Prime Day 2023 – The Things I Own & Love That Are a Part of the Sale!

Happy Prime Day 2023! Or, should I say Prime DayS 😉 I got a few early orders in this morning on some items I’ve been putting off purchasing until I could see if they went on sale today. Unlike years past, I am trying not to go overboard on stock-ups and am limiting myself since I don’t want to have to worry about storage. You may already be on top of key items you’ve been eyeing, so I thought it would be most helpful today to primarily share some of my favorite items that I own (many I’ve shared in the past) that are part of Prime Day. As always with Amazon, you never know if they are going to raise/lower a price so as a caveat, pricing could change at any time. As a reminder, Prime Day runs through tomorrow 7/12).

*NOTE: All prices are current as of the time of publishing but can change at any time.

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Today’s post is lengthy so if you’re scrolling, as an FYI, I’ve categorized everything into like groups:

  • Kitchen
  • Home
  • Organization
  • Personal
  • Travel
  • Kids

You can find this year’s Lightning Deals — popping up all throughout today and tomorrow HERE.

Quick side note before I jump into Prime Day deals. While it isn’t a part of Prime Day, I wanted to share what is maybe the coolest kitchen gadget I’ve ever had. THESE silicone nesting can strainers are brilliant and save the effort of using an entire large strainer. Each set comes with three sizes and they each fit like a glove. They also take up little drawer space —  you can find them HERE as you’re browsing Amazon today.

Best Kitchen Gadgets

Sources: Nesting Can Strainer Set (3 pc set)

Favorite Kitchen Accessories On Amazon

Sources: Nesting Can Strainer Set (3 pc set)

Now, let’s get to the deals!


Amazon Prime Day 2023 Kitchen

1. Calphalon Slow Cooker (41% off) | 2.  Bentgo Box (30% off) | 3.  Roll Up Dish Drying Rack (35% 0ff)  | 4. Cutting Board Set (25% off) | 5. Vitamix A3500 (19% off) | 6. Snap N Strain Pot Strainer (56% off) | 7.  Battery Powered Electric Can Opener (30% off) | 8. Olive Oil Spritzer (2 pcs) | 9. GreenPan Cookware (25% off) | 10. Meater Wireless Bluetooth Smart Meat Thermometer (20% off)| 11. Swig Can Cooler (30% off)

My Battery Powered Electric Can Opener is 30% off today. While it doesn’t go as quickly as a manual can opener, it is especially a lifesaver when it comes to making things like big pots of soup! I have the white marble but the black marble is also really pretty!

Bets Amazon Kitchen Gadgets

Sources: Battery Powered Electric Can Opener (30% off)

My latest cutting boards (they come in a set of 3 HERE) are also 25% off. I was overdue to get rid of some stained, bulky boards and boards we never use. I prefer my boards to be lightweight with side channels for collecting juices and this set fit the mark perfectly. My favorite board is the tiny board in the small set because it’s the perfect size for cutting individual fruit (like for cocktails). I ordered the large size this morning, too.

Best Amazon Kitchen Gadgets

Sources: Battery Powered Electric Can Opener (30% off) | Cutting Board Set (25% off) | Nesting Can Strainer Set (3 pc set)

The Swig skinny can coolers I’ve been collecting and raving about all summer are 30% off today!

Pool Day Must Haves

Sources: Swig Skinny Can Cooler (30% off)

One of my (and your) all time favorites — the rolling drying mat that goes over the sink and also works for rinsing produce — is on sale today for 35% off HERE.

Favorite Kitchen Gadgets on Amazon

Sources: Roll Up Dish Drying Rack (35% 0ff)

My non-stick GreenPan Cookware set is 25% off. It has worked brilliantly, heated evenly, and has remained perfectly nonstick over the past year. We do not put ours in the dishwasher, despite it being labeled as dishwasher safe, to prolong the life and to keep chips from happening. I love the taupe color but there are several colors available.

Kitchen Drawer Organization Ideas for Everything in your Kitchen

Sources: GreenPan Cookware

One of my all time favorite Prime Day purchases is THIS Calphalon Slow Cooker — just like the cookware, it’s also nonstick. It heats evenly, you can set cook times, and because the pot is removable, you can even take it out and sear it on the stove before slow cooking. It is a fantastic deal at 41% off and under $100 today HERE!

My Vitamix (THIS is the version I have and the low profile, professional grade, and pre-sets are worth it!) is on sale for almost 20% off for Prime Day HERE.

One of Dave’s favorite (and requested gifts) was the Meater Wireless Bluetooth Smart Meat Thermometer . It’s on sale for 20% off today and makes a great Christmas gift — it’s bluetooth and wireless and will alert you when your food has reached the desired temp (you can also monitor it). It works in the oven, on the grill, in the slow cooker, and more.

Best of Amazon Prime Day 2022

Sources: Meater Wireless Bluetooth Smart Meat Thermometer (20% off)

Our favorite bento boxes —  THESE Bentgo bento boxes — are 30% off right now! I have the white and Dave has the black. Eliza has the kids version (HERE) which is actually more than 50% off today!

THIS olive oil sprayer is especially hand when it comes to roasting veggies and getting a nice, even, thorough. mist of spray across the pan and veggies. It’s become one of my kitchen MVPs in the past few years and you can find it HERE in a 2-pack.

Functional Kitchen Countertop Ideas

Sources: Olive Oil Spritzer (2 pcs)

Best Amazon Kitchen Gadgets

Sources: Snap N Strain Pot Strainer (56% off)


Amazon Prime Day 2023 Home

1. 82″ Faux Olive Tree (60% off) | 2. Slim Black Velvet Hangers (pack of 100, 20% off) | 3. Curtain Rod (20% off) | 4. Broom and Dust Pan Combo (50% off)| 5. Lint Roller for Pet Hair (49% off) | 6. Kitchen Runner | 7. Dyson Hot+Cool Air Link (fan, heater, air purifier) (30% off) | 8. Lightweight Flexible Hose (20% off)| 9. Shark Wand Vacuum (36% off)

My slim, tall (82″) artificial olive tree in the conversation room is on sale for 60% off and is just $66 right now! Absolutely insane.

Ways to Use Indoor Planters

Sources: 82″ Faux Olive Tree (60% off)

Prime Day is THE DAY to stock up on slim velvet hangers. If you haven’t converted, using the same hanger will make all your clothes uniform and easy to find, they save a TON of room in the closet, and the velvet keeps the clothes on the hanger. Grab them HERE.

I wrote an entire post on comparing the West Elm capped curtain rod and the similar looking modern curtain rod on Amazon (find that post HERE). My fantastic looking, inexpensive XXXXL rod (available in several finishes and sizes) is an awesome deal today HERE!

Elegant Large Dining Room Windows with Ivory Pleated Curtains

Sources: Curtain Rod (20% off)

We have TWO of THESE broom and dustpan sets. The connect and the broom can be stored in the dustpan — it’s 50% off today HERE.

My mom has a black cat and THIS pet hair remover is one of her favorite gadgets — a MUST have in her home. It’s on sale for 20% off today HERE. Here’s some of what was cleared after my mom waited a couple days for illustration purposes (the sheet on the back of her sofa).

Prime Day Pet Deals

Pet Hair Remover (20% off)

The upgraded version of my lightweight flexible hose (20% off) is finally on sale today! We have two of them in the 100′ lengths (HERE) and keep them stored easily in flower planters, below the water spigots. This is one of my family and friends’ most purchased items in our home.

Honestly, I think I use my Shark hand vacuum more than my stick vac. I take it everywhere from drawers to the car to quick floor clean-ups to upholstery… it’s on sale for 36% off HERE.

My kitchen runner is washable and for 10′ long especially, the price can’t be beat! It also stays put with a rubberized bottom. You can find it HERE.

Traditional Kitchen Decor Ideas

Sources: Kitchen Runner | Champagne Bronze Cabinet Pull (15% off) | Champagne Bronze Cabinet Knob (15% off)

THIS Dyson Hot+Cool Air Link (fan, heater, air purifier) is what we got several years ago to convince Dave to nix the overhead bedroom fan. We still use it nightly years and years later. It’s 30% off today HERE.

Dyson fan instead of overhead bedroom fan

Sources: Dyson Hot+Cool Air Link (fan, heater, air purifier) (30% off)


Amazon Prime Day 2023 Organization

1. Bamboo Expandable Flatware Drawer Organizer (39% off, plus extra 10% off coupon) | 2. Fabric Storage Bins (20% off) | 3. Bamboo Drawer Dividers (set of 4) (33% off) | 4. Mounted Broom Holder & Organizer (20% off) | 5. Bamboo Plastic Storage Bag Organizer (4 pc set) ($5 off coupon)

Some of my favorite organizers in use and the bamboo works SO well together. Today, you’ll find…

My bamboo drawer dividers (set of 4) for 33% off. I use these to anchor other organizers and to create compartments and organizers all on their own.

Best, Practical, Expandable Kitchen Drawer Organizers

Bamboo Drawer Dividers (set of 4) (33% off) | Roll Up Dish Drying Rack (35% 0ff) | Meater Wireless Bluetooth Smart Meat Thermometer (20% off) | Acrylic Napkin Holder

My bamboo expandable flatware drawer organizer for 39% off, plus, there’s an extra 10% off coupon on the listing! This thing is heavy and substantial enough to actually stay in place and is what I upgraded to after my plastic one wasn’t cutting it.

Best Kitchen Drawer Organizers and Organization Ideas

Bamboo Expandable Flatware Drawer Organizer (39% off, plus extra 10% off coupon)

My food bag storage holders are configurable and are discounted, plus have an additional $5 off coupon today! These are responsible for keeping this drawer tidy and not in cardboard disarray.

Best Kitchen Drawer Organizers

Bamboo Plastic Storage Bag Organizer (4 pc set) ($5 off coupon)

I haven’t hung it just yet, but I purchased THIS garage tool/broom holder to mount in our garage. Our last one was plastic and didn’t last and I’m getting close to being motivated to get our garage in order! It’s 20% off today HERE.

I am going to be ordering MORE of THESE fabric bins with leather handles. They have been amazing in my office, especially for things like Eliza’s artwork, clothes she’s grown out of and more. I love that they’re pretty enough to be on display and they’re on sale for today for 20% off today.

Best of Amazon Prime Day 2022

Fabric Storage Bins (20% off)


Amazon Prime Day 2023 Personal Items

Here’s a few fave personal deals I have — some I restocked on today!

AirPods Pro (20% off) — the noise cancellation and rubber tips are worth the upgrade from the regular!

Vital Proteins Collagen (36% off) — I was finally able to restock today!! I’ve been waiting and hoping it would be on sale for Prime Day!

My favorite spray sunscreen was one of my first orders today. At a discounted rate (33%!), you get an additional 40% off one can when you purchase two HERE!

Olaplex is 20% off! Find the shampoo HERE; conditioner HERE; purple shampoo HERE; and my favorite smoother HERE.

My Dyson hairdryer set is on sale for 23% off HERE!

I FINALLY got a DNA kit! I’ve been waiting for the next Prime Day and grabbed THIS Ancestry DNA kit for 50% off HERE.

My three barrel curling wand is 40% off today — it gives great, soft, mermaid waves and is simple to use.

The Kindle Paperwhite Signature Bundle is almost 40% off today! E-readers have become my preferred reading method, by far, and this is a fraction of the price of my iPad and can last up to 10 weeks without recharging!

My book light  is 20% off — I wouldn’t be able to get by without it now and prefer using it, even when it isn’t really dark. THIS ONE has three light settings and also dims.

My ultimate office treat, I keep THIS foot massager (on sale for 50% off today) below my desk! I love that it warms, too…

Best of Amazon Prime Day 2022

Foot Massager (50% off)

The pretty, simple glass scale I’ve used for several years now is under $15 today HERE.

Best of Amazon Prime Day 2022

Glass Scale (Under $15)


Amazon Prime Day 2023 Travel

1. Hair Tools Travel Case (20% off) | 2. Expandable Packing Cubes (6 pc set) | 3. Magnetic Daily Pill Organizer (30% off) | 4. Car Trash Can (33% off) | 5. Scout Bagette Market Tote (30% off) | 6. XXL Scout Tote (30% off)

By far, on of my favorite MVPs of the day is the Scout tote! My mom and I are addicted to the durable, waterproof bags and use them religiously now. They’re 30% off today and we use the market totes for daily items, snack bags, grocery runs, car bags, library bags, everything bags… literally – everything. The XXL tote has a zipper and has been KEY in our travels. It also makes for the best HUGE beach tote. They all have burst-proof bottoms so no worrying about the weight! Find the market tote HERE and the XXL HERE. I just ordered the pink and white gingham market tote color way this morning, too 😉

Simplifying Preparing for Vacation with Minimized Packing

XXL Scout Tote (30% off)

Not only can the car cupholder trash can (with little push top) fit in the cupholder perfectly, but I keep mine in my side door and it stays perfectly put with the facets. This has solved our straw paper and snack trash issue! It’s on sale today for $7.99 (right now) HERE.

Favorite Amazon Car Accessories

Car Trash Can (33% off)

Magnetic Daily Pill Organizer (30% off) — one of my travel must-haves! I use it in my purse, too.

Hair Tools Travel Case (20% off) — the way I was able to wrangle all my hair tools when traveling! Yes, all of them!

Hair Tool Travel Case and Organizer

Hair Tools Travel Case (20% off)

Compression Packing Cubes (20% off) — a great deal on these today!


Prime Day Kids

Sources: 1. Avauma Kids PJs (RARE 16% off)| 2. Little Girls Undies (20% off)| 3. Bluey Monopoly Jr. (30% off) | 4. Zingo (36% off) | 5. Magna Tiles (31% off)| 6. Ring Set (17% off)| 7. Kids Camera (20% off coupon applied at check out) | 8. Schwinn Tricycle Roadster (33% off) | 9. Rainbow Slide Sandals (20% off) | 10. Unicorn & Flamingo Pool Float Set (28% off)

There are a lot of great deals on kids games right now — perfect to prep for Christmas! Eliza (and we) LOVES Zingo (30% off today), and I’m considering Bluey Monopoly Jr. (also 30% off today!)

Today is our stock and size up day for the best affordable kids pjs! The Avauma Kids Pajamas are under $17 for long sleeve & pants; under $16 for short sleeve & shorts today. We have and love both styles. The quality and value can’t be beat so we pretty much use these exclusively now!

20 Favorite Recent Purchases

Avauma Kids Pajamas (RARE 16% off)

Decluttering the Office Closet

Avauma Kids Pajamas (RARE 16% off)

Eliza still rides and loves her pink Schwinn Roadster trike and today, it’s more than 30% off HERE!

Dark Gray and Charcoal House Siding -- Roycroft Pewter by Sherwin Williams

Pink Schwinn Roadster Tricycle

THESE thick undies are the only ones Eliza wears. They are fantastic quality and we’ve been purchasing them from the beginning. I ordered the next size up today in a few colors HERE.

MagnaTiles — 31% off today and a great Christmas gift!

Kids camera — one of Eliza’s favorite things, we gave this to her for Christmas. It has a ton of capabilities and is great to play and learn on. It has a 20% off coupon today and makes a great kids gift!

Inflatable Unicorn & Flamingo — This deal is just crazy. The pair of both is 43% off today for a current total of $23 for the pair right now!

Under $10 for the entire set, my mom got a pretend set of rings for Eliza for her birthday. She’s been picking out rings daily ever since. I thought she’d just wear them for dress up at home, but she loves wearing them to school! They’re adjustable, too, for tiny fingers.

20% off today and under $16, we have purchased THESE rainbow slides every Prime Day for the past 3 years. That’s how much we love them. I already got a new pair for Eliza this morning HERE.

What’s been your favorite deal of Prime Day this year? Check back for updates and continued deal additions as Prime Day(s) continues over the next two days!

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