Red, White, and Blue Front Porch for the Fourth of July

Front Porch with Ferns and American Flags- Craftsman Style Brick and Stone Home Elevation

I may not display much for Independence Day on the inside of our home, but I have definitely made up for it outside. Not only have I been busy prepping my back deck (HERE), but my front porch is officially covered in red, white, and blue and set for the Fourth!

American Flag Front Porch with White Railing

Our front porch actually isn’t all that different here than it is the majority of the year – our flag is almost always flying, the ferns make their appearance in the urns in the spring and stay there until fall, and my green hydrangea wreath adorns our front door more often than not. (You can use this simple tutorial to create one of your own.

Flags in Ferns on Front Porch Flanking Front Door

Adding some flags, lanterns, and cozy layers immediately takes my basic black and white porch to a place of collected Americana.

Patriotic Rocking Chair Front Porch with Ferns

While my black and white garden stool is a permanent porch fixture, I brought one of my white stools out for the occasion- I am always hauling these all over the house. As a bonus, THIS OUTDOOR THROW is currently on sale for $14.99. I purchased two at the beginning of the season and love having a couple throws specifically intended for outdoor use.

Red White and Blue Porch Ideas with Rocking Chair

My favorite classic holiday trick from my mom is to use bandanas as napkins.

Strawberries on the Front Porch

If you don’t drink fruit infused water regularly, strawberry-lime is a fun one to try. You can add cucumber to this mixture (super yummy) and mint (which I don’t personally care for). It also looks beautiful in a beverage dispenser and is much simpler (and budget friendly) than a cocktail if you are hosting.

Strawberry Lime Infused Water on Fourth of July Hot Summer Day

Fourth of July Red White Blue Front Porch

Front Porch with American Flags and Lanterns

Fourth of July Rocking Chair Front Porch with Lanterns

I made the joke that our ferns have grown so much, they look like they may eat our door. Seriously. You can’t even see the black urns any more, but every time I notice they have gotten a little “beefier”, my insides beam with a little pride from the satisfaction of keeping them alive haha.

American Flag Fourth of July Porch

Front Porch for the Fourth of July- Ferns with Flags

Ferns with American Flags

Ferns with American Flags on Either Side of Front Door

If you want to add some flare to your porch for the holiday, you still have time. Don’t worry about shopping for literal Fourth of July decor and if you don’t have a lot of red and blue, shop your home for pieces that make you think of America. Example… apple pie – most definitely not red, white, and blue, but when I think of apple pie, I think of the U.S.A.

Craftsman Style Home with Brick and Stone and Rocking Chair Front Porch with American Flag

Wishing you all a wonderful Fourth of July Holiday with good food, good drinks, and good friends.


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  1. 6.27.18
    Paula said:

    Wow!!!! You are such a natural at this! Soooo simply, yet beautiful! I never would’ve thought to use bandannas as table napkins decor! But I will now!! Lol. Thanks for sharing ! Sooo talented!