5 Pool Storage Solutions & Simple Ideas to Keep all the Stuff Out of Sight

Since before we settled on a pool design and plan for the backyard (see the full pool reveal HERE), my wheels were spinning with how we could conceal, store, organize, and hide all the “stuff”. Along with pools come tools, pumps, filters, electronics, floats, toys, spare furniture accessories, etc., etc., etc. And since we don’t have a pool house, outdoor closet, or really any convenient place for said items, I knew I would have to get creative to figure out some simple solutions that would keep the entire space itself tidy, keep the look tidy, and keep things accessible. We have a streamlined pool design and invested in a layout and materials that would look sleek and clean and I didn’t want to detract from that. But, we also planned to (and have been) using our pool a TON and the whole purpose was for enjoyment and play. Ultimately, I’m really pleased with the solutions we came up with — some were concepted and implemented ahead of time in the pool design and some were easily installed after the construction, by me. Today, I’m sharing five pool storage ideas if you want a clean, un-cluttered area and need some help figuring out how that can translate to a tidier pool space.

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Here’s a glimpse at the back of our home — along with a deck to the far left, we also have living room windows extending around the back (making that entire space off limits for pool storage).

A few more notes in terms of ways we upgraded and “tidied” our space and concealed some of the things we didn’t want to see…

  1. Our deck is elevated and with a plan to install turf, I didn’t want the under-deck area to be an eyesore, especially since we couldn’t plant around that perimeter to disguise the space between the deck and the ground as we previously had. We had the pool contractor close that area with boards around the entire deck perimeter, making it much more seamless. Since we were planning to follow the backyard project with painting the house and re-staining the deck, it wasn’t a big deal.
  2. We had evergreens (Arborvitaes) installed when we moved in along the sides of our backyard, in the space closest to our house. We added a few to help increase pool privacy — we did have to leave some space open where we have gates, but the trees will continue to grow and screen.
  3. I wanted the area under our bow of living room windows to a., look more finished and not show bare concrete, and b., give a precise space to plant some new limelight hydrangeas. I LOVE that we opted to have a raised planter installed that shares the same facade as the pool retaining walls.

Also, I’m just now noticing an errant tripod I must have left from taking video footage… whoops! Can you spot it? haha

Backyard Pool Storage Ideas for a Clean, Minimal Aesthetic

SourcesTowel Hooks (8 pc set) | Everything Canvas Bag | Striped Beach Towels (currently on sale!) | Waterproof Portable Blue Tooth Speaker | Deck Box (different color) | Umbrella (black pole/canvas sand w/black trim) |  Umbrella Stand & Weight (currently on sale!) | Outdoor Side Table | Stone Planter (XL)  | Chaise Lounges (set of 2)  | Ledge Lounger Pool Chairs (set of two) | In-Pool Side Table

Pool Storage Ideas

While plenty of solutions can be crafted after the fact, addressing specific pool storage struggles, any needs you can anticipate and plan for in advance, is key. I had a good understanding of what kind of space we would and wouldn’t have before construction began and integrated some of that into the plan. Sometimes, things are unavoidable… and that’s understandable. Depending on the layout of your house, lot, lines and working within codes… it’s really involved. But, regardless of space and constraints, I bet a few of these pool storage ideas can work for you!

Pool Design with Timeless Elements

SourcesChaise Lounges (set of 2) | Umbrella (black pole/canvas sand w/black trim)Umbrella Stand & Weight (currently on sale!) | Outdoor Side Table | Stone Planter (XL)Striped Pillow Covers (24 x 24, set of 2) | Pillow Inserts (26 x 26, set of 2) | Deck Box (different color)

1. Privacy Stall to Hide Pool Pump, Filter, & Heater

The most elaborate concealment and the area that was the most important to me to have hidden? The pump, filter, heater, and electrical boxes. If you are planning to build a pool, I would highly highly recommend putting thought into this ahead of time. I had our contractor install a fence-style privacy stall (open on the far side for easy access, but we can’t see it and an Arborvitae helps hide it from the neighbors, too). In theory, it was simple and I planned to stain it in the same color as the deck on the opposite corner. I loved the idea of bringing that deep brown wood to both sides of the house. But in practice, it was a little more complicated.

We have a retaining wall with slatted white railings that you can see from the street. Initially, it looked like the privacy stall was going to be installed visible from the road — not only is that not what I wanted, but it wouldn’t have been allowed by our HOA. We had to get them to shift it (luckily, I caught it early) but I also didn’t want it falling around our living room windows and having a fence block that. With the large pump/filter/heater situation, there’s also electrical boxes. And everything has to be within code, which means those boxes have to fall a certain distance from fencing and barriers. As a result, the privacy stall ended up being larger than I had anticipated, but I actually like that we have more space to conceal things as needed and everything worked out.

It was so close on the planter side, I asked the contractor to essentially incorporate the fence bottom into the raised planter.

Ideas for Pool Storage, Including How to Conceal and Hide a Pool Pump and Filter Area

Here’s a glimpse of how it looks inside…

Pool Pump and Filter Concealment Stall and Other Pool Storage Ideas

And with the larger dimensions, (there’s a deceivingly large grassy space between the pump and the far side of the fence) we actually have space for something I hadn’t come up with a solution for yet…

Privacy Stall for Hiding a Pool Pump and Filter (Plus Other Simple Pool Storage and Organization Ideas

Sources: Pool Pole Hangers (set of 2) | Telescopic Swimming Pool Tool Pole (15 ft.) | Swimming Pool Wall & Tile Brush Head | Swimming Pool Skimmer Net

The big, bulky unicorn! Sometimes, having floats out is unavoidable, but I’m thrilled that we have several and have still been able to keep them contained (keep reading for that!)

Best Pool Day Essentials

Sources: Inflatable Unicorn Pool Float

Since our floats are consolidated with what we have, I don’t feel the need to have a container or rack just for the unicorn, but if you need a BIG float storage, THIS ONE is one of the largest (not terrible looking) one’s I’ve found.

2. Pool Pole Storage Hooks

I had been concerned with where/how we would hang our pole and net/brushes. We have a farm style fence and the sides were blocked by trees. I didn’t want it on the front of the fence and had accepted we may have to get clever and hang it on the house or even make it a little less convenient in the garage. But, with a privacy stall, the solution was simple. No elaborate solutions necessary, I ordered THIS pack of two-tiered hooks and installed them on the support beams within the enclosure.

Smart, Simple Ideas for Storing and Hiding Pool Tools, Floats, Accessories, and the Pump

Sources: Pool Pole Hangers (set of 2) | Telescopic Swimming Pool Tool Pole (15 ft.) | Swimming Pool Wall & Tile Brush Head | Swimming Pool Skimmer Net

More hooks for additional net/brush heads can absolutely be added!

Simple, Clean Ideas for Pool Storage

Sources: Pool Pole Hangers (set of 2) | Telescopic Swimming Pool Tool Pole (15 ft.) | Swimming Pool Wall & Tile Brush Head | Swimming Pool Skimmer Net

We don’t keep our robotic vacuum cart outside as we want to keep it as protected as possible — we keep it in the basement which has a door just around the corner from the far side gate.

3. Pool Debris Planter Container

This random idea isn’t as much for pool storage as it is a hack for debris skimmed from the pool. Growing up, I remember tossing the contents of the net over the fence. But, we have neighbors… I don’t think they’d appreciate that 😉 We also have artificial turf around the pool area so there isn’t really a convenient way to get rid of the leaves, bugs, and debris (and keep up with it). So, this is what I came up with. A lightweight planter that resembles concrete on the outside. I keep it just inside the privacy stall, but purchased it so that it was aesthetically pleasing enough that it could be in view. It has small drainage holes on the bottom and it’s so light, whenever I bring out the net, it’s simple to grab and bring over next to the pool while I dip. After a while, we can dump it but this has worked seamlessly. It’s also large enough (larger than the net) so I don’t miss-aim when dumping the net’s contents.

Pool Storage Tips and Ideas

Sources: Resin Planter

4. Pool Float Storage

Probably one of the greatest pain points… all those toys and floats! There’s a ton of pool float storage contraptions out there, but most aren’t big enough to contain much or quite frankly, aren’t designed to look nice. I wanted a BIG, deep deck box to see how far I could get and we lucked into this one at Costco, that by what can only be the grace of God, matched our house almost perfectly. If it hadn’t, I would have gone for a dark brown to match the deck, or a black (a repeated accent color in our space). I love that it’s sturdy, great quality, waterproof, and has a flat lidded top. We’ve had other deck boxes with curved lids that don’t seem to hold up as well in the long run. You can find it on Amazon in a different color HERE.

I didn’t want it to just look like a plastic box — I wanted it to look thoughtful and the slatted design almost makes it look like a wooden box. There was enough room under our breakfast nook windows for this one and if needed, there’s actually room for an additional one.

Pool Float Storage Ideas

Sources: Deck Box (different color)

In addition to pool toys and floats, it also holds our BIG lounger pillows when they aren’t in use.

Pool Lounge Area Design Details

SourcesStriped Pillow Covers (24 x 24, set of 2) | Pillow Inserts (26 x 26, set of 2) 

I pulled out the turtle that sits on inside the box, on top, so you can see the contents, but this thing is deep. Again, those pillows are 24″ and there’s four of them stacked.

The white bins I have inside for smaller toys are from THIS inexpensive collection — all the styles are great for outdoor items and we have some in the garage, too!

Pool Float Storage Container Ideas

Sources: Deck Box (different color) | Striped Pillow Covers (24 x 24, set of 2) | Pillow Inserts (26 x 26, set of 2) | Floating Basketball Hoop

Again, if you have a concealed area and want a bin for big floats, or, if you don’t mind seeing the floats, THIS ONE is one of the most attractive I’ve found, while still being large in size.

The caddies aren’t ideal but THIS ONE isn’t bad and appears to be the same one PB offers (HERE) — same dimensions and everything — for a fraction of the price (plus free Amazon delivery).

5. Pool Towel Storage with Simple Towel Hooks

This is one of those “after” pool storage ideas. I quickly understood I was going to need to come up with some sort of solution for towels, as soon as we used our pool for the first time. Again, I wanted simple, clean, discreet… I didn’t want a towel rack or additional storage or something I’d have to find more space for. Instead, I decided I would hang some discreet towel hooks along the back of our deck railing, which is right beside our pool steps. (They could also be hung on the side of the house or even on a fence or privacy stall).

Going with a matte black, which blended well with our Sherwin Williams Charwood deck stain, worked well and since I’ve installed the hooks, we’ve actually used them! And we’ve had company — and they’ve used them. This spot gets a lot of sun, so even the wet towels dry. I love that we won’t be throwing wet, salty towels over the deck railings, too. You can find the 8-pack set on Amazon HERE.

Towel Hooks Idea for Pool Area

SourcesTowel Hooks (8 pc set) | Everything Canvas Bag | Striped Beach Towels (currently on sale!) | Waterproof Portable Blue Tooth Speaker

Pool Deck Hooks for Towels Idea

SourcesTowel Hooks (8 pc set) | Everything Canvas Bag | Striped Beach Towels (currently on sale!) | Waterproof Portable Blue Tooth Speaker

And speaking of towels, this isn’t around the pool area but summer towels are a major pain point and our linen closet just can’t contain them anymore. I ADORE THESE lidded baskets (by far the best quality I have) and so while they’re on sale (40% off right now in the Natural!) I ordered one specifically to keep rolled pool towels in. They’re great looking baskets, so they can be in any living space and still look good — and, I’m all about hiding things in plain sight 😉 Here’s the Natural color (my new basket will be the first in that pretty tone).

Simple, Pretty Pool Storage Ideas

Sources: Lidded Storage Baskets (Natural)

I have the other tone (large) as our bedroom hamper so I tested it out first to see how it would do as towel storage.

Pool Towel Storage Ideas (And Other Simple Pool Storage Ideas)

Lidded Basket (large) | Striped Beach Towels (currently on sale!)

And I have the small and medium in Eliza’s bedroom (see her bedroom reveal HERE)

Pretty Storage for a Little Girl's Bedroom

Sources: Lidded Storage Baskets (White) | Rattan Storage Trunk | Pink/Purple Area Rug

I’m hoping that will solve our indoor towel (and bulging linen closet!) issue.

What About Storage for Pool Chemicals?

As a note, we use a pool maintenance service to check/balance levels and they bring the necessary salt/chemicals needed so we don’t keep any of those on hand. If we did need to keep a supply of those, we’d keep them stored in the basement.

Kendall Charcoal by Benjamin Moore -- A Full Home Exterior Paint Makeover!

Sources: Deck Box (different color) | Umbrella (black pole/canvas sand w/black trim) |  Umbrella Stand & Weight (currently on sale!) | Outdoor Side Table | Stone Planter (XL)  | Chaise Lounges (set of 2)  | Ledge Lounger Pool Chairs (set of two) | In-Pool Side Table

With those pool storage solutions implemented, we’re able to keep our pool area pretty tidy and free of visual (and physical) clutter and it makes my minimal(ish) moving heart so happy. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love a pool house, bathroom, or even a small closet but we’ve incorporated workable solutions with every aspect I’d considered a potential obstacle. What’s your favorite way to store/hide things around the pool? If you have an easy idea, I’d love to hear it!

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