fairly simple. But, after sporting a red/black/orange Turkish runner for the past couple of years, I switched to THIS inexpensive blue and cream runner a few months back for a lighter look. It comes in a ton of sizes from full area rug to runner but even the runner comes in four options — mine is the 2’6″x8′ HERE.

Easy Spring Decorating Ideas in the Kitchen

Sources: Runner | Large Vase | Faux Eucalyptus Stems | Faux Blueberry Stems (similar) | Cabinet Pulls | Large Rectangular Cheese Board | Round Marble Cheese Board | Olive Wood Cheese BoardSpoon RestOlive Wood Salt Box | Olive Oil Dispenser | Stainless Pepper Mill

I haven’t changed my big ole island vase in a long time but I do switch the stems and branches every chance I get. We don’t have anything going on outside just yet — green or otherwise — so along with some random stems I found from years ago, I added THESE blueberry stems (under $10/stem and I used three). I was all about the blueberry stems this past Christmas (remember my tartan with red and blueberries HERE?) so I was happy to continue using them in the spring alongside my blues, yellows, and green.

Spring Decorating Ideas with Fake Flowers

You can also mix a couple stems with THIS faux eucalyptus — a regular staple in our house and another faux I’m happy to have after I don’t know how many bundles I’ve purchased in the past.

Faux Blueberry Stems and the Best Fake Flowers

Cream Kitchen Design

I was desperate to find a storage space for my latest (HUGE) reclaimed pine rectangle board and not having a built-in fridge, I love the look of the large boards layered on the side. The white and wood is out of stock but you can find the rectangle board HERE — mine is a size large. I try to keep countertops free of clutter but I do love using my kitchen essentials and serving pretties as my sole “decor” in here. Pulling some of your favorites to display — from boards to a copper colander costs nothing 😉

Pops of Blue in a Cream Kitchen - And Other Spring Decor

Spring Decor Updates in the Breakfast Nook

The breakfast nook has been totally simple and totally neutral aside from some color incorporation from my faux fruit. It still basically brown outside so having vibrant greenery around is a must.

Neutral Breakfast Nook Decor and Spring Decorating Ideas

Sources: Beaded Chandelier | Rug | Dining Chairs | Dining Table | Mirror | Sideboard (similar) | Linen Napkins | Faux Green Apples | Tray (similar) | Curtains | Curtain Rod | Bar Stools

I pulled faux apples from the basement and was dead set on ordering these lemon stems this year; at an almost $50 price tag per stem (there are three here), I waited for a sale (and it still made me cringe a little). That said, I haven’t found a lemon stem anywhere that comes close to the quality of these (which is why I’m not sharing alternatives). They are out of stock right now but you can check HERE to see if they come back. As much as they are, these will be a classic investment decor I can use for years to come (which will save me major $ filling large vases, also).

Easy Spring Decorating with Faux Flowers and Stems

Favorite Faux Fruit, Flower and Plants for Spring

Even though I didn’t get to the nursery yet this year, I do have a few little leafy survivors from a few months ago (I think I can officially claim them as a success?!) Along with the nature, I pulled a favorite stack of plates from the dining room sideboard, classic linen napkins and pearl-handled dessert forks for a more casual-for-spring buffet look. Again, decorating with what I had hidden in cabinets.

Adding Easy Live Plants to Your Spring Decor

Spring Decor Updates in the Living Room

My color palette in the living room has remained unchanged for a while — which goes to show how a classic color scheme can transition from season to season seamlessly. I added red and tartan to the blue and white during Christmas so to lighten the indigo and navy a bit, I decided to incorporate a pale, coastal hue — just a little bit, shop my basement, re-style my bookshelves (also unchanged in FOREVER), and add a touch of faux life to some of my live plant survivors.

Traditional but Updated Spring Home Decor -- Classic Ideas

I mentioned earlier that my mom sent me home with a few key cast-offs generous donations as she was culling in preparation for her move. One of them was this huge blue and white planter that belonged to my grandmother — perfectly fit to hold my two-month old palm that I’ll also claim as a survival success! Even though this is a classic that’s been around for years, it’s almost a twin to the XL ceramic Williams-Sonoma has HERE.

Classic Color Schemes for Spring and Summer

I ordered several of THESE faux magnolia stems but once they arrived, decided I loved the simplicity of a single stem in a bud vase — these are incredibly lifelike. Even though I have some crazy big arrangements with tons of stems, you don’t have to have the entire garden piled into a gigantic vessel. If you’re somewhere where blooms are already sprouting, snip a stem for a bud vase. I love keeping one at my kitchen sink (something else I learned from my mama).

Favorite Faux Flowers and Simple Arrangements

Sources: Wingback Chairs | Cane End Table (similar) | Bud Vase | Magnolia Stem | Blue and White Planter (similar)

I try to steer clear of is spending a lot of money on decor pieces that are only good for one season. Or pieces that are trendy. But adding timeless, classic, versatile pieces from time to time — well, that’s something that’s served me well. I ordered two of THESE crackled double-handle vases — they’re big but are fit to go anywhere at any time and can be filled with stems or left bare. I love them. This spring, they were the starting point of my shelf revamp but next season, they may be in different places entirely.

Spring Home Decorating and Easy Styling Ideas

Sources: Large Wood Wall Art | Rug | Sofa | X Bench | Coffee Table | Fringed Throw | Brass Party Bucket | Fireplace Screen | Two-Handled Vase | Texas Foil Art | Georgia Foil Art | Ceramic Artichoke Statuette | Blue and White Ginger Jar | Clock | Rattan Tray | Ceramic Vase | Lilac Spray| Escape Coffee Table Book | Beaches Coffee Table Book

Living Room Design with Stone Fireplace

Blue Spring Home Decor with Neutals

I have both faux and live plants sprinkled around the room; here’s one I plucked from a shelf in the basement that I haven’t used in years and have no idea where it was from originally…

Mixing Fake and Live Plants in Spring and Summer Decor

(note another nesting basket, courtesy of Gran Nan 😉 ) … and here’s another survivor — a baby fern that I often forget about and have no idea how it hasn’t kicked the bucket haha.

How to Mix Spring Fake Plants with Live for Spring and Summer

I rotate my favorite pillows throughout my house year-round and come up with different color and pattern combos with what I have in my arsenal. And, while the washed blue-indigo velvet pillows have been a staple in this room for over a year, I did bring in some big, full, 24 inchers in a pretty, soft, pale mist-blue (HERE) for either side of my sofa and loveseat. (c/o Tonic LivingI also love black and white mixed with all shades of blue so THESE striped lumbars are a new addition, also. The wingback chairs got coordinating square pillows, made of the same fabric, but in a different sewing pattern (see those HERE).

Spring Home Decor with Blue and Yellow

Spring Living Room Decorating

Mixing Dark and Light Pillows for Spring and Summer

Tap Corresponding Links Below to Shop Spring Pillows

Spring Pillow Combo

1. 14″x20″ Striped Lumbar Pillow // 2. 24″x24″ Sea Mist Pillow // 3. 20″x20″ Striped Pillow

Fresh Spring Pillow Color and Pattern Combos

Blue and Yellow Spring Home Decorating

Another place that feels naked when I’ve let the last of the fresh flowers die is the coffee table. Especially with the dark contrast of the ivory sofas and indigo blue pillows, I like to have something to kind of soften the center of the room. This arrangement is made up of two different kinds of cream lilacs — my favorite stems HERE, and a second stem with pin hints HERE (similar).

The Most Realistic Looking Fake Flowers (and how to arrange them!)

My console table stays pretty consistently styled with stacks of some of my favorite coffee table books and a mix of live and faux plants. The blue-green organically shaped glass vase was another basement score I haven’t used in years. The forsythia stems are so so good!

How to Style and Decorate a Console Table for Spring

but somehow, I still have another lucky fern survivor that’s been hanging in there for a while.

Spring Decorating with Easy Indoor Plants

Spring Decor Updates in Other Spaces

I just recently shared the full downstairs guest bedroom makeover HERE but I wasn’t shy about adding a major dose of spring — obviously, I went a little crazy with the forsythia haha. But that’s something else I love about amping up my faux collection — you can do things like throw an obnoxious amount of stems into a basket and it just works.

The Best Faux Flowers and Fake Stems for Spring and Summer

Sources: Mirror | Rug | X Bench | Dresser (similar) | Lamp | Teddy Bear Throw | Duvet Cover | Diamond Linen Quilt | Forsythia Stems | Candle

On the flip side, if you aren’t down with a bushel of blooms, one single stem can accessorize a spot beautifully.

How to Use Faux Flowers to Decorate

I honestly didn’t intend for this to turn into a full spring home tour but I’ve been tweaking things for months and feel like this is the first time I’ve checked in in a while! In review, my home-bound spring updates were made possible by:

  1. Online ordering a few new additions over the past couple of months — while this is my first time sharing them, I’ve been living with them for a little bit 😉
  2. Shopping my basement and reviving old favorites
  3. Repurposing, repositioning, and mixing pieces from different rooms
  4. Falling in love with faux florals
  5. Depending on my stash of faux fruit
  6. Using groceries I had on hand for simple centerpiece options
  7. Identifying utilitarian favorites, hidden in cabinets
  8. Creating homes for new-to-me hand-me-downs (thanks, Gran Nan!)

While I wanted to be thorough and touch most of the spaces on my main floor, you can stick to celebrating spring in your home in a way more abbreviated way. Order stems for a single faux floral arrangement. Throw a new pillow into the mix or swap your bedroom throw pillows with your living room. Head outdoors with your shears. Grab a can on spray paint and paint ceramic decor you wouldn’t otherwise use, in a single tone. Did you stock up on B&BW candles during “candle day” a few months ago? Light those babies! Don’t cancel spring in your home just because you can’t make it out; we need the joy of creating in our homes now more than ever. Stay healthy, stay inspired, stay resourceful.

I’m working on an outdoor space and I’ll be sharing a separate spring indoor space soon; if you aren’t already, subscribe to my emails to get all the updates 😉

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Spring Pillow Combo

1. 14″x20″ Striped Lumbar Pillow // 2. 24″x24″ Sea Mist Pillow // 3. 20″x20″ Striped Pillow



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  1. 3.22.20
    Sharon Arani said:

    Kelley, thank you so much for this post. We are staying home here in our little suburb of Atlanta. My powder room is getting a makeover inspired by yours and this week the laundry room is getting a coat of SW Alabaster. It helps to keep busy and brighten up my home.
    Thank you for all the inspiration.
    May you and yours stay safe.

    • 3.23.20

      Sharon, Way to go in getting all of the things done! I so agree that staying busy helps. Take care and stay safe! xoxo

  2. 3.22.20
    Paula said:

    I love everything so much! Thank you for the tips. I’m now inspired to get out of my “social distancing” pajamas and do the same to my house. Your style is the most inspirational style to me.

    • 3.22.20
      Joan said:

      It is also lovely, simple and warm… stunning I say

    • 3.23.20

      Paula, thank you for making my day! Please stay safe. xoxo

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    Everything looks beautiful!

    • 3.23.20

      Annette, Thank you and you are the sweetest. Happy spring to you. xoxo

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    It was such a treat to forget about “life” for awhile and soak in your spring house tour! Each room is a treat in itself and I always gain inspiration in every post (yet somehow I had missed that gorgeous black tall cabinet before today!). Thank you, Kelley!

    • 3.23.20

      Thank you, Sharon! We all need to have a distraction during these crazy days. Mine was shopping my house! Thank you so much for taking a look. xoxo

  5. 3.23.20
    Laura said:

    Everything looks beautiful! Can you recommend the best way to keep your faux stems clean?

    • 3.23.20

      Thank you, Laura! Since these are seasonal, they are only out for a short time. To avoid dust when they are put away, I store them loosely in a large bag so they don’t get crushed and remain dust free. xoxo

  6. 3.25.20
    Carol said:

    Grandma’s blue and white pot – I have the exact same one!! Came from Costco about 29 years ago!

    • 4.6.20

      Hi Carol, I love that! I imagine mine is probably around the same age. I’m not sure where Bebe (my grandmother) obtained hers. But I don’t think she ever set foot in Costco (which is one of my faves!) They still have the best stuff! xoxo

  7. 4.17.20
    Lisa said:

    This is one of the best posts I have ever read on. Literally had me inspiring the whole content. I love your photographs. I will try some of them when I will have time for this. Thanks so much!

    • 4.20.20

      Lisa, Thank you so much for checking in! I really appreciate your sweet words and hope these ideas helped. xoxo

  8. 9.20.21
    Robert Smith said:

    Thanks Kelley, Really it must be said to you first I am wondering because I am unable to understand how to decorate my home in simple way. After reading your post it gives me a good idea what should i apply at my home.

    • 9.20.21

      Robert, Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by. I really appreciate your kind note and hope this post was helpful to you.

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    All the furniture looks excellent. I love the dining set beyond all. The photography of the decor collection is also very professional.

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      Abraham, Thank you for taking the time to visit and for your very kind note!