Master Bedroom Porch Makeover- A Dramatic Before and After

Did you know I have a screened in porch off my master bedroom? Not only have I never shared it, but it was actually in the top three reasons of why we chose our floor plan. We use it more than you may think but in its absolute bare bones state. BARE BONES. Pretty much as naked and basic as it can get, folks. When I committed to loving on my outdoor spaces this year a little more, this is the first space I tackled. Weeks ago. See, I can keep pretty good secrets, huh? 😉 Without even switching out the larger mismatched pieces, this space is looking a whole lot different today. After partnering with Tuesday Morning, my sad, vacant, mismatched area is now a coordinated outdoor living space. Wanna see how bad it was?

Screened In Bedroom Porch Before Makeover

Actually, this was before I had started getting rid of a little bit of last year’s pollen and dust. I had also already removed the sad TV tray serving as a table in between the two chairs. After putting in a little time and giving it a whole lot of love, our master bedroom porch is looking mighty different and we are loving it hard. You can check out all the details and the full makeover reveal HERE.

Breakfast Tray in Bedroom Screened In Porch Makeover Before and After Decorating Ideas (1 of 2)

Ok, I suppose I can’t talk all the credit. In addition to myself and Tuesday Morning, Maggie helped too 😉

Dorkie Dog Bedroom Screened In Porch Makeover Before and After Decorating Ideas (2 of 2)

After visiting Tuesday Morning’s blog for the “Before and After”, leave me a note and let me know your thoughts. If you’re keeping track of the outdoor space reveals I’ve shared so far this season, I’ll make it a little easier for you. 😉

Speaking of makeovers, I have absolutely made some progress this week on the One Room Challenge. Be sure to check back in with me on Thursday to catch the latest.

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  1. 4.18.17
    Joni King said:

    I did not know you had this porch, and what an great makeover! Very cozy, a great place to relax! I always love your food choices. Great accessories, looks like I need to check out Tuesday Morning!

    • 4.18.17

      Joni, thank you! I have kept it hidden (for obvious reasons) haha! 😉 We are loving our outdoors this season.

  2. 4.18.17
    Charlotte said:

    I am loving your porch makeover. Can’t wait to head to Tuesday Morning to find some pretty things to refresh our screened- in porch. For the past couple of years I have kept to the same colors on our porch, but I am ready for a change, and the blue color you used is just what I am looking for. Thanks for the inspiration

    • 4.18.17

      Charlotte, I am so glad! I went in wanting to get some good neutral colors so I could switch in future seasons; I was so happy to find a variety of blues! Thank you for visiting!

  3. 4.18.17
    Tamara said:

    I just went over to see and I love every detail! What an amazing transformation!!! This would be my favorite spot in the house for sure!

    • 4.18.17

      Tam, thank you so much! I can’t tell you how much we are enjoying it!

  4. 4.18.17
    Joanne said:

    WOW! What a difference! It looks like someplace I’d really want to sit in and enjoy the fresh air. Our patio is so bare still…I think we’ve made it past possible frost here in PA, even though I know the rule here is usually Mother’s Day. I’ll have to go look for some new planters as one of my matched fiberglass ones cracked last year (it’s been about 8 years so that’s pretty good!). I’ve gotten a lot of things for home decorating at Tuesday Morning so I’ll have to head there for the planters and see what they have! Your home is always an inspiration!

    • 4.18.17

      Joanne, thank you! Our rule here is Easter (I still totally broke it haha). They did have some good, heavy planters when I went and yes, they always have surprising little finds (those periwinkle goblets are one of my fav scores ;). Good luck and happy spring!

  5. 4.18.17
    Rebecca Shepeard said:

    Love it Kelley!! Especially those wall hangings 😉 Very warm and inviting!

  6. 4.18.17
    Rachel said:

    Pretty space….would be a nice place to enjoy your morning juice. 🙂

  7. 4.18.17
    Kathy Prince said:

    Loved it and the timing couldn’t be better. We have a great screened porch on our new home that we’ve just moved into. I just purchased my basic loveseat and chairs, so I’m getting inspired to go check out Tuesday Morning and see what accessories I can add!Thanks for sharing!

  8. 4.20.17

    So amazing Kel! What a dreamy space to enjoy on a pleasant spring day! Love it!!!

  9. 4.23.17
    Shawna said:

    I absolutely love this. My husband and I are getting ready to build and I will be honest I have fallen in love with your home. Did you find your floor plan on a website or did you design it on your own?

  10. 5.9.17
    Sarah said:

    This is beautiful! I noticed the tall corner plant wasn’t in the sources… I’ve been looking for one just like that! Is it faux or real and where did you find it? Thanks!

    • 5.10.17

      Hi, Sarah! It is faux – I actually found it at HomeGoods. Stay on the lookout there as they get a LOT of different kinds of faux plants and trees!