2023 Holiday Gifts: For Hobbies

Book Spine Mug


Custom Book Spine Mug

I found this adorable custom mug that’s such an incredibly unique gift, but I had to grab one for myself. Send your top book titles to the shop’s owner and she creates a fully wrapped mug with the book spines. She also provides a mock-up for approval. I know she’s gotten a lot of orders and has put her shop on vacation a few times to catch up on orders so keep checking back!

And don’t miss other great hobby-centric gift ideas below!

More Gift Ideas:

Maybe it’s because I’ve spent the past year really trying to discover/develop/cultivate some of my hobbies and prioritize activities that bring joy, but I had so much fun curating this collection of gift ideas. Blame it on my Type A (or addictive/obsessive, haha) personality but when I find something I love doing, I go all in, in all the ways. Whether you’re shopping for someone who casually enjoys different hobbies, or are hoping to find something that supports his/her favorite hobby, below, you’ll find 12 of my favorite gift ideas for those who enjoy activities from reading to hiking and games to gardening.

As a note, unless I have specific instruction, I don’t like to buy a specific tool/essential/instrument that’s critical to the hobbies of others since they likely have more knowledge and specific preferences. I do like to gift items that introduce new potential hobbies (if you know the person well), or support the things they love.

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2023 Hobby Christmas Gifts Ideas

1. Click & Grow Indoor Herb Garden Kit w/Grow Light | 2. Rainbow Mountain Paint By Numbers Set | 3. Under Desk Walking Pad Treadmill | 4. Customizable Book Stack Mug | 5. Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition | 6. Remote Control Page Turner for Kindle | 7. Ansel Adams In The National Parks Coffee Table Book | 8. Flower Arranging Class | 9. Custom Personalized Yearly Adventures Ornament | 10. Rechargeable Electric Hand Warmer | 11. Jigsaw Puzzle Board and Case | 12. Pickleball Bag

1. Click & Grow Indoor Herb Garden Kit w/Grow Light — I have wanted an herb garden for so long and I love keeping a pot of basil in the kitchen. But, I’m not really confident in keeping it alive/knowing how to care for it properly. I LOVE THIS smart, self watering indoor herb garden with pods, lights, and everything it needs to make itself thrive. It comes with three basil pods but you can browse all the pods available HERE. They also have a larger garden kit (with veggies, flowers, lettuces, fruit, etc. HERE).

2. Rainbow Mountain Paint By Numbers Set — Paint by number for adults! Such an awesome idea to enjoy alone, or with a friend over wine/coffee. This set comes with five brushes, a canvas, and all the numbered paint pots you need to complete the painting. I love the rainbow mountain painting, but there are so many beautiful choices — you can browse them all HERE. It’s currently on sale for 25% off.

3. Under Desk Walking Pad Treadmill — I have a full sized treadmill but honestly, these are so popular, sleek, and mobile, I considered if I could justify a walking pad with a standing desk. My mom though actually did just gift herself THIS walking pad to keep under her sofa! I have really capitalized on doing things I enjoy (like reading) while using my treadmill, and it makes me feel double the enjoyment and productivity. If you are shopping for someone who has been wanting to keep their feet moving while watching tv, typing, reading, etc. THIS could be a fantastic solution. It’s currently on sale on Amazon and there’s a $20 off coupon to clip on the listing, too.

4. Customizable Book Stack Mug — I’m OBSESSED (which is an annoying and overused word, but totally accurate) with this book stack mug. Also, I can’t believe the low price for this custom piece. I don’t know of a bookish person who wouldn’t literally cry over such a sweet gift. You can send in a list of your favorite 16 books and the artist will create the mug with custom book spines encircling the entire mug. There’s also 5 different base mug colors to choose from — I’m getting this for myself stat. (I won’t judge if you get one for yourself, too 😉 ). It’s high quality ceramic and built for daily use — both dishwasher and microwave safe. If you love this idea but want it to be a surprise, you can check Goodreads to see if the person you’re shopping for has a current and active account with book ratings 😉

The shop owner also has custom book bags with book spine art of your choice, which are perfect for library, work, or everyday totes HERE! They’re currently 25% off.

5. Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition — I don’t know why I waited to so long but reading via iPad and Kindle are NOT the same. If you are gifting an avid reader, this is the version (Paperwhite Signature Bundle) I got and it’s perfection.

6. Remote Control Page Turner for Kindle — And speaking of Kindle, THIS accessory is BRILLIANT. One of my favorite purchases of the year. It’s a remote control page turner that I admittedly purchased for myself so I wouldn’t have to untuck my arms from the covers when I’m cozy, but not only do I love it in that situation, but it’s been a game changer to use when I’m walking on the treadmill. No more lunging forward to tap the pages to turn. It’s virtually weightless and so easy to keep nestled in my hand to click as I go along. Seriously, anyone who reads via a Kindle needs THIS.

7. Ansel Adams In The National Parks Coffee Table Book — On my own list, this gorgeous black and white coffee table book from renowned Ansel Adams is perfect for hikers, vacationers, and nature lovers. Right now is a great time to purchase books since Amazon is offering 3 for 2 promotion on books and games, currently.

8. Flower Arranging Class — Especially great for someone hard to shop for or who seems to already have everything, this experience and skill is such a fun and unique gift. It’s a 90 minute virtual experience. Tools are mailed to you ahead of the class, along with a list of recommended stems.

9. Custom Personalized Yearly Adventures Ornament — Such an amazing way to chronicle memories each year! I love the idea of doing these adventure ornaments annually. It’s already priced low, plus, it’s 25% off right now…

10. Rechargeable Electric Hand Warmer — Sports fans, hunters, outdoorsmen, campers, and more, I’m getting THIS rechargeable hand warmer for Dave! There’s currently a $4 off coupon on the listing, too.

11. Jigsaw Puzzle Board and Case — Still a personal favorite of both mine and my mom’s — she keeps hers in the living room while I keep mine tucked away in the bedroom. I love being able to set the big felt board directly on my bed and then zip it away with puzzle progress still in tact! It’s on sale and there’s a 15% off coupon currently on the listing HERE, too.

12. Pickleball Bag — For those who have joined the pickleball revolution, THESE customizable bags are fab. They come in multiple colors and there’s also a smaller crossbody version HERE.

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