Spring in Full Swing: A Southern Rocking Chair Front Porch

Welcome to Spring in Full Swing; a spring-inspiration-filled blog hop, featuring some of your (and my) favorites. There are seven of us on the tour today; I will send you on to the next person at the bottom of the post but if you miss any, you can check the other participating bloggers I’ve linked to. To those of you who visit regularly, thank you for stopping by! If this is your first time visiting, I would love to have you again. You can sign up for regular updates at the bottom of this post to get notified of all the new stuff, the insider stuff, and sometimes, the stuff that doesn’t even make it to the blog. If you’re just stopping in from Haneen at Haneen’s Haven, tell me- do you love her refreshed bedroom as much as I do?! I haven’t touched mine in a while which makes me even more jealous. I am pleased to have just refreshed several outdoor spaces so today, I’ll be sharing one my home’s favorite features- its southern rocking chair front porch.

First, if you’re curious about the rest of my home this spring, let me catch you up with some of my most popular posts this season:

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If you are new-ish here, you may not know – we moved into our home two years ago (almost to the day). We have gradually been landscaping (we actually have tree farm plans this weekend!) but despite my desperation for huge, ginormous plants, I guess we just have to play the waiting game. Apparently, expecting an eight foot tree to turn into 30 feet overnight is unreasonable ;). Some trees we invested in at a larger starting size, but I’m so ready for the sweet little tree in the very front to make some serious moves.

Craftsman Style Home with Rock and Brick in Spring

This red Japanese maple was a new addition last year; we may have to get another – it is our absolute fav. They can get pretty costly (a landscaper quoted us several hundreds) but we found one with a pretty decent height at Costco for a fraction.

Japanese Maple in front landscaping in spring

Photography sunburst outdoors with red japanese maple tree

My husband loves spring out front because it means he can bring the flag back out. He insists that “Old Glory” should be flying 365 days a year; I don’t disagree but in particular, my fall and Christmas decor do. It comes down for the last part of the year and re-emerges in the spring after a short hiatus ;).

Spring Decorated Rocking Chair Front Porch with American Flag hanging at steps

Another Costco fav is their HUGE ferns in the spring. Not much has changed- I have set them in these urns flanking the door each year. I did treat myself to a fresh wreath this year (SIMILAR); you may have noticed my DIY green hydrangea wreath from years’ past in the dining room in my Spring Home Tour.

Spring Decorated Rocking Chair Front Porch for a brick and stone craftsmany style house with white railing and columns

I can go for bold color outdoor but on the front porch, especially in spring, I am drawn to lush green. And, while our back deck is where we spend hours at a time, we love to sit in the rockers on our front porch with an evening cocktail. One note about our rockers- they are actually polywood so they don’t weather. They are on the more expensive side but have been TOTALLY worth it, not to have to paint or replace them in the Georgia heat and humidity. You can find them HERE in several colors.

Spring Decorated Rocking Chair Front Porch with a Gold Bar Cart with polywood rockers

Spring Decorated Rocking Chair Front Porch with lantern with moss

My all time favorite, versatile piece is my bar cart. THIS ONE is on its way (I had my front porch in mind specifically), but my gold cart has come in handy both indoors and out. If you’ve never figured out a use for a bar cart or don’t know that it’s practical for you, 1. I would argue that they are practical for everyone, and 2. have you tried one outdoors with plants and/or lanterns?

Spring Decorated Rocking Chair Front Porch with a Gold Bar Cart with plants and drinks

I have two sets of these heavy duty outdoor glasses from Pottery Barn. They are our substantial go-to for warm weather guests 😉 Folks, they are seriously heavy duty.

Spring Decorated Rocking Chair Front Porch with a Gold Bar Cart with San Pelligrno water

Spring Decorated Rocking Chair Front Porch with a Gold Bar Cart Polywood Black Rockers and Garen Stool

Spring Decorated Rocking Chair Front Porch with black and white garden stool as table

I just recently scored these black and natural striped pillows from the Restoration Hardware outlet. Honestly, at full price, they are a bit too rich for my blood but if you have an Outlet (or if you don’t mind paying full price), I wouldn’t hesitate.

Spring Decorated Rocking Chair Front Porch with Restoration Hardware Striped Outdoor Pillows

Bar Cart holding green plants and sparkling water

Gold Bar Cart Outside with Sparkling Water

Bar Cart on Porch as Plant Stand

Spring Decorated Rocking Chair Front Porch with Asher Bar Cart from World Market

We keep our decor pretty simple out here so it looks “clean” and uncluttered from the road. But, it is fun to rotate in smaller plants, stands, and pillows.

Spring Decorated Rocking Chair Front Porch with a Gold Bar Cart and ferns in urns

Spring Decorated Rocking Chair Front Porch with a Gold Bar Cart and Pottery Barn Acrylic Wine Glasses

Spring Decorated Rocking Chair Front Porch with a Gold Bar Cart with black and white striped straws in beverages

Spring Decorated Rocking Chair Front Porch with Green Plants and Lilies on Bar Cart

Spring Decorated Rocking Chair Front Porch with lantern next to fern in urn

I’m hoping for a few things by summer- that the yellow pine pollen will be gone, and that these ferns will be so big and bushy, it will be hard to get through the front door! Ok, not really. Well, kind of 😉

Spring Decorated Rocking Chair Front Porch with ferns in urns on either side of glass door

Spring Decorated Rocking Chair Front Porch with red japaenese maple tree in landscaping

Rocking Chairs | Wreath (SIMILAR) | Urns (SIMILAR) | Bar Cart | Front Door Mat | Garden Stool (SIMILAR) | Throw | Pillows | Outdoor Glasses | Lantern (SIMILAR) | Napkins | Black & White Straws

Before I send you on, a quick reminder (or for those who are just visiting for the first time, some “news”): My next One Room Challenge progress post will be released this Thursday. You can see all about Week One and what I’m up to HERE.

Thank you for visiting with me on my front porch! Next, (and this is something you won’t want to miss) head to my friend Randi of Randi Garrett Design blog. She will be revealing her recently made over breakfast nook (the other side of her kitchen). If you didn’t see that she just shared her months-in-the-making kitchen, here is a peek and why I know you will want to see the other half of her reveal 😉

Right? She’s next on the hop and you can get to her new breakfast nook HERE.

And, you won’t want to miss any of the other blogs on today’s short tour! Prepare for tips, room tours, refreshes, and full home tours. You can link to them each below.




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  1. 4.11.17
    Joanne said:

    Your front porch is so welcoming! I LOVE the ferns. It’s not so warm up her in Pennsylvania but at least I can put something out now and it won’t freeze! You have motivated me to stop out today and get something for my planters out front…or maybe get new planters AND new plants! Thanks for the wonderful post!

    • 4.11.17

      Joanne, thank you! I’ll be sending some warm weather thoughts your way; we have had to go in stages here with the unpredictable weather but I think we are finally set 😉

  2. 4.11.17
    Haneen said:

    Kelley, I love it all! Looks like the perfect spot to sit with a drink when the sun goes down! Love the garden stool! Your photos are perfection!

    • 4.11.17

      Haneen, thank you sweet friend! Your latest projects are *insert high five* haha 😉

  3. 4.11.17
    Bree said:

    Kelley, I love your southern print porch and you know I can relate to all of it!! I also love the Japanese Maple and have had those in the past…love the shot of color and interest they provide in a landscape. Happy Spring my friend and thanks for sharing another great tour with us!! Xoxo

    • 4.11.17

      Bree, thank you! I’m making some time this evening to visit with you! xo

  4. 4.11.17

    Ahhhh I could rock on that porch for days! Love all the black and pop of green… so inviting!

    • 4.11.17

      Tana, I would love for you to sit on it with me, for days! 😉

  5. 4.11.17
    Tamara said:

    Kel I want to sit out on those tickets with you guys!! Your house just seems like it would be the best place visit and not ever leave!! This is so gorgeous, every welcoming detail!! Xoxo

  6. 4.11.17

    Your porch looks STUNNING sweet friend!!! Seriously so gorgeous and inviting!!!!! Love you girlie!!! XOXO

  7. 4.11.17

    Another stunning outdoor space! I can see you spending a tremendous amount of time outside this year. Beautiful styling sweet friend.

  8. 4.11.17
    Gretchen Thomas said:

    There is nothing more Southern and gracious as a rocking chair front porch! Yours is so special. Love the color scheme this year. Yay for the green!

  9. 4.11.17

    It is beautiful Kelley!!! Love, love ,love those rocking chair pillows they are very pretty!!!

  10. 4.18.17
    Anneli Kriek said:

    This is so lovely, I am also a big fan of the pretty pillows. Its Autumn here in South Africa and this post and your previous “porch Makeover” post makes me long for Spring again. Your porch and your entire home is just lovely!! <3

    • 4.18.17

      Anneli, thank you so much! And fall is my favorite 😉 Thank you for joining me today from SA!

  11. 4.22.17
    Ivory said:

    Your front porch puts the W in welcome and B in beautiful. What a beautiful welcoming place sit and relax. This would be one of my go to place to do ‘nothing’ but sak in the beauty of this fab porch. Thanks for sharing.

  12. 4.28.17
    Beth said:

    What color is your paint or stain on your front door and shutters?

  13. 1.4.19
    Beth said:

    Can you please tell me the manufacturer and name of the brick with mortar color on the exterior of the house.